Days of War and the Nights of Love

Epilogue: A New Beginning

Voices were screaming, one above the other in the bright room of Pandemonium. Creatures were glaring each other, blaming each other for everything. There were only moments before they'd jump down each other's throats.

The man sitting on the top tried to calm the situation in the room, but unfortunately he was still recovering from the latest events. He hit the floor repeatedly with his wooden cane; he was using it while walking, as his body still wasn't in its full strength.

The vampire looked at the pale skin of his friend with worry in his black eyes; he still wasn't fully aware of what had happened in Edom, especially in the Castle. Him, and his companions knew only small bits of the story; as how their former leader, Raphael Santiago, had died in the battle with the demons. In the same battle Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood were badly injured. The rest of the hunters and Luke made it out with minor injuries. Nothing about what had happened in the Castle between Magnus, his hunter, and Jonathan Morgenstern.

"SILENCE!" he boomed throughout the room, making all creatures focused on his persona; all eyes on him. "Thank you. We shall begin," he looked at the man on his right. "Do you want me to lead this?"


"I, Joshua Smith, the new Prime Magister of New York and Consul of the Downworld Council, am opening the eighteenth meeting of the Council," he took an old cane made of bones, which once belonged to de Quincy, with a topaz on top, and hit it on the floor; the blue light from the stone filled the room, creating an illusion over the room from the outside. "First things first, I am to introduce the new Council; Consul, the representative of Vampires; Joshua Smith," claps filled the room at once. "Consul, the representative of Werewolves, Luke Garroway," another set of claps, louder this time. "And finally, our new Inquisitor, and the representative of Warlocks, Magnus Bane."

This time the claps were mixed with sounds of disapproval; after all, some thought that Magnus had betrayed them.

"Why there is no representative of the Fair Folk?" someone from the crowd asked.

"Great question. You may not know, but the Seelie Queen and fairies are excluded from the Downworld Council immediately, as for they were working with the Shadowhunters," Josh continued, gripping tightly the cane. "Bring her in."

The door opened, and the Queen of Fair Folk walked in, accompanied by two vampires; they weren't touching her, but were prepared to grab her if she'd try anything.

"Queen, step in the middle," the vampire gestured the place for her. "Do you know what you're accused of?"

"Yes," she threw back her long, red hair. "Although, there is no crime in my doing, as for this, I do not know what this fuss is about. I was not the only one working with a Shadowhunter. Bane had done it as well, yet, all of you agreed for him to replace me in my position. I have done much to gain this position, and you cannot take it away from me."

"Ah yes," Bane spoke for the first time this evening, propping himself on the wooden desk; he looked at the fae in the middle and smirked. "You have killed, well more precisely, made Jonathan Morgenstern to kill Inquisitor Alexei de Quincy to take his position, as well as you were his source regarding our plans. I think they are enough reasons to accuse you of a crime."

"You have no proof," her face was pure stoic; she wasn't going to let her emotions to be seen by the Downworlders.

"Unfortunately for you, you are a pure blood faerie, you cannot lie," in no time Josh was standing before her, and grabbed her by her arms, blocking her from moving. "Did you give out information about our plans to Jonathan Morgenstern?"


"Did you suggest he kills Alexei de Quincy?"


"Were you the lover of Jonathan Morgenstern?"

"Yes," he let go of her and moved back to sit next to Magnus again. "This proves my right. Inquisitor…"

"I, Magnus Bane, Inquisitor of the Downworld Council, am excluding you and your people from the Council; what comes with it, you will not have any voice in cases including the Downworld; as well as you will be refused of help in times of need, by that I mean you will not be given any help in case of an attack or so," Bane took a sip of his water, and looked strictly at the woman before him; the Queen was looking with rage at him, glaring at him, wanting to kill him. "This takes effect from this second. You should be grateful that I have not sentenced you with immediate death. But alas, I think that you are a too valuable creature that I may find useful in the future. Take her out."

When the Queen was taken out, Bane had given voice to Consul Garroway.

"We've been offered to participate in the very first meeting of the Clave, in Alicante," he spoke. "They have offered us positions in the Council; four representatives of each of the four kinds of the Downworlders. A Warlock, vampire, werewolf, and a fairy."

"I suggest, that our Council will take the positions in the Clave's Council, as in to create the new order in our Shadow World."

"And which fairy will take place in the Council of the Clave and this council?" a female voice rung throughout the whole room; soon some footsteps and moves were heard, and a blonde girl stepped in the middle of the room. "Consuls, Inquisitor Bane," she bowed her head to them.

"Who are you?" Magnus asked, looking at the faerie girl; she was kind of familiar, but at that moment he couldn't remember from where.

"Kaelie Whitewillow," she was keeping her eyes glued on Magnus as she continued. "I am from the Fair Folk. Inquisitor, our Queen wronged when she allied herself with Jonathan Morgenstern, to do such things like killing Inquisitor de Quincy; or to take part in your prisoning. Alas, not every faerie was with her, nor did we know what her plans were until the day they were succeeding. So, here I am, asking you to take this under consideration, and not let the actions of two people decide for the whole kind. I am asking you to not punish the whole kind of fairies, out of the actions of two of us."

"Fair enough," Magnus smiled at her warmly. "I will take it under consideration, Kaelie Whitewillow, I give you my word. With that, I am closing this meeting."

The Gard in Alicante was strangely the same as Magnus remembered it; there were the same chairs from fifty years ago; same desk in the front of the room, covered with black runes. Red materials draped on the walls with golden runes painted on them, runes that Magnus had seen a few times in the Gray Book.

The warlock saw him in the crowd sitting next to the Penhallow's girl, chatting lively. He looked so beautiful, absorbed in talking; his eyes sparkled when he laughed silently over whatever the girl had said. He simply looked perfect. Magnus's heart beat faster in his chest when their eyes crossed.

"And so to not let any situation like that happen in the future," Jia Penhallow was saying. "In agreement with Inquisitor Robert Lightwood, we are bringing the old order in the Clave. We, Shadowhunters, are welcoming again, the Council of the Downworlders in our structure. Please welcome the representatives of the Downworld, who now will be participating in every Clave's meeting: the representative of the Warlocks, Magnus Bane; the representative of the Vampires, Joshua Smith; the representative of the Werewolves, Luke Garroway, and finally, the representative of the Fair Folk, Kaelie Whitewillow," Jia took in a deep breath, and continued her speech. "It's our obligation to cooperate as to not let anyone rule above the other. For years we have been having this ongoing war; a war that has brought too many deaths on both sides. A pointless war that brought nothing more, but sorrow and loss. It's our duty to protect humans, and for that we must work together, as united kinds, not enemies. And for that, we must provide a new order in the Shadow World with accords for every kind, a world where we all are living."

Most people in the room stood up and clapped for the words of Jia Penhallow. And with that, the meeting was at the end.

When Magnus finally stepped outside of the Gard, after talking with the new leaders of the Clave, he found the night really warm and calming. The whole meeting, he had been observing Alec, trying to get the courage to face him again. He hadn't seen him since the night he woke up; three nights after they were sent back from Edom by Asmodeus. It was strange for Magnus, when Alec told him that Asmodeus didn't want to keep him in Edom; that he had offered freedom and them getting back to their world for both of them and their friends, their living friends. But Magnus didn't question it, he was happy that he was still alive, even though he didn't know how he was alive. Back there in Edom he had been dying, he had felt his life fly away from him, yet he was still alive and kicking.

And everything would be just peachy if only Alec was by his side.

Unfortunately, this fate was out of reach.

Alec was sitting on the bench on the Angel's Square, looking up at the sky filled with stars. The moonlight cast on his pale face, making it glow. His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be smiling when Magnus stood next to the bench.

"Is this seat taken?" the warlock asked lightly, trying not to startle the younger boy. The said boy opened one of his eyes and patted the empty space on the bench next to him. Magnus had taken this offer, and sat not too close, but not too far from Alec. He wanted to grab his hand in his, and bring him closer to himself, kiss him maybe if he would let him; alas he knew, this was out of hand. Alec and he were still broken up. "What a beautiful night, don't you think so darling?"

"Indeed," Alec finally opened both of his eyes, and turned his head to Bane. "How are you feeling?"

"Great. And it's all thanks to you, Alexander," the boy's cheeks became red in one second; he was rarely complimented, and every time it happened he blushed madly. "And how are you feeling?"

"Good," and there it was; this awkward silence between the two of them. There were so many words that Magnus wanted to say out loud, but he felt that he can't voice any of them. It seemed that Alec's feeling was mutual. So they sat in this uncomfortable silence, avoiding each other's gaze, until the moment they both found the courage inside of them.

"We have to talk."

"Can we talk?" they said at the same time, which caused a loud laugh from both of them. "You go first, Alec."

"You hurt me, and I feel used," Magnus moved himself closer to Alec, and placed his hand on the top of the hunter's; the younger didn't shake it off, so it was a good sign. "But I can't deny the fact that I love you, like really love you…I know that you had to do it, you were bound to seduce me, but still, you broke my trust. And I trusted you with everything. I don't know if I can ever fully forgive you for it. Simply, I feel betrayed."

"I know, and I think that there is nothing in the world that I could do, that would make up for my betrayal," Alec smiled ghostly, and squeezed a bit Magnus's hand. Once again they looked into each other's eyes, being all silent; only the sounds of the night were heard and their hammering hearts. "I will do everything I can at least gain a bit of your forgiveness and trust. That is, if you let me. Alexander I love you, never have I ever loved anyone like I love you. I never thought that I can love so much a person, let alone such a young man. But you've changed me, and for that I will be forever grateful to you. From my side, I can promise you only this, I won't stop loving you, no matter what your decision will be."

Alec was absorbed in thoughts for a long time, and Magnus had this feeling that he was going to pass out from the suspense. He begged Alec in his mind to give him a second chance, or at least to not scratch him off entirely, so Magnus would have a chance to win him back. This was what he desired the most, to be with Alec again; to make him the happiest man in the world. But there was a chance that the boy didn't want him anymore.

"Those days were hell for me…" he started bringing Magnus's attention back to him "And I don't want to be in this hell anymore," at that moment the warlock's heart stopped for a second. "What I'm saying…I think…I think we need a fresh start, with no more lies and no more secrets. Just…Alec and Magnus. Just…just you and me, a fresh start. What do you say?"

Magnus grinned at him, like never before; this was the biggest and most precious moment in his life. He stood up and stretched out his hand in Alec's direction; the boy looked unsure, but took his hand in his own nonetheless. When their hands touched, a jolt of electricity went through Magnus's body, sending warmness to the pit of his stomach; making his legs wobbly.

"Hi. I'm Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn, the Inquisitor of the Downworld Council; the representative of Warlocks in the Clave's Council. 300 years old man, who loves glitter, and parties, and cats. Currently being head over heels for the hot blue eyed and black haired eighteen year old Shadowhunter named Alexander Lightwood, whom I'm insanely in love with."

Alec burst out in laughter, but he shook Magnus's hand. When he calmed himself down, he got up and looked into the cat eyes of the warlock and smiled shyly.

"Alec Lightwood, eighteen years old Shadowhunter; archer; have an idiotic parabatai, who gets himself into many troubles and a crazy sister," he took a deep breath, feeling a blush spreading over his cheeks, and added quietly. "Currently in love with a sparkly warlock."

Magnus, as well, laughed at this. It was a perfect moment; the moonlight cast on both of them, the air was warming their skin. Magnus leaned down, and Alec stood up on his tiptoes, a few inches more and they would connect their lips in a sweet kiss full of love.

But of course, not everything could end that perfectly…

"Alec," Jace's voice came to their ears, ruining their perfect moment. They both turned to the direction of his voice, finding there Jace, Izzy, Clary, Simon, and Alec's mother, who lately found out about her oldest son's affair with the high warlock. "We're going back to New York. Magnus could you open a portal for us?"

"Of course," Magnus opened the portal as near the Institute as he could for all the Lightwoods, Frays, and Downworlders. As soon as they stepped out of it, the Downworlders, minus Magnus, went in their ways, same as the Frays. The Lightwoods started walking down to the Institute; only Alec and Magnus were left by the now closed portal.

"Alec!" Maryse screamed, looking meaningfully at him. The boy muttered a quick goodbye to Magnus and rushed after his family.

"Hey Alec!" Magnus shouted after him, making him turn back to him; their eyes crossed once again, smiles on their faces. "Will you go out with me? On a date?"

"Sure," he blushed furiously and when his mother called for him again, he ran to her immediately, sending a small wave to the warlock.

On his way back to home, Magnus was looking upon the sky. Tonight it was an end and a beginning. The end of the old world, filled with wars and hate. And the beginning of a new world, filled with order, as well as the new beginning for him and his beloved Shadowhunter.

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