Days of War and the Nights of Love

To seduce a shadowhunter

As much as he was experienced in this world, Magnus Bane, hadn't expected a Shadowhunter to make such an impression on him. Since last night, the memory of those incredible blue eyes hasn't left the warlock's mind, haunting him in his sleep. And that blush, the most adorable thing Magnus had seen in years. When he blushed, standing in the moonlight, he looked so young and innocent.

On the other hand, he was young, and he could still be innocent – Magnus thought.

Whenever Magnus closed his eyes, the blue eyes of the hunter popped in his mind, sending a warm feeling to his stomach.

The boy was too beautiful.

And Magnus wanted to see him again.

Magnus Bane never liked being a part of the Council's meetings. Nor did he like it when they gathered. It always caused more problems than good.

"Magnus Bane! What have you done this time?!" a loud male voice with a Welsh accent was heard in the hall of the Pandemonium. It was strange, that here, in New York, the residence for the Council's meetings was a big room above the club.

"Me? Nothing! It's not always about me," he said back. "I'm not doing anything wrong here."

Ragnor Fell, the High Warlock of London, the Magister of the area two, looked in disbelief at his friend. The green skinned warlock in the 'Old world' was a part of the Council, an association of Downworlders who represented the Downworld amongst Shadowhunters in Idris, the country of the hunters. But now, with the 'new world', he was offered a position of the Magister in London, which he had taken gladly. Not only did it give him the opportunity to have some word in the Downworld, but it gave him privileges as well. One of them was that he could travel freely around the world, as the Shadowhunters in London aren't as fierce as they are here in New York.

"Oh really?" Ragnor sat down on the purple, plush chair next to him. He took off his dark green coat and brown hat, looking around the room.

"Really," Magnus grumbled. "It's not always because of me that they're…gathering"

When he closed his eyes, he didn't see the blue eyes from last night. No. He saw a memory. Something from his past that led him to take the position of the Magister in New York. A memory of him standing before the Council, as the one being charged, waiting for his punishment.

"Magnus Bane, step in the middle," a loud, guttural voice filled the chamber of the demolished Hotel Dumont. The warlock in chains was led by two vampires to the middle of the room. He could feel all eyes on him. Warlocks, vampires, werewolves, faeries. All of them were looking at him with disgust and judgment in their eyes. "You have broken the rules of the Downworld. You're going to listen to all the accusations made against your persona. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"May the Queen of the North American area step in front of the crowd," the red haired, small woman with blue eyes, stepped in the middle of the room, next to Magnus. They looked almost ridiculous next to each other, he- really tall, with honey skin, and she – a pale, small woman.

"Queen of the Fair Folk, the Queen of North America," she spoke in her light voice, eyes never leaving the people in front of them. "Member of the Council."

"You are excluded from voting in this case, as Magnus Bane is a citizen of your area," the man with blonde hair spoke.

"Yes, Inquisitor de Quincy," Alexei de Quincy looked at the people in front of him with stoicism in his black eyes.

"Are you aware of his crime?"

"What crime?" Magnus whispered with no intention to be heard, but all of them seemed to do exactly that.

Inquisitor de Quincy turned his gaze on the warlock. "Magnus Bane, do you have anything to say?"

"Actually, yes," he took a step closer to the Council, looking very warily at them.

The Inquisitor, the leader of London's vampire clan and the king of the London Downworlders, Victor Scott, Praetor Lupus, residing in Long Island in New York, Ragnor Fell, the High Warlock of London, as well, as the Seelie Queen, the Queen of the Fair Folk were sat in front of him.

"Speak," he relaxed in his scarlet high chair, playing with his cane made of human bones.

"What I've done is not a crime," many whispers, whistles and words, filled the room, as he spoke those words.

"Silence!" the loud voice of Alexei boomed through the walls, making everyone shiver in fear. "Now. How come it is not a crime?! You let that Shadowhunter go away, when it was your duty to kill her!"

"She was with a child! She carried an innocent baby inside of her! I'm not a murderer of children!" he spat back, forgetting who he was speaking to. But truth be told, Magnus was never scared of Alexei de Quincy, at least not too much.

"She was a Shadowhunter, whose man killed a few of us! It was your responsibility to end her life for it!" a voice from the room was heard. Before Magnus had a chance to say something, Alexei de Quincy spoke again.

"You're forgetting Magnus Bane, that one day that innocent child will be a hunter, who most likely will hunt you and our people."

"Even if so, now it's just an unborn child," he stated with raised head, looking straight into the vampire's black eyes. "And I refuse to kill children. You may lock me down for it, but I won't kill a pregnant woman, Shadowhunter or not."

"You're walking on a thin line here, Magnus Bane," the Inquisitor was tapping his cold, bony fingers over the desk. "What shall we do with you? You broke the rules of the Downworld. I should punish you with death."

Ragnor Fell took a sharp breath, when he heard those words. After all Magnus was his best friend, the closest thing he had to a family. He was partly glad that the Inquisitor excluded him from voting as well. He didn't imagine sending his friend to his death.

"But then, you're one of the most powerful warlocks on the Earth," the vampire continued "Your powers are very valuable. But I can't let this go. It's a major crime. Maybe I should put you in a cell for the rest of your immortal life? But then, you will be useless…"

"Your Highness," A male voice with a Spanish accent interrupted Alexei's speech. Everyone turned their eyes at the skinny, boyish-looking man that stepped in front of the crowd. "May I speak in Magnus Bane's behalf?"

"Who are you?"

"Raphael Santiago, the Prime Magister of New York, the leader of the local vampire clan."

"Ah, you're the one who took Camille's position?" he nodded. "Good for you, boy. You must be either insane or very confident if you want to speak in Bane's behalf. Speak, you have my attention."

"I think I have a solution for this situation," Alexei gestured with his hand for him to continue. Magnus, on the other hand, looked at his friend shocked. Never in his life did he think that Santiago would speak for him, even though he saved his life once," Magnus is indeed a very skilled warlock, and I think it would be a shame to put him in a cell, where he couldn't be much of a help. And killing him will only cause us more bad than good. Seeing as he's a very powerful warlock, his father is a powerful demon. And so, I, as the Prime Magister of this area, with the consent of the Queen of North America, and yours, Inquisitor and the Consuls', will take Magnus Bane, and give him the position of Magister of area 2 of Brooklyn in New York. This way I'll make sure to keep an eye on him, and he will be obliged to fulfill every task I or the Council asks of him."

"That's…" the Inquisitor started, looking at Consul Scott. A silent conversation happened between them. "I believe that we found our solution. My dear Queen, do you agree with this solution? Do you agree with making Magnus Bane, the Magister of Brooklyn in New York?"

"I agree."

"And so, Magnus Bane, you will obey every task given to you by your Prime Magister, the Queen and the Council," the warlock nodded without being very convinced of this idea. "And now I pronounce you Magnus Bane, the Magister of area two, Brooklyn, in New York."

And so Magnus Bane became the Magister of Brooklyn, sixteen years ago.

"…and it's just so strange that they…are you even listening to me Magnus?" Ragnor's voice got him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah…yeah…we should totally go there…yeah…wait…what are we talking about?"

"You weren't listening, idiot, like always," he grumbled, looking annoyed.

"Sorry…but…hey, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you sit there, in the front? After all, you're a Consul in the Council, Ragnor," he looked over at his friend, who was shaking his head at him in disbelief.

"Do you ever listen to me when I speak?" Magnus just shrugged his arms. "I told you seconds ago, that I'm no longer a member of the Council. I talked with Alexei, and he said that I can leave the Council, if it's too much work for me."

"Oh, how thoughtful of him."

"Besides, he said that I've finally earned my retirement," at this Magnus looked confused at his friend. "I barely survived the last attack on London. You know that if it wasn't for you…"

"It's ok now. You'd do the same for me," he patted his green hand. "But, if you're not in the Council anymore…then which warlock…"

"Hello my dear friends!" from every possible warlock on the entire Earth, it must be him. Magnus was truly shocked, when his eyes turned to the white haired warlock with the purple eyes. He wore today a purple-black sweater with stripes, white skinny jeans and a purple coat. Not really good, but it suited him. "How are you?"

"Malcolm Fade…he chose Malcolm Fade?" Magnus looked at Ragnor in disbelief waiting for his friend to tell him it wasn't true. But Ragnor only nodded. "We're doomed."

"I've missed you too, Magnus. How's life? Ragnor, looking great as always," the third warlock smiled at the two others.

"We're good," Fell said, bowing his head in a gentlemanly gesture.

"I heard about the last attack on London. Nasty case. Good that you've made it."

"Ok. Enough with the chit chat," Magnus interrupted. "So if he's in the council, then what are you doing here Ragnor?"


"He called you? But it's not about me, so why…"

"I just wanted to make sure he's ok," Raphael's voice came to his ears. "How are you? Are you feeling better?"

"Way better. Thank you," and Lilith, Ragnor Fell blushed, or more like his cheeks became greener.

"That's really good. You're welcome to stay in Hotel Dumort, as much as you want."

"That's very sweet of you," Magnus popped in. "But I'll take him to my place for a while."

The loud, cracking sound of the cane that Magnus could recognize anywhere, interrupted their small talk. It was followed by almost unheard steps of a group of vampires, sniffing werewolves and smelling fairy dust.

So the Council gathered. Malcolm Fade moved to the place that once belonged to Ragnor.

"I, the Inquisitor of the Downworld, am opening the seventeenth meeting of the Council," Alexei de Quincy started, hitting his cane on the floor. The blue topaz on it, once enchanted by Magnus, shone a blue light that filled the whole room. "Sit down. We are going to start with the introduction of the new member. The representative of Warlocks in the Council, Malcolm Fade, known as the High Warlock of Los Angeles, the Magister of an area three there"

A bunch of claps followed those words.

"Now. We've gathered here at the request of the Prime Magister of New York, Raphael Santiago. You may step in front of us," the vampire smiled at Ragnor, before he, indeed, walked to the front. "What is the cause you gathered us here, Prime Magister?"

"Your Highness, Members of the Council," he began. "As you probably already know, the Shadowhunters from the other parts of the world, from other Institutes, are coming here, to New York. We, and by that I mean me and my Magisters, think that they are gathering again. That they're planning another attack."

"Their attacks are nothing to us."

"What I mean is that the attack seems to be like the one of the Uprising."

"Are you sure of your words?" Praetor Lupus spoke. He never was truly interested in what is going on in other's areas of New York. He was too busy dealing with werewolves. He was an old man now that soon would be replaced on the Council by his son, Aldous.

"Not like hundred percent sure," Raphael explained. "But I think it would be wise if we started with the appropriate preparations. Or at least we should somehow confirm their plans."

"And how do you suggest we do that?" The Queen of the Seelie Court inquired. "We can't kidnap a Shadowhunter. Not only will they slaughter us for doing it, but they won't say a word to us either. Maybe a spell could help?"

"They have protective runes on themselves," Malcolm looked over at the Queen. "Very strong runes that protect them from magic. I tried to cast spells on Shadowhunters in LA. It didn't work."

"So, Prime Magister, how do you plan on finding out about their attack?" Alexei laid the cane on the desk and looked down at Raphael.

"I'm not sure how we can do it without really revealing them our plan."

Magnus stopped listening to them, as to his mind popped a vision of the beautiful eyes from last night. Alec Lightwood, a Shadowhunter, seemed to occupy his mind all the time, not giving him a chance to focus on oh-so important matters.

"Well…" Malcolm started "It's a bit of an insane idea, but…we could get our information in a very old way," all of the council and most creatures in the room looked confused at him. "You know they say all's fair in love and war. I say, why kidnap Shadowhunter when we could do it in an easier way, without many suspicions."

"Enough with riddles. Speak clearly, Fade," Alexei glared him.

"You people really don't read books? Come on. Okay. Let's play detective here. If you want information you go incognito."

"I'm fairly certain that they won't let us inside the Institute to listen to their conversations," Raphael commented.

"We don't have to go to the Institute. We just have to make a Shadowhunter to come to us" Once again, they looked at him, puzzled. "They are humans too, or half humans, whatever. They have feelings like humans. Why not use that against them?"

"What are you saying?" in the voice of Inquisitor you could hear the plain curiosity.

"Why not seduce a Shadowhunter to get the information from him? Believe me, people in love are fools. I've seen it so many times," he smirked at that.

"Shadowhunters don't fall in love with Downworlders," Praetor spoke.

"No? I know a few cases of it. It's possible. If a person is really good, even the strongest Shadowhunter can't resist," he continued.

"Hmmm…" Alexei de Quincy was wondering, a frown appearing on his pale face. "Even if it could work…who could be the seducer?"

"Well…it has to be someone from this area. Obviously," he moved his eyes on Magnus, who was still lost in the thoughts about a certain blue eyed wonder.

When Magnus felt gazes on himself, he shook himself out of thoughts, and looked confused, at the crowd around him. A silent question painted in his cat-like eyes.

"So, what Shadowhunters do you have here Prime Magister?"

"The only available woman in the Institute is Isabelle Lightwood, a sixteen years old Shadowhunter," he answered. "The other woman is her mother."

"Well then, any volunteers?" no one dared to raise their hand. "Ah, so I thought. But, as I recall, we have a true…what you call it these days…a womanizer here, whose courting record is very long. Magnus Bane, stand up."

The said warlock indeed stood up, and came to the middle of the room, still being in a puzzle about what was going on. Damn the blue eyed wonder from last night, who was in his mind. Now he didn't know what was going on. Walking there, he wondered whether he said something in his thoughtful state or something, and the Inquisitor is calling for him.

"Your Highness."

"Magnus Bane, Magister of the area of Brooklyn, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, you are assigned with the task of finding out about the plans of any upcoming attack of our enemies," Alexei explained.

"And how do I do that?"

"You are going to seduce a Shadowhunter, to find out about the attack. You are going to seduce Isabelle Lightwood."

For a moment Magnus stood confused in his place. He was supposed to seduce some Shadowhunter girl? A girl that may be ugly or something, a girl he has never really seen? A Shadowhunter girl?

But just then, a pair of blue eyes popped in his mind again, making him smile involuntarily.

"You say, I am to seduce a Shadowhunter?" the Council nodded "Oh, I'll do it, with a pleasure."

The only thing was that Magnus didn't plan on seducing this Isabelle Lightwood.

No. This task will give him the opportunity to see the blue eyed wonder again.

He was going to seduce Alec Lightwood.

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