Days of War and the Nights of Love

To leave a lasting impression

The night was chilly tonight, the cool air licked Magnus's bare arms. If only he could have known that hunting for a hunter would take him so many hours, he'd have thought of another way to find him. But, Magnus Bane, as old as he was, sometimes acted unprofessionally. So that's why he had been spending the last three days and nights wandering around Brooklyn, hoping to bump into the blue eyed hottie.

But alas, fortune wasn't on his side lately.

Magnus wasn't a man who'd give up easily, but with every minute spent he was closer to breaking his own rule.

"Where are you, darling?" he spoke to the shadows of the night, with a small disappointment in his voice. He thought - he hoped - that he made a lasting impression on this boy, and that the said boy would look out for him too. And Magnus Bane is really easy to find. But the Shadowhunter hasn't showed up in Brooklyn for three days, since the very night they met.

Magnus even cast a locating spell, so it would be shown on a map where Alec is. And it only showed the Institute or the areas belonging to the Shadowhunters, areas that Magnus was banned from.

But there had to be a way to contact him. Of this Magnus was sure. He just had to find it.

"Oh, you're finally home," Ragnor looked at him a bit shocked, when he entered the living room all drenched. The luck hadn't been with him tonight either, not one bit. "Haven't seen you for three days. Where were you?"

"Here and there."

"Right…" Ragnor closed his old brown suitcase. "I'm going home tonight, will you be okay on your own?"

"I'm not a child that you need to babysit," that granted him an eye roll from his friend.

"What's going on, Magnus? Are you okay?" Ragnor asked full of concern.

"I'm fine," he shrugged.

"If this is about the task…I'm certain that if you talk with Alexei…he'll…"

"It's not about the task," he slumped on the couch next to his white cat, and scratched him behind his ears. "It's just I can't find him. It's been three days, and I've been wandering around all night…and I can't find him…"

"Him? You mean her, right? This Isabelle."

"No, I mean him, Alec Lightwood," Magnus sighed out. Ragnor sat down on the coffee table, before his friend, and looked at him in confusion. "I thought that he'll come around, but he didn't. Ugh…"

"You were bound to seduce Isabelle…not some Alex…"

"Alec," he interrupted, scratching too roughly the cat, so the feline hissed at him. "And I can't find him."

"Magnus…" he started running his hand through his white hair. "You know that when Alexei finds out that you changed the object of a mission…"

"He'll do what?" he looked very confident at the other warlock. "Nothing, he'll do nothing. After all, it's about information. What does it matter, which Shadowhunter I'll seduce? It's only about information."

"Then why did you change the Shadowhunter?"

"Because, my dear emerald prince, I have no idea how this Isabelle looks like. She could look like that fat, redheaded woman from 1876 in Spain," he winced at the unpleasant memory.

"And how do you know how this Alec looks like? He could look like Benedict Ligthworm," he pointed out, smiling to himself. "And he looked horrible. I'm not good at recognizing attractiveness, but even I can tell that he looked bad."

"Alec looks amazing," Ragnor once again looked confused. "I met him three days ago, just before the Council meeting. And hell consumes me, but he looks like an Angel itself."

"Lilith…" Fell dropped his hands on his knees. "Let me get this straight. You agreed to this task…I'm sure you could talk yourself out of it if you wanted to…so you agreed because some Shadowhunter is handsome and you're attracted to his looks?"

"Yes," he spoke after a minute with a grin on his face.

"You're an idiot," this was the only right thing that came to Ragnor's mind. "Your sexual needs will be your death one day, Magnus Bane."

"Oh come on, it's not that bad…if you'd seen him, your own little Ragnor would be very pleased," he looked at the lower parts of Ragnor's body, which granted him a smack on the back of his head. "Ouch! Fine…I know you have Raphael and your undying love for him. Just remember, I'm your best man on the wedding!"

"I am not…we're not…" stutter, a very obvious sign of embarrassment of Ragnor Fell. "Ugh"

"Ok, ok. Anyway, he's really hot…" Ragnor was shaking his head at him. "Just don't tell Raphael or Alexei for now…I'll handle it on my own…I'll get the information and have some fun with the boy. It's a win-win situation."

"Fine. I'll back off. Just…" he took his suitcase and whispered a spell to create a portal. "Just don't get yourself killed because of it. And stay in contact with me, Cate and Raphael…and for mine and his sake…stay out of trouble as much as you can."

"Ok, daddy, I won't cause trouble to the Vamp-mommy," he hugged his friend, too tight.

"Be careful Magnus, I mean it."

"I will," he ruffled the white hair of his friend. "You be careful there too, okay? Bye."

When Magnus was left alone, he once again slumped on the couch, with an annoyed expression written all over his face.

"How can I contact him Meow?" the cat raised his head at his master, hearing his name "It's not like I can go to the Institute and ask for him. The moment I step near the Institute I'm dead. What can I do, Meow?"


"You could be more helpful, you know."

"Meow, meow," Chairman Meow jumped off the couch and hurried to the corner of the hallway, where Magnus had dropped the wooden arrow that belonged to Alec. He brought it back to Magnus, dropping it at his feet. "Meow."

"Chair, I already did a locating spell, and he still didn't come around," he placed the arrow on the table and looked down at it, but still nothing was coming to his mind. The cat jumped on the table as well, putting his small paws over some white paper, and then he looked at the arrow. Magnus followed his gaze. Then it hit him. "Chairman, you are a genius! I knew there's a reason I keep you around!" he took the feline in his arms and spooned him. "Mister, you just earned yourself a tuna for dinner."

"Meow!" Chairman exclaimed a rather happy sound, before he jumped out of Magnus's arms.

The said warlock, took a small, white paper, and wrote down his message. Then he conjured one of his spells' books, and found the specific spell. He took the arrow and the paper, and whispered the spell. Blue sparks of his magic lightened the room, and the paper disappeared from his hand.

Now he had to hope, that Alec will get his message.

Alexander Gideon Lightwood, or Alec like he prefers, is an average, almost eighteen year old Shadowhunter. The eldest son, brother, the future head of the Institute in New York, skilled in archery, which he had been learning ever since he was barely six years old, parabatai of Jonathan Wayland, the adoptive son of Maryse and Robert Lightwood, his adoptive younger brother. He is a good, really good hunter, who watches the backs of his younger siblings.

Nothing really special.

Except for Alec's sexuality. Angels damn him for it. Alec Lightwood was one of the few, if not the only one, male Shadowhunter who wasn't interested in women at all. No, he preferred men. More like he was fond of one man, boy. The golden boy of Shadowhunters, resident of New York Institute for ten years, personally his adoptive brother and parabatai, Jonathan 'Jace' Wayland.

And for that Alec felt disgusted with himself.

He had been hiding it, for four years. Since the very first day he realized that he liked his brother more than he should. That he liked him in an inappropriate way. There wasn't anyone, except for his sister Isabelle, who knew about his 'problem'.

As much of a liar Alec isn't, he is skilled in hiding things and pretending. He pretended all those years that Jace is only his best friend, brother. He kept the feelings that he has for Jace to himself. He was good at hiding his sexuality.

Till that night.

The night he met Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

To say that this man left a huge impression on Alec was an understatement. It's like the image of Magnus Bane had burned in Alec's mind, and didn't want to go away. For the past three days he was haunted by those incredible cat-like eyes, whenever he closed his own. It was a shame to admit, but he was turned on by a Downworlder. On the first night, when those eyes came to his mind, his body was on fire, it got him to the state of excitation. And that scared him in one hand, because no man caused those reactions to Alec Lightwood. He had seen other men, other attractive men, Shadowhunters, mundanes and Downworlders, but none of them were so attractive like that warlock. And he had seen him only for a few minutes, but it was enough to build an unfamiliar feeling inside of Alec.

A feeling of desire.

It was so hard to focus on anything for the past few days for Alec as those eyes, that face haunted him all the time. He even almost gave in to his temptation to go to Brooklyn to seek out the warlock. But then his senses stopped him. Magnus was a Downworlder, they don't mix with Shadowhunters.

"You suck today," Jace said, as he straddled Alec to the floor of the training room in the Institute. "Come on, give me some chance to nicely beat you, brother."

"Get off of me, Jace."

"Then put some energy in training, 'cause you suck today, worse than Isabelle," he got off of him and helped him get up. "Maybe you're sick, huh? Don't tell me, you ate the supposed to be spaghetti that Izzy made last night. I told you that you'd get at least sick if not worse."

"I didn't eat it. I don't have a death wish," he brushed off the arm of Jace and moved to the door.

"Where are you going?"

"Out. I need to think," he opened the door, and found Isabelle with a confused look.

"What about our training?"

"You have Isabelle," with that he moved to his bedroom.

There was a short, blue light on his bed, when he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his slender hips. With awareness, he moved to the bed and took the small white paper in his hand. The paper was covered with very sharply-written letters.

Meet me tonight at Pandemonium, at nine. Be there Darling, Magnus Bane.

Alec gulped, and continued to stare at the paper in his hand. Magnus just wrote to him, asking him out… he was too shocked to understand everything perfectly. But he knew one thing. He wanted to meet with Magnus to discover what he wanted from him.

"Can I come in?" Isabelle's voice came through the door. Alec quickly crumbled the paper and put it under his white pillow.


"Jace said that something is off with you," she sat down on his bed "So, spill."

"Nothing is wrong," Isabelle didn't look very convinced to those words, but she knew better than to pry in her brother's thoughts "Izz…do you know what the 'Pandemonium' is?"

"Are you kidding me?" the disbelief on her face was too obvious. "How can you not know what is it?"

"I just heard the name and was wondering…"

"It's the best club for Downworlders and Mundanes in Brooklyn," she gestured like it was the really obvious thing to everyone. "I'd kill to go to one party there. It's almost as famous as Magnus Bane's parties"

Now the name of the warlock got Alec's attention.

"What do you know about Magnus Bane?"

"I've heard that he's tall, smoky hot, and that he has a sexy accent," her voice was a bit dreamy. "He wears a lot of glitter, at least that's what they say, you know Downworlders. I've heard about him during many investigations."

That, actually, Alec could confirm. Magnus Bane indeed was very handsome, and tall. Though Alec couldn't tell if he was 'smoky hot' as Izzy put it, because he didn't actually understood the reference.

"Some of them say that he's sex on legs," at that Alec felt that he's blushing madly.

"Re…really?" she only nodded, licking her lips at that.

"Such a shame that he's a Downworlder, 'cause I'd approve him for you, brother," she patted his bare knee, and got up from the bed. "Anyway, are you up for some night hunting? Jace wants to go to Brooklyn again."

"He doesn't want to go on a hunt, Izz," she titled her head at him, which was her thing when she didn't get it all. "He wants to see that little girl he met a few days ago, in the club. The one that saw us."

"Oh," she wrinkled her nose. "I think I'll tag along with him."

"Now you want to see the nerdy friend of hers," Isabelle stuck her tongue at him. "I'm out of this."

"Sure brother. Have a nice evening."

Alec indeed planned to have a nice evening. At least that's what he was hoping for.

Before he sneaked out of the Institute into the night, he prepared himself to not be recognized by the Downworlders, by putting masking runes on himself. Now he looked like a mundane boy, he could simply walk around the streets.

There was a line of people and Downworlders before the club, a really long line. Alec sighed and moved himself to stand in it. Finally, after what seemed forever, he stood before the security guard.

"Aren't you underage, boy?" the bulky man in black attire asked.


"I think you don't have eighteen years…so…"

"He's with me, Pete," that voice, the voice that was in his dreams for a while now, the voice that sent shivers to his spine the very first time he heard it. Soon, he felt an arm around his hips that made him jump a bit in surprise.

"Of course Master Bane, have fun with the mundane boy."

"I will," he dragged Alec behind the red line, and inside.

"Just make sure that he won't remember others."

"Don't worry, my friend. He's under my spell," he winked at Alec, and moved further inside. When they were by one of the tables upstairs, Magnus sat Alec down and took a place next to him. He smiled widely at him, making Alec a bit uncomfortable, and then he spoke. "I've been waiting for you, Darling."

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