Days of War and the Nights of Love

To intrigue him

Pandemonium was filled with obnoxious mundane teenagers, looking for fun or free drinks. There were, as well, some vampires from Raphael’s clan, most likely to spy. Magnus was sure that they’re not allowed to have fun with mundanes, because they tended to kill them. Two, maybe three werewolves were dancing near DJ’s section.

And there they were. A sparkly warlock and a Shadowhunter, sitting by one table. Looking into each other’s eyes with different thoughts flying through their minds.

Alec was trying to calm his hammering heart. He was in a place filled with downworlders, mundanes, and probably some demons as well. His all senses were keeping him at the highest level. He observed warily everyone that looked into his and Magnus’ direction, being fully prepared to pull out the dagger from his boot.

“If you’ll glare them some more, you’re gonna burn holes in their backs,” Magnus spoke, not being able to hide his silent laughing at the boy in an awful hoodie. “Relax darling. Your runes are working. You’re just a mundane boy for them.”

Alec wasn’t really convinced of it, but he decided to believe Magnus in this.

“You know,” the warlock started again, moving himself closer to the hunter. He slowly placed a hand over Alec’s arm, and subtly brushed it with his fingers, sending shivers to shadowhunter’s spine. He could tell that it’s a new sensation for the younger, as he was watching warily every move of Bane. “You play so hard to get Alec.”

“H…how so?” he stuttered, as the brushes became more affectionate.

“I’ve been walking around Brooklyn for three days and nights…” by that Alec was shocked, it was written all over his beautiful face. “And you never showed up. At some point I even considered going to that Institute of yours…”

“You would get killed.”

“That’s right. But you see, I thought about it, and the sacrifice,” he said. “But the world would terribly miss me. I mean I’m fabulous.”

“Why did you seek me out?” Alec cut him off.

“Simple,” Magnus moved his hand on Alec’s knee, gently squeezing it. “I just wanted to see you again.”

“Why?” more confusion in Alec’s mind made him, voice out his questions.

“You’ve intrigued me,” Magnus licked his lips slowly, brining Alec’s attention to them. “Your eyes…they’re burned in my mind. I just needed to see you again, darling.”

When Alec stared shocked at Magnus, the said warlock smiled slyly at him, and batted his eyelashes a bit. He tried to keep an eye contact with the beauty next to him, as well as he kept his hand over his knee. As for now, Alec didn’t seem to mind.

“Your eyes are so beautiful, like the ocean. I could drown in them,” Magnus pulled out his best smile, to charm his partner.

“Thank you,” a whisper came out of Alec’s mouth, followed by the adorable blush, that Magnus was fond of.

“Do you want something to drink?” Alec’s brows frowned at this question, and for a second Magnus wondered whether he did something wrong.

“I’m underage…”

“Don’t worry,” he patted his knee. “They have cocktails here too, without alcohol.”

Magnus went to the bar to order drinks. When the bartender was making them alcohol-less drinks, the warlock was repeatedly winking at the younger partner, making him more and more blushing. The view was truly something. Alec, all blushed looked simply delicious, making Magnus want to kiss him. But, still for that was too early. He couldn’t let himself to scare the poor boy. He couldn’t throw himself at him, no matter how tempting the hunter looked like. This was no way to seduce him. He needed to take it slowly.

On his way back, Magnus swayed his hips, just as he did when he went to the bar. And this time he could feel Alec’s eyes on his. Almost like the boy was undressing him in his mind, which Magnus was truly ok with. He did the same, the second he saw Alec this night.

“Here you go, beautiful,” he drawled the last word, only to make Alec blush more. The boy took his glass, and started to sip, avoiding Magnus’s cat eyes. So the warlock took the straw in his mouth, and slowly started to drink through it, his eyes never leaving Alec’s face. The poor boy almost chocked with his drink, when his eyes landed on Magnus. “How’s your drink, Angel?”

“God…I mean good!” Magnus could only giggle at it.

“Would you like to dance?” Bane inquired, putting his empty glass on the table.

“I don’t dance.”

“Such a shame…with that body of yours, you probably could move fantastic,” Alec smiled awkwardly at him. “Then…how ‘bout we take a walk? It’s a bit crowded here tonight. Why won’t we go to my place?”

“Yeah…” Magnus offered his hand to Alec, and the Shadowhunter took it after a while. When their hands touched it was like a jolt of electricity went through the warlock’s hand, sending some strange feeling into his body, something that he haven’t felt for a long time.

The walk to Magnus’s apartment wasn’t very long, but nevertheless Magnus kept a small, casual conversation with his partner. Trying to intrigue him with himself. Finally, they were standing in the living room of his home. Alec was looking around, admiring the posters from different decades on the green wall. Magnus indicated him to sit down on a couch, while he went to the kitchen.

“Coffee or tea?” he shouted.

“Coffee, black, no sugar…” Magnus conjured two cups of coffee from Starbucks, as well as a fresh tuna from the market, for his cat. When Magnus came back to the living room, the said cat was rubbing his tail on Alec’s right leg.

“Chairman likes you,” the boy looked up confused.

“Is that a good thing?” he scratched the feline behind its ears, receiving a purr of pleasure from the white fur-ball.

“Mhm,” Magnus sat down on the couch, next to Alec. “I never date people that my cat doesn’t like.”

“Oh…” a small frown showed up on Alec’s face, when he looked at two cups of coffee. “Did you…am…how do you…”

“I conjured it. I don’t have a coffee machine, I think Ragnor left some instants here,” Magnus rambled. “But that tastes horrible…believe me. And Starbucks has the best.”

“It’s really tasty,” the hunter said after taking a big sip of the black liquid.

“Really? You’re drinking black coffee, without sugar…how can it be tasty? It must be sour.”

“I don’t like sugar,” he placed the almost empty cup on the glass table.

“Is it because you’re too sweet already?” there was a gleam in Magnus’ eyes, before he smirked at the boy, once again making him blush and speechless.

“Why are you saying all those weird things to me?”

“Has no one ever tried to woo you?” Alec’s face was puzzled.

“Do what?”

“Teenagers these days,” Magnus muttered under his breath “Has no one ever was into you? Attracted by you? I’m sure that there was a line of fine gentlemen that were trying to ask you out.”

Alec shook his head at this.

“For real? Am I the first one who’s attracted by you in this way, and that make it obvious?” This time the young hunter nodded. “It can’t be. You’re too beautiful. There must have been tons of men that you’ve attracted.”


“Well then the world must have blinded, when you were born,” Alec smiled a bit at him. “Because Alec…is that a short from something?”


“Well, that’s a beautiful name, Alexander,” the warlock commented. “As I was saying, the world must be blind since you were born, because you’re the most beautiful man on the Earth.”

Alec didn’t know if he can blush some more, but he was sure that he’s red as tomato right now from Magnus’ words. No one, ever before, said to him such words. For years, he was listening how Jace is complimenting girls, to get them, or how boys were complimenting Izzy, just to ask her out. But Alec never was an object of someone’s compliments. Sure, sometimes his father said that he’s a good archer. But that was more a praise than a compliment.

And now here Magnus was saying such sweet and beautiful words to him. It almost seemed unreal, yet it was happening. The hunter didn’t know what to think about it all. He for sure liked how Magnus was speaking to him, how he was touching him, though it was scary too. No one ever touched him this way. But it was a pleasant feeling for the young man.

“I must say, that it’s wonderful that no one ever tried to woo you,” Alec raised his eyebrow at Magnus. “Because it would be a shame if I had to challenge someone to a duel for your favor. I’m no good in fights with swords.”


“Sorry…I tend to use some lines from the other centuries,” he smiled widely at the blue eyed beauty.

“How old are you?” Alec stiffed in his place, as he realized the question he asked.

“Eight hundred, give it or take a few.”

“A few years or decades?” another a bit inappropriate question left his mouth. Alec silently scolded himself, for asking those questions.

“You’re funny,” Magnus laughed a bit. It’s been a while since someone made him smile with something so trivial. “Actually, I stopped counting a while ago. Besides age is just a number baby, I’m still young and hot. How old are you?”

“Seventeen, in a month I’ll be eighteen,” his voice was filled with proudness. Soon he’ll stop being a child, and he will be an adult, legally an adult. Magnus was beyond happy from this fact. A smirk crept onto his face.

“Eighteen is such a nice age, you’ll become an adult, Alexander.”

“Yeah, finally they’ll stop treating me like a child,” he sighed out with a relief.

“I’m sure you’re not a child anymore. You’re a fine man to me,” Magnus moved his hand to Alec’s face and put a single stray of his hair behind his ear, lingering the touch. Alec’s skin was really soft, as Magnus was trailing his fingers over the line of Alexander’s jaw and neck. “A very handsome man, with the most beautiful eyes.”

“You’re handsome too,” almost an inaudible whisper escape from Alec’s lips.

“Glad you think so,” Magnus drawled, his mouth close to Alec’s ear. The sweet breath of the warlock licked the hunter’s cheek, making him slightly shiver. Magnus could only hope that it was a shiver of excitation.

“I…I…I think I should go…” he drew himself away from the warlock. He could still feel Magnus’s breath on his face. “Am…yeah…”

“Ok,” Magnus got up and followed Alec to the door. Before the hunter reached the doorknob, Magnus stopped his hand. The shadowhunter looked at him confused. From Bane’s hand glowed blue sparkles, before a small card landed on Alec’s opened hand. “It’s my number. Call me.”

Alec stared at the paper covered with pink, sparkly numbers shocked for a second, before he placed it in his jeans pocket.

“Bye, Alexander,” he opened the door for him, slightly brushing Alec’s arm with his own.

“B…Bye Magnus.”

On his way home, Alec couldn’t stop thinking about tonight’s events. He felt really great in Magnus’s presence.

And he wanted to see him again. Soon.

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