Days of War and the Nights of Love

To make him desire you

Alec couldn't stop thinking about those gold-green cat eyes. They haunted him for so long now. Magnus seemed to occupy his mind at every free second, especially during the nights. The Shadowhunter could still feel those shivers caused by Magnus's touch. If he was lost enough in his thoughts, he could feel Magnus's hand on his arm, brushing it in an oh-so amazing way. Whenever he looked down at his knee, he saw the warlock's hand squeezing it gently. His mind still replayed the delicious view of Magnus sipping his drink and that sinful way he swayed his hips before Alec, making the poor boy want to grab them and feel them under his fingertips. He could still feel the sweet breath of Magnus licking his cheek, making Alec's jeans slightly tighter in a specific area. He couldn't stop thinking about Magnus Bane.

And he needed to see him, soon.

He's been trying to get the courage for two days to call Magnus. Whenever he opened his phone and dialed his number, prepared to talk, all of his braveness seemed to disappear. But finally he made himself do it.

"Magnus Bane is speaking, how can I be of service?" his melodic voice with some exotic accent was heard from the other side. The young man let himself listen to this amazing sound "Hello? Look, I don't have time for games so you'd better tell me who you are, or I'm hanging up..."

"Hi," he said in a small voice, not sure if the warlock had heard him.

"Who...Alexander? Is that you?"

"Yes..." he responded after a while.

"I'm so glad you're calling," Magnus's voice was rather cheerful, Alec could tell. That made the boy smile to himself, as he was laying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. "How are you?"

"Good," he answered safely. His heart was racing, his palms were sweating. He was scared, that Magnus will laugh at him, as he didn't have the slightest idea what to talk about with the warlock. ""

"I'm quite fine too, a bit tired from last night's party, but good."

"I'm sorry I called, were you sleeping? I'm really so..."

"It's ok, Alexander," Magnus cut him off. "It's actually nice being woken up by your sweet voice," Alec couldn't stop the blush that was slowly creeping onto his face. "You're still there darling?"

He blushed even more, but this time from embarrassment that he wasn't listening.

"I'm here!" he said a bit too fast, making Bane chuckle.

"So…" Magnus started sounding sleepy. "Is there any particular reason you called or you just..."

"You told me to call you," he stated. "You didn't want me to call?"

"No, of course I wanted you to call me!" a high pitched voice came through the phone. "Did you know that you have a really pleasing voice on the phone, Alexander?"


"Mhm...makes me want to listen, and listen to it," Magnus's voice was similar to a kitten purring, making the Shadowhunter feel some warmth in the pit of his stomach. The warmth he had never felt before. "As much as I…" Magnus yawned, and Alec found it sounded really cute through the phone. "Love listening to your sweet voice, my eyes are closing…so…"

"Of course! Sleep…sleep well," Alec rubbed the back of his neck in a nervous manner. "Bye…"

"Alec wait!" the hunter held the phone to his ear a bit longer. "Come by later, ok? Anytime in the evening. I'm home all night…so…come over, ok?"


"I'll see you later, Darling," he drawled the pet name, in that specific way that makes Alec's stomach tingle.

The young hunter couldn't wait for the evening.

There were voices, loud voices, coming from the library, when Alec came downstairs prepared to go to Magnus's, voices that Alec knows only partly. He could easily tell that one of them was Jace, but the female and another male voice didn't belong to any resident of the Institute.

"Going somewhere, Alec?" Hodge, their teacher asked, as he walked out of the kitchen with some dish, not made by Isabelle.

"On night patrol…" he looked at the library's door. "Who's in there with Jace?"

"I don't know…" the older man said. "I think it's his friend, that girl he brought here last night. Take some daggers, if you're going out."

When Hodge left him alone in the hallway, Alec slowly moved his way to the library. He was curious about what 'friend' Hodge was talking about. When he opened the door, he found Jace, and some redhead girl. The girl was standing before Jace, and he was keeping his hands on her hips, maneuvering her. This made Alec mad, because he envied this girl. He had imagined Jace keeping his hands on him, touching him that way, so many times. She was holding a dagger in her hand, and she was pointing it at some poor, brown haired guy with glasses. When the girl moved her arm, and turned her head, Alec discovered that this is the girl that Jace was stalking lately on Brooklyn.

"What, in the Raziel's name, are they doing here?" he exclaimed loudly, as he walked downstairs towards them.

"Oh, hey Alec!" Jace smiled at him. "This is Clary and…"

"Simon," the other boy spoke, when the girl took the blade away from his face. Jace just shrugged his arms at him, and returned his attention to the girl, saying something into her ear.

"Jace! They're mundanes! We don't bring mundanes in the Institute!" Jace didn't even raise his eyes on Alec. The said boy was even madder at his parabatai. He went closer to him, and drew him brutally, away from the redhead girl.

"What the…"

"Why did you bring them here?!" he was glaring the blonde haired boy, with as much force as his heart was allowing him to. It wasn't the fact that she's a mundane that made Alec mad. But the fact that Jace fancied her so much. He acted like a love sick puppy around her, making loving eyes on her, talking about her nonstop during their hunts. And that was pissing Alec off and hurting him more than anything. Because he wanted Jace to look at him like that. "They're mundanes Jace!"

"She's not! She's one of us!" the blonde one retorted, there was a glimpse of anger in his amber eyes. "She's a Shadowhunter, Alec."

"No, she's just a mundane with a sight probably…"

"No! I'm telling you she's a Shadowhunter," Jace cut Alec off. "I drew an Iratze on her arm, after we were attacked by some werewolf. And it worked."

"You drew an Iratze on her?" the younger hunter nodded. "Are you out of your mind? You could have killed her or turned her into a Forsaken! Jace! You're an idiot!"

"Nothing ha…"

"What's going on here?" Isabelle stepped inside the library, looking confused at her brothers and two mundanes. "Jace, what are they still doing here?"

"You know what, I'm done!" Alec spat out in Jace's direction. "It's on you if she's going to get us all killed!"

"Alec…" Isabelle tried to grab his arm, but he just shook it off. He was beyond mad, and he had a feeling that if he won't calm down somehow, he'll destroy something or kill someone. And by someone he meant Jace Wayland.

The young Shadowhunter was still overwhelmed with anger as he walked down the alleys of Brooklyn, trying not to catch an eye of any Downworlder. There was a high chance, that he would kill many of them tonight, risking a possible attack on his own kind. And that was something that they couldn't let happen now. Not when there are only three good fighters in the Institute now. Not before the arriving of some new hunters that were about to come next month, an old friend of his father and some boy, in Alec's age, from Paris. Alec wasn't really looking forward to it; he never liked new people in the Institute. Just like he doesn't like the new girl of his parabatai.

Whenever he thinks about her, he feels rage. She isn't one of them, and she doesn't have the right to break them apart like she's doing now.

Alexander tried to calm his raging heart and his tarnished nerves, before he knocked on Magnus's door. He didn't want to be in this angry mood, while he was going to be with the warlock. He wanted to feel good around him like the other night.

And by the Angel, his whole anger seemed to fade away, as Magnus Bane opened the door.

"Well hello there Alexander…" the said boy couldn't take his eyes off of the warlock.

Magnus Bane stood under the door frame, smirking at the younger man. His hair was all spiked up. There was make-up on his face, Alec could tell. Some black lines on his eyelids, similar to what Isabelle wore on a daily basis. Some colorful glitter on his cheeks, his lips were glossy. But that wasn't the thing that kept Alec's eyes on him. No, it was what was below his face. Magnus had on a silk indigo robe, loosely knotted around his slender hips. He was wearing black leather pants that fitted his legs so well. And just then, Alec looked at Magnus's chest.

The view was breathtaking. Underneath the loosely knotted robe, Magnus wasn't wearing anything. His caramel colored skin, was inviting him to touch it. The glitter on it was sparkling in the light of the staircase. Alec could easily see that Magnus had a beautiful body, not too much build, but with a light line of muscles. Just amazing.

Alec's mouth definitely dried at the view in front of him, and his body became a bit warmer in a certain area as well.

"H…h…hi…" he finally stuttered, unconsciously licking his lips. That caught Magnus's eye and he winked at him seductively.

"Come inside, Darling," Alec went after Magnus, straight to the living room. Both of them sat down on the couch. When Alec moved his eyes on Magnus once again, he caught himself staring at his chest again. Now the robe seemed to reveal even more of Magnus's body, making Alec's cheeks burn red. "Coffee?"

"Yeah…" Magnus conjured two cups of coffee from Starbucks, and handed Alec his. They sipped it in a silence for a while, before Magnus turned himself towards Alec.

"How was your day?" he asked casually, placing a hand on Alec's upper arm, brushing it the same way he did in the club before.

"Not good…I mean…" he didn't want to burden Magnus with his problems, but the way Magnus was looking at him in the eye was like he was telling him that he will understand him. "My brother…adoptive brother and parabatai pissed me off…"

"I can tell that you're mad," he brushed off Alec's hair off his face. "You're stiff and not in a good way. So…tell me all about it, honey."

"It's just…" he moved his knees up the chest, wrapping his arms around them. Magnus sat even closer to him, placing his hands over his shoulders, slowly rubbing them. "He brought that girl to the Institute…and her Mundie friend… he claims that she's one of us."

"The redhead, you told me about?" Alec nodded. "That mundane he was stalking?"

"Yes!" Alec fought back a moan, forming in his throat. Magnus's hands were doing wonders on his shoulders. "He says she's one of us. He drew a rune on her and she didn't die. And now he's so excited that she's one of us…and he brings her home and…"

"He likes her?" When Alec didn't respond, Magnus opened his mouth again. "And you don't want her around your friend."

"Not only that," he muttered. "She's going to get us all killed! She never trained like us!"

"Mhm…" the warlock rubbed the back of Alec's neck, finally forcing a moan out of Alec's mouth. "Let's not think about it now. Relax, darling."

"You're good at this…" it came out almost like a purr from Alec's lips. When he realized what he said, his cheeks became even redder, if that was possible.

"I'm good at many things, Darling," he said smugly, with his lips close to Alec's ear. Again, it sent shivers to Alec's body. "If you're lucky and stick with me, you shall find out all of them."

Bane moved slowly, his hand down Alec's arm to his palm. He played with his fingers, occasionally brushing his knee with them.

"Does your family know?" he spoke out of nowhere, while Alec was trying to calm down his hammering heart.

"Knows what?"

"That you're gay?" Alec shook his head, preparing himself to deny such a thing. "I can read it in your eyes and all…so…"

"No. Only my sister," he squeezed Alec's hand, in a comforting manner. "I'm trying not to be so obvious…I didn't even kiss before…well…never…"

"Never?" Alec moved some hair on his face, to hide the embarrassment's blush. Magnus put a hand under Alec's chin, and raised his head to look into the boy's blue eyes. "That's such a shame…"

At that moment, when Alec was looking straight into those cat-eyes that haunt him in his sleep, he decided to put his words into action, those words that had been eating him with nerves for a while.

"Will you go out with me?" Magnus looked at him a bit shocked and amused at the same time.

"You're straightforward, aren't you?" Magnus chuckled, as he took his hand out of the hunter's.

"Will you?" he repeated, with a shaky voice.

"Do you even like me this way?" Alec was puzzled by that. For him it was obvious that he likes Magnus, after all he was meeting with him again. "Because let me tell you Alec, this gay thing doesn't mean that you should throw yourself at any gay guy you meet. Either you like someone or not…"

"I like you!" he interrupted firmly, granting a wide smile from the warlock.

"Good, I like you too," Alec smiled shyly at Magnus. "So, Friday night? Say, seven p.m.?"

"Ok," Alec wanted to get up and moved to the door after he looked down at his watch. It was time to go back to the Institute. But, then, Magnus grabbed his hand in his own once again, holding him in a place. This made Alec a bit confused, but when Magnus turned to face him, and leaned down, he understood what the warlock was doing.

He was about to kiss Magnus Bane, the man that he's been dreaming about for a while.

He didn't know how it was supposed to look or feel like. And for sure he didn't know what to do. Magnus's lips were surprisingly soft on his own. They tasted a bit of cherries and cream from his latte. Alec tried to mimic Magnus's movements, and he kissed him back. It wasn't any fast, passionate kiss. No, it was more, like an inexperienced one, even sloppy. Before Magnus decided to take the charge on it. He licked Alec's bottom lip, and parted his lips with his tongue. Then he slipped it inside, shocking the younger a bit, but the kiss was never broken. Magnus explored Alec's mouth, moving his tongue over the sharpness of his teeth, his palate, and finally massaging Alec's tongue with his own. Alec would have lied if he said that he didn't like it. He was so excited by it, that he couldn't stop the moan of pleasure that was forcing itself out of his mouth. He heard Magnus gasp, when Alec's tongue started to move in a similar way to Magnus's.

The Shadowhunter, as if on instinct, placed his hand over Magnus's bare hip, and rubbed it. He was right, Magnus's skin was just as soft as he imagined.

The time seemed to stop as they were kissing, but unfortunately fate decided to break this little pleasure for Alec.

His phone rang.

Magnus pulled away from Alec, leaving the boy all flustered. Both of them were panting, sparkles dancing in their eyes. The younger man reached out to his pocket for the phone. Breathing heavily, he opened the text from his brother.

'I'm sorry. Izzy says come home'

"I…I have to go," he breathed out. "My family…"

"I get it, Alexander," he tried to fix Alec's hair, ruffled by the warlock's hands. "So, I'll see you Friday?"

"Yes," he walked him to the door. Before Alec left Magnus's place, he stole one quick peck from his lips. "See you Friday!"

At night, in his bedroom, Alec couldn't stop picturing in his mind his first kiss. He could still taste cherries from Magnus's lip-gloss whenever he licked his lips. His body was on fire as he thought about him.

Just then he realized why.

He desired Magnus Bane.

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