Days of War and the Nights of Love

Awkward date and strange feelings

The sun was still visible in the sky, even though it was already 5 p.m. A light wind was coming through an opened window straight to Alec's bedroom ruffling his still damp - from a shower - hair. Tonight he was going on the very first date in his life with no one else other than Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn. For the young man it was yet unreal that Magnus had agreed to go out with him. Sure, they have met a few times already, they even kissed. But when Alec asked him out, or more like blurted it out, it became somehow more official. At least that's how Alec felt and he hoped that Magnus felt the same. The Shadowhunter lately discovered that he liked and cared about the certain warlock in a way he didn't care for anyone in his life. He cares for Izzy, Max, his parents, Jace, and yet with Magnus he feels something else. Even something different than what he feels for Jace. And it confused him. His own heart confused him, when he was thinking about Bane. It beat faster, lighter, freer. Alec felt more free around Magnus, as well. For him, he wasn't a Shadowhunter that needed to be strong and brave all the time. No, for Magnus he was simply Alec, a boy who likes other boys. He has been just Alec and that's why he liked the warlock so much.

Alec was now standing in front of the mirror in his bathroom. He drew the last line and swirl of a masking rune on the side of his neck. When he drew the stele away, the black mark glowed, and burned on his pale skin. It was only a moment until it started working and Alec became a mundane boy to the Downworlders and humans. He was grateful for this rune, when he discovered it in the Gray Book all those years ago by accident.

He was in the library with his father and as every nine year old boy, Alec was curious. The Gray Book was left open on the page he finished last night. His father and Hodge were trying to teach him some runes. For now, the little Alec could draw an iratze, a strength and balance rune. As his father and Hodge were consumed in their conversation, he started to flick the pages of the book out of boredom until something caught his attention. The mark was different from the others that Alec had seen on his father, mother or even Hodge's body. It had more swirls. And for Alec it looked really pretty. The rune wasn't labeled as anything, or even named. But it looked pretty, and that mattered for the boy. He grabbed his stele, given to him by his father on his ninth birthday two weeks ago. Not being sure what the rune may do to him, he decided to place it on his leg. He memorized the lines and placed the tip of the stele above his ankle. Drops of sweat formed on his forehead as he drew the last line. When he drew the stele away, the black mark glowed and burned on Alec's skin, making the little boy squeal in pain. That brought the attention of two men to him.

"Alexander!" his father had screamed with fear in his voice, before he dropped down on his knees next to Alec. The boy had tears in his blue eyes and was covering the mark with his small hand "What happened? What did you do?"

"I just wanted to see…this pretty rune…what is does, dad," Robert moved his gaze to the opened book, and looked confused. The mark didn't have a name, and no notes were on the page. Just then Robert's face was covered in pure fear. He didn't know what his boy had done to himself.

"Hodge?!" the other man looked at the mark a few times, before it faded, along with other runes Alec had on himself. Just then he decided to call for the Silent Brothers.

Brother Enoch had examined Alec for a while, before he decided that the boy will live, but he advised watching the boy during the night.

At night, while Alec was sleeping safe and sound, Maryse and Robert were watching him closely. Something glowed on the bed, only a little, before Maryse turned the lights on. She took the covers off of Alec and with Robert she discovered that the runes on their son's body were slowly coming back.

The 'masking' rune, as Alec named it, was tested on older Shadowhunters, until they were sure of its effect. With that they had one more advantage over Downworlders. They could be 'invisible' to them, and find out everything about what was going on in their world.

"Well, well. Look at you. All handsome," Isabelle waltzed inside Alec's bedroom, when he was putting his black leather jacket on. "You even smell nice. Where are you going?"

"Out," lately it's been the mostly used answer of the eldest Lightwood child. He placed a dagger underneath his jacket, put the stele in his jeans pocket and moved to the door.

"Out?" Isabelle asked. "You've been going out, lately very often. What's going on, Alec?"

"Nothing," he shrugged his arms lightly. "I'm just patrolling our areas. That's my job after all."

"Is this about Clary?" Alec frowned at her. "It's about her and Jace, right? Look, Alec you…"

"It's not about her, and it's definitely not about Jace," he stated firmly. "I'm just patrolling."

"Are you sure?" she quirked an eyebrow at him, "Because, the way I see it, you're shutting yourself out. You're barely home, and you're avoiding me and Jace…when he's actually home…Alec tell me, what's going on? We used to tell each other everything…"

"I'm fine Isabelle, I promise I'm fine," he stroked her long, black hair like he used to, when they were kids. "I have to go now."

"Then I'll come with you," a blank horror crept onto Alec's face. He couldn't take Izzy, nor could he tell her where he was going. He needed to come up with something really fast.

"No!" she tried to look through him "You have to stay at the Institute. Someone has to watch over Jace and his friend…so they won't burn this place down. Mom would be pissed."

"Hodge is here."

"He is sitting with his nose in his books," Alec cut her off. "He doesn't know what's going on at the Institute. And I need someone reasonable to look after everything. And I trust you with this, Isabelle."

"Fine," she muttered. "But don't think that it's over. I'm going to find out what's wrong with you. And then you'll be sorry for not telling me, Alexander Gideon Lightwood!"

"Sure thing, Isabelle Sophia Lightwood," with that he went out of his bedroom and then out of the Institute into the dark night.

"You look really nice," Magnus said to him, when he opened the door of his apartment. He was eyeing the younger man in the tight black shirt and black leather jacket. He could see Alec's muscles, and Lilith, he had some. That made Magnus want to touch Alec's skin underneath his clothes.

"Th…Thank you," he said with a slight blush on his cheeks. "You look nice too."

"Thank you, Darling," Magnus, indeed, put a lot effort into his attire tonight. He decided that he needed to look his best, so Alec would like him more. He was wearing lime green skinny jeans that fit his legs so great, a white shirt and a green jacket. All that with matching make-up and spiked hair. He looked really great. "So, shall we?"

The restaurant wasn't the greatest in New York, but Magnus liked to come here. It had really good food, and not only things like they have in the fast foods that New Yorkers like to eat nowadays. It had both, human and for supernatural creature’s food, such as blood and raw meat. The restaurant belonged to an old friend of Magnus, Luigi, a vampire, he met a hundred years ago in Europe.

"Good evening, sirs" a blonde human man approached them, with a smile on his lips. He was wearing a black suit like a waiter in a high class restaurant. "My name is David and I'll be your waiter tonight. Do you have a reservation?"

"Magnus Bane."

"Master Bane!" a loud, cheerful voice with an Italian accent came through the room, his black long hair in a ponytail flowing right after him. The man wasn't really tall, smaller than Alec and Magnus. His pale skin shined in the yellow lights of the restaurant "It's nice to see you again. Please come in. Your usual table is free. David, lead Master Bane and his date to table five."

"Of course, sir. Follow me," Magnus smiled at Luigi, before he and Alec went after the waiter. David handed them the menus and left them alone to decide.

"They seem to know you here," Alec said, sipping water from the glass that David brought him.

"I think everyone knows me, darling," he winked at him. "But yes, Luigi and I, we've known each other for a while."

"What can I get you, sirs? Human food, meat or blood?" by that Alec was confused, Magnus could easily tell. He was blinking repeatedly at the waiter.

"He's human," Magnus popped in. "Maybe some pasta? What's the chef's dish tonight?"

"Ravioli with ricotta," Magnus looked at Alec, but the boy seemed to not know the first thing about the dish. So the warlock decided to order for both of them.

"We will take it," Dave left them alone. For a while there was an awkward silence between them. Magnus hadn't been on a first date, with someone who's never dated before, in a long time.

Alec's stomach was twisting from nerves. He didn't know how to act, what to say. He didn't know the first thing about dating. Sure, Isabelle and Jace sometimes talked to him about their dates, how they were trying to woo their partner and stuff. But Alec was all shy and he couldn't find the courage to actually woo Magnus. Not only because he didn't know how to do it. The warlock seemed to be a bit uncomfortable, too, though his eyes were focused on Alec, making him all red on the face.

Just then, when Alec thought that it couldn't be more uncomfortable, he was surprised. The owner of the restaurant came out with an accordion in his hands. Alec didn't know the song Luigi was playing, but it must have been really something, because even Magnus was shocked by it. And Alec couldn't decide if this shock was a good thing. He realized what the song was about, when Luigi sang the one word from Spanish that Alec actually knew.

'Amor, Amor, Amor…'

"Oh god…" a whisper came out of Magnus's mouth, before he covered it, preventing a loud laughter, even though his eyes were shining from it. Luigi was singing, making Alec and Magnus uncomfortable. The younger man was purely red on his face and he tried to cover it from his date.

This situation was totally embarrassing for the young hunter.

"Luigi…stop…" Magnus looked with a plea at his friend. When his friend did, Luigi smirked and winked at Magnus. At that moment the warlock understood that it was payback for almost destroying his restaurant a year ago, when he brought a faerie here.

"Enjoy the meal," Luigi once again smirked at the pair and left them alone.

"Are you ok?" Magnus asked, while Alec was still covering his face in embarrassment. "Alec…I'm so sorry for him…he's…"

"It's…it's fine…" he smiled awkwardly, and drank the rest of his water. "It was quite…um…"

"Embarrassing?" the hunter nodded shyly. "Yeah…Luigi is a very old vampire…but before he was changed, he was a street-singer in Italy. And he…this…you may consider it as his payback to me," at that Alec looked puzzled. "A situation from the past, my ex…well…he wasn't exactly my boyfriend…anyway…he was a faerie, and he decided to have some fun, and he spiked food with fairy powder…yeah…people here went crazy then…"

Alec couldn't suppress the laughter that built inside of him.

"Jace had eaten fairy food, too, once," he smiled in a very adorable way, making Magnus smile too. "And then he was running stark naked through the Fifth Ave. It was so hard to catch him."

"No way!" Alec nodded eagerly, smiling all the time. And Magnus had to admit, that Alexander looks beautiful when he smiles. "That must have been a good view, huh?"


The rest of the date went really great. After they had eaten their dinner, Magnus took Alec out on a walk. The night was still young, warm. Many people were walking around as well. Alec seemed to be more relaxed now, as he was talking to Magnus about everything and nothing.

"And then she couldn't even hold a dagger properly," Alec exclaimed. "I mean, who can't do it?"

"You said she was new to this," the Shadowhunter nodded while rolling his eyes.

"She is, but she's useless," he sighed out. Just then, Magnus decided to do something. He grabbed Alec's hand in his and interlocked their fingers. Strangely, their hands fitted perfectly. And the feeling of Alec's hand in his was nice, really nice. The Shadowhunter blushed at this, when his eyes landed on their intertwined hands.

"Don't bother about her," Magnus smiled down at Alec, brushing the hunter's cheek lightly. "Is there something else on your mind? You can tell me anything. It's not only about the girl, is it? Something else is bothering you."

Magnus figured out a long time ago that something was in Alec's mind, besides him and this pretty nice date. The younger one was thinking hard about something, it was so obvious on his beautiful face. Especially, when he frowned and went silent as Magnus blabbed about something mundane.

"New Shadowhunters are coming to the Institute on Monday," that caught the attention of the warlock.

"New Shadowhunters?" Magnus tried to sound as less interesting as he could. "Why?"

"I don't know, dad wanted them here. He said that this guy will train with us…you know Jace is really good at training, so…yeah…" Magnus only hummed at this. "I think…I should go now…it's almost midnight…"

"Of course…"

Alec cut Magnus off by crushing his lips onto the warlock's with so much force, that Magnus thanked Lilith that they were standing near some tree. His back hit the tree, as Alec pressed his body to Magnus's. Tongues were tangled in no time. The young man slid his shaking hand, unsurely, under Magnus's shirt, lightly touching the skin. Magnus would lie if he said the feeling wasn't pleasant. It was, so much. One of Bane's hands moved under Alec's black shirt too, and touched those amazing abs that he saw through the shirt. Yes, Alec had a nice six-pack that Magnus couldn't take his hand off. Unfortunately, they needed to break the kiss out of lack of air. Both of them were equally flushed, even aroused. Alec's eyes were darkened, and Magnus could see it even in the poor light of a park lamp. But the warlock was sure that his own pupils were dilated as well. The warlock didn't expect to be left out of breath by a Shadowhunter, a young boy. And yet, here he was, panting like crazy with wobbly legs.

"So, I'll see you?" Alec asked after a while, when he collected his chaotic thoughts. Words were leaving his mouth in a fast way, and there was fear painted in his eyes as he looked at the warlock.

"Yes," Magnus smiled at him, fixing his shirt. Alec did the same. "With pleasure."

"Good…so…um…" Alec took a step back "Monday night?"

"I can't wait," Before he realized how eager and a bit desperate he sounded, Alec smiled shyly at him, and walked away, whistling some melody underneath his nose.

Magnus was walking back to his loft with this stupid grin on his face. He never expected that he'd feel this way around a Shadowhunter. This shy, adorable, beautiful, inexperienced boy was making Magnus feel so many emotions. Something that he hadn't felt in years. Something that was buried deep down in his heart, that was broken so many times before.

There was a light switched on at the staircase to his loft and Magnus was sure that his neighbors weren't in the building this week. He only had two neighbors, an old lady and some couple that fought on a daily basis. The switched on light made him all suspicious. He was prepared to cast a spell to the person that he had seen his shadow on the wall.

"Master Bane," a familiar voice came to his ears, making him relax.

"Josh…don't do it," he came to his level, and approached Josh and some other black haired vampire. "What are you doing here?"

"Master Bane," he spoke again. "We've come to collect you."

"Master? Haven't I told you, that you can call me Magnus," he opened the door of his loft with a simple spell. "And what do you mean collect me?"

"Prime Magister Santiago, wishes to see you," the blonde haired vampire had a cold tone, his eyes were filled with coldness as well. "We shall go now, Master Bane."

"He wishes, or demands to see me?" he was clearly drawling, suspecting why Raphael wanted to see him. But he hoped he was wrong, and he hadn't found out about Alec yet.

"Master Bane, we have to go now," With that he was taken straight to the Hotel Dumort.

Before he entered 'The throne room' he swallowed hard. Raphael was sitting on his throne, with a death glare pointed at the warlock, fangs out.

Magnus realized then, that he was screwed.

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