Days of War and the Nights of Love

No longer a dirty little secret

The Throne room in Hotel Dumort was incredibly cold at two a.m. on Saturday. Almost ice-cold. The Magister of area Four started to shiver because of it. The room was consumed in a silence, dead silence. If you tried to listen carefully, you could hear the hammering heart of the Magister, as well as his rigid breath. Raphael was glaring at him in a murderous way. And if looks could kill, Magnus would have been dead the minute he was brought into the hotel this night.

"So…what am I doing here?" he decided to break this dreadful silence. The Prime Magister still remained silent, only growls were escaping his mouth. "Oh, I get it. You're bored with growling at your inferiors, and wanted to growl at someone funnier and more handsome. I get it, no one can resist the charm of Magnus Ban…"

"Shut up!" A loud, guttural shout went through the room, echoing twice. "Do you think I am a fool?!"

"Huh?" before he could say something more, Raphael moved towards him with vampire-speed. In the next ultra-second, a cold hand tightened around his neck, squeezing too tight. Magnus couldn't even react, and he was brought to the floor with a loud thud. Then he felt fangs on the vein in his neck.

His blood immediately froze in his veins. His heart was racing, and Magnus thought that it would be ripped out any second now. This wasn't the first similar situation he was getting into, many vampires before had threatened him like this. But this time, it seemed to be more serious. Bane suspected that before he could even think of some spell to cast, Raphael would rip his heart out and eat it.

The vampire moved his fangs away from the warlock's neck, but he never retracted them. When Magnus tried to move himself up, Raphael once again hit his head on the floor. This will definitely give Magnus a painful lump on the back of his head.

"Are you out of your mind?!" he snapped at the younger man. "What in the Lilith's name?!"

"Do you think I am a fool?!" Santiago repeated himself in an intimidating tone. He moved his face over Magnus's. Those black eyes stared through him, creeping him out. "How long did you plan to play me for?!"

"I don't know what you…"

"Do not make me angry!" Raphael got up from Magnus, but never let go of his neck, as he pulled him up as well. "You thought that I won't find out?! That you can disobey me like that?!"

"Ok…let…me…go…and…I…tell…" he barely breathed out. Magnus had truly forgotten how strong Raphael was. His neck will be covered with bruises after this night. The Prime Magister, indeed loosened his grip on the warlock's neck, but never let go.

"You better have a good excuse for disobeying me and the Council, or I am going to charge you with betrayal!"

"You wouldn't," he spoke, with an awkward amusement. He always did that in stressing situations. "Ragnor would hate you."

This only caused a loud growl in Raphael.

"Did you think that I wouldn't find out, that you're not complying with your task?!" with that Magnus knew that it's over, that he's going to be punished. His mind started forming a way to get himself out of the trouble. "You're so stupid! Do you know at how much risk you're putting you and me?!"


"Did you think that I wouldn't find out that you're not seducing Isabelle Lightwood?!" Raphael, wasn't letting Magnus say a word. "You were bound with a simple task, and yet, you can't fulfill it! And now we're both going to be punished for your foolishness! Do you think you can disobey the Council?!"

"I didn't disobey you nor them!" he stated firmly, pushing Raphael off of him. "I'm doing my task."

"No one has seen you with this Lightwood girl, but instead you've been seen with a mundane boy, who seems to look like the eldest of the Lightwood's children, the Archer," Santiago retorted.

"Now you're spying on me?" he raised his eyebrow at the vampire, making him more and more angry.

"You thought that I wasn't going to? I know you Bane. You can't be trusted!"

"I wasn't the one who suggested me for this task…" Magnus tried to calm himself down.

"But you agreed to fulfill it!" Prime Magister growled at him. "And you better give me something, or I'm calling the Council, tonight!"

"I have information for you," Raphael wasn't convinced, but he let the warlock speak. "There's a new Shadowhunter in the Institute. She's untrained, but this Trace…or something…"

"Jace Wayland."

"Whatever his name is, he's training her. And on Monday, there'll be two more Shadowhunters in the Institute," he continued. "From Paris, yeah, from Paris."

"Are you sure of it?"

"Look, just because I chose another Shadowhunter," he took a deep breath. "That doesn't mean that I can't do what I have to. Alec is telling me things. Don't worry," he patted his shoulder, granting a death glare from the smaller man. "I've got it all under control."

"You better have it under control, Magnus," he stepped back, and took his hand away from the warlock's neck. "Because if not, I'm going to call the Council."

"Don't get your panties in a twist, my friend," Magnus smiled in his confident way, at the vampire. "I can handle it."

"The Magister of the Fair Folk will be coming tomorrow night for a first report," Magnus went silent for a while, thinking about what they should tell Meliorn and the Queen.

"You're going to tell them about the new Shadowhunters."

"And about the Archer?"

"As long as I'm giving you information, you won't mention him," he smirked. "And I'm free to do what I want with the boy. Deal?"

"Agreed," Raphael shook Magnus's hand, before they parted their ways. "Just be aware, that my people aren't the only ones watching you, Magnus. There are others as well."

"I'll keep that in my mind," he smiled awkwardly at him. "So, can I go now? I could use some sleep."

"Josh, walk Magister Bane back to Brooklyn," the blonde vampire bowed his head in agreement and came closer to the warlock. "Enjoy your fun with the boy Magnus, as long as you can."

The enjoying fun and keeping Alec a secret didn't last for long. Raphael knew already, and it was a matter of time someone told the Queen or Alexei. Magnus knew that from now on he must be careful with where and when he's meeting with Alexander. He was afraid not only for himself, but also for the boy. Who knows, what they can do to him if they find out about them. It was a matter of time till Shadowhunters sniffed it out, too.

And the day had finally come.

Alec came to Magnus's place on Monday evening all soaked from the rain.

"Do Shadowhunters are too cool to carry an umbrella?" he asked him, when he let him inside. "You're all drenched."

"It's pouring outside," he said as if it wasn't obvious. "And I was in a rush."

"Why? Missed me so much?" and there was the adorable blush that Magnus loved so much. "Ah, come on, I'll give you some dry clothes."

"Thanks," they both moved to Magnus's bedroom. For Alec it was both scary and exciting, since he had never been in Magnus's bedroom before, or some other boy's other than Jace's or Max's. His heart was racing as he looked at the unmade bed of the warlock. A sinful vision came to his mind; he wanted to find himself in this bed with Magnus.

"Are you ok?" Bane's voice was full of concern, as well as his cat-like-eyes. "You're literally red on the face. Maybe you're coming down with something?" Magnus placed his hand over his forehead. "You are a bit warm, Alexander. Maybe you should lie down."

"I'll be fine," he swallowed hard.

"Ok, here are some clothes. You should fit in them," Magnus was watching him, almost like a hawk, when Alec took his shirt off. This boy had an amazing set of muscles and the warlock fought himself strongly to not throw himself at the boy.

"Um…" Alec looked all uncomfortable, as he kept his hand on the button of his pants. "Could you…um…"

"Fine!" Magnus threw his hands in the air. "There's the bathro…" he didn't finish, as the loud banging on the door interrupted him. "You stay here, and I'll see who it is."

He didn't know what to expect after he opened the door. Maybe some werewolf, warlock, hell, even a mundane asking for his services. But not this. Outside stood a young teenage girl, black hair, brown eyes, wearing a white dress. She looked somehow familiar, but before Magnus could even think of where he knows her from, he was pushed to the floor, with a whip around his hands and a dagger on his neck.

Almost like a déjà vu.

"What in the Lilith's…" then he saw a fragment of a rune on her chest.

"What did you do to my brother, Downworlder?!" she pressed the blade to Magnus's skin even harder, cutting it. "Answer me, before I kill you!"

"Isabelle!" a loud male voice answered before Magnus could even let a breath out. Alec ran to the hall, and pulled the girl off of Magnus. "Let him go, Izzy!"

"He's a…" the male Shadowhunter helped Magnus get up from the floor and took the whip off of his hands.

"Let him go!" Alec stood between the girl and Magnus almost like he was protecting him. His muscles stiffened, and he shielded at least half of Bane.

"What in the Angel's name, Alec?!" her voice was full of confusion, as she looked at the two men before her.

"You tell me. What are you doing here?! How did you find me?!" Magnus couldn't see his face, but he was sure, Alec was using his big-brother-glare on his sister. The girl looked similar to Alexander and to his mother. That's why he thought she looked so familiar to him. She looked exactly like the woman he saved sixteen years ago, the woman who had been pregnant at the time. But this Isabelle has brown eyes, and the other woman had purely blue, almost like Alec's.

Oh,...he had saved Maryse Lightwood, then.

Lightwoods have always caused problems for me. He thought to himself.

"Simple, I followed you. What are you doing with this," she pointed at Magnus. "Downworlder."

"Hey, Missy, have some respect. I'm way older than you. Didn't your mother teach you how to treat older people?" she glared him.

"Magnus, please," Alec turned to him, with a plea in his blue eyes. "I've got this, ok?"

"Ok. I'll wait for you in the bedroom," he stroked his hair, before he moved to his room, leaving the two Shadowhunters on their own. Chairman followed him, after he hissed at Isabelle.

"You're sleeping with him?!" Isabelle exclaimed in disbelief, looking at Alexander. "By the Angel…"

"I'm not!" he defended himself. "Look…I like Magnus, and he likes me."

"Alec…he's a Downworlder."

"So what?" Alec barked at her. "I like him, and he likes me. I think that's what matters. We're dating."

"Angel…I know that you're hurt by Jace, but that doesn't mean that you have to be that desperate to go…"

"Now, you're insulting me, Isabelle," he interrupted her. "Look, we like each other, is that so wrong?"

"He's using you," she lowered her voice, trying to calm herself down a bit.

"Why? No one can like me for me?"

"Now, excuse me," Magnus stepped back to the hallway. "You, Missy, don't know the first thing about me, so don't go assuming that I use your brother just because I'm a Downworlder. I like your brother, and he likes me. And I think you shouldn't stick your nose in this."

Magnus grabbed Alec hand in his, interlocking their fingers.

"I think you should go now, Isabelle, right?"

"If you ever hurt my brother," she said after a while, looking at him straight into the eyes. "I swear on Raziel that I will kill you in a very painful way."

"I'll keep that in mind," he bowed his head. "And I'm not planning on hurting your brother. I like him very much."

"You better like him very much," Isabelle put her whip around her hips like a belt, and hid the dagger in her long black boots. "Nice shirt, warlock."

"His name is Magnus, Isabelle."

"Magnus Bane."

"Isabelle Lightwood," she introduced herself, unsurely shaking his hand. "Don't hurt my brother. I mean it."

"I won't."

"I better go back to the Institute," Alec nodded at her. "Now, that I know where you're sneaking out to…just be careful, Alec, okay?"

"I will," he let go of Magnus's hand, and hugged her tightly, before he whispered to her ear "Just don't tell anyone, ok? Please, Izzy, don't tell anyone. Swear on the Angel."

"I swear on the Angel that I won't tell anyone," she kissed his cheek. "I'll see you later?"

"Yeah, I'll be home in a few hours. Keep an eye on Jace, and be careful."

"I love you, brother."

"I love you, too, Izzy," after that she walked out of Magnus's loft, leaving him and Alec all alone. The young hunter turned around to his boyfriend, with a remorse in his eyes. "I'm so sorry for her…I don't…"

"It's ok," Magnus drew Alec in his arms, hugging him as tightly as he could, before he felt a jolt of pain in his body. "She was worried about you, it's quite understandable."

"But still, she shouldn't have attacked you," Alec pulled himself away from Magnus, and moved his hand to his neck to examine it."There's going to be a small scar left from this cut."

"Don't worry, darling. There's nothing that a little bit of magic, can't repair," he whispered a spell, and blue sparks shoot from his fingers, right to the small cut. "See? I'm just as good as new."

"That's good," Alec stood up on his toes, and captured Magnus's lips in a soft kiss. The warlock couldn't stop this smile forming on his lips.

"How 'bout we eat in and watch some movie?" Alec nodded and went after Magnus straight to the living room. "I have a movie about fighting that you may actually like."

The time passed and Alec was too much into the movie to even realize that Magnus was watching him the whole time with a worried expression on his face. Bane knew that from now on he must be really careful with the boy. Especially, when there are a few people who knew about them. He didn't want anything to happen to Alexander, ever.

Because he cared about him so much.

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