Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter 9

The sound of water was soothing. She could feel the heat cascading over and around her body. Anastassia stretched lazily. Then pain that coursed through every inch of her sleek form made her realize where she was. Her dark eyes flew open in surprise. She tried to move and tried to scramble out of the water but a hand held her down.

“Anastassia, you would be wise not to fight or struggle. It is for your own good.” Rohan’s voice was soft but the threat was apparent.

She nodded. Sinking back into the water, Anastassia let him continue to bathe her. Rohan Hammerli’s coaxed a soapy sponge across her flesh from head to toe. Washing away the dried blood and bathing the wounds. Upon draining the water, he refilled the tub. Allowing Anastassia to soak away some of the pain, the task of washing her long curls was started.

Kissing her throat, he whispered. “See baby? See how much I love you?”

Anastassia did not trust her voice. Biting down on the soft swell of a badly bruised lip, she did all that she could do. That was just giving the man a simple nod. Her hair was rinsed and then conditioned. Rinsing the conditioner out, her hair was combed gently. It was a painstaking task to get out the tangles, but he managed.

“Stand Anastassia.”

Delicate fingers gripped the edge of the tub and she rose. A shooting pain went up her arm when she did so. Looking down, there was an IV was already in place at the crook of her arm. When she tried to rise it was extremely painful, even just that little bit of movement. Anastassia balanced herself with the shower rod. The knee that had been dislocated earlier throbbed and she was afraid to put much weight on it. Rohan rocked back and inspected every inch of her. The cool air of the bathroom licked at her skin, only to make her shiver.

“You are so beautiful. I cannot believe you are finally mine.”

He stroked a single fingertip up from her ankle to her knee. He was like a sculptor admiring his work. She realized that her legs had been shaved. A little cringe given when she noticed that she was shaved elsewhere too.

“Step out of the tub.”

She obeyed the command. Having to put the weight on her left leg nearly brought Anastassia to her knees. He moved to steady her.

“Put your hand on my shoulder to balance yourself.”

A large fluffy forest green towel was in his hands. Working from her feet upwards he dried her skin gently. She thought seriously about kicking him as hard as she could. The fear of being too weak and with the knee problem, Anastassia knew it would just get her killed.

Death would be better than this.

A strangled sound escaped her lips as the towel ran across her knee. The simple touch brought a smattering of tears to her eyes. Rohan Hammerli looked upwards with the sound.

“I am sorry that I hurt you Anastassia. I will take care of your knee when we are done here.” He was sincere.

“Thank you.” The quiet whisper came.

He proceeded to work upwards until he reached her hair. Discarding that towel for another, her hair was wrapped up turban style. A bottle of lotion, the same type she used at home was picked up. He started from her neck and worked his way down this time. Spreading the lotion and smoothing it across her badly bruised body, he took his time with her.

“There you go my beautiful girl.” He stood abruptly. Picking her up, Hammerli put Anastassia over his shoulder. With a hand on her thigh, he kept it somewhat elevated in order to protect the damaged knee; he carried her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom once more. Hammerli handled his captive with gentleness, this time. Like the physician that he was, the knee was examined carefully.

Rohan looked horrified. “Baby, I am so sorry. I think it is dislocated. I am so sorry I did this to you. Please forgive me?”

Anastassia nodded at him. What choice did she have after all?

“I will return shortly.”

He walked out of the room and locked the door behind him. It gave Anastassia a chance to look around. Lecter was in the corner, still tied to the chair. Her brow creased. Just the sight of him like that caused tears to spill. She did note one thing. There was an IV pole set up, along with what could be considered a small exam room. He was being fed and given fluids intravenously. Thank goodness for small favors. Why was he still out cold? Was Hammerli giving him something? Or was Hannibal’s injury just that bad? Anastassia started to rise from the bed so that she could check on him when she heard the key hitting the lock. She sat back down immediately. Having no desire to raise the wrath of this man again, she kept perfectly still.

Hammerli walked in carrying a moderate sized leather bag. Setting it down on the carpet, he knelt at Anastassia’s feet once more. Items were removed and tape was cut. He set up an effective splint for the damaged knee. He moved quickly, but with care. Soon the knee was wrapped and immobilized.

“My love how is your pain?”

She fell into hospital jargon without thinking about it. “It is about an 8.”

“I am so sorry, this is my fault.”

She couldn’t agree more. When she saw the next item drawn out of the bag, she questioned what it was. “Rohan, what is that?”

“It is just something to take the pain away for a little while.”

A shake of the head, she tried to pull back some. “Please don’t.”

“Do not argue with me Anastassia.” The cruelness was back in his voice.

Cleaning the line, he injected something into the IV. Anastassia immediately felt a rush of fuzzy heat. It was hard enough for anyone to get her to take an aspirin, let alone anything else. Trying to stay steady, she pleaded out the next question.

“What did you give me?”


Sinking back onto the bed, the room began to swim. “No. oh god no.” The warm haze of the drug enveloped her. Once more Anastassia was unconscious.

Anastassia finally woke many hours later. She felt stiff and sore. The pain killer was taking away the worst of the pain. She could feel the rawness between her thighs. She knew immediately that he had raped her yet again. Somehow she had curled onto her side. She was chained lightly with a manacle like band around her ankle attached to a chain. There was another around her wrist. It was then Anastassia realized her captor was curled into her back and had an arm thrown across her hip.

Facing the chair that Hannibal Lecter was tied to, she watched him intently. His leg twitched and moved. Wincing, Anastassia was worried about him sitting like that for so long. Dark eyes traveled down the length of the leg that moved. It was then that she noticed something. The knife that had skittered across the floor had apparently never been retrieved. The dull black casing was hidden in the shadows by Lecter’s feet.

Hammerli began kissing the side of Anastassia’s neck. She winced. Taking his hand and giving it a squeeze, she spoke quietly.

“Rohan, I am hungry.”

He continued to kiss and his hand started roaming upwards over her hip. She closed her eyes and tried to stay still. It was difficult to do while her captor’s hands roamed across naked flesh lovingly.

“Good girl. You are learning.”

When he rose, she could see that he was aroused. A shudder ran through Anastassia, knowing that there was more to come. Yet nothing happened, save for a kiss brushed against her lips.

“Get dressed. You will find a dress in the top drawer.” He unlocked the manacle that was wrapped around her wrist. It didn’t give her much freedom but it was enough for her to move around in the spacious room. He looked at her for a moment and then Hammerli turned and walked out of the room

Anastassia went to the drawer first. The dress was a simple t-shirt style. Tugging on the rose colored garment, she was actually grateful for being able to cover herself up finally. Inching the chain across the floor, she came to rest at Lecter’s feet the best she could. Her knee was throbbing with pain once more. The knife was taken and hidden in her hand. It was something fairly small, but then again she figured short of a chainsaw – everything would seem small. Rising up, she whispered in Lecter’s ear.

“I know you can hear me. Thank you.” A swift kiss to his temple, she moved back to the bed.

Using the knife, a small slit was made in the fabric of the mattress. The knife fit easily along the thick seam. Unless you were looking, it was hard to tell that anything was amiss. Anastassia had only been sitting back on the bed for a few minutes when Hammerli entered with their lunch. The tray was taken over to a small table. Setting everything up, her captor pulled the chair out for Anastassia.

“Come. Sit.”

Anastassia rose obediently and took the proffered seat at the table. She sat at the table stock still. Her hands were in her lap and her eyes closed. She waited. She wanted to start eating but, if she did something was bound to happen. That something would not be pleasant.

“Good girl. You may eat now.”

A wave of nausea washed over her with the words. She was being trained. She knew it. He knew it. There wasn’t anything that could be done about it now. If she obeyed she might be able to keep herself from getting hurt worse or even killed. Maybe.

The meal was a simple fare of chicken salad. She blanched. If she ate it she would be quite ill. “Rohan, I am allergic to animal protein.”

His eyes narrowed down as he paused with a fork up midway. She could feel the anger filling the room and drew back. “I’m sorry Rohan.”

He dropped the fork on to his plate. Turning, the plates were collected. He was angry. He was very angry. Sharon had told him about Anastassia and her special meal with Lecter. He had forgotten. It was his fault. He walked away from the table and exited the room quickly.

She sighed softly. A river of fear ran like ice water through her veins. Not having any idea when Hammerli would be returning, she rose and went to check on Lecter. His pulse was strong and so were his reactions. He merely appeared to be asleep. What she didn’t notice was that the rope that bound Lecter had been nearly cut. It was just shredded at the moment, so it would appear intact. Leaning in and whispering softly in his ear.

“I know you are awake. I know you are plotting something. Just be careful Hannibal. Please.” She kissed the shell of his ear lightly and started to move around the room as best she could. The limp was pronounced, without proper medical attention Anastassia mused over the fact that she might lose movement in the leg.

She never heard the door open; she was so lost in her own thoughts. Caught completely off guard, when the lamp hit her across the shoulder blades, Anastassia went down quickly. The contact of the floor to her knee caused a scream. Rohan Finn Hammerli was on her quickly. Right at Lecter’s feet he took her. He raped her from behind. Blood and tears were his lubricants. Hammerli didn’t care how much damage was being done. Her already battered flesh was bruised further. His hands mauled and teeth sunk into her body. Blood seeped out once more. The edges of Anastassia’s vision went hazy. Slipping in and out of consciousness, she was certain that he would kill her. If not now, it would be soon.

Thankfully she was flexible. The years of running and other various sports kept Anastassia limber. She used her hips to buck upwards, which only increased the man’s passions. The undamaged leg was swung back, bending at the knee. Using the heel of her foot she kicked him in the head. It wasn’t much. It was just enough to stun him with the surprise of the attack. When Hammerli pulled back, Anastassia rolled over. Putting her upper body into motion she launched both hands at the solar plexus. It effectively winded him.

Rising, she pivoted on her toes. The pain was excruciating, it was all she could do to remain standing. He grabbed the damaged leg and pulled back. Anastassia landed on the ground with a loud thump. She howled in pain. The sound of her cries was deafening. He struck her repeatedly in various areas. His hands were cruel and harsh. Taking her by the hair, Hammerli smashed Anastassia’s face downward. The splitting of skin and the pouring of blood from the fresh wound blinded her.

She felt no pain now. The fight or flight kicked in completely and adrenaline was her new friend. She was trying to survive. Hands flew up to strike the man in the face. Fingers gripping along the side of his head she spurred her captor’s eyes with her thumbs. It wasn’t until she felt the strange pop against her skin and heard his screams did she pull away her hands. She didn’t see what happened next. It was all too fast and with the blood in her eyes, the world had dimmed around her.

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