Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter 10

The next thing that Anastassia knew was Rohan Hammerli had fallen on top of her. His weight was smothering. Peering up through her blood clouded eyes, she saw him. Hannibal was standing. He had struck Hammerli against the back of the neck, immobilizing the other man for a few moments. The cold smile Hannibal gave would have frightened anyone, except Anastassia.

She was like a wild animal in that instant. Something had broken within her. The man that was her captor, rapist, and abuser was down and she took advantage of that. Blow after blow with her hands and fists landed against his face. Blood splattered onto her bare skin. The soft alabaster flesh was covered in a fine mist of red. The blood frenzy did not stop there.

Anastassia went after him with her teeth. Hammerli tried to fight, but to no avail. The beaten and damaged woman on top of him sunk her teeth into his lip. Biting off a piece of the flesh violently, she swallowed it. She dived downwards again and bit his cheek. The flesh was bitten off and she chewed happily on it while looking at the wounded man beneath her. A dangerous smile lit up lovely features and brilliant white teeth were stained red. It wasn’t until Lecter pulled her off of the dying man that she realized what she had done.

A flick of a pink tongue against her own bloodied lips made Anastassia smile. She tasted his fear. She tasted his blood and wanted more. Lecter hauled her upwards into his arms when she tried to go after Hammerli again.

“Enough ma Stassi. There will be plenty to explain to the authorities as it is.”

She turned to the voice. There was a hint of recognition there. Arms wrapped around Lecter’s shoulders and she kissed him soundly. He tasted her and licked the blood from her lips. Her mouth was sweet and tender, accepting and wanting more with the dying man at their feet. Lecter broke the kiss, stunned. Humanity slowly bled back into her dark eyes.

Hammerli croaked out something, with blood bubbling at his lips. She looked down and smiled sweetly.

“So much for love Rohan.” Her voice was cold.

The dying man gasped and was able to speak. “You trade one killer for another my love. Your Lecter is a far more evil lot than I. How does that make you feel?” The laughter spilled from his ruined mouth manically.

Anastassia could feel Lecter tighten against her and she started to laugh. “What do you mean?”

“Your savior there is the Chesapeake Ripper. You foolish woman, he is the reason I tried to prove my love for you the way I did. You accepted him, you should have accepted our love for each other.” The words faded from his lips as he tried to speak again.

Anastassia started to laugh and laugh hard. “You honestly think I did not know that? I have known what and who Hannibal truly is for nearly twenty years now.” She sat down on the bed. Giving Hammerli a kick the best she could. “Rohan, you will always be a shoddy two bit wannabe. Never forget that. Never. Even as you lay there dying, you are pathetic.” The words were spit out. "I could have never loved you. You are weak. You disgust me."

Lecter was stunned at the revelation. She knew. His hands flexed and there was a certain pain in his chest. It was his heart breaking with the thought of having to kill this woman. Looking down as Hammerli took his last dying breath, his eyes moved over the seated Anastassia.

She held her hands out to him and Lecter took them. Her smaller warm hands gripped his and gave a squeeze. Anastassia sighed softly and hung her head slightly in embarrassment. “My sincere apologizes, Hannibal. I should have told you much sooner that I knew. It was quite rude of me. Will you please forgive me?”

“How did you know ma Stassi?”

“You are not the only one with an incredible sense of smell, although I am nowhere near your league in that matter. Besides, I have known you for twenty-four years. You honestly think you could hide something like that from me in that amount of time?”

His knuckles stroked her cheek. His heart was still heavy. “You will tell Jack Crawford when he arrives.” It was not a question.

“I have known this since I was thirteen Hannibal, why on earth would I say something now?”

“You do not fear me.”

“You have never given me reason to fear you.”

He looked into her eyes, in that one moment Hannibal Lecter knew that she spoke the truth. Leaning in he kissed her blood stained mouth again, gently. “How are you feeling after that little snack?”

Anastassia smiled coldly. “I feel fine. It really is just poultry, pork and beef that bother me. Long pig never seemed to make a difference.”

Lecter reached down and pulled the key from Hammerli’s pocket. He took the time to unlock the single manacle that remained. “This was not your first kill.” He took the time to check to make sure that the man did not have a pulse any longer, and found none.

She laughed softly. “No. It is my first. But I also know what you have in your freezer.”

“I believe we need to find a phone ma Stassi. Let the authorities sort this out so we can get back to our lives.”

Lecter helped her up and they moved together slowly up the stairs and into the sunlight into the sunlight. A phone was found and the call made. Since neither Lecter nor Anastassia had any idea where they were, a trace was put out. Within ten minutes the roar of sirens filled the small immaculate house.

Agents burst into the room, heavily armed. Clearing out every inch of the place, it was not long before the body of Rohan Finn Hammerli was found.

The paramedics were looking over Anastassia and Lecter. Her knee was a mess and would most likely need surgery. The rest of the wounds would just take time. Lecter was in fine health, thankfully.

They had been with the emergency response team for about ten minutes when Will Graham and Jack Crawford entered the room. Questions were asked over and over again. It got to the point where Anastassia was ready to scream.

“Enough Jack, You can only ask me the same question so many times, even if you do phrase it a different way.” Anastassia snapped. “How long have we been here?”

“Six days.” Jack responded. “We didn’t think we would find both of you alive.”

She nodded. She had not expected it either, not that she wanted to admit it.

Will had walked away and was down at the main part of the crime scene. Doing what he did best, he tried to recreate the scene.

Lecter and Anastassia were both taken to the hospital to be looked over. It was a given that they would both be staying the night. Perhaps even longer Anastassia, due to the nature of her injuries.

It would take months for life to return to normal. Hannibal Lecter and Anastassia Serdste were both high profile members of society. The news channels flashed with the information about their abduction. Within twenty-four hours of finding the pair Ms. Sharon Tarsa was arrested on the conspiracy to commit murder. If anything, the abduction created a stronger bond between Anastassia and Lecter.

They shared a secret after all.

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