Something Wicked This Way Comes

Epilogue/Part 2

Epilogue – One year later.

They were laughing as they worked. It was mostly idle chit chat about their day. There were glances between the two that bespoke of something much more intimate. The meal was coming together beautifully. To celebrate their freedom for a year, a dinner party was in the works for that evening. It was a small gathering, just close friends. The table was set and the wine was left to breathe.

In the past year he had taught her how to create, not just cook, food. As a surgeon she was skilled with her hands and could create a plate as beautifully as he. The first course was done by her hand alone. It was a fairly simple dish of roasted sweetbreads with applewood smoked bacon, braised Belgian endive and a black truffle sauce.

Luckily Anastassia knew an excellent butcher.

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