Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter 14

The men were still chatting about the killings in Anastassia Serdste ‘s absence when the doorbell rang. Anastassia was still on the phone when she went to answer it. Looking out, it was Jack Crawford with Alana Bloom. Anastassia told the person she was speaking to that she had to go quickly and hung up. Opening the door, she greeted the pair with a warm smile.

“Jack, Alana, this is a surprise. Please come in, Will and Hannibal are just finishing up some lunch.”

“Thank you Dr. Serdste.” Jack replied cordially.

“Oh stop it Jack. You know you are free to call me Anastassia.” She reprimanded the FBI agent with a smile.

“How are you today Alana?”

“Good good. We still have our appointment tomorrow yes?”

“Of course.” I would be horribly chastised if I did not go she thought. “What brings you both here?” She queried.

Jack responded for both himself and for Alana. “There has been another murder. We need Lecter’s and Graham’s expert opinions on this one.”

“Chesapeake Ripper?” Anastassia asked.

“We are not sure, maybe? Usually Will can tell us what we are dealing with.” This time the reply was from Alana Bloom.

Anastassia’s mind moved quickly. Then what did this have to do with Alana? She was not an agent; she was a professor that had a private practice. She nodded at both of them. Something was amiss. “Please take a seat; I will get both of them. May I get either of you a drink?”

Both Jack and Alana declined the offer of a drink. Jack wanted Alana and Hannibal there at the crime scene to observe Will. It had to be Antonio Paravaci or a different copycat, Anastassia realized. She had spent the entire day and night with Hannibal yesterday. He had been in the constant companionship of either herself or her parents.

Walking into the dining room Anastassia rapped her knuckles against the doorframe. “Gentlemen, Jack Crawford and Alana Bloom are here to see you both.”

Lecter’s brow rose when he looked at Anastassia. “Thank you Anastassia, is it about what I believe it to be?”

“Yes. They don’t know if it is the Ripper or a copycat, hence they wish to see you and Will.” She replied. A delicate nod and she exited the room just as quickly as she had entered.

“You have an interesting relationship with her, Dr. Lecter.”

Lecter was amused by Will’s statement. He was fairly certain that he knew what the younger man was referring to. He wanted to hear Will actually say it. “Oh? How so Will?”

For whatever reason, Will did not expect Lecter to ask why or how. He was slightly startled by the question. “She defers to you, it is obvious. It is more than that. Knowing your relationship with each other actually began when Dr. Serdste was still a child and you were a father figure, it has a whisper of an incestuous relationship. She is your sexual submissive and daughter at the same time.”

It was exactly what he was excepting out of Will Graham. “I am afraid your deductions are incorrect Will. Perhaps when Anastassia was quite young I held a paternal feeling for her. In some ways, I am still overprotective of Anastassia. Her and her family did help to soothe the ache I still carry for the loss of my own family. When she became my consort, anything remotely paternal ceased to exist. Ma Stassi was 20 years old. She may defer to me on occasion, but she is very much her own woman. Unfortunately, you do not get a chance to see the entire picture that is our relationship.” It was a partial lie, he did feel somewhat paternal, but not in the incestuous sense. It had more to do with the age difference between them, which was nearly 20 years.

The conversation ended when Lecter and Will stepped into the sitting room. Lecter gave a half smile and greeted both Alana and Jack. Will did the same. There was a momentary silence that fell heavily over the room. While Lecter was perfectly at ease in Anastassia’s home, the others were not. Each one of them remembered the broken woman that had been raped countless times and beaten severely. Lecter on the other hand had seen the happenings. He saw her strength and courage. There was also the fact of the secret she had kept for his safety, which alone made everything different.

“Jack, Alana, what has happened?” Lecter took a seat and looked at everyone. His thoughts turned to Alana. Lecter’s thinking was the same as Anastassia’s. Something was amiss, and more than likely it would be Will Graham. The thought of that made Lecter smile inwardly.

Alana spoke first. “There has been another murder, this one is slightly different. We are not sure if it is the Chesapeake Ripper or his follower, perhaps even a copycat of either of them.”

Lecter gave a nod and appeared to be thinking. Actually, what was happening was that his bloodlust had started to awaken once again. Although, it was just yesterday that he was restocking his freezer. Something else stirred deep within besides the bloodlust. That was pure lust. Alana, Jack and Will spoke amongst themselves and he gave a nod now and again to show he was keeping up with them. His thoughts were consumed elsewhere. Something new came in to play. The hunt and then making love afterwards lit a fire in his gut. No. That was not right. He did not want to make love, he wanted to fuck. The thought of Anastassia in a large pool of blood, splayed out naked for his demands was arousing. The thought was cut off abruptly when he was asked a direct question.

“Are you ready to go Dr. Lecter?”

“I am afraid I cannot. I have an appointment coming up shortly and it is too late for me to cancel.” The reply was cool, if not directly cold.

“Dr. Lecter, this is not a request.” Jack was being subtle in telling Lecter that he was demanding his availability.

“My sincerest apologies Jack, alas I am not on your payroll for this. So, I must decline.” Standing, Lecter escorted the small group to the door. “Please feel free to call on me later when you get the findings back to Quantico. I will be available by then to review everything.” He actually had a bit of a desire to see the crime scene, but other needs were far more pressing.

Watching the triad leave, he closed the door and locked it. His fingers danced across the keypad and set the alarm as well. He was consumed by the thought of Anastassia naked in a pool of still warm blood. Her skin bathed in the salty copper tang that would fill the air as well. Her luxurious curls soaked with the sticky blood while her body arched closer to him as he penetrated her.

Lecter was not a sexual sadist. He did not rape or torture his victims for sexual pleasure or otherwise. As always, Anastassia was the exception. He did not wish to harm his young consort. Quite the contrary, Lecter wanted to bring them both the ultimate of pleasures. Walking through her large home, Lecter found Anastassia in her office. She was working on something at her desk and did not notice his presence.

In another lifetime Lecter may have surprised her, which he considered to no longer be an option. He feared for her mental health in that regard, as well as his physical safety. Lecter stood there silently. The music playing was not something he was familiar with. It was much too modern for his tastes, although it was something he could enjoy elsewhere. The song playing was reminiscent of a torch singer from years past. The beat was heavier and slower than that. This was the sort of music one would fuck to.

“What are you listening to ma Stassi?” He watched her closely. She did not appear startled but there were little nuances to her body that he caught. Slender fingers tightened around the pen. Her eyes closed and he knew she was doing a mental checklist. It all happened in less than five seconds.

“It is just a playlist. Apparently one of the kids that my parents are working closely with made for me. It is different and rather unusual. Almost like sex for the other senses is be the best way I could describe it.”

A low dark chuckle escaped his lips. There were many reasons why she was his. “Are you busy Anastassia?”

‘I was just working on a few things, nothing of any true importance. Do you need something Hannibal?”

“Yes I do.” He smiled darkly. Anyone else would have thought that the smile held coldness. To Anastassia it was a promise of what was yet to come. “Change my darling girl. Make sure that it is a dress and something you do not care if you never are able to wear again. It shall be destroyed. Do not bother with doing anything more to your hair or makeup.” He looked thoughtful. “No jewelry or undergarments and flats are acceptable.”

Anastassia raised an eyebrow. “What are you planning?” The words came cautiously.

“Do you trust me ma Stassi?”

“You are the only person I trust, you know that.”

“Humor me then. You shall not regret it.”

Anastassia changed into a ¾ sleeved shirt dress that was black and a pair of black flats. That was it. She had not put on anything beneath the dress and any jewelry she had been wearing was removed. She packed a small bag with a change of clothes and her purse. She was ready to go.

Lecter glanced at the bag. “Leave it. We are going to my home. You have plenty of items there to change in to.”

There was that special something in his voice that made the hairs on the back of Anastassia’s neck stand up. The tones were dark, decadent, and purely sexual. It gave her a sense of what being hunted by Lecter would be like, if he permitted her to know of the hunt.

They were in his car with Lecter driving. Anastassia was listening to the music he had chosen with her eyes closed and just relaxing for a little while. The drive was short. She made a little noise just as Lecter dragged the hem of her dress upwards; he exposed her in the car. The sunlight pouring through the windshield warmed her skin. Another little sound left her lips when he parted her knees further to provide better access. Oh this is divine, she thought. His fingertips stroked along the seam of her sex for a moment and then withdrew. When she started to smooth the hem back down and close her legs, Anastassia heard a low growl from Lecter.

“Don’t. Stay as you are ma Stassi.”

Eyes opening, a glance was given at him and then a nod. “As you desire.”

He allowed his hand to wander her body. A quick jerk of the top of her dress opened with the buttons popping off. It left her breasts exposed as well as startling Anastassia. Lower lip was caught between sharp teeth and she bit down. This was a little much all of a sudden. Taking a deep breath, she just needed to relax. The slow stroke of his fingers helped. The advances were not unwanted; it was quite the opposite in fact. She craved this. She craved him.

Lecter’s fingers teased her nipples further, until they became hard little peaks. They were at a stop light when he closed his eyes briefly. She watched him. Anastassia knew what he was doing. Lecter did not just inhale but he tasted her scent and from the look on his face it was divine.

He pulled the car into the garage and the door slowly came down behind them. Anastassia did not move. Something in the back of her mind told her that he would prefer it that way. Lecter was silent when he got out of the car. Walking to the other side he opened the door, taking the time to undo the seat belt. A hand was offered and Anastassia was helped out. She moved gracefully, artfully so, and yes he noticed. Lecter’s blood was singing in his ears. He could feel it pumping. Pressing his protégé against the car, a kiss was stolen from her lips. It spoke of promises of violence and more. Yet, still she held no fear for her mentor.

“Touch me ma Stassi. Feel what you do to my body and mind. I was to have gone to a crime scene, but I excused myself to be with you this day.”

She said nothing. She knew that he didn’t need her to speak. Stepping closer, Anastassia wound her slender arms around his neck and kissed Lecter’s sensuous lips. Tall and lithesome, she stood with a long leg snaking around his hip. It helped to allow her body better access to his. She touched him. She kissed him. Hips rocked in time to the kiss. She knew immediately that Hannibal Lecter was aroused. A gentle touch of nails scratched down a strong chest.

Her voice was husky and warm. She breathed his name softly against Lecter’s flesh. “I crave you, Hannibal.” Tipping her head downward, teeth sank in through his clothing and bit into his pectoral muscle. She was not gentle with the bite and could hear the growl from his lips that left her heart beating faster and her body aching for something that she did not even know existed. Anastassia looked into Lecter’s eyes and held his gaze. Desire ringed with the light of something even more shined brightly in the dark depths.

Lecter’s eyes spoke of tenderness when he looked into Anastassia’s. They also spoke of cruelty. He truly was both. “I want to tear you apart ma beautiful Stassi. I want to turn you into a slash of ribbons.” Using his knuckles to stroke the side of her jaw, he smiled. “I want to drink freely of you and know your true taste. Alas, if I did that I would no longer have the pleasure of your company. So I have a little something else planned. I do not believe that you have been in the part of my home that I am taking you. You are quite capable of keeping a secret. Come.”

Anastassia chuckled softly. She was never going to be able to live down the fact she knew of his proclivities for many years before actually saying anything. Anastassia was obedient in the moment. She knew that was what he desired. She also knew that it was a rarity for him to actually expect her to be perfectly obedient.

Lecter’s home was large. The furnishings were kept sparse in a cross between classic and modern. The dark interior was a stark contrast to her bright and airy home. Lecter kept Anastassia close as they went down an unlit hallway. The last door was opened.

“Are you ready to descend into the depths of my mind Anastassia?”


Anastassia was not sure she had ever been down that hallway; let alone wherever they were going. They traveled down two flights of stairs and Lecter used first a keypad and then a key to get through two doors. Curiosity piqued, she was dying to ask him where they were going. Such an action would spoil the mood. So, she refrained.

This was where things became strange for Anastassia. She knew that some people believed certain ideas about the relationship she had with Lecter. How she was Lecter’s sex toy. How she was his submissive. How he took advantage of her. All sorts of little nasty words had begun floating around about them as soon as it became known that they were having sex.

She would perform certain sexual acts that she might not have thought of before, because they were always enjoyable. He was a handsome man and an amazing lover. So because they had sex they automatically had to be in love? It was something she did not comprehend even with all of the brilliance she possessed.

They moved further into this room that was quite possibly a sub-basement. She looked around quizzically. There was a small area that was set up as rather sparse living quarters. The rest of the room was large and empty save for a pair of chairs. Another door lead to who knows where. The floor was oddly tiled and looked rather like a shower room floor in a school gymnasium.

“Anastassia, please sit.”

Doing as he asked, she sat down in one of the chairs. Sitting on the edge, her back was straight. Hands folded on to her lap and she tucked her legs back while crossing them at the ankle. The opened dress looked rather odd with her prim and proper mannerism.

Lecter bent down into what was some semblance of a squat. His hands covered her’s. For a few moments he merely watched her. He was calculating something, she knew that. What she did not know was the actual what. Finally Lecter spoke. “Ma Stassi, if you are ever bothered by what I am going to do to you here you are going to tell me this, correct?”

“Yes Hannibal.” Her wine and roses voice was soft. It sounded so sweet and young it even made Lecter take a mental step back.

“You are not frightened are you?”

“Not at all.”

“If you become frightened, are in pain, it is not to your liking, you shall do what?”

“Tell you.”

Kissing her lips lightly, Lecter smiled. “Thank you ma Stassi.”

“Whatever for?” She looked puzzled.

“Indulging me.” Rising back up, Lecter turned to walk away. “I need to make some preparations. I shall return shortly. Please make yourself comfortable.”

She nodded and stayed quiet. Lecter left her alone for a short time. Anastassia barely moved, save for closing her eyes. She did not get up and look around. She just stayed there lost in her own thoughts. Dark eyes flicked open quickly, a quiet little snort of amusement was given. She had not thought about exactly where she was prior to this moment.

It was the Kill Floor.

For some reason she was still not afraid.

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