Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter 15

Lecter had returned. He was carrying out four opaque five gallon jugs. When he looked up he noticed something. Anastassia had not moved. Even now she sat with near perfect stillness. The only two things betrayed the stillness she fought to perfect, each breath drawn and the way she tracked Lecter with her eyes.

It was her eyes that made him stop. They were dark yes, but they were also neither black nor brown. Anastassia’s eyes were a rich copper ringed with gold. You could get lost in the depths without even trying. The gold was highlighted further by the intelligence that they held. She was truly a lovely woman. She was also the only person that Lecter could trust with these sorts of peccadillos.

He set the five gallon jugs up in a pattern. It squared off a portion of the room. He had changed already. The clothing was a simple pair of slacks and a polo style shirt. Lecter wore nothing else. He moved with a similar elegance to Anastassia. Holding out his hand, he asked for her to come closer. “Come, ma Stassi. Let us begin.”

Rising, she did as Lecter bid. First, the pair of flats had been removed. Bare feet were silent across the cold tiles. There was something in those beautiful eyes. They spoke of times past, of danger and lust. There it was. There was just a tiny curl of a smile on her lips. Apparently, Anastassia caught his mood.


She did. Standing tall and proud, there was an upward lift of her chin. It made her look insolent. Lecter walked around her. Anastassia felt as if she were the prey and it made those full lips curve further into a smile.

Lecter stood behind her. Pulling her back, so that she could feel him, he stroked her body with both hands. Crooning softly in her ear, his voice was barely audible. “That is my girl. That is my Stassi. Your fragrance of arousal is delicious.” His hands cupped her breasts to toy with the nipples. “I want to violate you. I want you to scream for me and to cry for me. If you can take me down, then it is a point in your favour. If you cannot, then I get to violate you in any way I see fit. Do we agree upon this?”

“Yes Hannibal.”

“Then we shall began, but first a reminder of your rules. If anything bothers you or disturbs you, I am entitled to know this and you must tell me immediately. Are we clear?”


“Good. Try to keep as much of the face out of the mix as you can. You have the luxury of cosmetics, I do not.”

“I hope you do not mind dining in tonight Anastassia. You are the first course and I have decided what course starts when. You are my dessert.” Then out of the blue, Lecter backhanded her.

Anastassia’s head was thrown to the side by the blow. It wasn’t enough force to do any damage, but it did shock her. Growling at her mentor, she gave him a cold stare. “Hannibal…”

Lecter did not speak. Instead, he hit her again. This time it was on the other cheek. His smile turned cold. “Yes Anastassia?”

She cursed softly. This time she saw his fist swing towards her. Blocking the blow with her forearm, she struck back.


“Such language Anastassia.” He tsk’ed.

She swung and missed, it gave Lecter the opportunity to pull her to him. He held her with her back to his chest and crooned softly in Anastassia’s ear. “That’s my girl. Fight me. Fight me like you want to kill me.” Lecter arched to press closer. One hand around her throat and the other traveled along her body. Stroking the gentle curves of her figure, he spoke once more. “I like seeing you like this. I like seeing you in pain and so willing to give back in which you receive. Your parent’s misnamed you my beautiful Anastassia. They should have named you Reverie, for you are like a dream.”

As soon as his grip loosened some; Anastassia turned and drove an elbow into Lecter’s solar plexus. The act left him gasping for air. Taking the same position that had had taken just moments before, she whispered in his ear. “Careful Hannibal, you are the one that taught me to fight and fight dirty.” Anastassia stroked her fingers down the front of his slacks. Nails scratched lightly across the fabric. Fingers stroked gently across and over, only to cup and hold. Giving him a squeeze, she pushed Lecter away.

The smile he gave her was proud. Stepping closer to close the distance between them, Lecter hit her ribs twice and then when she went to move away he tried and succeeded in knocking Anastassia down. Hitting the floor hard, she rolled fast to get out of the way of his feet. When she did, her shoulder hit one of the opaque jugs. Its contents spilled across her head and chest. The liquid was sticky warm. It took a moment to process what exactly she had spilled.

Human Blood.

“Dear god Hannibal!” She moved fast, taking a sweeping kick to his feet. He dropped to the floor with her. Another gallon of blood was knocked over. The contents spilled in a hot rush across them and the tile.

Lecter was quicker than Anastassia. He hurled himself at her and effectively knocked Anastassia backwards. Using his knees and sitting on her chest, Lecter pinned her into the swirl of sticky blood beneath. Slapping her beautiful face, it took no time before he made Anastassia’s cheeks redden. There was fury in her eyes with the act. She hated being slapped in the face with all of her heart and soul. Hips bucked up to try and throw him off to no avail. The slapping continued and finally with a fierce buck of her hips she wrapped her legs up and around him. The first blow from her legs and feet was a kick to the head, which stunned him. He had forgotten how well she moved under duress. With every bit of energy she could muster, Anastassia threw Lecter off of her.

Sodden with the blood, she started to laugh. Long dark curls were soaked with blood and they clung to her flesh in a wet mass. A metallic flair filled the senses. Crawling across the floor, the dress hung open and was nothing but shreds in some places.

They began to fight again. Anastassia threw one of the gallon jugs of blood at him. It splashed everywhere when it connected to his stomach. The blood soaked him completely, they both launched at one another. Not caring about the blood on him, she ripped his shirt open and bit down hard onto his shoulder. The scrape of teeth drew a hint of his blood. She swallowed when she tasted it. He yelled from both the pain and pleasure of it all. Bites traveled, and she branded him with her teeth. Finally reaching the pectoral muscle, Anastassia bit down a bit harder and drew more blood than before.

Short quick punches hit her back and then her ribs. Anastassia returned the favor in kind. When she went to swing an elbow again, Lecter blocked it. Forcing her back, she hit the wall. Lecter was on Anastassia before she could catch her breath. Lips on her softer ones, he kissed her. Slow and gentle, he teased her into a lull of kindness.

Drenched in blood, fingers found her nipples. A cruel twist shocked the younger woman. She had just enough room to let the heel of her hand hit her mentor’s solar plexus again. Effectively knocking his breath out, Anastassia skittered away on the slick blood coated floor. Bent over, hands were on her thighs. She caught a breath before Lecter launched his next attack.

In close contact, they wrestled. Somehow, Anastassia was able to slip behind Lecter. She locked her arm around his throat. He tried to throw her off to no avail. Pulling back on her own wrist, she made the attempt to minimize his breathing. He tossed his weight just enough to launch her over his back.

Throwing her down, Lecter sent Anastassia sprawling on her belly through the now cold blood. He went back after her. His chest to her back, she tried to buck him off of her but he was too much for her tiring body. Putting all of his weight into it, Lecter kept her crushed to the floor.

It was now Lecter’s turn; He bit down hard on the back of Anastassia’s neck. Chewing on the piece of flesh, his hips pumped against her rounded ass. Crying out over and over again, the cries of pain were like the sweetest music to his ears. Releasing the bite, Lecter whispered in Anastassia’s ear.

“Do you want this ma Stassi?”

There was a tremble in her voice. She was finding it hard to speak. “Yes. Please. Please Hannibal, I need this.”

He took. Driving his cock into her, he worried not of her pleasure this time. Blood and lust were his lubricants. Faster, there was nothing slow or tender about this. Pure unadulterated fucking would be what Lecter called it. Others may have called it rape, even with her consent. Anastassia screamed. Short of being in the room with them, no one would be able to hear her in the sound proofed room. Pain shot through her body and then half of a heartbeat later an orgasm did the same.

Lecter rolled as he felt her orgasm hit the crescendo. Moving through the pooling blood he allowed her to straddle and ride him, he smiled. “Fuck me, ma Stassi. Show me what you can do.”

She obeyed. She moved over him. The sticky blood stained her skin and she leaned over. Anastassia licked him slowly and tasted the blood. Biting down on tier of Lecter’s lower lip, there were muffled cries against his mouth. Fingers tangled in her wet hair. She never ceased to amaze him with her passion. This was no exception.

Strong fingers tore what little was left of the dress away. Blood was smeared over nearly every inch of her skin. It dripped from her in a macabre impression of sweat that often made her glisten in other ways from their lovemaking. Lecter’s hands traveled across the bruises and abrasions that he had left. This time he was gentle.

He didn't just feel her, Lecter watched. He watched how she road him. Her thighs spread wide, she gave him a show. Back arched, her hands rested gently over his thighs. Lost in the motion of her body, Lecter felt only pleasure from Anastassia.

He could feel her squeezing his cock nestled within. Closing his eyes, Lecter languished in his own pleasure. When she leaned over, he pulled her closer down. Her full and swollen lips were kissed with gentle reserve. The arch of her back over him gave Lecter access to her also swollen clit. Stroking Anastassia, she moved faster above him.

Another orgasm ripped through her slender body. When she thought she was going to collapse, he rolled her on to her back. While he thrust in to her roughly, his hands were gentle and kind. Lecter eased the pain she felt while creating more. Another orgasm hit, she was hitting the point of exhaustion. It was after her last that Lecter allowed the pleasure that had been seeking release since so early in the day to overcome him. They sang the song of powerful passion together as their voices echoed through the room.

Collapsing, Anastassia began to weep. Tears cleansed a trail down her cheeks and the sobs soon became that much louder. Lecter wrapped Anastassia up in his arms and held her. He said nothing, merely permitting her the time to weep and get the pain out that had been clenching around her heart and soul for so long. The sobbing drifted off until she became silent once again.

“Do you feel better Anastassia?”

“Yes.” She swallowed. “I didn’t realize how much I was holding back. That was…” Pausing, she searched for the word. “cathartic to say the least.”

“Why did you do this Hannibal?”

“I need you to be healthy Anastassia. I also was highly aroused by the thought of a day like this together.” Climbing to his feet, he offered a hand. “Come. Let’s get you cleaned up.” They were both covered in cold, drying blood. Lecter wrapped a large blanket around Anastassia and led her through the small living quarters. She did not realize that the area was as large as it was. As sparse as the smaller parts of this apartment were, the bath was plush to the point of being decadent. There was a large shower that could also double as a steam room. The bath was easily large enough for three people. The bath was drawn and the jets were turned on. Yet, they went to the shower first.

Lecter took his time in rinsing and scrubbing Anastassia’s bruised flesh down. He cleaned beneath her nails. Making sure that her ears were clean too, he started in on her thick tangled locks. Several washes and a conditioning treatment later, Lecter deemed Anastassia clean enough for now.

Anastassia did the same for Lecter; although she did it in a different manner. She asked him to take a seat on the bench that lined the wall of the large shower. Washing and rinsing the blood off, she caressed his flesh with the luxury body wash that he preferred. Kneeling in the shower, the hot water pelted against both, she started at his feet. In a move that surprised them both, Anastassia kissed the tops of his feet. Her long wet hair pooled over the tops. Her hands massaged upwards, while dragging the cloth over his bare skin.

He was surprised when she took him in her mouth. Anastassia continued to stroke and bathe him. Yet her concentration was bringing him further pleasure. This her way of giving thanks for what he did. This was thank you for the beating she took at his hands. He had dropped her mind into the bottom of the depths of her soul. Lecter had allowed her to feel a similar pain that she once endured to survive. He and he alone helped exorcise the demons that haunted the shadows of the day and the darkest corners of night. Lecter replaced the horrible memories with ones that he created for her.

Lecter caressed her cheeks while Anastassia suckled upon him. His breaths started coming faster. He could feel the pleasure building. He did not try to restrain it. It simply was there and then released. Anastassia did not move. She drank deeply of his pleasure and let him soften. It was then and only then that she pulled away. She was silent while she worked. Climbing onto the bench, Anastassia straddled Lecter’s thighs. He picked up the body wash, and used it on his hands. Slow strokes of soapy hands slid across her skin. The fullness of her breasts were cupped and washed again. Lecter used his fingertips to stroke across already hard nipples. Anastassia made a sound for the first time in a while. It was a tiny cry. Barely audible, but Lecter heard it and smiled. She washed and rinsed his hair while he pressed his cheek to her solar plexus.

Lecter moved like the predator he was and turned off the water. He was swift in capturing Anastassia. Pushing her back against the hard wall, he grabbed her wrists and raised them over her head. She was pinned. Their bodies touched. His chest crushed against her breasts and their lips met in a kiss. In an instant, Lecter broke the kiss.

“Let us retire to the tub for a bit. The heat will help with some of the aches that we both have.”

Ushering her out and into the spacious bath, Lecter marveled at the woman before him. She was tall. Taller than many men and most women, yet she was still rather slender. Anastassia lacked either the bulkiness so many women her size had or the gauntness that came with height in many other women.

In fact, the height and the smallness of her waist did not make her look fragile. She was too well curved to give off that impression. With each step that Anastassia took, a ripple of muscle moved beneath the flesh. Her gait told that she was every inch of the predator that he was. The realization brought a smile to Lecter’s lips. Anastassia was simply more subtle than he. She did not covet and kill out of pleasure. Need, on the other hand, was something else entirely. When she killed Hammerli to protect both herself and Lecter, she had been brutal. Yet at the same time she savored each blow that she gave the now long dead man.

Hannibal Lecter believed that what she already had could be cultivated into something far more pleasurable for both himself and Anastassia Serdste.

A soft mewl left bruised lips as she slid into the hot water with Lecter’s help. He entered the large bath after her. Drawing her close, Lecter allowed Anastassia to rest her head upon his shoulder. Under normal circumstances they were not this affectionate with each other. Although, having to act the part for so long due to the man that desired to kill them both, it was becoming a touch more palatable to both of them.

Anastassia was drowsing in the hot water when something made her jolt upright in fear. The noise continued so she started to rise from the warmth. Lecter stopped her.

“It is the mechanics in the other room. It is being sterilized so that none of the blood remains.”

“How did you arrange for something like that?”

“A little know how goes along way ma Stassi.”

“That was powerful. Thank you dearly Hannibal.” Her voice was so soft. Anastassia sounded like the child she once was. Turning, kissed Lecter’s cheek with warmth and affection.

“It was my pleasure Anastassia.” He noted how tired she looked. Deciding that Anastassia needed some rest, he helped her out of the water. He began to towel her off and applied lotion to her fair skin. “Sit.” She did so with the command. Taking his time, Lecter combed out the length of her long dark curls. Making sure that it was untangled and soft.

Anastassia did the same for him. She dried him with care. Her touch was just a feather’s kiss along his skin. Lecter stopped her from brushing his hair; he would take the time to style it later. Wrapping her in a large thick robe, it had been purchased specifically for a moment like this with Anastassia ages ago. Retrieving his own robe, they headed back up stairs to the main house, the minor bit of cleaning that needed to be done down there would be taken care of by Lecter later that day.

Lecter had just locked the door in the darkened hallway when the doorbell rang.

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