Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter 18

She walked into Lecter’s home unannounced. It was nothing unusual since she did have the keys to his home. Anastassia stood in the foyer and simply listened. The spacious domicile was dark and eerily quiet. Keys were placed on the small table just inside the door and a briefcase was set down next to it.

Anastassia frowned. Turning around, she picked up her belongings and moved them more out of the way, almost to the point that they were hidden. Satisfied, she walked through the home of her lover like a ghost. There was a reason to be here, now if she could just pull it off.

The house was just too quiet, so music was put on throughout his home. Thankfully Lecter was a man of means and the Bose system was, in her mind, a godsend. Anastassia was unable to help herself, she stood in the now music filled home and just listened to Maid with the Flaxen Hair being played. The soft tones were soothing, especially now while her mind raced. She retrieved a small box wrapped with black paper. A blood red ribbon was tied neatly about the package.

Retreating to the dining room, the package was placed as the centerpiece of the table. With the shadows that were cast in the vast room, it was near invisible or would be until the candles were lit. “Perfect.” The single word was whispered to herself.

The other part of the gift was much too large to be left in the dining room. Anastassia had placed it in one of the lower rooms of Lecter’s home two days prior. She was hopeful that he had not looked; since no words had been spoken of the gift.

She paused once again. In the making of this night, everything had to be perfect. There was one place in Lecter’s home that she knew of, but rarely bothered to go to. It was the cold storage. This was not just any sort of freezer. Lecter kept only the most select cuts of meats in this one. The source of the meat was to be kept for 48 hours with no food, yet plenty of water was given to such a beast. It helped to flush out any toxins that the animal may have produced from being captured. Too much adrenaline would easily spoil the taste of certain cuts after all.

So she went, down into the depths of his home and stared at the frosty glass panes and tried to decide what would be perfect. Anastassia knew she was not the chef that Lecter was, although under his tutelage she was much better than most Michelin three star rated chefs. This had to be something of perfection. The choice was made in the blink of an eye, Chateaubriand. Selecting the cut of meat, an eye fillet, she returned to the upstairs.

Using a trick or two taught by Lecter, Anastassia began to defrost the meat. She needed to get everything else ready before starting to cook. The table was set and the wine was picked out. It would be opened later to breathe for a bit.

The timing had to be right. She knew that Lecter would return home at a certain time. The menu would include the chateaubriand with both a red wine au jus and the béarnaise sauce. Truffled Alfredo potatoes and grilled asparagus would round out the meal for the entrée. Anastassia had decided to cook the meat as close to the ‘original’ recipe as she could. This was not something that had been taught by Lecter, instead she was using family recipe that had been passed through the Serdste family for generations.

The appetizer took a little while to figure out. Anastassia had not gone to the grocery; instead she planned on using what Lecter kept in stock within his home. Finally, a decision was made. Celeri-Rave Remoulade, celery root remoulade, was simple and it would be a refreshing course to start with. Dessert would also need to be something lighter to contract with the heavy entrée. Anastassia was preparing the meat while thinking over what would be for dessert.

This was the hardest of the tasks. Lecter was quite particular when it came to food. When she was very young, a mere child still, she had wanted some sort of fast food for lunch. Lecter, bought the lunch but had taken half of it and thrown it into the waste bin. He then replaced the other half with a Kobe style ‘beef’ he had procured and pomme frites. The same went with the milkshake. He had given Anastassia only half and made an egg cream for her to finish with. She was a quick learner as it was, but then she knew truly how different food could be. She had not eaten fast food since that day.

A quick peek into the refrigerator gave her the idea for dessert. Individual black cherry clafoutis would finish the meal. The music changed somewhere in the midst of the cooking frenzy and she almost laughed. Anastassia shook her head with pure amusement. Apparently Lecter had much more of her playing the cello than she realized. She was listening to her own handiwork.

With everything finished, prepped or cooking it was time to get dressed.

Her body was well maintained. Anastassia would not have it any other way, nor would Hannibal Lecter. Her soft skin was alabaster pale and would make the finest of silk weep with envy. Cosmetics were applied with a steady hand and she paid the most attention to her lips and eyes. Painted lips were dark red and her unusual dark eyes were done to emphasize the depths. Usually, long dark curls were worn up. Tonight they were left down. The locks tumbled down her back like a spill of ink across paper.

The dress was simple. It was an Armani little black dress that skimmed just above the knee and fit perfectly. A pair of black and red Jimmy Choo heels decorated her feet. No jewelry was worn save for a pair of diamond solitaire earrings that had been a gift from Lecter many years ago.

It was time to wait.

Anastassia sat in silence. Her body was completely still to the point that even the rise and fall of her chest from a breath taken was barely able to be seen. Her eyes opened at the sound of the car. She rose slowly. The vibration of the engine that made her blood race as the luxury vehicle entered into the garage. She procured a glass of wine and let it balance on her palm while waiting.

3..2..1..and the key hit the lock. Since her own car was hidden, Anastassia had not left clues to her presence in the large home. Lecter paused and deactivated the alarm. When he closed the door the alarm was, of course, reactivated. He knew she was here. The soft lingering scent of perfume wafted close to him. Most anyone else would never have known that the scent was even there. The second clue was the scent of dinner. Lecter couldn’t help but smile. She remembered.

Walking through the foyer he turned and there the protégée of Dr. Hannibal Lecter stood bathed in silence. Retrieving the wine from her upturned palm, Lecter kissed Anastassia’s cheek.

“Good evening ma Stassi.”

“Good evening Hannibal, I trust your day went well?” The rich cultured tones of her voice were polite, as always.

Anastassia helped him remove his jacket and together they retreated into the sitting room. She did not sit. Her role, by her own choosing, was of service tonight. Once the gifts were delivered she would retreat to elsewhere as a servant should.

They spoke quietly. It was mostly a question and answer time as Lecter quizzed the much younger woman over the day’s practices. His brow lifted. Lecter knew she was not telling the whole story.

“What are you leaving out my dear?”

“I have an item or two for you Hannibal. I hope you do not mind.” A dazzling smile was given to her mentor.

“Will I enjoy the surprises?”

“I believe so.”

“Very well then, I do suppose it is time to dine then.”

Dinner was served to Lecter. She waited in silence once again. When a glass was lifted a certain way, she refilled it. When the dip of a utensil was seen an action was taken. She served the man with ease and patience. The gift that made the centerpiece of the table was noted, but not spoken of. The meal was well planned and delicious. He remarked often of his pride in her skills. Anastassia would merely smile her thanks and nod her head. With the outwardly calm appearance, inside her soul soared with happiness.

The three course dinner was cleared away when Lecter finished. It was then and only then that their roles changed. Lecter allowed Anastassia to sit. She did so gratefully. The atmosphere changed as well. It was relaxed and jovial.

“What made you decide to do this ma Stassi?”

“’Tis a celebration Hannibal; you are a man that can have anything you wish so I hoped to provide you with something that would make you…..” The words trailed off. “…..react.”

“You have done a remarkable job my dear. It was truly a delight. I thank you. Your skills are a warm welcome after a long day.”

She beamed with a light that was shown from her very soul. Rising, the gift was presented at the table. Which was a bit unusual for them, normally gifts were exchanged between the two elsewhere.

Lecter opened the wrappings slowly and carefully. When the box was opened, another box lay in wait inside. Picking up the intricately carved box of bone, Lecter said nothing. It wasn’t until it was opened did he bother to speak.

Eyes flashed in surprise when he turned to speak to the younger woman. “Anastassia! How did you-“

She cut him off. “I have my ways Hannibal.”

“Tell me-“

“No.” She spoke softly. She would not reveal how she came to claim the set of woman’s jewelry.

Lecter stared at the exquisite pieces of jewelry. They had been his mother’s. His beloved Mischa used to play with them. Every one of the pieces had stolen by the men that had killed his sister.

Anastassia rose silently. She walked through the grand home as if it were her own, such was her comfort level with both the home and its owner. Lecter followed silently. His hand still clutched the jewelry. The lower parts of the home were a maze, but Anastassia made her way through the maze with well-practiced ease.

Standing before the large steel door, she turned to Lecter and smiled. “For you dear Hannibal, I hope you enjoy the gift.”

She opened the small peephole of the door and stepped back for Lecter to see.

A woman lay crying in the depths of the well lit room. She must have been about ten years younger than Lecter himself. “Who?” He asked.

“She is the daughter of Petras Kolnas. While her father has been – “ Anastassia smirked. “- gone for a long time, when I found her she was actually wearing the jewels. I am afraid she does not care much for me, perhaps you will have better luck with the lovely woman.”

Lecter could not help but smile at his protégé. The man that helped murder his sister had been dead for many years. This was his daughter. This was the final revenge. He kissed Anastassia’s lips softly and spoke his thanks just as soft. She motioned to a large tray covered with cloth beside the door. Instruments to work with were left for him to work with.

Anastassia did not say anything more to Lecter when she stepped away and retreated back upstairs and to the suite that she occupied in the House of Lecter.

Anastassia was sprawled out naked on her bed. Lecter had found her upstairs when he was finished with his delightful gift. Still in the throes of blood lust, he took his delight out on Anastassia’s body throughout the night. Lecter was still resting between her parted thighs. His fingers continued to tease while she spoke on the phone.

“Tonight Antonio? I believe that could be arranged.” Anastassia’s voice purred into the phone. It was not because of the man that spoke, rather because of the man that lay between her thighs. Hips arched up as Lecter continued his ministrations and she glared at him. Any moment now and she would be screaming into the phone.

Lecter did not smile nor did his gaze shift from the woman above. He was still stroking her lazily. “What time to pick me up? Depends on what you have in mind.” She paused in order to bite her lip. Anastassia was trying to resist what Lecter was doing to her. She moved subtly. Lecter licked the sweetness from his fingers and still his expression did not change.

She continued to speak while Lecter traveled downwards. Anastassia was certain that she was going to die from holding back the sounds of delight when Lecter’s lips brushed against her bare sex. He tortured her in an entirely different way than he did the daughter of his long dead enemy.

“Hm. Give me a time and place, I shall have my driver take me there.” Anastassia nudged Lecter with her thigh. He smiled now, because he would be the driver. “Until then Antonio.” The call was disconnected and Anastassia succumbed to the pleasure of the flesh with her lover once again.

It was a painstakingly long process to get ready. Everything must be perfect after all. Lecter sat silently watching Anastassia dress for a different killer. He had already donned the chauffer’s uniform that he would wear this night. Shortly, it would be time to fetch the car.

Lips were colored a dark rich red wine. Eyes were smoky and richly painted as well. Every inch of alabaster flesh had been rubbed with the finest of creams. Anastassia wore her own flesh like it was the most beautiful of haute couture gowns. Perhaps it was. After all who did the stylist truly create for? Themselves.

Lecter helped Anastassia into a full length cashmere coat and went to fetch the car. She waited patiently for him. It took a little over a half hour for him to return. She frowned with the beep of the horn and walked out to the opened car door.

The game had started. Music played in the enclosed space of the limo while Anastassia relaxed. She truly had no idea how the night was going to turn out. There were no weapons on her body or in the small clutch she carried. This would be a battle of the wits and if she had her way it would be to the end.

The music stopped and so did the car. When Anastassia stepped out, she turned to the driver and kissed his lips.

“It is good to see you again Antonio. Did you have a problem subduing Hannibal?” She smiled.

“Not at all.” Antonio Paravaci kissed the back of Anastassia’s hand. He offered his arm to her and she took it. Anastassia’s fingertips brushed gently across his forearm and she smiled beautifully at him.

“Now it is time to have some fun.”

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