Somewhere Among the Stars

The First Adventure

We stood inside the tardis, the inside exterior so vast and amazing, I had to actually make myself blink. I didn't want to, I didn't want to miss anything. You'll be here a while. Just remember that, I reminded myself. I placed my bags down and walked around. It was amazing, the inside seemed to be living, how that could be I wasn't sure. I'd have to ask the Doctor about it.

“So, where to first?” The Doctor had taken off his vest and button up shirt, leaving himself only in a white t-shirt. He seemed more relaxed and at home here. It made me smile just thinking of the adventures he and my mom had.

I walked around the center console of the tardis, and stopped next to him. I looked up and met his blue/green eyes. They sparkled with excitement, a look that hadn't left since I agreed to come. “Surprise me.” With those words, the Doctor sprung into action. I sat back on the bench nearby, watching as the Doctor scrambled around the console, pushing and pulling levers and buttons left and right. As he pulled a heavy lever I saw every muscle in his back flex, I couldn't help but smile at the sight. Traveling with a man as beautiful as him must have been a dream come true.

Pushing one button, the tardis sprung into life. The entire box shook, and I nearly fell out of my seat. “Hold on.” A certain gleam hit the Doctor's eyes. He must have been ecstatic to have someone else along side him for his adventures.

Once finished, he came to sit beside me. It would take a little bit, the Doctor said, for us to reach our destination. I nodded, and began to ask questions. They weren't really important, just little things. The game of Truth I called it. Back and forth we went, playing this silly game, laughing all the way. Finally after what seemed to be about an hour, we stopped. We had hit the ground.

“Ready?” I asked, about to walk towards the door. The Doctor grabbed my hand and butterflies formed in my stomach.

“Not yet, first, we'll need to change.” He grinned and I must have looked a bit confused because he directed me towards a room for me to change. The place, he explained, was very extravagant. Like the 18th century Victorian Era. A bunch of fancy ballgowns awaited me in the closet, and I laughed and ran around, looking at all the clothes.

In the end, I picked out a red strapless dress. It was gorgeous, like something out of a fairytale. There were jewels spread around the top of the dress, and I was able to find a few accessories to match it. I tied up half my hair, letting the rest fall down in curls. If this was going to be the first time the Doctor saw me in something other than work clothes, I was going to look hot. “Ready?” The Doctor called out from the main part of the tardis. I glanced once more at myself in the mirror before nodding to myself.

“Coming!” I yelled and slipped into a pair of heels, hopefully I'd be closer to his height now. I ran slightly towards the center, wanting to go out and explore.

Once out there, I found the Doctor staring at the console, checking a few gauges before our departure I presumed. “Ready.” I said. The Doctor turned and I felt myself blush.

He was dressed in a black suit with thin white stripes. Underneath, he wore a red shirt, one that conveniently matched my dress. A black tie accompanied his outfit, and he looked amazing. “Wow, you look, wow.” I say, unable to say anything at the moment.

The Doctor stood staring at me. His eyes ran from my head to my toes. “You're beautiful.” He said. I smiled and looked down. He walked over to and held out his arm. “Shall we?” I giggled like a schoolgirl would, I couldn't help it. Not when I was around him. I nodded and took his arm. Together, the two of us walked out of the tardis, my first time steeping into another world.

Outside, the air filled with chatter and laughter. The sky had a red tinge to it, and instead of clouds, above was filled with distant planets. Men and woman passed by us, each dressed in extravagant outfits like the ones we wore. Kids too, ran by in little dressed and tuxes.

My mouth hung open as I looked all around. Everywhere I was amazed by something new. We stood in the middle of a square of some sorts, all kinds of shops stood around us. “This is so cool.” I say, dragging the Doctor with me as I walked up to a shop with homemade dolls. The Doctor grinned down at me, probably amused by my easy entertainment.

A thought came to mind and I stopped looking at an elephant pendent to stare at the Doctor. “They speak English here?” I had only just began to notice that I understood everything everyone was saying here.

The Doctor smiled and pulled me back alongside him on the walkway in between the shops. “The tardis translates everything to the language we understand. So they are speaking their native tongue. We are just hearing it being translating to English, and everything we are saying is in their tongue as well.” I squealed at that. I couldn't even contain my excitement at the moment.

“Where are we?” I ask, we walked down another street this one contained more people with little birds, I suppose, flying near them. However as we walked closer, I saw they were in fact not actual birds. They were....

“Ohmygod. Can we get one? Can we, can we please?!” I ran over the best I could, to a tent selling tiny, pocket sized dragons. In a cage on the table, there were a ton of them. Some were sleek, some had spikes, and I wanted them all. I looked up at the Doctor, which wasn't as hard now since I was in heels and smiled.

“No way. We are not getting a pet.” He shook his head and I jutted my bottom lip out.

“Pretty, pretty please?” I folded my hands together too, adding to the effect. It didn't work.


“Will you think about it?”



“That wasn't a yes we were getting one.”

“Yes, but it was a maybe.” I smiled and skipped away. The Doctor caught up a few steps later, and I smiled as he took my arm again. “So where are we?” We walked along a smooth walkway, the noise getting quieter as we walked into a park. Finding a bench, the two of us sat down, and I turned to face him.

“We're in the Naga Bander. Otherwise known as Dragon City.” He smiled and looked around. The trees were filled with tiny cherry sized purple fruit. Instead of birds picking at the fruit, tiny dragons ate away. I would have to either convince the Doctor to get me one, or sneak one on....

“Makes sense. This place is beautiful.” It seemed like night had just started to fall. Around us, lanterns all began to come on one by one. The air was warm and smelled of lilac and honey, I sat against the Doctor and smiled.

Around us, children ran past, laughing and screaming at one another, couples held hands as they walked by, and adults ran with their dogs, it was so peaceful.

“Aye, you two. Have any plans for tonight?” The two of us looked over, and found a tall smiling redhead come down the path. In his hand he held a bunch of envelopes, and like everyone else, he wore fancy clothing. However, he wore a mask placed on the top of his head.

“Negative,” I say, the two of us standing up. The redhead's smile grew, if that was possible.

“Aunt's having a party tonight, you're welcome to come. Everyone's invited, just make sure you wear a mask, and save me a dance.” The man winked at me and I couldn't help but laugh. The Doctor rolled his eyes but was smiling. He thanked the man and took an envelope. Inside, were directions to the house. I smiled when I looked up at the Doctor, by the look on his face, he knew what I'd say.

“Yes we can go.”

“Yay!” I smiled wide and grabbed a hold of the Doctor's hand, pulling him along as I ran back into the square.

The Doctor looked confused. “Where are we going?” He asked.

“To get a mask of course!” I said rolling my eyes. We found a mask shop quickly, and I was amazed by the vast quantity of them. All along the black walls were hundreds of masks. Some looked like cats, some humans. Some had long nosed and others only covered the eyes. I ended up picking out a black one with red sparkled swirls throughout it. It covered only my eyes and fit my face perfectly.

The Doctor took longer to find a mask. I sat in the corner of the store, talking to a small child who was the shop keeper's daughter. Every few minutes, I glance up to find the Doctor staring at the walls, an intense look on his face. A few times he'd catch me staring, and smile. I couldn't help but smile in return and then look away. No matter what he did, he always managed me make my head swirl with different questions about him. What it was like for him growing up, what happened to his other companions, what Gallifrey was like. I'd ask him eventually. But not yet. Now was way too early.

Finally, the Doctor paid for a mask and the two of us went outside. By now, night had fallen, and the light red sky was now blood red. The full moon hung low in the sky and it gave off an eerie feel. The Doctor pulled the mask from behind his back and asked if I could make sure it was straight on his face. He ended up picking a red mask, matching my dress and his shirt, with black swirls on it. “We match perfectly.” I say, my breath hitching in my throat.

The Doctor smiled, the action lighting up his face. He really was breathtaking. “Must be fate.” A smirk formed on his face and I smiled and rolled my eyes, grabbing his hand so the two of us could go to the party.

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