Somewhere Among the Stars

The Doctor Saves the Day

The house was huge. The two of us stood outside on the front law, looking up at the vast house. It was white, and looked sort of like the white house from the United States. People were spilling out everywhere. There were people on the porch, on the lawn, moving around inside. I was actually kind of nervous, what if I made a fool of myself? The Doctor must have sensed I was nervous, because he squeezed my hand once, before dropping it to place it on the small of my back.

Inside, the house was just as extravagant. We stood in what looked to be the living room and the walls were covered in pictures. Also on the walls there was a huge flat screen, above an enormous fireplace. “Go big or go home I guess.” The Doctor laughed at my words, and we headed over to get a drink.

Wanting to mingle, the Doctor and I both split up, conversing with the other around us. It was strange, everyone seemed so human here, except more beautified.

“You look gorgeous darling,” an older woman commented as I walked up to a group of them. I smiled my thanks and commented on all their attire. “We haven't seen you around before.” Another commented.

I turned to face a gray haired woman in a tardis blue ballgown. She had a pretty face despite the wrinkles, and I could imagine she must have been beautiful as a child. “Just traveling, my friend and I kind of just found ourselves here.”

“An awful time too child.” The woman said. Her friends grew quiet, all having a worried expression on their faces.

I cocked my head to the side, confused. “What do you mean?”

The older woman's face went grim. I could see the others didn't want her to explain, but I knew she would. “For the past month, people have been, ahh, disappearing. Only for a moment in time however. Then, when do show back up, they're different. Lost is the happiness and love from their lives, replaces is cruelness and sorrow. They no longer smile, they no longer laugh. And then, if you catch them off guard, they're eyes...”

“That's enough!” Another woman, with cinnamon colored hair and glasses says, joining the group. “This is my party and I won't have such nonsense spoken about.” The woman in white says. This must be the redhead's aunt. Our group soon dispersed, and I went to find the Doctor. Wanting to tell him about what I just heard. I didn't really know what should be filed under Doctor's Help Needed, or Just A Story. However I had a feeling this wouldn't be the latter.

As I went to go into another room, I was stopped by redhead I met in the park. He smiled sweetly and I was happy to see a familiar face. “Hello stranger I met in the park.”

The man grinned. He was wearing an all black suit, making his red hair seem more vibrant that it should be. “Hello stranger I invited to my party.” He smiled again. “Come with me, I want to show you something.”

Warning signs inside my head should have been going off, but obviously they weren't. Without realizing it, my feet began to follow him. Only moments later I found myself inside an empty ballroom. No lights were on, however I could see perfectly fine. A massive window was placed on one of the walls, allowing the moon to shine inside, lighting up everything. In the corner, a grand piano was placed, a huge stereo system placed on the other side as well.

“Wow, this place is” Again I was surprised by all this. “Why isn't the party being held in here?” I looked over towards the redhead. He was staring straight at me, a smile on his face, but a certain coldness to his eyes.

“No idea, my aunt doesn't really like it in here. I'm Aaron by the way.”

“Tierney.” I smile but it's forced. “And I really should be getting back to the party, my friend must be wondering where I am.” I begin to walk back towards the door, but Aaron stops me. Gently he tugs on my arm, until we're in a dancing position.

“But you still owe me that dance.” He smiles, but this time it's a cruel smile. Warning signs were all over the place now. I try to tug away, but he won't let go. Instead we begin to sway, like I'm not in control of my own movements. I can feel his eyes on mine, but I avert mine. Something in my mind tells me not to look.

“Seriously get off!” I say, but my movements are no longer my own. It's as if he's controlling me. Willing me to turn my head and look at him. But I was strong, I could withstand this right? Wrong. My arms begin to shake, trying to fight off his hold on me. I can feel my head begin to turn his way. I shut my eyes, screaming for the Doctor, but nothing comes out. He was controlling me. My head now faces his own, but I use every strength I have to keep my eyes closed.

“Come on Tierney, you promised me a dance. The least you can do is look at me.” He says, his voice like velvet. Eyes closed, I shake my head. I needed to get out of this, I needed to find the Doctor. “Come on Tierney, you know you want to look at me. Come on, look at me. Look at me.” His voice begins to get softer, more soothing. Maybe I was mistaking everything, maybe it would be okay for me to open my-

“Tierney, whatever you do, do not open your eyes.” A door opens, and I hear the Doctor walk in. My heart swirls. Nodding my head, I inhale deeply; trying to remain calm.

“You are interrupting, timelord.” Aaron says, his grip tightening on my body. I squeeze my eyes shut harder.

The Doctor walks forward, I hear his steps get closer and closer to us. “Let her go demon.” he says, he's close now.

Aaron, or rather the demon laughs. “Or what? You can't hurt me, you won't”

The Doctor clears his throat, and I can hear the smile in his voice as he says, “oh the power a name brings though.” The demon stops moving, and I'm halted to a stop.

“You dare say my name timelord? You do not know who I am!” But his voice is shaken, he was afraid.

“Oh yeah? Let her go and I can return you to your home, and you can stop the hold you have on all these people.” The Doctor says, trying to keep a peace between them. It doesn't work though, because the demon could sense the Doctor wanted to make peace. And so he used it for his advantage.

The demon laughs, spinning me in circles. “I will do no such thing. It took me ages to crawl out of Hell, and I am staying right here!”

The Doctor sighs and I can picture him shaking his head. “Sorry Abaddon, but that's not going to happen.” At the mention of his name, Abaddon shrieks and lets go of me, as if being burned. I open my eyes and find Aaron cowering on the floor. Without a moment to spare, the Doctor takes my hand and the two of us begin to run.

“We need to get to the kitchen, quickly.” I nod as the two of us begin running up to every door we find, attempting to find the kitchen.

However, when I open a door and find a child cowering in the corner, I stop in my tracks. “Doctor,” I whisper, “there's a child.” The Doctor stops and hovers behind me. The two of us both walk in; although, as we get closer, the Doctor stops me and only he walks forward.

“Hey there, you okay?” The child begins to make gurgling noises, and I feel my brows furrow together. The Doctor walks forward once more, and gently touches the child shoulder. However, when he does, the young boy hisses, and jumps to his feet. A hear movement behind me, and when I glance back, I find a hallowed looking couple in the doorway. The shadows casted, however, hide their eyes.

“Doctor....” I say, my heart hammering inside my chest. In the blink of an eye, the Doctor stands before me. Gently, he takes my shaking hands, and we walk forward. Into the center of the room.

“Don't look into their eyes.” The Doctor's eyes are locked onto mine, his lips in a thin line. My heart rate increases, and my stomach churns. I could feel the child's eyes on me. He walks towards us, his footsteps getting closer and closer.

“What will happen if I do?” Sweat formed on the Doctor's upper lip. It felt like it was nearly a hundred degrees in the room, and the fact that I was in a ballgown wasn't helping.

The Doctor didn't reply. The room was silent, except for the growing number of footsteps. More and more people were entering the room. These must be the ones Abaddon fed off of. The ones that elderly lady was speaking about.

Instead of answering, the Doctor lifted one hand and placed it on my waste, while taking my one hand in his. “Dance with me.” I knew what he was doing, he wanted my eyes locked with his. I lifted my free hand and placed it on his shoulder, and without looking away, the two of us both danced.

It felt like we were in a movie. We began to move in the center of the room, and before long, the other minions in the room began to follow our notion and began to dance as well. In his mask, the Doctor looked like Casanova, and I left like we were stuck in the 18th century Carnevale. The music from the party drifted into the room as we all danced. I looked no where else but the Doctor, his blue/green eyes locked with my hazel.

Eventually, the two of us moved from the center of the room, closer to the door. I understood now what the Doctor was doing, he was planning on our escape from the room. Slowly but surely we got closer to the door. Sweat coated my skin but it didn't matter, the adrenaline from all this was enough to keep my mind off the wetness of my skin.

Finally, we were free, out into the hallway. We didn't let go though, just in case any saw us. We kept on dancing until we turned the corner, and then, we made a run for it.

Dark green walls followed us as we ran down the corridors. Finally with much luck, we entered the kitchen. Abandoned for the night, the huge kitchen gave off an eerie feeling. We made our way through the room in the dark, not wanting to alarm anyone who saw the lights were on. Even in the dark, the Doctor found what he was looking for.

“Salt? We came all this way for a container of salt?” I say, confused as hell. The Doctor laughed, I could see he was having the time of his life.

“And chalk, I needed chalk too.” I rolled my eyes but listened intently to what needed to be done. As the Doctor began to make a pentagram on the floor, I began to line the windows with the salt. Apparently, salt repelled demons, and it would make it so Abaddon couldn't escape. The chalk drawing was then hid under a carpet.

My next instructions were to go out into the hall and yell for “Aaron” . When I saw him, I'd run into the kitchen and make it so he was trapped into the pentagon. I gave the Doctor one last nod before running out into the hall.

The lights in this hallway were dim and few. They casted long shadows along the walls and the wind from outside sent shivers down my spine. Inhale and exhaling, I close my eyes. “AARON!” I yell, my voice bouncing off the walls. “AARON!” I stop and listen, my echo growing quieter with each passing second. “COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREEVER YOU ARE!” I could hear the Doctor chuckling inside the kitchen and I couldn't help but smile.

“Ahh, couldn't stay away from me I presume?” Opening my eyes, I find the redhead at the end of the hall. His skin looked pale and translucent in the dim lighting, and it was hard not to flinch as he walked closer.

“I always did have a thing for redheads,” I smile and bat my eyes, showing the demon that I wanted him. I could have gotten him inside the room any way, but this way seemed most fun.

He walked closer, and I took a step towards the door. “Really now,” he said and ran forward. My reflexes were quick however, and I opened the kitchen door and ran inside. The Doctor was no where in sight. But that's not what I was worried about. What I was worried about, was the demon standing in front of the rug, laughing.

His laugh sent shivers down my spine and I wanted nothing more than to run away from this man. “Really now? You think you were going to fool me with this?” He says, bending down and lifting the rug. My heart hammers inside my chest again, my dress feeling too tight. My fears go away however, as the Doctor's voice comes into ear.

“No, I suspected you'd realize that was there.” He says as he walks out from the shadows.

Abaddon begins to laugh. “Foolish timelord,” he starts to walk over to the Doctor, however he's stopped in his tracks. “What the?”

“Not so foolish as you might think.” He begins to whistle as he stares above. Abaddon and I both look up, to find a chalk drawn pentagon on the ceiling.

Abaddon begins to scream, and soon we hear the footsteps of his minions. “Salt the doorway!” The Doctor screams, throwing me the container. I do as he says, and salt the floor.

Abaddon doesn't quit screaming, a moment later however, he does as I throw a hand full of salt his way. “Now demon, release your hold on these people and I can bring you back to your home pain free.” The minions began to bang on the door, each thump growing louder and louder.

“No way,” Gone was Aaron's voice, and in place was a voice so filled with anger and cruelty, I cringed at hearing it. “You leave this place and let me be. Everything was fine here until you showed up.”

The Doctor left his corner and stood face to face with the demon. “Fine? Fine! You call taking away innocent people's humanity fine? Leave this place or I'll send you back to hell myself.” The Doctor was yelling now, and his face grew red with anger. His body was shaking and his hands were in fists. The room grew quiet except for the minions outside attempting to claw their way in.

“Doctor!” I yell, as more come to the window, shattering the glass. The demon begins to speak in his own language, a language that the Doctor seems to recognize because he begins yelling back as well. Finally, the Doctor pulls out a bible from his coat and begins to recite something from it. He speaks in the same tongue as the demon, and the demon begins to yell in pain. Another window breaks, the wind from outside knocks the salt away. Able to come through, the minions begin to climb their way into the kitchen.

“Doctor hurry!” I scream, grabbing the salt and encircling myself, the doctor, and the demon; then I close my eyes. The Doctor screams louder, reciting the old words, walking closer to the demon without stepping into the pentagon. The minions begin to surround us and I stand back to back with the Doctor. The sounds of the minions screeching, the demon screaming, and the Doctor yelling, fill the room.

And then in a flash, it was quiet. Breathing loud and heavily, the Doctor falls to the floor. I open my eyes and turn around. Gone was the demon. In his place was a pile of black soot. I breathed out a sigh of relief as the humans around us all began to blink back into consciousness. I fell to the floor besides the Doctor and hugged him tightly. We might have both been covered in sweat, smelled of dust, and breathing heavily, but it was exactly where I wanted to be.

“They'll all be talking about this you know.” It was the morning after, and the Doctor and I strolled down the shops. We would be leaving soon, and I wanted to find that jewelry store I saw the day before and buy something.

The Doctor sighed and hooked an arm around my shoulders. “Yeah, but let them talk. Stories will come and go and this one is no different.”

I shake my head and then run up to the shop where a little old woman was sitting behind the table reading the newspaper. “But this actually happened, this was real.”

I happily look through the racks of jewelry, searching for the tiny elephant necklace I spotted yesterday. “What's not to say that all stories aren't real. In some sense at least.”

I glanced over and stared at the Doctor. He had a cocky expression placed on his lips, like he knew he just confused the crap out of me. Shaking my head, I turn back to the jewelry. “Ugh, it's not here.” I sigh. “Someone must have bought it.” I turn away and head back to the tardis, the Doctor hot on my heels.

“What did it look like again? The necklace?” I look up at his face as we walk.

“it was small, and silver. The pendant was an elephant with it's nose curved upwards. And there was a red jem on it. That's it, just a plan necklace.” I shrug my shoulders and skip to the door of the tardis, however, just as I'm about to open it, the Doctor stops me.

“Oh so you mean something like this?” I turn to find the Doctor holding a chain between his fingers. Hanging down, was the elephant pendent. I felt my mouth fall open.

”You got it for me?!” I say, unable to hide the excitement inside. The Doctor nods and smiles, turning me around so he could hook it around my neck. “What for?”

When I turn around, I find the Doctor blushing slightly. “Do you know what day it is?” He asks and I shake my head. How the hell was I suppose to know?

He grins, the smile brightening up his entire face. “Happy Valentine's day.”

“Are you serious? You didn't have to you know.” I smile and walk into the tardis, the Doctor in pursuit behind me.

“I don't have to do a lot of things, but I do.” I smile as the Doctor closes the door behind him. As he turns back around to face me, I give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Well thank you, you shouldn't have.” I smile as a flush creeps upon the Doctor's face. Then I skip off back to the closet, needing to change back into some comfy clothes.

Later that day, or night, I'm not sure which, I stand at the edge of the tardis doorway. The door's open and outside reveals a picture perfect view of space and the stars. Stardust swirls past, dancing besides pink and purple clouds of dust. I sense the Doctor's approach, however still jump when he places a hand on my shoulder. “It's beautiful, isn't it?”

I smile and nod. “I've dreamed of this view since I was a small child. Maybe I always knew I'd end up traveling with you.”

The Doctor smiles and shrugs, then pulls his hands out from behind his back, revealing them cupped in front of me. “What now?” I ask, shifting my head to the side, wondering what it could possible be.

“See for yourself.” Smiling, he motions for me to open his hand. Laughing, I do as he says.

As always, butterflies appear in my stomach as I open his fingers. But what I find shocks me. Inside his hands, a tiny red dragon lies sleeping. Unable to contain myself, I squeal with excitement, waking the tiny creature. Flapping it's wings, the dragon begins to hover over the Doctor's hands, coughing and letting out a tiny puff of fire.

“Ohmygod this is the cutest thing ever! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!” I say, jumping to hug the Doctor fiercely. I can feel him smile as he wraps his arms around me and squeezes back.

“I figure, it was the least I could do, after you had to deal with a demon hitting on you all night.” I laugh and playfully shove him, the two of us walking into the center of the blue box, the dragon following. I sit on the floor and hold him in my hands.

“What's his name?” I ask, the Doctor sits beside me, petting him with one finger.

'”The shop keeper never stated a name, guess we can name him whatever.” I stop to think and nod.

Watching as he walks around my hands in a circle, before curling up to go back to sleep, I smile. “I shall name you Edger.” The Doctor smiles and puts an arm around my shoulders.

“The Doctor, Tierney, and Edger,” I look over and he smiles. “Where to next, my lady?” He says, struggling to bow while sitting. I giggle and move in my set.

“Hmm, anywhere you'd like, Captain. As long as it's somewhere among the stars.”

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