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New Beginnings

By mnkygurl

Romance / Fantasy


Running. Running. That's what we were doing. Glancing to the side I saw Fred still running at my pace. We were headed toward the yellow eyes. Of course he would be by my side but we had to get to diego before it was too late. I growled as I continued running. Fred slowed and it took me a moment to realize he had stopped. Stopping myself I turned and stared up at my friend. "Your not coming?" He shook his head at me. "It's obvious he's been lying to us this entire time and I am not sticking around to be used as a pawn in someone's sick game. I was going to go out on my own but the more I thought of it the more I was hoping you would come with me." I looked up at him shocked to hear this and it made me smile. I nodded but turned back toward where we were to meet the yellow eyes before I looked back at him. "I will but please. First may we get Diego. He is a friend as well. One I would like to keep. Please." He thought about it for a moment before glancing up at me and nodding. "Very well. If you vouge for him then he can join our coven."

I smiled and rushed to hug him. "Thank you Fred. Now we should hurry. Wouldnt want to loose him before we finally begin." With that we turned and hurried after the army in hopes to catch Diego before its even begun. As we neared I scented Riley's scent heading away from the battle. I hissed. Coward. I heard Fred hiss too. I could only assume that it was the same reason. But then suddenly as we grew closer another scent was there but it cut off and caused me to stop. Fred rushed passed me, not expecting me to stop but then soon once he realized it he turned and stared back at me. "Bree? Everything...Is that...?!" I nodded hearing him and glanced back at him. "Can you let him see us? Please." I knew the moment he let his repulse shield down.

Just as soon as it was down I scented and heard something familar and my head snapped up as someone jumped out of the tree next to me. Smiling I wrapped my arms around the man in a tight hug. "Diego! He was telling the truth for once." He returned the hug but shook his head pulling away. "No. He was lying. As soon as I realized what he as going to do I escaped but I didnt have a chance to come back for you so I decided to wait. I knew if I returned he would kill me. So I ran. I went to the yellow eyes and Bree, they are nothing like he described. They are good vampires. They feed differently but are kind. They are a family." I stared up at him in disbelief wondering about what he said. Was he telling the truth? Were they really a family? Was it possible for a coven to be a family? I glanced toward Fred who seemed just as confused as I but I had no reason to doubt Diego. In the two short dsyd I knew him he had been completely honest with me. "Alright. I believe you." Fred quickly agreed since he truthed me. "Can we meet them?" Diego smiled happily and nodded.

"Of course. They promised we could wait at their home. Follow me." Soon he was off and I glanced toward Fred who seemed hesitant but I nodded and then we we were both running after Diego but we both smell the scent of burning vampires and saw the purple smole. I hoped Riley and she were one of those burning vampires. After about 10 or maybe it was 15 seconds of running we reached a clearing. Diego had slowed to a human jog pace. Fred and I followed his lead. Walking into the clearing we glimpsed the gorgeous home. It was timeless, graceful, and probably a hundred years old. It was painted a soft, faded white, three stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned. The windows and doors were either part of the original structure or a perfect restoration.

Fred and I had the same reaction to the beautiful house. We were shocked and surprised but it was a oh so beautiful. Diego was eager to return to the home with the yellow eyes. I looked down at the ground confused as to why and what they were really like. We reached the porch of the home before I knew it. Diego walked and stood on the porch. I went into a crouch and remained like that staring off at nothing inparticular. I didnt realize it but Fred had taken the spot next to me. Crouched down in a defensive and protective stance. I sensed Fred had raised his repulse shield to cover himself as well as myself.

I didnt know how long but I heard the screaming and disgusted sounds of people and my focus returned and I looked up. I saw across the field a group of 7 vampires nd one human. I turned and looked at Fre who was in a protective stance. "Fred! Take you shield down now!" I looked up and saw it was affecting Diego as well and looked at Fred who frowned and looked at me as if asking my premission. "Go ahead but if needed put it back up." He nodded to me and lowered his shield and like me remained in his crouched and protective position.

"Carlisle...look..." I heard a sweet voice speak. I quickly found the woman if belonged to. Her brunette hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail but she seemed very motyherly. "Diego!" I heard a higher pitched sing song voice say. The same one giggled. I found her face and she remined me of a pixie. Her hair was in the style of a pixie as well. Before I knew it I saw Diego meetin them but neither Fred nor I moved from our denfensive stance. I looked next to the pixie and noticed a scared man who was hovering protectively next to her. He seemed to have a warning yet protective stance. I wondered why but could only come up with the sign that he was the pixie's mate. He was hissing at me. I glared remaining in my position.

"Dont worry. They wont hurt us. And we wont hurt them." The pixie spoke these words. I still held my position. "They're my friends. The ones I told you about. Bree and her friend, Fred. They are my friends. The wont hurt you. "Diego spoke this and I stared curiously. My eyes trailed from the blonde man to the brunette lady, to the pixie and her mate, to a beautiful blonde female and then to a dark haired man that reminded me vaguely of a bear, then to the...I froze as a statue when I smelled her. She was next to the boy with the bronze hair. My eyes grew smelling her but I didnt move from my place. I couldnt be sure but I had frozen myself in place. Why couldnt I move? I wanted her blood. It sang to me. It was the scent that was on the red shirt Riley had passed around. Suddenly and without warning everyong seemed to hover around the human girl and that's what broke my attention.

Diego was before me in a second and forced me and Fred to look at him. "Do not harm her. She is not their pet as Riley had said. She is the mind reader or Edward's mate. Her name is Bella Swan and she is very sweet." Knowing this made me see her as a person. All the other people we had killed....we hadnt known their names. But now to know Bella's name forced me to see her as a person. She had a family though more then likely better then mine had been. My head snapped up hearing someone else approach and I felt the urge of Fred's repulse shield wanting to go up but he didnt as the brunette and the pixie came closer. "You wont hurt us." The pixie told us and we stared at her with confusion. "You are but children. How vile of them to do this to children so young. Especially you sweet girl. You must not be much older then 16." The brunette spoke and it caused me to look down and away feeling ashamed. "I started my transformation on my 16th birthday." I spoke soft but even the human would have heard the audible gasp.

"Just barely sixteen. How very sad." I looked up seeing the brunette looked saddened by this news but soon the blonde man was at her side saying something about going to take care of someone named Jacob. She nodded and told him to be well and that she loved him before a simple kiss. I remained crouched and confused. I had never seen such affections except perhaps before Steve and Shelley had disappeared. Thats when I rememered. "Yes. They are all dead. Riley and the woman he was working for, her name was Victoria. They are both dead as well. You are safe now. Nothing will hurt you." I looked up surprised by this and stared at the bronze haired boy lost. But soon realized he must be the mind reader like Diego had said. He nodded in response. I nodded back to acknowledge what he said. "Thank you." They all nodded back in response.

Being grateful to them I rose out of my crouched position and Fred soon followed. Slowly they came closer and we met in the middle. The blonde man who was named Carlisle, as the brunette lady had called him introduced us to everyone. Esme was his wife and the brunette lady next to him. The pixie was named Alice and the scared man was her husband and his name was Jasper. The beautiful blonde female was introduced as Rosalie which I believe suited her perfectly followed by the bear man who was her husband named Emmett. Diego had mentioned the human's name was Bella and her mate was Edward the mind reader. They all looked and reminded me of a family. Of course I had never really seen a family. My father hadnt been the best person to be around as he had abused me and more. The mind reader, Edward was frowning, I could only assume because he heard my thoughts. I glanced at the ground then shook my head and looked up. As soon as I did Carlisle excused himself to check on the boy named Jacob previously mentioned. Leaving us in the rest of his family's care. 

They welcomed us into their home and explained everything to us. Soon though Edward had to take Bella home but she argued wanting to go see the Jacob boy. Edward seemed reluctant to comply but ultimately gave in. Leaving us with Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett. They were kind and explained everything to us. I was extremely please. I didnt like hunting humans. Fred seemed intrigued by it being the scientific man he was he liked the proportion as well. "Will you show us?" Esme smiled and nodded at me then glanced to Jasper and Emmett as the girls had just exited to take care of some things. The boys quickly agreed and Fred, Diego, and myself quickly followed them out the door and into the woods.

I had to admit it did feel strange to be hunting an animal instead of a human but I rather do that then harm a person and possibly accidentally turn them into a monster like myself. The first hunt was hard at first but we quickly got the hand of it. Atleast for Fred and myself. Diego had obviously done this already and was doing quite well considering. I ended up catching a buck whilte Fred sunk his teeth into a mountain lion. It was incredible. The ability to hunt like that felt amazing and I immeditately wanted to do it again and again which I did. Until I filled myself. It didnt take long. We had eaten those humans earlier which now disgusted me to think about.

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1. Prologue
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