New Beginnings

Chapter 1

We stopped off in several towns after that and used some of the money to buy Seth some clothes and one day, after 5 years of running, we sat at a café during an overcast day. Sighing I sat as Seth ate, “What’s wrong Bree? Is something bothering you?” I looked up hearing him and shrugged lightly. “I’m just thinking. You know how we get distracted. ADHD on steroids.” I smiled at that as I played with the fork on the table. He chuckled lightly hearing me. I had to remember to play human while we were here and it was difficult but I had to do this. I needed time away. I had intentionally left my cell phone behind so I wouldn’t be bothered and I realized it was a good thing to bring Seth. Alice couldn’t see where I was with him around.

“Are you done?” I asked once he finished his dessert. He nodded and then we paid and walked away. I was walking solemnly when Seth offered me his arm. I smiled and wrapped my arm through his. “I don’t like seeing you like this Bree. I care about you and I want you to be happy.” He stopped and looked down at me. He touched my chin and lifted it to make me look at him which is exactly what I did. “Please Bree.” I smiled and nodded and he leaned forward kissing me on the forehead. I closed my eyes and smirked lightly. He liked doing this in public. It was intimate but I always turned his advances down. I knew we couldn’t have any type of relationship. If we did I would be the one to end up hurt. He would imprint and I would have a broken heart. I loved him, yes. I cared about him, yes. But I couldn’t be with him.

Seth was my best friend. I loved him and cared about him dearly and I wouldn’t allow anyone to harm him. “Thank you for being with me Seth. Even though you didn’t have to and honestly you shouldn’t have but you did and I’m glad because I don’t know what I would have done if I had been alone the entire time.” He nodded resting his forehead against mine. “Mmmm….so peaceful.” I smiled up at him and took his arm and head out of town. As soon as we reached the line of trees though I froze and snapped my head up as I scented something familiar. Seth stared at me until he scented the same scent. “Vampires….I smell blood….Bree…” I nodded and put my finger to my mouth. I didn’t have Edward or Nessie’s powers any more so we couldn’t have our mental conversation like we use to. I quickly gestured instructions and he nodded as he did as I had said.

Quickly I jumped into a tree and sensed an ability. Electronic Telekinesis. Strange….I had never sensed an ability like this. Frowning I grew closer. It was two figures. A male and a female. But the scents seemed familiar. But I couldn’t pinpoint who it was. We had in the past five years crossed paths with some of the nomads that came to help with the almost battle. I frowned when I came across the corpses left but the vampires weren’t gone. I glanced around and found them preparing a place to rid themselves of the bodies. Their tactics reminded me vaguely of tactics we used back in the army. That was strange because only Fred, Diego and myself were the only survivors. Or maybe we weren’t. Just because we had never come across them didn’t mean anything. But who were these two?

Then for a moment the male turned his head toward the female and I caught the profile of his face and gasped. “Steve….” It was a slight whisper but I knew they heard me and they took on the defensive and looked up at me. “COME DOWN!” I jumped down quickly my hair hiding my face as I landed on bended knee and looking down at the ground. “Impossible…you…you died…you all died….” I smirked hearing Shelly and raised my head as I stood looking at them. “Actually, Fred, Deigo and myself are the only known survivors. Well obviously besides you…” I smiled at them and they just stared at me.

“You…have you come to kill us?” I shook my head in reply to Steve’s question. He had taken a protective stance with Shelly. They had been the oldest in the army. Steve being in his late 20s and Shelley being in her mid to late 20s. I had never learned their story before they left the army months before the battle. “I would never kill family.” They stared at me lost and confused. “Family?” I nodded and smiled brightly. “Yes. Family. You guys are my family. Just like Diego, Fred and well…” I frowned at the final name. “And Alexandria now.” Steve looked at Shelley and then back at me. “Alexandria? Whose Alexandria?”

I glanced up at them and sighed. “She’s Fred’s mate. It’s a long story. I’ll show you later. But first I think…” As I was about to continue I noticed Shelley and Steve become repulsed and shied away. “What is that horrible smell…it’s like we dog.” I chuckled and glanced toward the giant wolf stalking toward us. “That’s me and my friend Seth over there. He’s a shape shifter. He can shift into a big wolf. Seth. It’s fine. They are family. Turn back.” He nodded and went into the forest and changed before coming out beside me fully clothed. “A shape shifter? Like a werewolf?” Both Seth and I chuckled and shook our heads. “Kinda. But it’s a Indian tribe legend. It’s rather complicated. But I am so happy to see you! I havent seen you since before you left. And it wasn’t long before I joined you left so I finally get to meet you and so on and so fourth.”

I grinned happily and we helped them dispose of the bodies. I marked the graves subtly so that humans couldn’t find them. Seth was upset but I quickly explained my yellow eyes and answered any and all questions they had about what happened and more. I urged them to take up the diet and they said they’d try it and they actually ended up liking it though it took them longer to get the hang of it. We all traveled together for another 6 years as a family. Steve and Shelley playing our adopted parents.

Though I was the leader of the group considering my experience with the diet and we traveled through the Amazon coming very close to running into the Cullens though lucky we missed them completely and were able to avoid being detected. We spoke with Zafrina and her sisters and learned that Fred and Diego a long with Alexandria were looking for us but they couldn’t track us. We learned that Nessie had stopped growing like Nahuel had claimed and her and Jake were all lovey dovey when they visited them. I was thrilled to be around another ability I was familiar with and to hunt in their woods was fun.

We spent the next year and a half in the Amazon having going to see Nahuel and Huilen. It was fun and pleasant and we were happy. Until Seth met his imprintee. Her name was Rebekah and she was a werewolf. She had green eyes and medium blonde hair. She was beautiful. I told Seth they would be happy and I knew I would be heartbroken because despite claiming to not fall for him I did anyways and so I ran away to be alone. I just wanted to be alone.

Smiling I stood on the boulder that stood out in the middle of the water. The water had receded in the last 20 years and I was standing where 20 years ago Diego and myself hid in the underground cave. I sparkled lightly in the covered day. Taking in the feeling I closed my eyes and enjoyed the beauty of the place. I had been alone for 7 and a half years and I had enjoyed it greatly. I got to see and enjoy all the places I always wanted to see. It was wonderful. Taking in a breath I scented the footsteps before I heard them. “I was wondering how long it would be until you caught up to me.” I opened my eyes and continued staring out at the water.

It was my 36 birthday and my 20th year as a vampire. I had planned on enjoying the day alone but decided that I wanted someone to spend it with so I spent most of the day prior running around Washington leading my scent to this very spot. I wasn’t sure who would find it and track it but I knew someone would. I could feel their powers. My range had grown in the last 20 years and I could feel them before I scented them or heard them. “Bree…we…you….Why have you been running for 20 years?” I frowned and looked at the ground. “Why have you finally come back after all these years?”

I smirked and turned to face my followers. “I believed it was time for a family reunion. It’s been 20 years since the army has been together. I thought it was time we got back together. I missed my family. Is that such a bad thing? I’ve been training. Practicing. Learning to be the person I am meant to be. I couldn’t just jump into the role. Besides, I’m forever a 16 year old trapped in a 15 year olds body. How could I be the leader I was meant to be when I’m a child.” Looking up I saw Shelley staring at me with motherly eyes, “We don’t see you as a child, Bree. We see you as our leader and we have been looking for you since you ran away from us. We found the others completely by accident while we were all looking for you. We need our leader and despite what you believe you are our leader and a great leader you are and will be. No matter what. So please. Come with us. Come home.”

I stared at her shocked and surprised. I felt the emotions wanting to come out. I wanted to cry though the tears had ceased and would never come I still wanted to do it. They saw me as their leader despite my running and escaping. The wanted me as their leader. “Please, Bree. We need you.” I looked up and saw it was Diego that had said that. He was standing next to Fred who had his arm wrapped around Alexandria. The original reason for my running. I could easily see the wedding bands on the person and I sighed softly. Glancing down I nodded, “Very well. I will come home.” I said and they embraced me happily.

After they we celebrated the reunion and returned to visit the Cullens. Alice had received a vision of my return and had gotten them all together for a surprise birthday party. They revealed to me that they had acquired a home in the center of the woods of Central park forest that was for whenever I wanted to be alone but they also told me they had restored a house specifically for us in a small city in Texas. Called Follet. I was surprised but the city was rarely sunny and when it was it was easy to go ‘hiking’ We immediately took up residence and I resumed my role as leader while Steve and Shelly resumed the role as parents. Shelley was a teacher. She taught one of our classes and Steve ran a local teen hang out.

Obviously like the Cullens we all left after I graduated and would travel somewhere else though the hang out remained ‘in the family’. Diego met his mate, Ruth, at a college. She was human and the situation vaguely reminded me of Edward and Bella. She had orange/blonde hair that laid down to her waist and she had prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen. She took to our family easily. But she also had an ability. The ability of telekinesis.

Because Alexandria and Ruth looked similar we claimed them as twins while Fred was mine and Steve’s cousin. Steve and Shelley continued playing our parents. I was Steve’s younger sister who he adopted after our parents died and because Shelley looked quite a bit like Diego we claimed he was her cousin that came to live with us and that Steve and Shelley adopted Fred, Alex and Ruth.

We were a proud and happy little family. We were quite similar to the Cullens and a couple times we all even went to the same school. We would modify our stories to fit theirs as they would do the same with us but we were all very happy with the arrangement. We thought we would be able to enjoy this existence this way for eternity. But we were wrong.

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