Man's Best Friend | Taekook

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Within the pack courting another wolf would’ve been simple for Jungkook, he’s seen it be done a million times before. He’s seen other wolves bring their mates food to show they would be able to provide for them, but he knows Taehyung wouldn’t appreciate it if he showed back up at the cabin with a dead animal between his jaws. Courting a human was definitely a more challenging task and Jungkook knows he’ll have to get creative in order to impress Taehyung, it was in his nature to want to impress his mate after all.

On his morning run he thinks about what he could gift to Taehyung other than food, he searches through the mass of sticks and leaves and finds nothing but more sticks and leaves. He huffs as he continues to look around, surely there must be something else that he could bring back to his mate. His tail begins wagging as he finds a mass of pinecones covering an area of the floor, he’s always thought pinecones were pretty. He spends way too long nosing through them trying to find the most perfect pinecone he possibly could, Taehyung deserved nothing but the best and he intends on giving him just that.

His tail wags more when he finds the perfect pinecone and he eagerly picks it up, being careful not to crush it between his sharp teeth, and runs back to the cabin. He prays Taehyung doesn’t think the gift is stupid, he’s not exactly spoilt for choice with different things he could bring to him to show his love so he just hopes what he can find is enough. Once he reaches the cabin he places the pinecone in front of the door before scratching at it to get Taehyung’s attention. He sees that clothes have been left out for him to be able to change into his human form and let himself in but he knows that giving the elder his gift in wolf form would be easier, after all, wolves can’t blush.

“Jungkook, I left clothes right there for you, you disrupted my cooking session.” Taehyung sighs as he opens the door and sees the wolf staring back at him. He’s confused when Jungkook rolls a pinecone towards him by his nose. “You brought me something?”

Jungkook wags his tail as he glances back up at Taehyung, praying to himself that the elder doesn’t laugh and reject his gift, there’s nothing worse than your mate rejecting your offerings. Taehyung crouches down to pick the pinecone up, smiling to himself as he turns it over in his hand, “thank you, this is so sweet.” The elder smiles brightly as Jungkook approaches him and nuzzles at his shoulder, the action making his heart flutter.

“I’m making breakfast, shift so you can help me,” Taehyung says softly as he stands back up and makes his way back into the cabin, figuring out the perfect place to display his gift.

When Jungkook is finally in his human form and fully dressed he follows Taehyung into the cabin, smiling when he sees him humming a song whilst frying bacon. He subtly glances around the place to see where Taehyung had placed the gift, his heart leaping when he sees it taking a prime spot next to the elder’s first novel on the small shelf in the living area. It may just be a pinecone, but the symbol behind it means a lot more to both of them than even a thousand diamonds would.


Jungkook doesn’t stop with the gifts after that day, he tries to bring him different things each day until he runs out of options. He brought him various stones from beside the lake which he thought looked pretty, a few nicely shaped rocks, some acorns, and today he was picking some wildflowers (that he prayed were not poisonous.) Taehyung was enjoying the gifts he was receiving, the fact that Jungkook was actually looking for something to bring him whilst out in the forest warmed his heart. Neither of them really talk about the gifts, each morning Jungkook gives them to him in his wolf form and by the time he’s shifted and made his way into the cabin he sees the gift neatly placed upon the shelf and they both just go about their day.

But everything changed the morning Jungkook bought the flowers back to the cabin. Taehyung scooped them up with a smile and scratched the wolf’s ears as usual and retreated back into the cabin, but when Jungkook came in and stood behind him whilst he was arranging them into the vase he was met with the question of: “Why do you keep bringing me things all of a sudden?”

Jungkook was taken aback by the question, he prayed the topic would never come up, but with Taehyung not being a werewolf and not familiar with the whole ‘courting your mate’ business, he knew it eventually would. “I - uh... maybe I should’ve explained werewolf mates a little more to you?”

“Is this something to do with me being your mate then?”

“Well, yeah... It started off that way anyway. My pack were kind of old-fashioned, they all still believed in the old way of ‘courting’ your mate. Basically, we’re supposed to gift our mates the meat we’ve hunted to show how well we can provide for them. But I figured you wouldn’t appreciate me bringing you dead animals, so I got creative with it... after that, I just liked seeing you smile when you saw what I had brought you.” Jungkook awkwardly laughs.

Taehyung almost melts from the younger’s words, he figured it was something to do with their bond but he never expected there to be an even sweeter reason behind it. He feels like his body moves on its own as he steps closer to Jungkook and carefully cups his face, revelling in the way his big, doe eyes blink at him in confusion. He leans forward and softly places his lips against Jungkook’s, it was only for a second but neither of them could miss the how good the second felt.

“Is this okay?” Taehyung asks quietly, nervous about taking things any further until he’s got the confirmation from Jungkook.

“More than okay,” Jungkook smiles as he leans forward, deciding to take the lead now he knows Taehyung wants to kiss him too.

The fireworks that erupt in both their chests as their lips meet in a more passionate kiss is unlike either of them had ever felt before, it just felt so right for them to be together like this. Their lips move against one another’s as if they were crafted to be able to fit together, the term of ‘soulmates’ definitely taking play as they moved fluidly with each other as if they had been kissing for years. They never wanted to part, something deep-rooted inside of them wanting to stay this way forever.

If Jungkook knew wildflowers were the key to finally being able to kiss Taehyung, he would’ve picked him some much sooner.

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