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One thing Taehyung had noticed after the mating bond was sealed is that Jungkook was way more clingier towards him. Not that Taehyung was complaining, he needed Jungkook’s presence more than ever as well. Everything felt stronger, the touches, the kisses, even just hearing the younger’s voice send Taehyung’s heart into overdrive. He can only imagine how much better everything felt for Jungkook, and if anything he was jealous that he wasn’t able to feel it as strongly as he could.

It was a calm afternoon, Taehyung should’ve been writing but instead was straddling Jungkook on the sofa with his hands firmly set in his hair, moaning loudly as the younger placed kisses all over his neck. His skin tingled as Jungkook kisses over his now healed mating mark, it scarred beautifully just like he knew it would.

“You should be writing,” Jungkook mumbles into the tanned skin, his voice vibrating and making the elder shiver.

“I’d rather be doing this, writing can wait.”

“If you keep saying that your book will never get written.” Jungkook pulls back, laughing when Taehyung whines and tries to pull him closer again. “Doesn’t your publisher want an updated draft this week?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” Taehyung groans. “I have writer’s block though, I can’t get past this one chapter that I’ve been writing for a week now.”

“Then we should go for a walk, that always clears your mind.” Jungkook smiles as he softly rubs Taehyung’s sides under his shirt, the action only making the elder more reluctant to leave.

“How can you touch me like this and then want to go for a walk? You’re the biggest tease around.”

“Only for you, baby.” Jungkook winks before lifting Taehyung off of his lap with ease, the elder cursing his strength as he sits in a sulk on the sofa.

“You know, If I wasn’t your bonded mate I’d leave your ass all alone in these woods.” Taehyung huffs childishly.

Jungkook laughs at the statement, knowing there was no truth behind the words but deciding to play along anyway. “It’s a good job that the universe has stuck you with me then, isn’t it?”

“The universe sucks.”

“Hey, don’t be mean to the universe.”

“Just shift to your wolf form so I don’t have to hear you talk anymore.” Taehyung rolls his eyes.

Jungkook leans over Taehyung to place a soft kiss on his lips, something to satisfy him whilst he’s in his other form. “Anything for you.”

Taehyung can’t help but pull him forward for another kiss, this one more passionate than the first. He’s addicted to the feeling, the spark he feels when their lips are together was a feeling unlike any other and he definitely could never get enough of it.

“Thought you wanted me to shift, now you want to kiss me?” Jungkook whispers against Taehyung’s lips.

“I always want to kiss you,” Taehyung says, he can’t help but smile now that his sulking session had come to an end and now all he could feel was the warm feeling in his chest caused by Jungkook himself. “Can’t you just stay as a human so we can hold hands and all that?”

“The woods are dangerous, who knows what can happen out there. I can protect you better in my wolf form.”

“But I want to hold hands...”

“We can hold hands all day tomorrow when we go to the market for some shopping, okay?” Jungkook tries to bargain, knowing the market was a hundred times safer than the woods.

“Fine. But you’re not even letting go of my hand for a second tomorrow.”

“I promise I won’t.”

“Okay, good.” Taehyung accepts before finally standing up from the sofa and heading to the bedroom to put on something ‘walk worthy’, leaving Jungkook alone to change forms.

Walking definitely was the best way for Taehyung to get his inspiration back, the calming sounds and the summer breeze carefully rustling trees works wonders. Everything was always made better by Jungkook, the wolf calmly walking next to Taehyung until he happily runs off after a certain smell or sound, always bringing back something in his mouth to show Taehyung. The elder simply laughs and smiles at him, walking wherever the path takes him knowing they’ll never get lost when Jungkook can smell out the way home. It was liberating, always discovering new areas and interesting things, and if Taehyung’s being honest he doesn’t know why he doesn’t join Jungkook for all his walks.

Today’s adventure, after a lot of walking, brought them to a lake. A beautiful, glistening mass of water reflecting the sunlight perfectly. Jungkook was quick to run straight into it, jumping around happily in the water as Taehyung sat down on the bank and watched him. The sight was heartwarming and Taehyung never thought he could feel so much love for one person. He takes a minute to appreciate how beautiful the place they found themselves in was, who could have imagined there would be so much beauty in the forest he lives in?

“Coming in, baby?” Jungkook’s voice suddenly is heard, Taehyung startles and thinks he must be hearing things until he looks back towards the lake and sees a very naked Jungkook smirking at him.

“I thought you didn’t want to be in human form in the woods?” Taehyung answers back.

“That’s until we found this lake, who am I to pass up an opportunity to skinny dip with my beautiful mate?”

“Who said I’m going to skinny dip with you? I’ll freeze in there!”

“Oh come on, it’s summer and I have enough body heat to keep you from freezing.” Jungkook laughs, knowing Taehyung was just trying to make excuses since he was shy.

Taehyung thinks about it for a minute, sighing as he finally gives up on his resolve and stands up. “Fine. But turn around whilst I undress!”

“We’ve had sex multiple times yet you’re still nervous about me seeing you naked?”

Taehyung glares angrily at the younger which makes him instantly through his hands up in defeat and turn around with a sigh. He decides to focus on an area between the trees, wondering what they could find if they were to explore further, he knows the forest goes on for miles from back when he was briefly exploring with his pack, he can only imagine all the other wonders hidden within it. His thoughts are cut short by a yelp behind him, making him instantly spin around to see what had happened.

“I knew it would be freezing!” Taehyung dramatically yells as he wades further into the water, making his way over to Jungkook as quick as he possible could.

Jungkook laughs at how cute the elder looked and walks closer to him to make the journey easier, instantly wrapping his arms around him to warm him up once they meet. “Better?”

“Hmm, you’re always like a big hot water bottle.” Taehyung sighs happily, allowing himself to fully merge with Jungkook’s body.

“Warmblood, perks of being a werewolf.”

“I’m so lucky to be spending my life with a werewolf then, I can’t believe all this time I was looking for a human to date.”

“‘Spending your life’, I like how that sounds.” Jungkook smiles into Taehyung’s hair, adoring the sweet smell that surrounded him.

“Well you’ve marked me, so there’s no getting rid of me now.” Taehyung jokes.

“As if I’d ever want to.”

“I love you, Kookoo. I’m glad the universe stuck me with you.” Taehyung softly says.

Without a moment of hesitation, Jungkook tilts Taehyung’s head up to face him and kisses him deeply, still infatuated with how beautiful the words ‘I love you’ sound when they leave the elder’s mouth. Even though he lost his pack and his home amongst them, there’s no denying that he’s found an even better home in the form of Taehyung. He has everything he could have ever wanted and he will always thank the universe for bringing them together.

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