Man's Best Friend | Taekook

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“So tell me about my kind.” Taehyung says over breakfast the next morning, eager to begin learning about his new life.

“‘Your kind’, as in werewolves or omegas?”

“Both! Tell me everything I need to know, I need to rediscover myself.”

Jungkook laughs at the words, smiling at how cute Taehyung was acting. He knows everything must be hard for him but he truly admires how he’s taking it all so far. “Um- truthfully, I don’t know anything about male omegas. They’re super rare so not even my pack knew much about them, it’s usually females who present as omegas.”

“So I’m kind of on my own with working this out?” Taehyung stops eating to say, a little nervous from the realisation.

“Yeah, sorry... but I’ll help as much as I can, you’re not alone in this.” Jungkook attempts to comfort him. “We’ll need to try out your wolf form, everything I’ll be able to show you will be easier like that.”

“Wolf form...?”

“It doesn’t hurt so don’t panic, it’s much nicer being in your wolf form anyway.”

Taehyung nods as he takes another bite of his breakfast, he was a little nervous to experience shifting but he decides to trust Jungkook in saying it doesn’t hurt, he has no reason not to trust him anyway.

“You feeling better today?” Jungkook asks, sensing the change in mood.

“I still feel a bit weird, but I’m not expecting to adjust to all this overnight so I’m okay.”

“It’s a huge change I know, I’m-”

“If you apologise to me again then I will actually slap you, you’ve got nothing to apologise for.” Taehyung cuts him off, he must’ve heard Jungkook apologise to him at least fifty times now and it hasn’t even been a full day yet.

Jungkook just sighs and stays quiet, not knowing what else he can say. He still blames himself, no matter what Taehyung will say to ensure him he knows that everything is because of him. He can tell Taehyung is putting on a brave face, he can sense how uncomfortable he really feels, but he decides not to mention anything for the sake of not arguing. He’ll just have to help his mate adjust to this new life the best he possibly can.

“I’m going to shower, I don’t want to turn into my wolf form and have my fur be all dirty.”

Jungkook smiles and nods to him, he’s really not sure that’s how things work but he’s willing to indulge Taehyung, the elder was clearly trying to avoid shifting for a little longer so he wouldn’t want to make him feel bad about not being ready yet. But he can’t deny he was excited to see what Taehyung’s wolf form will look like, he wonders what colouring his fur will have. If it will match his wolf or be completely different. He decides to clean up everything from breakfast to distract himself from the thoughts, not wanting to get too excited in case he makes Taehyung even more nervous.

It takes Taehyung longer than usual to shower, not that Jungkook was surprised, he was clearly stalling and the younger was more than willing to let him stall for as long as he possibly wanted to. The look on Taehyung face confirms all of Jungkook’s thoughts, the fake smile purposely placed upon his face only made the younger more reluctant to do everything straight away.

“Tae, you know we don’t have to do this today, right? We can leave it until you’re ready, there’s no rush.”

“What are you talking about? I’m excited to be a wolf!” Taehyung says overly loud making Jungkook narrow his eyes at him.

“Don’t lie to me, you know I can read you too easily.”

“Okay fine, maybe I am a little freaked out by the thought of shifting.” Taehyung finally admits.

Jungkook walks towards him so he’s able to cup his face, closing the distance between their lips for a quick kiss before he looks Taehyung directly in the eyes. “We’ll do everything at a pace you’re comfortable with, we’ve got all the time in the world for this.”

“I want to do it now, I want to learn everything about what I am as soon as I can,” Taehyung says, sounding much more sincere now which at least puts Jungkook’s nerves slightly to rest. “Just don’t laugh at me if I can’t do it right away.”

“As if I would laugh at you for that.” Jungkook jokingly rolls his eyes before smiling, placing another lingering kiss on Taehyung’s lips before stepping back. “You need to get out of those clothes first, though.”

“But that’s even more embarrassing!”

“Tae, how many times have I got to tell you there’s no need to be embarrassed in front of me, I’m your boyfriend.”

“I know, but... ugh, fine.” Taehyung sighs before taking his shirt off and throwing it onto the sofa, hesitating slightly before doing the same with his pants leaving him in just boxers. “Can I leave these on?”

“That’s not how it works, baby.” Jungkook laughs fondly at a whining Taehyung.

With a little more convincing and promises from Jungkook to ‘not stare at anything below the waist’, Taehyung finally removes his last item of clothing leaving him standing naked in his living room. “What now?”

“Well, it should come naturally to you, just think about changing to a wolf and your body will do it.”

“You say that as if it’s easy.”

“Well, I was born as a wolf so for me it is,” Jungkook smirks, cockily leaning himself on the kitchen counter.

Taehyung raises his eyebrows at the new information, “wait, you were?”

“Yeah, all the pups in my pack were born in wolf form. As a travelling pack, we were basically always in wolf form. It would be too hard to carry around human babies and keep them safe, wolves are much quicker and more observant after all.”

“When did you first change into human form then?”

“Hmm, I can’t remember but mom always told me it was around the age of two because she wanted to see what I looked like as a human. Plus, she needed to teach me how to actually be a human.” Jungkook laughs, although his eyes seemed to flash a wave of sadness at the mention of his mother.

Taehyung smiles back at him, deciding to drop the conversation there in fear of upsetting the younger any further. Instead, he attempts to focus, putting his every thought into willing himself to change, but nothing happens. He sighs in frustration before shaking his limbs out, trying once again to think hard about shifting, but again nothing happens.

“You’re trying too hard,” Jungkook points out, causing the elder to glare angrily at him.

“What do you mean I’m ‘trying too hard’?”

“You’ve got to let it come naturally, you can’t force it.”

“But this isn’t natural for me! I’ve gone twenty years of my life being a human, it’s not natural for my body to change into an animal!”

“I know, I’m sorry-”

“I thought I told you to stop with all the apologising.” Taehyung shakes his head with a laugh.

“Shit, yeah, sorr- uh- you know what, why don’t I just turn around? It might feel like less pressure if I’m not watching you.” Jungkook suggests and Taehyung is quick to agree, everything is always easier without an audience anyway.

Taehyung takes in a deep breath, he repeats Jungkook’s words in his mind and decides to just trust his body to do what he’s willing it to without trying to force anything. He closes his eyes and thinks about it, growing a little annoyed when nothing happens at first but after a minute he feels something weird bubbling inside him, unlike any feeling he’s ever felt before.

“Tae, if you can’t do it then we’ll just try again tomorrow. Why don’t you get some writing done and we can cuddle on the sofa?” Jungkook says, his back still facing the elder. “Tae?” He questions after a moment of silence, finally turning around only to not see Taehyung standing there, well not in human form anyway.

Instead, sitting there was a beautiful pure white wolf with those sparkling icy blue eyes that Taehyung had shown a glimpse of the night before. The younger notices that one of his ears is black, he would’ve thought it ruined his pristine coat if he didn’t know for a fact it was down to the mating mark, instead his heart lurches when he notices the slight imperfection that relates Taehyung’s wolf to his own. Jungkook was in awe of him, call him biased but he swears he’s never seen a wolf so beautiful in his whole entire life. Taehyung stares back at him almost curiously, cocking his head as if willing Jungkook to do anything other than stand there looking at him.

“You’re beautiful,” Jungkook gapes as he crouches down in front of the elder, hand reaching up to stroke his black ear and smiling when he leans into the touch. “I mean, you’re always beautiful so I didn’t expect your wolf form to be any different,” he laughs.

Taehyung dips his head slightly showing Jungkook that the comment made him flustered which only makes the younger laugh a little harder. After a second his nosing at his arm to get him to stop with the laughter, urging him to always change into his wolf form so he’s no longer alone.

“Wanna see me naked that bad? Wow, even in wolf form you’re eager.” Jungkook teases gaining himself an annoyed huff from Taehyung. “I’m only teasing, you don’t have to get all huffy.”

Jungkook thinks ahead, grabbing Taehyung’s clothes off of the sofa before moving to the back door and placing them outside, he then motions for Taehyung to walk outside, knowing that if he was to shift inside then it would be impossible for him to close the door behind them. Once they’re both outside the younger is quick to strip down to nothing, not missing the way Taehyung tries to steal sneaky glances when he thinks the younger isn’t looking. It makes him laugh to himself since the elder really didn’t have to pretend not to look, they’re mates after all. He finds it cute nonetheless, but then again everything Taehyung does is completely adorable to him.

As soon as Jungkook’s in wolf form he takes the opportunity to nuzzle against Taehyung, he always used to see Namjoon and Jin do the exact same action and he couldn’t help but long to do the same adorable thing with his own mate. Now that he’s had the opportunity to do so his heart almost explodes, the small action making him so incredibly happy.

“We can talk you know, just think and I’ll hear it,” Jungkook tells Taehyung, fondly looking at him when he jumps from the sudden voice ringing through his head.

“That was so weird, it sounds like you’re in my head!”

“Well, technically I am...”

“I know but- just, it’s weird, okay?” Taehyung once again huffs, showing as much frustration as he possibly can as a wolf.

“You’ll get used to everything, this will all become normal one day.”

Jungkook nuzzles against him once again, loving the size difference between the two of them, Taehyung’s wolf was much smaller than his own giving him a much more delicate look. It just makes him feel the need to protect him more, a fire growing in his chest from the thought of anyone even coming near his mate. He pushes those thoughts away though, knowing it was unlikely that any packs were going to pass through the area since it was a ‘dead zone’, no food around or good places to settle.

“How do you feel?” Jungkook checks again, wanting to ensure everything was okay.

“Strange... being a wolf is- well it’s not something I’m used to.”

“It’s cool though, right?”

Taehyung shifts his head a little to the side to show he’s contemplating it and Jungkook smiles to himself at the adorable action. “It is cool, yeah.”

“It’s about to get even cooler though, let’s run.” Jungkook urges, his favourite thing to do has always been running so he thinks it’s a great place to start.

Taehyung agrees although he’s never been the most active person in the world, he’s willing to give it a try. Maybe running as a wolf will be more enjoyable than that fatal time when Jimin tried to make him start jogging to ‘increase his fitness’, he had only got to the end of the street before thinking he was going to pass out. But as he chases Jungkook through the trees of the beautiful widespread forest they lived in he realises that it was much different. He had never felt so free before, he feels like he could run for miles and miles without ever growing tired. It all makes sense why Jungkook needs this part of his life so much, he finally feels like he understands his boyfriend in ways he never thought he would be able to.

The couple run for ages, weaving in and out of the trees whilst chasing each other, both of them feeling more connected than they ever had before. It isn’t until the forest begins growing dark that they decide to stop, knowing they should head home before the light disappears fully. Before they begin to head back Jungkook motions for Taehyung to follow him and leads him to a tall, flat rock in the middle of a clearing of trees which they climb on top of to watch the colours dance in the sky as the sun sets. Taehyung leans himself into the younger as they watch the sky in silence, feeling his heart shining brighter than the sun itself in his chest.

“It might sound selfish, but I’m actually happy that you turned. I feel much more connected to you now, it’s as if we really are one being.” Jungkook says quietly, his voice playing like a melody in Taehyung’s head.

“It’s not selfish at all. I’m happy as well,” Taehyung says back, truly meaning the words.

“I’m glad you’re happy.”

Taehyung snuggles closer to Jungkook without saying another word, the action itself says more than he could at the moment. Truly, the elder feels like he could’ve been changed into a toad and he still would’ve been happy as long as he was with Jungkook. After all, he’s all he really needs in this world.

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