Man's Best Friend | Taekook

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Taehyung thought his body was finally used to his change, for the last week or so he’s been feeling absolutely fine as if nothing in his life had changed. But all his hope for a normal life went out of the window one morning when he woke up feeling as if he was in hell, his whole body was on fire, sure it was the middle of the summer and the weather outside was warm but that was no way to explain the heat consuming him.

“Tae?” Jungkook sleepily calls out, sensing that something was wrong as soon as he began to wake up. “You’re boiling, what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine, I think I just have a fever.” Taehyung tries to play it off, although he knows he’s never experienced a fever this bad in his life.

“There’s no way this is just a fever.”

“Kookoo, I’m fine, you have to stop worrying so much about me.” Taehyung tries laughing. “I’m just going to take a cold shower, you can go for the morning run on your own,” he says before rolling out of bed and making his way over to the door, trying his best to act as normal as possible.


“No buts, get up and go.”

Jungkook huffs, he knows there’s no use fighting with Taehyung being as stubborn as he is, that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier for him to just bite his tongue and keep quiet. He ultimately decides to just take a run close to the cabin so he can still sense if anything gets worse back at home, he just hopes that it doesn’t.

Taehyung hoped that the cold water would be the answer to all his problems, but it wasn’t helping him in the slightest. He stood in the shower until his skin was numb from the water but he still felt as if he was on fire, every nerve in his body was burning as if they were attempting to burn him from the inside out. It only got worse when Jungkook left, the lack of his presence making something within Taehyung whine as if he had been abandoned. There was definitely something wrong with him, but being as uneducated on werewolf life as he was he didn’t even have the slightest idea as to what was happening. All he knows is that he needed Jungkook and he had never regretted telling him to go out more in his life, every single cell in his body was screaming for him, he felt like if the younger didn’t come back soon he was going to explode.

He steps out of the shower, giving up when after fifteen minutes of trying to get the water to soothe him was seemingly pointless. He instantly throws on Jungkook’s hoodie, the smell calming his body down a little but not enough for him to feel normal. The air was hot around him, making him feel as if he was suffocating. He didn’t know what to do, and just when he thought he was actually going to die from everything, the scent he longed for finally filled his senses and he heard the back door opening and closing.

“Jesus, Tae.” Jungkook startles when he instantly gets a body full of Taehyung, the elder burying his face in his neck and inhaling deeply.

“I needed you, I thought I was going to explode but then you came back.” Taehyung mumbles into Jungkook’s neck, finally feeling slightly at ease now he’s in his arms.

“Tae, baby-”

“I don’t know what’s happening, Kookoo.”

“I think you’re in heat...”

“Heat? You didn’t mention we get a heat, I was hoping it was just another myth.” Taehyung whines, pushing his body closer to Jungkook’s every second that passes, the closeness just not close enough to extinguish the flame inside of him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to overwhelm you with it...” Jungkook sighs before picking Taehyung up and carrying him to the sofa. He didn’t think that Taehyung’s heat would come for another couple of months but he seems to be getting everything wrong lately. “I’ll help you through it though, don’t worry.”

“You sure?” Taehyung asks, face still buried in Jungkook’s neck as if he’s scared to move away.

Jungkook knows the question is sarcastic, Taehyung knows for a fact that he doesn’t mind helping him through his heat. It’s an honour if anything, a true blessing. Instead of replying he wraps an arm around Taehyung, pressing at the small of his back in order to push him closer to his own body. Taehyung whines from the action, the friction making his brain stir only though it was only a small movement, he was definitely feeling much more sensitive than he ever had before.

“You’re already so hard, all for me,” Jungkook says in a low voice, whispering into Taehyung’s ear which only makes him squirm more in his lap.

Taehyung can’t help himself from kissing at Jungkook’s neck, his scent making him feel needier and needier as time passes. He starts off by leaving light kisses onto the skin before beginning to lightly nip as he feels Jungkook’s hands running over his body. The boxers his was wearing were suffocating which only made him whine louder, he started moving his hips to rub against Jungkook’s shirt in the hope of getting even the smallest amount of friction.

“Such a needy pup,” Jungkook laughs slightly, running his hands down Taehyung’s sides before placing them on his hips to stop the movements.

The new nickname made Taehyung twitch in his boxers, almost crying when he can’t move anymore due to Jungkook’s bruising grip on his hips. “P-please...”

“Shh, I’m just going to undress you so you’re more comfortable, okay?” Jungkook says softly, trying his best to ease Taehyung.

Taehyung nods into his neck, making a noise of protest when Jungkook gets him to stand up but he doesn’t complain too much knowing he’ll feel much better when his boxers are finally off. Jungkook shifts forward to the edge of the sofa, bunching up the hoodie the elder was wearing so he could kiss at his stomach, making his way down to the waistband of his boxers. Taehyung’s skin was tingling, all his nerves reacting to every single touch Jungkook was giving to him like they never had before. He swears his mind short circuits when Jungkook begins dragging his boxers off, still kissing at his skin and nipping slightly at his hip bone making his breathing quicken.

Jungkook stands when the elder’s boxers have finally been discarded of, making quick work of helping him take his hoodie off so he could finally feel less suffocated. He finally leans forward to kiss him once he throws it to the side, noticing he hasn’t been able to kiss him this whole time since he had his face buried in his neck. The kiss is frantic, Jungkook more than willing to give Taehyung as much as he needed to satisfy his hunger. The younger removes his jeans before sitting back down with Taehyung in his lap, not breaking the kiss even for a second as he swirls his tongue against the elders. He runs his hands all over his body making sure no patch of skin goes untouched, the light skim of his fingertips making Taehyung shiver in his arms.

Every touch felt like heaven and Taehyung couldn’t get enough, he was so responsive to everything Jungkook was giving him. He’s never felt the need for someone else more than he did right now, every single molecule in his body screaming out for Jungkook as he trembled against him. His hips seem to move on their own as he rocks in Jungkook lap, desperate for more. Jungkook cocks his head in interest as he readjusts Taehyung so he was straddling his thigh instead, the elder instantly whining from the new position as he rocks his hips quicker, effectively riding the strong, muscular thigh he’s always loved so much.

Taehyung’s mind was hazy, screaming out when the younger’s teeth graze over his mating mark, the area feeling as if it was on fire only aiding towards the sensation growing in his stomach bringing him closer to the edge. His hips rock in an uncoordinated rhythm as he rides Jungkook’s thigh with fever, loud whines escaping his mouth as his hands fist tightly in the fabric of the younger’s shirt. It’s not long until he’s pushed over the edge, his eyes rolling back as he comes hard all over Jungkook’s shirt and thigh, his hips still working to milk every single second of his orgasm.

He pants as his hips finally come to a stop, pressing his forehead into Jungkook’s shoulder to ground himself. He can feel that he’s still hard, his length still begging for attention as he attempts to catch his breath. He doesn’t even register that Jungkook was talking to him until he feels himself being picked up and taken towards the bedroom, the small, quiet praises being whispered into his ear as they walked.

Jungkook carefully lays Taehyung onto the bed before he moves to undress fully, moving quickly since the elder was whining for him to come back, not wanting to be apart from him for even a second. Taehyung sighs happily when he finally hovers over him, his intoxicating scent surrounding him fully once again causing his nerves to calm.

It’s not until Jungkook reaches down between Taehyung’s thighs that he realises he’s soaking wet, swiping a finger through the mess and bringing it up to his face in curiosity. He rubs his fingers together before instinctively bringing his finger towards his mouth to taste, the heady smell making it impossible not to. As soon as his tongue gets a taste of the substance he can feel his eyes flash red, his whole body shuddering at the taste. Taehyung mimics his movements by shuddering beneath him, the sight of the younger’s red eyes making him whimper with need.

“You taste like heaven,” Jungkook says, his voice so deep it almost sounds as if he was growling his words.

“K-Kookoo, I-I... please.” Taehyung pleads, his eyes wide and glossy as he looks up at the younger in desperation.

“Shh, pup. I’ve got you, don’t worry.” Jungkook comforts him, leaning into to kiss his lips briefly before beginning to kiss down his body. He stops when he gets to his thighs, kissing the inside of them making Taehyung tremble once again at the feeling.

Taehyung gasps loudly once he feels Jungkook’s tongue circling his hole, his back arching at the sudden bolt of pleasure shooting through his body. He only gets louder when the younger’s tongue finally pushes inside of him, licking at his walls as his lips suck expertly at his rim. The sensation was completely mind-blowing, even more so when Jungkook adds a finger alongside his tongue, stretching him open blissfully. He can’t stop the way his hips automatically roll down into the feeling, chasing more of it, trying to get them deeper. It seems to go on for hours, the wave of pleasure never stopping, only growing when one finger becomes two and then two become three. His whole body stutters when he comes for the second time, Jungkook not stopping any of his movements until Taehyung’s body comes crashing back down onto the mattress in exhaustion.

Jungkook pulls back, slick coating his lips and chin in a way that makes him glow as Taehyung stares at him through hooded eyes, completely and utterly fucked out. “You okay?”

Taehyung hums sleepily, still panting as his eyes hungrily rake Jungkook’s body above him. His eyes land on his erection, hard and dripping between his legs and his whole body screams with the need to have it inside of him. “Wan’ you.”

“You sure you’re okay? I could just finger you again, it’ll be less exhausting for you.”

“No!” Taehyung panics, his hands trying to grab Jungkook to bring him closer. “Wan’ you, NEED you.”

“Ok, baby. Shh, don’t worry, you can have me. I’m all yours, okay?”

Jungkook was still a little apprehensive, but seeing how panicked Taehyung got from even the implication of the younger not fucking him, he really couldn’t fight against him. He would do anything to help Taehyung through his heat the best that he could, and that means complying to his every wish without hesitation. He kisses Taehyung sweetly as he reaches between them to line himself up, adoring the way the elder squeaks into his mouth in excitement. They both moan when he pushes inside, the feeling of complete satisfaction overcoming them both when they finally connect.

The younger has the intention of staying still for a while as he finally bottoms out, giving Taehyung some time to adjust but the elder has other ideas as he begins once again rolling his hips in a plea for more. Jungkook starts slow, shallowly thrusting in and out as he sucks possessive marks onto Taehyung’s neck.

“F-faster, please.”

Jungkook can’t possibly deny the request, not when Taehyung asked so nicely. He picks up the pace, his hips moving quickly as he succumbs to the pleasure of being inside of the elder. He felt so good, so warm and tight, sucking Jungkook in as if his body was made for him. He curses loudly as he loses himself to the feeling, the sounds of Taehyung’s moans the only thing he hears as he thrusts at an animalistic pace.

Taehyung didn’t think it was possible to feel as good as he did at that moment, the younger’s length hitting his prostate with every single thrust as his hot breaths fan his neck. Everything was too much, his body tensing up as he comes for the third time that night with another loud scream. Jungkook doesn’t stop thrusting, working Taehyung through his orgasm and bringing him straight into overstimulation as he whines underneath him. He considers stopping, but the way Taehyung still rolls his hips in order to meet his thrusts tells him that he’s definitely enjoying it. He feels himself getting close, the pressure of his length swelling at the base a prominent feeling as it grows harder and harder to move. Soon, his body locks in place, connected fully to Taehyung as he shoots ropes of hot, white release inside of him.

The feeling was something Taehyung has always loved, the extreme stretch and the warmth of it all making it hard not to. He clings onto Jungkook as he comes for the fourth and final time that night, his length trickling with what was left inside of him. His body complete and utterly spent as he calms down, fatigue pulling at him in a way he couldn’t resist anymore as he allows himself to fall asleep.

Jungkook finally catches his breath enough to flip them over, cradling Taehyung on top of him as he waits for his knot to subside so he can clean the elder. He’s determined not to fall asleep, the need to make sure his mate was clean and comfortable when he wakes up much stronger than his need to sleep.

He lays there for what feels like forever, listening to the soft snores coming from Taehyung as he takes interest in attempting to count every single one of his perfect eyelashes that gracefully fan across the top of his cheeks. He sighs happily when he can feel the pressure melt away, his knot finally small enough for him to be able to slip out of the elder. He carefully lays him on the sheets before disappearing into the bathroom and coming back with a warm, wet towel to clean him with. Taehyung hums in his sleep which causes Jungkook to smile lovingly at him, making sure every single part of him was as clean as possible before wiping himself off and crawling under the sheets. He brings Taehyung into him as soon as he’s cuddled up, adoring the way he instantly clings onto him as if he was his lifeline.

Knowing that Taehyung’s heat would last at least a few days, Jungkook allows sleep to overcome him. He needs every ounce of energy he could possibly get if he’s going to be able to help his mate through the next days effectively, he wouldn’t want Taehyung to suffer because of him after all.

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