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The bright morning sun filtered through the trees is one of the many things Taehyung loved about living in the woods. The way the beams would spread out and cause pretty patterns over his bedroom was the most pleasant way to wake up, definitely like something he would describe in one of his books. He rolls out of bed with a smile on his face and his eyes half open as he pads to the bathroom to do his usual morning routine of pee, wash face, clean teeth. After that’s all done and he’s finally more awake he makes his way to his kitchen for some well-needed breakfast. Walking into the living area of his house he meets eyes with a large black wolf, instantly yelling in fear as he forgot what happened yesterday.

The wolf cocks his head in confusion, not understanding why the human was screaming at him first thing in the morning. “Oh, I’m sorry Wolfie, I completely forgot you were here,” Taehyung says as he finally calms down, placing a hand over his heart as he walks over to the fridge. “I suppose you would like some breakfast as well... let’s see what my fridge has to offer.”

There wasn’t much to look through in Taehyung’s fridge, he really had to go shopping and soon if he was going to be able to feed himself as well as the wolf for the next following days. “I have some bacon, that should work, right?” Taehyung asks but the wolf just stares back, unmoving and not taking his eyes off of the man in front of him. “I’ll take that as a yes then.” He wonders how a wolf’s eyes could look so humanlike as they follow him around the kitchen, strangely it didn’t make him feel uncomfortable though, almost happy that he had some company.

“I have no idea if raw bacon is edible so I’m going to cook it, I don’t want to kill you after all.” Taehyung makes quick work of frying up all the bacon and making some scrabbled egg to accompany it. He ends up cooking the whole packet of bacon thinking that the wolf could eat the rest for lunch, seeing as it’s really the only meat he had left in his fridge. He places a couple of strips of bacon onto his plate along with the egg before placing five onto another plate for the wolf, leaving three aside for him to eat later.

“Remember to chew your food like a good boy, manners are important.” Taehyung reminds as he places the plate down and walks off to get his own, raising an eyebrow when he sees the wolf not eating. “What’s wrong? Don’t like bacon?” The wolf looks at his plate and back at Taehyung as if he’s trying to tell him something.

“Do you want me to sit with you?” Taehyung asks after a while of figuring out what the wolf might want. He grabs a pillow from the sofa and sits cross-legged in front of him, balancing the plate on the pillow before getting stuck into his food, feeling slightly weird for eating on the floor in front of a wild animal.

Strangely enough the wolf then gets stuck into his own breakfast, carefully chewing that bacon just like he was told. Taehyung smiles down at him, slightly endeared that the wolf wanted some company to eat. He’s definitely not telling Jimin about this, there’s no way to explain this particular situation without seeming like he’s completely lost his mind. They finish their breakfast in silence, (well without Taehyung talking seen as the wolf couldn’t talk back) before Taehyung heads to the kitchen to wash the dishes. He then heads to his bedroom to get dressed for the day, putting on something more presentable than usual as he had to go to the farmers market to pick up groceries.

“I’m heading out to get food, so you’ll be alone for a few hours, okay? Here are some water and the rest of the bacon, try not to eat it all at once because you might starve up until dinner. Don’t walk around on your leg, you should be healing so just stay sitting and sleep or something. I’ll change the bandages once I’m back since I actually have to buy some more. I’ll be back soon.” Taehyung says as he places a plate and a bowl in front of the wolfs makeshift bed, hoping he’ll be all sorted for his time alone. The wolf eyes almost seemed sad as Taehyung headed for the door, but he must’ve just been imagining it as he seems to have done the entire time he’s known the wolf, perhaps his craving for companionship is getting a little out of hand. He waves to the wolf before shutting and locking the door behind him, heading off to the farmers market to buy as much food as his wallet would allow.

Taehyung decides he doesn’t want the wolf to live just on steak so he ends up buying him a mixture of meat, thinking the wolf didn’t seem fussy with his food (as long as it wasn’t fish it seemed.) He actually bought so much from the butcher that the man asked him if he had a large family back at home, he lied and told him he did since that was a much easier route then explaining he had an injured wild wolf back at home to feed. Rushing around the market, Taehyung picks up the essentials to make dinner for himself before quickly going into the pharmacy on the corner to grab some bandages, making sure he had enough to change the wolf’s dressing every day. He’s relieved when he puts all the bags in the car and heads off back home, the sad look he thought he saw in the wolf’s eyes as he left only urging him to hurry back home.

The wolf makes what Taehyung think is a happy squeak when he enters the house through the front door, the noise making him smile widely. “Hi, Wolfie. I should really pick a name for you, I feel like that name is a bit insulting.” He shakes his head before retreating to the kitchen to put away the bags, the wolf’s tail slightly wagging as he watched him.

“Maybe you could choose your own name, that could be fun.” Taehyung hums, the wolf making a noise of agreement as if he’d like that idea much better than Taehyung choosing a name for him. “Well okay, you can choose your own name then.” He laughs as he continues packing away the food.

Once Taehyung was finished he heads to the bedroom to get his notepad and pen before heading into the bathroom and filling up a bowl of warm water and grabbing a towel. “Okay, we’ll clean your wound and change your dressing now and then I’ll let you name yourself, deal?” The wolf didn’t seem happy with the proposition, but he made no effort to object as Taehyung unwraps the current bandage from his leg and begins cleaning the wound. Once the new bandage is wrapped and secure Taehyung writes all the letters of the alphabet across two pages and lays it on the floor in front of the wolf’s paws.

“Ok, paw at the letters you want and we’ll see if we get a name out of it.” It wasn’t a hard task, the wolf simply placed two paws on the letters ‘J’ and ‘K’ before laying his head down and glancing up at Taehyung.

“JK? I think you’re just being lazy, but I can work with that name.” Taehyung laughs as the wolf yips happily to him as if he was thrilled by the name of choice.

Taehyung smiles fondly at the animal, “You definitely are a strange wolf, JK.” He meant it, of course, but he couldn’t be more thrilled to have him around for the time being.

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