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When Taehyung got into his last month of pregnancy, he honestly would swear he had never felt so horrible in his entire life. He never imagined he would ever get big enough to not be able to see his feet, but right now he was living in that reality. Moving was a mission, walking even more so, he couldn’t even walk from the living room to the bathroom without getting out of breath. He could barely sleep at night, never comfortable enough to actually be able to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer than an hour. Instead, he finds himself sleeping throughout the day, leaning back against Jungkook as the younger just holds him and reads a book, never complaining that he’s trapped for a couple of hours whilst losing the feeling in all of his limbs.

“You know, I’m absolutely terrified to give birth to these babies, but I seriously just can’t wait to get them out of me.” Taehyung voices out one night after dinner, in his usual position up against Jungkook on the sofa as the younger carefully rubbed his stomach.

“Hmm, I can’t even imagine growing humans inside of my own body.”

“It’s not fun, I won’t lie to you. I mean, it’s absolutely amazing to be able to create our own little ‘mini us’s’, but that doesn’t mean being so fat I waddle is fun.”

“You look cute when you waddle though.” Jungkook chuckles, pinching Taehyung’s cheek when he turns slightly to glare at him.

“We need to finalise the names. Two girl and two boy names, and obviously a main boy and main girl name just in case we have one of each.”

“But we always argue whenever we discuss names.”

“But they need names, Kookoo. We can’t just call them baby one and baby two for their entire lives just because we’re incapable of figuring out names that we both agree on,” Taehyung sighs, adamant to not turn this ‘name idea’ session into yet another small argument. “I know I said no to the name Mia, but after thinking about it I actually kinda like it.”

Jungkook lightens up from the words, feeling more hopeful now. “Really?”

“Hmm. The babies seem to like it too,” Taehyung laughs, guiding Jungkook’s hand over so he could feel the small kicks.

“I wanted to name a boy after my uncle Jungwoo, he died when I was twelve. He was in charge of the food hunt alongside my dad, but he was always more fun and laidback about it than my dad was. He used to make everyone laugh when they would all panic about the shortage of food and supplies, always encouraged me, Jinie and Joonie to cause as much mischief as we possibly could and then pretend he knew nothing about it,” Jungkook laughs, his hand softly rubbing circles around where the kicks were happening.

“How did he die?” Taehyung asks, too curious for his own good.

“We passed through a claimed area one day, alpha convinced the pack that it was fine as long as we didn’t hunt or settle and we just passed through as quickly as possible. It didn’t go to plan, the other pack thought we were there to threaten them and they started a fight. They were cowards really, went straight for the young wolves of our pack who weren’t able to easily defend themselves, my uncle died protecting me.”

“He was brave, unlike the wolves that killed him. Without him you might not have survived, without him I could have never met you,” Taehyung frowns, his fingers playing around with Jungkook’s own. “Jungwoo is a beautiful name, and I’m sure our son will love hearing about how he got his name.”

Jungkook turns his head slightly to place a long, lingering kiss onto Taehyung’s temple. “I love you,” he whispers, nuzzling into the comforting scent of the elder’s shampoo.

“I love you more.”

“As if that would ever be possible.”

“You want a love fight? Because I have two babies inside me and a bucket full of hormones, I would so win that.”

Jungkook laughs at the elder, surrendering before he even tries to win this ‘love fight’. Even though he’s sure he would give as good as he got, there’s no limit to the amount of love he holds for Taehyung. He stops his laughing when his senses are hit with another smell, a scent that causes his to knit his eyebrows together in confusion. It was familiar, all too much so, but there's no way it could actually be so. It must be his imagination, somehow he must be dreaming.

“Do you smell that?” Taehyung turns slightly to look at the younger, and that’s when Jungkook knows he definitely isn’t imagining it. The younger gently pushes Taehyung forward so he could slip off of the sofa, the action only confusing the elder more. “Where are you going?”

“To see what's going on… I know that scent.” Jungkook mumbles before walking out, leaving Taehyung to attempt to get up by himself.

Jungkook hears Taehyung calling out for him, obviously having a difficult time by trying to get up by himself. He feels bad for walking off without him, but his urge to see if his suspicions were correct completely take over him and making him forget about what was really important. When he opens the front door he instantly gasps, his throat tightening as tears well up in his eyes from the sight in front of him.

Taehyung only panics more when he hears the sound, desperately trying to push himself up before walking as fast as he possibly could over to the door. When he finally gets there he’s shocked at what he sees, before him stood three wolves, two of which he knew were Namjoon and Jin, the scenario of them almost murdering him in the woods making it hard to forget what their wolves looked like. The last wolf was one he’s never seen before, smaller than the other two and light brown. What confused him, even more, was the way Jungkook kneeled in front of the wolf, his hands fisting into its fur as he softly cried, the wolf only nuzzling him comfortingly back.

Jin and Namjoon’s attention turns to Taehyung after a while, both of them cocking their heads as they stared at him. He wasn’t shocked by the stares, he knew to see a pregnant man was a weird scenario even in the werewolf world. He awkwardly waves at them, and he knows they must say something to each other by the way the brown wolf flicks its gaze onto him. The unknown wolf gently nudges Jungkook to encourage him to sit back, the younger boy doing so after a few more sniffles.

Jungkook looks over his shoulder and softly smiles at Taehyung, his eyes glossy and red as he does so. “Tae, uh- this is my mom,” he says with a shaky laugh.

“Oh,” Taehyung answers back, everything suddenly making more sense. “Do you all want to come inside? I’ll find something for you all to wear.”

The younger nods in agreement, finally standing as he leads the wolves into the cabin. The whole scenario was strange, he wonders what made them all come to their home out of the blue and he knows Jungkook must be thinking the exact same thing. He finds the clothes he gave to Jin and Namjoon when they visited previously before moving to find something he thinks might be good enough to fit Jungkook’s mother.

“Do you think there's something wrong?” Jungkook asks Taehyung as they sit and wait in the living area.

“I want to say no so you don’t panic, but I honestly have no idea.”

The fall into silence as they wait, the unknown fear hanging in the air around them. Jin and Namjoon are the first to join them, sitting down silently on the sofa as they strangely eye up Taehyung.

“Can you stop staring at my mate like that?” Jungkook frowns at them, catching both of their attention.

“We’re sorry… It’s just not every day that you see a pregnant, human man.” Jin replies, shrugging it off.

“Actually I’m not human anymore. The mating mark turned me into a werewolf, so now I’m just like you.” Taehyung smiles kindly.

“You must have presented as an omega then,” Jungkook’s mother voices as she joins them, sitting down carefully on the sofa as she smiles at Taehyung.

“Uh- yeah. Blue eyes, Kookoo says that’s an omega thing.”

“Also males being child bearers, your kind are very special.”

Taehyung nods, feeling a little embarrassed since all the attention was fixed onto him. “I wish we would’ve known that before my heat came, I would’ve never let him knot me if I knew we’d get babies out of it. Not that I regret them, I just wish we waited a little while longer before starting a family.”

“Can you not say that in front of my mom?” Jungkook whines.

“I think it’s kind of obvious what went down, I didn’t just wake up mysteriously pregnant one day.”

“Did you say ‘them’?” Namjoon interrupts the bickering couple to ask.

“Yeah. Alphas have crazy good hearing so Kookoo listened to my stomach, he could hear two heartbeats so we know we’re having twins.”

Jungkook’s mother coos from the words, clasping her hands together in excitement. “I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandmother to two amazing little pups!”

“Not that I don’t love all this baby excitement, because honestly, I do. But… what are you all doing here?” Jungkook questions.

“Well, over the past few months I’ve felt off, I could tell you needed my help. My mother instincts were going crazy, I couldn’t even sleep at night from the worry I was feeling so I got permission from alpha to come and visit you. Jin and Namjoon insisted on accompanying me, they said it’s to keep me safe but I know they were worried about you as well.”

“How will you know where the pack will be when you need to go back though?”

“We’ve found an unclaimed part of land to settle in, for now, it's a couple of hours walk away from here. Plenty of food and shelter for us to live from, we’re thinking of making it permanent.” His mother smiles.

“But you’re a travelling pack,” Jungkook says, feeling saddened by the fact he has to now speak as if he’s no longer apart of the pack.

“That was until you left, Kookie. When we found a place to spend the night and gather food which was not that far away from where you are, Jin, Namjoon, your father and I begged alpha to settle there. He ignored our pleas to allow you back into the pack, so the least he could do was accept this.”

“You didn’t want to leave me?” Jungkook’s eyes lighten up, his biggest fear in the entire world of no longer being loved by his family finally leaving him.

His mother laughs in disbelief, shocked Jungkook would even think such a thing. “Of course we didn’t. You’re my child, I could never leave you without it killing me to do so. Now you’re having children of your own, all the more reasons for the pack to stay close by.”

“I’m actually glad you’re here. I was terrified about giving birth, I’ve heard you’re an expert at all that so I think I’ll be a little calmer if you’re here.” Taehyung laughs.

“I’m not too experienced with human births and I’ve never experienced a male human birth, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try my best to help you and make it an as pleasant experience as possible.”

“Does that mean you can stay with us for a while?” Jungkook excitedly says, and Taehyung can’t help but giggle at how childlike he seemed in that moment.

“Yes, Kookie. If that’s okay with you both, of course.”

“It’s more than okay! Right, Tae?”

“Yeah, that’ll be perfect.” Taehyung smiles, subconsciously leaning into Jungkook as he speaks.

“Okay, I’m sorry but I’m dying to know. Where are the babies going to… you know?” Namjoon speaks up, causing everyone else to glare at him.

“Are you asking what part of Taehyung they’re going to come out of? Because that’s a very rude question, Joonie.” Jin scowls, causing Namjoon to clear his throat and shake his head.

“I meant where are they going to sleep! You know because they will be in human form, do they get tiny little human beds?” Namjoon quickly changes his thoughts around as if that was what he meant the entire time, even though every single person in the room knew what he was actually trying to ask.

Jungkook can’t help but laugh at his best friends, his heart dancing around in his chest with pure happiness. He couldn’t believe the people he loved so much actually came back for him, and at such an important time in both his and Taehyung’s life together. Everything was perfect and he can’t wait to be able to share such an amazing moment with all of his favourite people surrounding him.

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