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Sitting in the car outside the house Taehyung grew up in, he couldn’t help but feel nervous being there for the first time in his life. The nerves were racing through him, and however much he wanted to see his parents after so long he couldn’t help but consider just starting the car back up and driving all the way back to his safe little cabin. He knows Jungkook can feel his nerves by the look he was giving him, and he can feel the younger’s slight hesitance as well. At this point he regrets even bringing up the topic, they should’ve just stayed away from the rest of the world as much as they possibly could.

“You know we don’t have to go in there, right?” Jungkook speaks up, allowing Taehyung to see that he did have other options.

“I know… but I miss them, and after hearing my mom when I told her everything I can’t just leave, it would break her heart.” Taehyung sighs loudly, feeling more at ease when Jungkook grabs his hand and gently squeezes. “It’s just lunch, after that I’ll fake feeling unwell and we’ll go.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Taehyung nods, determined to make this entire visit a success as he takes a deep breath. Completely composed he leaves the car, Jungkook following quickly behind him trying to feel equally as confident. Once they’ve got the twins out of the car they make their way to the front door, Jungwoo happily gurgling in Taehyung’s arms whilst Mia clings tightly to Jungkook.

It’s a short wait before the door opens to reveal a brightly smiling woman, her soft facial features resembling Taehyung’s as she scrunches up her face in excitement. “Finally my child returns!” She says happily as she hugs Taehyung, cautious not to crush Jungwoo when she does.

“Hi, Mom,” Taehyung smiles, hugging her back with his free arm. “This is Jungkook, and obviously these are our babies Mia and Jungwoo.”

“Ah! Come in, come in!” Mrs. Kim motions the men inside quickly, promptly shutting the door behind them. “My son in law, it’s so lovely to meet you even if I did only find out about you a week ago.”

Jungkook laughs as he’s pulled into the same awkward side hug by the woman, “it’s great to meet you too, Tae’s told me a lot about both you and his dad.”

“Well I’m glad one of us knew of the other’s existence,” the woman teases. “And aren’t these just the most perfect little angels in the universe, oh my goodness!”

Jungwoo giggles loudly as the woman pinches his chubby cheeks whereas Mia shies away from every single touch, clinging tighter onto Jungkook as she buries her face in his neck in order to hide. “She’s not as social as her brother is, as you can see,” Jungkook laughs before softly kissing the little girls head.

“Not to mention she’s a complete daddy’s girl,” Taehyung adds.

“She loves you just as much as me, don’t pretend she doesn’t.” Jungkook lightly jabs Taehyung with his elbow, not surprised when the elder makes out that the action hurt way more than it actually did.

“You two are absolutely adorable, my heart is bursting from the sight!” Mrs. Kim gushes, her hands clasped together happily as she lets out a content sigh. “Come through to the living room! I have a surprise for you.”

The words cause Taehyung to tense up, he really wasn’t in the mood to receive any surprises when he was already so on edge. A small, calm smile from Jungkook calms him though, but only for a second as he follows his mother to the doorway and is met with the sight of an entire living room of people widely smiling at him.

“Surprise!” They all say in a whisper as if they’ve been instructed not to shout and frighten the babies. His eyes frantically flick around the room to which he sees his dad, his grandparents, his aunt and uncle along with his teenage cousin who looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but there. But what really unnerves him is seeing Jimin’s family, his parents along with also his aunt and uncle and their child who Taehyung has always had a mild hatred for. He then notices Jimin in the corner standing next to Yoongi, a look of pure apology on his face as he mouths a ‘sorry’ at his best friend.

“What is this?” Taehyung says, not realising that he may have come across rude. Really, he didn’t care, he didn’t want any of this.

“Well, I might’ve let it slip that you were coming for a visit and everyone wanted to see you, I thought it would be more fun to keep it a surprise!”

“Uh- fun- yeah,” Taehyung forces a smile to everyone in the room. “I uh- I really don’t want to be rude but Mia isn’t a fan of big crowds-“

“Why don’t you take her into the other room to calm her down? I’ll help!” Jimin interrupts quickly, scurrying up to the couple as he motions for them both to leave the room.

“I’m so sorry, Tae, I should’ve thought about the babies more,” Mrs. Kim says, guilt written all over her face. “Go and calm her, we’ll all go out into the garden to get the barbecue started.”

Taehyung nods, thankful for the out as he grabs Jungkook’s hand and makes quick work of following Jimin over to the dining area. He shuts the door behind them once they’re in there, letting out a loud groan as he places Jungwoo down onto the floor to avoid him getting fussy.

“Why didn’t you warn me?!” Taehyung whisper hisses to Jimin, completely in disbelief about the situation.

“I tried! I found out about this a couple of days ago and since then I’ve been trying to call you nonstop in the hope you’ll answer! I tried to get your mom to cancel, making up excuses about how this will overwhelm you but she wouldn’t listen, you know how much she loves any excuse for a family gathering. First, it was just going to be lunch and then my mom suggested a barbecue and it became this whole ordeal. I really did try to stop it, Tae, I promise you.”

“I believe you, Chim, I’m sorry. This whole thing is just stressful, I didn’t mean to come at you like that.”

“I get it, it’s fine,” Jimin says with what he hopes to be a comforting smile.

“What are we going to do? We can’t stay here because being around so many people is terrifying our daughter, but we can’t leave after your mom has gone to so much trouble she’ll think we’re ungrateful,” Jungkook says as he paces the room, Mia still firmly burying her head in hiding.

“Ugh, I don’t know. I can sense his excitement, her fear and your apprehension and at this point, I feel like my head is about to explode.” Taehyung sighs loudly as he sits down on one of the chairs, taking a second to desperately try and get some of his sanity back. Every single one of his instincts was trying to warn him against coming here and he refused to listen to them, now he’s more than wishing that he did.

“You can sense emotions? Is that an added werewolf voodoo thing?” Jimin questions, curiosity written all over this face.

“Firstly, ‘werewolf voodoo’? Seriously, Chim? Secondly, the mating bond links me to Kookie so I can sense what he feels and stuff, and then since the twins are our babies we’re linked to them as well. It’s nice at times, but right now I’m seriously going to lose my mind.”

“That’s so cute, I wanna be able to do that,” Jimin pouts.

“Not in this situation you don’t,” Taehyung mumbles into his hands as he hides his face in them.

“This is why I don’t trust humans, nothing ever goes smoothly when we’re around them,” Jungkook’s pacing gets quicker, his face scrunching up into a scowl.

Jimin’s pout only grows when he hears the words as he turns to face the youngest. “What about me? I’m human and you know you can trust me.”

“We only know that because you’re terrified that I’ll rip you apart if you tell anyone about us.”

“That’s not true! Tae’s been my best friend my entire life, there’s no way I’d betray him like that.”

“Then you should’ve tried harder to stop this whole mess-“

“Jungkook, stop it,” Taehyung frowns at his mate. “None of this is Chim’s fault so stop being so rude to him. I’m going to go out there and tell my mom we have to leave, just please don’t end up fighting when I’m gone.”

Jungkook steps in front of Taehyung as he stands from his seat, a confused look on his face as he tries to work out if the elder was actually being serious.“I’m not letting you go out there alone.”

“It’s my family, they’re not going to attack me. Just stay here with the twins, please? Chim, make sure he doesn’t leave.”

“On it,” Jimin grins widely, his hands holding Jungwoo still for a second so he doesn’t try and follow Taehyung out the door.

Taking his hundredth deep breath of the day, Taehyung leaves the room and prepares to disappoint his mother for the third time this month. First he lets her down by telling her he got married without them even knowing he was in a relationship, second he drops the bomb about her being a grandmother without knowing and now he’s about to tell her they were leaving after only being there for ten minutes and not talking to anyone for longer than half of that time. At this point he might as well just cut ties with his whole family, it would probably be less disappointing for all of them.

As he closes the door behind him and turns to walk down the hall, Taehyung finds himself instantly bumping into another person. “Sorry,” he mumbles before looking up, mentally taking back his apology when he sees Jimin’s cousin, Jaehyun standing there smirking at him.

“Shouldn’t be so clumsy, Taetae.”

“Don’t call me that. Why are you even out here? Were you eavesdropping?”

“You always think so little of me. I came to check if you were okay, your mother’s orders.” Jaehyun shrugs casually, but Taehyung could see straight through him.

“Well I was just going to talk to her so I guess your job is done, so if you don’t mind.” Taehyung sidesteps to get passed the other, rolling his eyes when he only sidesteps along with him. “Move out of my way.”

“So you’re married, huh? That was pretty quick, we didn’t break up that long ago after all.”

“We were never together.”

“You know you keep saying that, Tae, but do you actually believe it?”

“We went on a couple of dates because Jimin begged me to go, I never said we were together.” Taehyung sighs loudly, making a second attempt to get around the annoying human in front of him only to once again fail.

“Did he also beg you to have sex with me?” Jaehyun raises an eyebrow, the corner of his lips twitching in amusement as Taehyung’s frown deepens.

“I was drunk, shit happens. Move out of my way.”

“Whatever you say, Taetae.”

Taehyung grits his teeth in frustration, immediately setting off down the hallway once Jaehyun finally moves to the side. He’s definitely never leaving the cabin again, not if he has to deal with total dickheads from his past trying to get under his skin. It reminds him of why he left in the first place, needing a change of scenery for more inspiration to write was the perfect excuse to leave all of this behind.

Once he gets out in the garden he’s hit with too many smells all at once, each and every one of them making his nose crinkle in distaste. He makes a beeline for his mother who was sitting next to his grandma intently talking, a glass of wine in hand as she rambles on about whatever.


“Tae, darling! Where’s that lovely husband of yours? I would love to meet him properly, he’s very handsome.” His grandma smiles widely as she takes one of his hands in her, the action making him feel bad for wanting to leave and never come back.

“I- uh. Mia is really shaken up, she’s not used to being around so many strangers at once. She won’t stop clinging to Jungkook so we think we’re just going to take her back home to try and settle her back down, I think what she needs is familiar space right now. I really don’t want to make her more scared than she already is.” Taehyung tries to explain without making his mother feel bad, but of course, it fails.

“Oh this is all my fault, I should’ve known inviting so many people would scare the children,” Mrs. Kim sighs sadly.

“No, mom. Mia is just really sensitive, Jungwoo only has to take a toy away from her and she’s clinging to either me or Jungkook crying her eyes out for the next hour. Jungkook and I would love to stay but our babies do come first, I’m sorry.”

“I understand, It’s fine. How about we try again next week? We’ll do lunch properly, without the whole party.”

Taehyung chews on his bottom lip as he nods, knowing full well that wasn’t going to happen. He hates admitting it to himself but he knows that this whole thing was just a sign from the universe that he really shouldn’t be doing this. His life was different now, and he should be more cautious when it comes to keeping his families secret. He hugs his mother and grandma a little tighter than usual before he goes to say goodbye to the rest of his family, making sure he hugs his dad and grandpa tightly as well in case it really was the last time he was ever going to see them.

There are tears brimming in his eyes as he makes his way back into the house, giving everyone a small wave before swiftly leaving before anyone would notice. He just needed to get back to Jungkook and the twins, he’ll feel better once he’s with them.

“Leaving already?” Jaehyun says, leaning against the wall in the same spot Taehyung had left him in.

“My daughter is scared, I wouldn’t be a good parent if I stayed.”

“Hmm, your daughter. The child that looks strangely like you although she was adopted.”

“You saw her for a second, there’s no way you had time to study her face before she hid it.” All Taehyung wanted to do was leave but once again he has to deal with this unwanted bullshit.

Jaehyun crosses his arms over his chest, a challenging look on his face as he continues speaking. “It was long enough for me to see that she resembles you. And the boy, I definitely had long enough to see all the similarities between the two of you and him.”

“What are you implying, Jaehyun?” Taehyung takes a step forward, not prepared to allow the other to think he was going to win whatever game he was trying to play.

“I heard your little lover boy before, about how this is the whole reason why he ‘doesn’t trust humans’. Odd choice of words, don’t you think?”

“So you were eavesdropping.”

“Don’t try and change the subject. What about the part where he said he could rip apart Jimin if he told anyone your secret? How about explaining what he meant by that?”

Taehyung bites the inside of his cheek, a mixture of fear and anger bubbling up within him. He doesn’t know what to say, all he knows is that he wants Jungkook and needs to get out of here and back home as quickly as possible. “Leave me alone.”

“What is your secret, Taetae? What are you hiding?”

“Pretty sure he told you to leave him alone,” an angry voice rumbles behind Taehyung. The elder instantly calms once his mates smell invades his senses, his whole body relaxing despite the situation he was in.

“What you gonna do, huh? Rip me apart?” Jaehyun challenges, clearly pushing for something he was never going to get.

“Keep terrorising Tae and you’ll find out,” Jungkook spits out.

Taehyung quickly scurries forward, his hands softly curling around Jungkook’s arm as he attempts to smile at him. “Kookoo let’s just go, this is all just scaring Mia more.”

Jungkook reluctantly agrees, knowing that none of this was worth traumatising the little girl more than she already was. He glares at Jaehyun before turning around to pick up Jungwoo as well, heading to the door once both of his children were safe in his arms, Taehyung still close by his side.

“I’ll find what your secret is, don’t think I won’t,” Jaehyun yells down the hall, his voice purposely raised as if he wanted the people outside to be able to overhear what was going on.

Taehyung spins around to look at him, but he soon wishes he just rushed out of the door without turning back. Jaehyun’s yelling was the last straw for Mia, the little girl finally wailing loudly into Jungkook’s shoulder as it all became too much for her. And obviously, Taehyung’s eyes do their usual flash when he hears it. Even from across the hall Taehyung knows it was clear to Jaehyun, the man smirking in triumph once Taehyung turns away and rushes out of the door before he hears another word.

All Taehyung can hear is his heart pounding in his ears once he throws himself into the car, his breathing rapid and eyes unfocused as he tries to calm himself down. He doesn’t pay attention to Jungkook getting the twins into the car, the way he frantically tries to shush Mia by himself and get her to let go of him so he could put her into her car seat. Nothing registers, nothing apart from the fact he just exposed himself to the most problematic person in his life.


“He saw my eyes,” Taehyung chokes out, the tears running down his cheeks as he turns to face Jungkook beside him. “He knew something was up because he heard you fighting with Jimin and now he’s seen my eyes. He’s going to tell people, they’re going to find us and take the twins away and-”

“Deep breaths, pup,” Jungkook tries to coax the elder out of having a panic attack, although he was equally just as scared.

“This is all my fault, we should’ve just stayed in our cabin with no threats and no one around to find out what we are.”

“He won’t do anything. He doesn’t actually know what we are, and no one will believe him if he tells them what happened.”

“We should move. We need to pack up and find somewhere else to go, somewhere no one will find us-“

“I’ll keep us safe, okay? No one will hurt us, I promise you.” Jungkook cups Taehyung’s face, looking into his eyes as he says the word so the elder could see that he meant it. His thumbs gently wipe Taehyung’s tears away as they sit in silence, the tension slowly melting around them. “I will never let anyone hurt you.”

Taehyung nods, sniffling as he leans his head forward to lean his forehead against Jungkook’s. “You really think no one will believe him?”

“It’s a crazy thing to imply without proof, there’s not a chance of anyone believing him.”

“I hate him. I hate him so, so much.”

“I know, pup.”

Coming here was a big mistake, Taehyung should’ve known to always trust his instincts. He wants to believe Jungkook that nothing will happen, that Jaehyun’s crazy claims will be ignored and he’ll give up trying to figure out what their secret really was. But he can’t, he can’t shake the feeling that there will be more to this, that this wasn’t the last time that they will be seeing him. His carefree life was well and truly over, now he won’t be able to spend his days without worrying about the safety of his family.

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