Man's Best Friend | Taekook

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It’s silent, the room he was sitting in completely and utterly void of all noise. Taehyung couldn’t move, the feeling of lifelessness growing every second he sits on the floor in the twins’ bedroom. The words Jungkook told him play over and over again in his mind. ‘Lock the door and don’t come out until I get you’, simple orders that his brain is urging him to follow along with. But he needs to fight against them, and when he hears a loud bang and his senses are filled with Jungkook’s scent along with a metallic smell that he knows full well is blood, he finds himself overruling his inner wolf and heading for the door.

“Sweeties, stay here. I’ll come and get you soon, just play with your toys together and wait for me, okay?” Taehyung forces a smile, trying his best not to alert the twins of the panic he was feeling. The twins nod their heads, luckily not seeming too confused by the order.

Feeling a little lighter, Taehyung unlocks the door and leaves, taking a deep breath as he quietly closes it behind him. The smell of blood grows stronger and he heads for the living area, his heartbeat rapid within his chest completely the opposite of his slow footsteps. He prays to see Jungkook walking up to him, taking him into his arms and telling him that everything was alright. But with each step he feels less and less hope, knowing that whatever he’s met with is not going to be what he wants to see.

When he finally reaches the living area Taehyung’s heart drops into his stomach, his eyes burning with the rush of tears that fill them. He rushes over to Jungkook, the wolf on his side in the middle of the floor not moving.

“Kookoo? Pl-please be alive, o-oh my g-god please,” Taehyung stutters out, his hands hovering over his mate scared to actually touch him.

A wave of relief fills his body as he sees Jungkook’s side rising a falling slowly, indicating that he was still breathing. So with shaking hands, he assesses the wound on his side, trying to see how serious it really was. He brushes some matted hair to the side revealing a large gash that causes his breath to hitch in his throat. He should’ve known things would end up like this, how he allowed himself to leave Jungkook alone with a psychopath with a knife will forever make him hate himself. But right now he needs to focus on treating the younger’s wound, he can’t afford to risk him losing any more blood.

His body feels numb but he forces himself to stand up, quickly running to the bathroom to get his medical kit. His mind was racing but he knows he needs to stay as calm as he possibly can manage, he’ll never be able to help Jungkook if he doesn’t.

“Kookoo, I need you to stay with me. I-I’m going to fix this, I c-can fix this,” Taehyung says as he clambers back onto the floor beside the younger. He takes a deep breath before delving into the medical supplies, willing his hands to stop violently shaking.

The urge to vomit only grows stronger as Taehyung tries his best to clear the blood-soaked fur away from the wound. Despite his best efforts to stay calm, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was about to lose Jungkook, lose the one person who was his entire life. Life without Jungkook in it is something he couldn’t even begin to imagine, he already felt so lost without his words of comfort to help him believe in himself.

“Please d-don’t leave me, I can’t do this w-without you,” Taehyung chokes out as he cleans up the gash, the tears blurring his vision and making it hard for him to see what he was supposed to be focusing on.

Fighting back the tears, Taehyung takes yet another deep breath in an attempt to stay composed. He pushes the bad thoughts from his mind, refusing to allow himself to crumble and give up. Jungkook’s life was in his hands, and there was no force on this earth that was going to take him away. Instead, he thinks about all the amazing things that have happened since he found the younger out in the forest, how completely brighter his life has felt since they were brought together.

“This reminds me of when we first met,” Taehyung laughs shakily, his hands working almost on autopilot as he does his best to stitch the wound. “Thinking back on it I can’t believe I thought you were just a wolf, no animal is that bratty.”

Taehyung imagines how Jungkook would react to the statement if he was conscious, knowing full well he’d receive a playful push and a mutter from the younger claiming he wasn’t a brat. He lets out another small laugh at the thought, calmer now the wound was finally sealed and Jungkook was no longer losing blood. He picks up some bandages, trying his best to work out how he was going to wrap them around the younger’s body without moving him around too much.

“You said we’d be together until the end, so that means you can’t leave me now, right?” Taehyung says in an almost whisper, the emotions flooding back to him now that he’s done as much as he could for his mate. He falls back onto his heels once the bandage was secured, his eyes raking over Jungkook’s form as his heart constricts from the sight.

“We have so much planned for our f-future… more b-babies, bigger house… y-you haven’t even seen the twins wolf forms y-yet,” Taehyung sobs. “W-whose going to teach t-them how to be a wolf? I s-suck at it, you’re the expert… y-you’re my big, soft wolfie.”

The blood covering his hands goes unnoticed until Taehyung reaches out to touch Jungkook, but once he catches sight of them he stops all movements. He scrambles up off of the floor, heading straight for the kitchen sink to clean the crimson from his skin, to remove the reminder of what he just had to do.

A cry sounds from the twins’ room and it’s as if everything comes crashing down on Taehyung at once, a sob ripping through his throat as he brings his still wet hands up to his face to cover it. After a second he looks over his shoulder at Jungkook, hoping a miracle happened and he had woken up to show Taehyung that he was okay. But he’s only met with the same sight of him laying almost lifeless on the floor, only causing Taehyung to cry even harder.

All sounds go to static in his ears, the sound of his child crying along with his own sobs carrying almost no sound as his eyes dart around the room in search of his phone. He finds it laying in the centre of the coffee table, and almost at lightning speed he grabs it and runs out of the door towards his one spot where he can get signal. He needed someone, he was a complete mess and he knew he wouldn’t be able to do this alone. So with trembling fingers, he dials his best friends number, his head spinning as he leans up against a tree to stable himself.

“Hey, Tae! I didn’t expect you to call, is everything okay?” Jimin asks, his voice almost not registering to Taehyung as he sobs into the phone. “Are you crying? Oh my god, Tae? What’s wrong? Please talk to me.”


“Jungkook? What’s wrong with him?”

“He- he’s h-hurt, Chim. I- I tried to f-fix it but he’s s-still not awake.” Taehyung cries grow louder, his grip on his phone slipping. “The t-twins, I-I can’t let them s-see him, I c-can’t.”

“Tae, calm down. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Go home and wait for me, I’ll be there before you know it.” Jimin calmly says, trying his best to keep his best friend composed.

“O-ok,” Taehyung replies before dropping his phone, not even bothering to pick it back up as he stumbles back to the cabin.

When he gets back the place is quiet, his throat feeling tight at the lack of life within the home. His body works on its own as he falls back down beside Jungkook, his fingers softly carding through his mane as his eyes sting from all the tears he’s shed.

“Please wake up,” Taehyung voice was quiet and shaky, so many emotions within it. “I can’t do this without you, you’re my everything, Kookoo. Who’s going t-to help me with my writing? To t-tell me to take breaks when I’m o-overworking, to tell m-me to write a happy ending when I’m being a d-downer.”

His fingers scratch lightly behind one of Jungkook’s ears, hoping that even though he wasn’t awake he could still feel the touch. “Mia and Jungwoo would be l-lost without you. You’re their h-hero, you know that?”

Taehyung feels completely numb as he waits for Jimin to arrive, his eyes never leaving Jungkook as if he was scared he would disappear if he looks away. His mind was filled with pleas for the universe to bring his mate back to him, not that he was convinced that he was getting anywhere but at this point, he was willing to try anything.

A gentle touch on his shoulder has Taehyung panicking once again until he spins around and see’s Jimin smiling sadly down at him. He didn’t even hear him enter the house, way too preoccupied to focus on anything else apart from Jungkook.

“The twins,” Taehyung says quietly, emotionlessly blinking up at his best friend.

Jimin only nods, understanding what Taehyung was asking him to do. He heads out the room without saying anything, leaving the other alone as he checks on the babies. Taehyung doesn’t know how long he’s gone for, it could’ve been seconds, minutes, even hours he just doesn’t know. The world around him feels as if it has stopped, nothing seeming real like he was just apart of one of his most frightening nightmares that he wasn’t able to wake up from.

“What happened?” Jimin’s voice softly registers to the other as he sits down on the floor next to him, gently passing him a glass of water in which Taehyung takes with his still trembling hands.

“J-Jaehyun… he found us, he- he had a knife… I- I don’t know what happened, I didn’t want to leave him but- but he ordered me and my stupid wolf-“

“Shh,” Jimin interrupts Taehyung’s rambling, determined to not let him get so worked up again. “Do you know where Jaehyun is now?”

“N-no, I came out of the twins’ room when I could smell Kookoo again and I found him like this… I f-fixed him up just like I did with his leg before…” Taehyung brings to glass to his lips to try and ease the burn in his throat, sipping slowly as Jimin helps him steady it.

“It’s okay, Tae. Jungkook is too strong to let this be the end of him, there’s no way he’ll leave you.” Jimin encourages with a smile, trying his hardest to at least give Taehyung a little bit of hope. “Besides, you’ve healed him before, you can do it again.”

“B-but this time it’s much w-worse…”

“And Jungkook’s a fighter, that alpha nature is tough to bring down.”

Taehyung nods, convincing himself that everything that Jimin was saying was the truth. “How- how were my babies?”

“They’re fine. Both of them were tired so I put them to bed, they were worried about you though.”

“They haven’t even had dinner, how late is it? We should wake them, they can’t sleep on empty stomachs-“

“Tae, calm down. They’re fine, I’ll make them some food once they’re awake. But you need to rest too. You can’t properly take care of Jungkook if you’re exhausted, can you?” Jimin places his hand on the other’s arm, stopping him from standing up and waking the twins.

“Y-yeah, yeah you’re right.” Taehyung agrees before looking back at Jungkook, “but I can’t leave him alone out here…”

“Why don’t you sleep on the sofa? I’ll get you a blanket and some pillows, that way you’ll be in the same room as him.”

“That’s too far away,” Taehyung says as he chews on his bottom lip in thought. “I- uh- I know you said you never wanted to see my wolf form, but can we just break that rule for today? I- I feel closer to him when we’re both wolves, a-and that way I can sleep beside him…”

“Sure, Tae. I don’t mind, it’s your home after all.” Jimin smiles softly to ensure Taehyung that it was really okay, encouraging him to go and shift.

“I’ll be back… but before I go,” Taehyung shuffles forward to wrap his arms around Jimin, tightly squeezing him into a hug. “Thank you for being here, without you I would be breaking.”

Jimin squeezes his best friend back, “anytime, Tae.”

Taehyung pulls away with a smile before moving, exiting the room and disappearing down the hall leaving Jimin alone with Jungkook. Jimin sighs as he looks at the wolf, thinking of all the times he was completely terrified on his very being. Looking at him now he couldn’t even think about being scared, the wolf looked so gentle and helpless laying limp across the floor, all wrapped up in bandages like a mummy. His thoughts were interrupted when he hears soft padding coming from behind him, glancing over his shoulder he’s met with Taehyung’s wolf form for the first time.

“Wow, Tae. You’re much less intimidating than Jungkook, you look so soft and cuddly!” Jimin gushes with a slight laugh, only laughing more when the wolf nudges him playfully.

Taehyung passes by Jimin and curls up next to Jungkook, laying as close as he possibly could without causing him any more pain. He breathes in his mates’ scent to calm himself, filling his mind with only positive thoughts as he attempts to at least get some sleep. He was exhausted from the day, he really did need it.

“I love you, Kookoo. Please come back to me,” Taehyung says in his mind before closing his eyes, hoping that Jungkook was able to hear him.

He can only hope that when he wakes in the morning he’s met with happiness, he doesn’t know if his heart can take much more of this emptiness.

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