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Over the following week Taehyung feels himself growing used to having JK around the house, which he knows he shouldn’t be doing seen as he’ll have to leave once he’s all healed but he can’t help but grow attached to the lovable wolf. JK’s wound was healing well, he was now even to able to stand (without putting too much weight onto his harmed leg) and follow Taehyung around the house, curiously watching him with everything he does.

Taehyung continues to eat on the floor since JK refuses to eat without a dinner guest, something he finds more than endearing. Taehyung seems to be sitting on the floor so much that he’s wondering when was the last time he actually sat on a chair or on his sofa. He’s even started writing whilst sitting on the floor, back propped up against the wall with his notepad resting on a small table to his side so he could plan out the idea for his book whilst JK calmly lays his head in his lap, Taehyung’s free hand softly stroking his ears which he found out the wolf loved.

“Maybe I should do a sad ending to this story, something the readers would never predict. The element of surprise always works well in books.” Taehyung mumbles, trying to plan out how his new story will end. JK raises his head slightly, staring back at Taehyung with disapproval in his eyes. “What’s wrong? Not a fan of sad endings? Such a softie.” He laughs as he continues to scratch the wolf’s ears, JK placing his head comfortably back in Taehyung’s lap in appreciation.

Taehyung slaps his notepad shut, groaning at how fried his brain felt from overworking himself for the day. “You hungry, buddy? I’m absolutely starving.” Taehyung asks the wolf who glances up at him as a response, making absolutely no effort to move his head from the man’s lap.

“Well if you want dinner then you’re going to have to move, I can’t go anywhere when I’m trapped underneath you.” Taehyung laughs fondly at JK when he huffs in annoyance and reluctantly lifts his head so Taehyung could finally move. The wolf shakily stands along with him, following him to the kitchen area and watching as he rummages through the fridge to decide what to cook for dinner.

“I’m going to give you some vegetables tonight, Google says that wolves like to eat fruit and vegetables sometimes in order to keep themselves healthy,” Taehyung states as he puts all the items on the kitchen counter, glancing at JK only to see him looking back with an almost look of disgust in his eyes. “Hey, are you trying to argue with Google?” JK barks to confirm that he was, in fact, arguing, causing Taehyung to laugh at him.

“You’re not getting out of eating your vegetables, how else are you going to be a big strong wolf?” JK noses at the meat that Taehyung set out on the counter, “You can’t be strong by just eating meat, you need a balanced diet.” Taehyung sighs, it’s almost as if he’s trying to raise his own child at this point. JK noses at his hip in another attempt to get Taehyung to let up on the vegetables, but there was no way he was budging. “Your cuteness is not going to get me to forget about the veg, now go lay in your bed you shouldn’t be standing on your leg for too long.”

JK huffs in defeat and limps back over to his pile of blankets, positioning himself so he could watch Taehyung’s every move like always. Taehyung shakes his head with a laugh, it always amazes him how responsive the wolf was to him. He tried to search the internet about wolves being more intelligent and responsive than any other animal but he couldn’t find anywhere that said anything about it, according to Google he shouldn’t even be able to have a wild wolf in his house without staying alive. He decides not to worry about it too much, he’s always heard stories about people having special bonds with certain animals so he just guesses that JK is the animal he’s found a bond with, and ultimately he’s thankful for that.

Taehyung finds himself singing to himself as always whilst he cooks, missing the way the wolf happily wags his tail at the sound of his singing voice. Cooking like this actually made Taehyung feel like he was living with another human as appose to a wolf, not that he was complaining, he always did make too much food every time he would cook anyway. He carefully plates the food and makes his way over to JK to sit down, placing one plate in front of him which he is quick to sniff and side eye Taehyung over.

“Oh come on, they’re just carrots. Stop being such a drama queen.” Taehyung rolls his eyes as he eats some of his own food, noticing the way JK makes an almost offended huffing noise at him. “Okay, drama king then. Just eat your food and stop being sulky.”

JK turns his attention back to his food and hesitantly eats a slice of carrot off of the plate, cocking his head curiously as he chews and works out they don’t actually taste that bad. “See? Vegetables aren’t all nasty. Maybe we’ll try giving you a bath next.” Taehyung teases, making JK immediately stop eating and look at him with wide, pleading eyes. “I’m kidding you goof.” The wolf makes a noise of relief before eating his food making Taehyung smile at him in amusement.

After washing the dishes and writing for a couple more hours, Taehyung decides to call it a night. He stretches out his tired muscles before heaving himself off of the floor, yawning loudly as he does so. He turns back around to say goodnight to JK only to be met with the saddest eyes he’s ever seen on an animal.

“What’s wrong, buddy? Don’t like sleeping out here alone?” Taehyung asks. JK responds by placing his head on top of his paws, his sad eyes still looking at Taehyung without breaking eye contact. “How about I make you a bed in my room?” JK’s tail instantly starts wagging at that, letting Taehyung know he would very much like that.

Taehyung chuckles lightly at the response, beckoning JK to stand up to he could gather the blankets and move them into his room. He makes the bed of blankets up beside his own bed which JK happily curls up on immediately. “Such a softie,” Taehyung says as he observes the wolf’s actions. He crawls into his own bed and buries himself beneath his blankets, smiling at the wolf before turning the light off and closing his eyes.

“Goodnight, JK,” Taehyung whispers before falling asleep.

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