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As time passes things get better for Taehyung and Jungkook. Their life seems to go back to the quietness the loved so much, nothing around them but the ones they care about the most. Only them and their babies, just the way it was supposed to be.

Jungkook heals quickly, although Taehyung would argue and say he still wasn’t fit to do half the things he’s got back into doing. Cooking, playing around with the twins, taking care of Taehyung just as he did before he got injured. Taehyung would pout, trying to take the food away from Jungkook when he would get it from the fridge, but he would always lose the argument and finds himself frowning and worrying as he watches him from the dining table.

“Tae, I’m fine. It’s been three months, I’m all healed.”

“You almost died, Jungkook. You should be resting, you don’t get over something like that in three months,” Taehyung huffs from his seat. “And don’t you dare turn around and say it’s because you’re an alpha, your rank isn’t going to save you from my worrying.”

“I wasn’t going to use my rank,” Jungkook says quietly, letting Taehyung know that was exactly what he was about to do. “But seriously, I want to take care of my family, I don’t want to be sitting around feeling sorry for myself when I feel strong enough to go back to normal.”

“I can take care of us, I’ve been coping!”

“I know you have, pup. I just don’t like being so useless when I should be providing, it’s an alpha thing.”

“Again with using the rank,” Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Just don’t overdo it. You’re not indestructible, as much as you would love to be.”

“I know,” Jungkook says with a smile, quickly moving over to the elder to kiss his forehead before returning back to cooking. “You’re cute when you care.”

“I always care, sometimes way too much.”

“And you’re always completely adorable.”

“Shut up, you sap,” Taehyung says with a laugh. “I’ll go get the twins, surely they’re awake by now.”

Jungkook nods wordlessly, focused on making sure none of the food burns. He listens to Taehyung’s eager footsteps making their way across the hall to the twins' room, smiling happily to himself as he thinks of how excited his mate is to see their children. But the smile soon wipes off of his face, as soon as he hears a loud gasp and strange noise coming from Taehyung.

Within a second Jungkook pushes the frying pan off of the heat and dashes towards the sound, his heart beating wildly in his chest as he thinks about a million things that could be wrong. “Kookoo!” Taehyung yells from the doorway, and to Jungkook’s relief, he sounded more excited than distressed.

“What happened? What’s going on?”

“Quick! Look at Jungwoo!”

Raising an eyebrow, Jungkook shuffles forward to stand beside Taehyung in the doorway. His eyes land on Mia first, giggling as her chubby little hands grip the bars of her crib. Then his eyes flick over to the other crib, and that’s when he finds his jaw dropping. Instead of the smiling little baby boy he’s used to seeing, there within the crib is a small wolf happily wagging his tail.

Jungwoo’s wolf was mostly black but his left back foot was pure white as well as the tip of his tail. He was adorable, and Jungkook felt his heart bursting with pride.

“He shifted,” Jungkook says in awe.

“Uh-huh! He’s so cute, my little wolfie baby,” Taehyung squeals as he crosses the room to pick Jungwoo up. “Look at his little foot, he’s got little patches of me! I knew he’d mostly take after your wolf form, but I’m glad he takes after mine a little too.”

“Daddy, up,” Mia pouts sadly, feeling left out of the situation.

Jungkook is quick to scoop her up and cover her cheeks in kisses, making sure she felt loved as well. He then steps closer to Taehyung and Jungwoo, allowing Mia to softly pet her brother as he licked her small hands.

“I wanna be wolfie too,” Mia says.

“You will be one day, you just have to wait until your wolfie is ready to come out,” Jungkook encourages her. “I suppose we now have a baby and a puppy to take care of until Jungwoo decides to shift back.”

“Honestly, I never thought I’d have children who could double up as pets…” Taehyung says thoughtfully. Although it has been a couple of years since he first had to get used to all this, it still seems like the craziest dream to him.

“Wolves aren’t pets, Tae.”

“You were my pet before I knew you were half-human,” Taehyung giggles as he jokingly strokes the underside of Jungkook’s chin.

“And your best friend almost locked you up in an asylum because of it,” Jungkook laughs. It was good to be able to laugh about the past instead of looking back with bitterness, it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Taehyung laughs along with him feeling the exact same way. Life was crazy, but it was their own little type of crazy which they have learnt to adore. They’re learning to appreciate what they have since they have had a taste of how easily it can all be taken away from them in an instance.

The family sat within the garden that afternoon. Sun shining down upon them, Jungkook and Jungwoo playing around in wolf form as Taehyung makes a daisy chain bracelet for Mia who was happily playing with one of her teddy bears.

“Kookoo, make sure he doesn’t run off!” Taehyung repeats for possibly the tenth time within the hour. He knows that Jungkook wouldn’t intentionally lose their son, but that doesn’t keep him from worrying. “I saw you roll those eyes at me, don’t think I didn’t.”

“I wan’ play with daddy and Jungie,” Mia babbles as she clumsily stands up, only to be instantly grabbed by Taehyung.

“Once you’re able to shift as well you can play, but right now it’s too dangerous.”

“I wan' be wolfie too!”

Taehyung sighs sadly, not knowing how well he could explain the situation to his infant daughter in a way she would actually understand. His mind flashes back to the first time he shifted, how hard he thought it would be when in reality it just felt so natural. The words Jungkook said to him run through his mind, and he finally has an idea on how to make his little girl smile.

“Shifting should come naturally to you, sweetie. It’s not something you have to force. Just use your imagination, tell yourself you are a wolf and your inner wolf should come out.” Honestly, Taehyung really had no idea what he was talking about. But when Mia closes her eyes and has a small smile on her face, looking the exact same way she did when blowing out the candles on her first birthday cake, he knows he’s at least restored some belief in herself.

What shocks Taehyung the most is that it works, his completely ‘winging it/made up on the spot’ plan was actually the key to get his daughter shifting for the first time. He smiles brightly when she bounds up to him happily, laughing as he scratches behind her ears and runs a hand through her fur.

Mia’s wolf was different then Taehyung had expected, she had a light brown coat with a single black ear, much like his own. Her back paw mirrored her brothers, pure white like a little boot around it. She was equally as adorable, and Taehyung finds his heart bursting for the second time that day.

“Kookoo! We have another little wolfie baby!”

Within a second Jungkook emerges back out of the trees, carrying Jungwoo gently in his jaws by the scruff of his neck so he didn’t lose him. Mia instantly runs over to them, jumping and rolling around with her brother as soon as Jungkook puts him back down. When his mate’s gaze flashes over to him, Taehyung instantly knows that he wants him to shift too. One of the sweetest things about Jungkook was his excitement for all four of them to be in wolf form together, and now it was finally able to be a reality for him Taehyung didn’t want to keep him waiting.

Taehyung soon shifts too, making his way back into the garden and padding over to nuzzle against the warmth of Jungkook’s mane. “I didn’t expect her to be brown, but she’s beautiful all the same.”

“I think she got it from my mom, she’s brown too,” Jungkook states happily.

“I bet she’ll be thrilled once she sees her.” Taehyung leans against Jungkook, fitting perfectly against his side like two puzzle pieces. “This is definitely far from the family life that I imagined I’d have.”

“But you’re still happy though… right?”

“Of course. I couldn’t be happier.”

Taehyung sighs in content as Jungkook supports almost all of his weight, both of them watching happily as the twins chased each other through the grass. This life was a blessing, although it’s not anything like what Taehyung thought he wanted. But he had Jungkook and their two precious little babies, and he wouldn’t change a single thing. Not even for all the money the world had to offer.

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