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Jungkook often thinks back to the feeling when he presented as an alpha, how terrified he was when he was faced with losing his family. All he'd ever known was his pack. He remembers the feeling of his heartbreaking as his mom sadly howled at the thought of losing her son, and when his dad bowed down and begged him to fight for the role of the leader so he wasn't cast out. It was the toughest decision he ever had to make, going against his father's wishes and leaving his family behind, but he knew that being responsible for the entire pack wasn't something he was destined to do. He didn't even know where to start.

Another moment he thinks about a lot is when Taehyung found him. The way his scent instantly calmed the storm of emotions inside of him, how he took him in and cared for him until he was better. Taehyung was his saving grace. When he thought his life was over he was able to start a new one, a better one with his soulmate. Being with Taehyung was everything that Jungkoook never thought he would be lucky enough to find, and the life they've made with their children really was a dream.

It still hurts that he's not able to see his parents or his best friends whenever he wants to, after all up until he was 18 he was with them constantly so it's understandable that the pain wouldn't leave so easily. Although if he was faced with the choice again he would make the same decision every single time. Life with Taehyung is something he will never regret finding.

Despite giving up the role of leader of his pack, Jungkook still does have his hands full at times. Especially when Taehyung's heat hits. Having a needy omega and two small children to still take care of was definitely a mission. Even more so when said omega needed more attention than the twins did, demanding it so frantically that Jungkook could barely take care of the helpless little ones.

"Okay, the twins are asleep so now I'm all yours," Jungkook says as he rushes back into the bedroom, a little out of breath from running around the cabin.

"About time. I swear to the love of everything holy, if you don't know me right now I'm going to explode," Taehyung whines as he writhes around on the bed.

"Just let me get a-"

"Kookoo, please," Taehyung cries as he tries to grab Jungkook's arm to pull him down onto the bed.

Jungkook tries to keep his common sense, after their first mishap with a pregnancy he knows that he should be more strict when it comes to using protection as he usually is able to. But Taehyung looked much too inviting, shamefully rubbing his length with one hand and rolling a bud between his fingertips with the other. And he smelled beautiful, his scent was always more intense when he was in heat and the slick flowing from him only made him smell so much sweeter. There was no way Jungkook could make a conscious decision, he's just going to have to take the risk.

He's quick to get out of his clothes, his length already fully hard and aching beneath the fabric of his sweatpants just begging to be freed. Taehyung's whines only got louder when all of his clothes are off, impatient and overly needy for his mate to relieve him.

"Shh, pup. I'll make you feel good," Jungkook says softly as he climbs on the bed, looming over Taehyung's squirming form. He's quick to line himself up with the elder's entrance and slides in, the amount of slick leaking from Taehyung making the slide easy.

Taehyung quickly pulls Jungkook down to be flush against him, inhaling his scent as he buries his head in the crook of his neck. He moans in satisfaction once Jungkook starts moving, his need finally being fulfilled after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting.

The intimacy of being with Taehyung like this is what Jungkook loves, taking his time and really appreciating his mate is always what makes these moments the best for him. But he knows there's no time for any of that when Taehyung is in heat, he needs to be knotted in order to let go. So his movements are quick, delivering hard trusts to his writhing omega beneath him.

"Your k-knot, please- need it, please, please, please," Taehyung babbles mindlessly.

"I'm close, pup, don't worry," Jungkook comforts the elder. He speeds his movements up, trying to reach his high as quick as he could.

Taehyung moans loudly when he feels Jungkook's knot begin to swell, the feeling being exactly what he needed to calm the fire inside of him. And then they're locked together, Taehyung throwing his head back in ecstasy, feeling Jungkook fill him as he releases over his own stomach.

Jungkook softly kisses the side of Taehyung's neck as he recovers, soothing his mate back down from his high. "You okay now?"

Taehyung hums, nosing at the side of Jungkook's neck as he smiles contently. "That was exactly what I needed."

"Let's just hope the twins don't start crying before my knot subsides," Jungkook laughs.

Taheyung laughs along with him, smiling up at Jungkook hovering over him. His fingertips softly stroke his cheek, his mind filled with thoughts of how lucky he is. "Why does the higher-ranked wolf always get to be the one who marks his mate? How for the other wolves know you're my alpha if you haven't been marked?"

"It's a smell thing, they can tell I'm mated by my scent," Jungkook explains with a slight chuckle. "But you could always bite me if it would make you feel better, although I'm not sure we'll be meeting too many other wolves."

"You'd let me?"

"Of course. If you want to mark me then I'm fine with that, It's not like I have a problem with people knowing I belong to you."

Taehyung thinks about it as his fingers dance their way down to the crook of Jungkook's neck, softly running them over the spot where he would bite. "But it's not traditional."

"We're not traditional," Jungkook dips his head down to connect his lips with Taehyung's. "Mark me, show everyone that I'm yours."

Now, there's no way Taehyung could go against that request. His eyes widen as Jungkook tilts his head, bearing his neck for Taehyung to leave his mark. He stops for a minute before raising his head, placing a few kisses onto the area before sinking his teeth in. It's as if his wolf howls in delight as soon as his teeth break the skin, his heart somersaulting as he marks Jungkook as his own.

When he pulls back he laps over the mark, remembering that was something Jungkook did after he bit him. And then he smiles at the new addition to Jungkook's skin, his chest warming from the sight.


"More than ever," Taehyung smiles even wider.

Their marks were just another symbol of their love and bond to one another, the perfect symbol to show that they belonged completely and entirely to each other.

The next time that Jungkook shifts Taehyung can't help the ecstatic smile that spreads across his face, so wide it makes his cheeks ache. One of Jungkook's ears had turned pure white as a result of his mark, now their wolves were the complete contrast of one another's. He can't help but happily scratch behind it, causing Jungkook to calmly sigh.

There was definitely no one thinking that he was unmated now.

Jungkook goes out into the forest with the twins, the three wolves running out happily as they disappear behind the trees. Taehyung watches them go from the back door, feeling too lightheaded to go with them. He recognised the feeling and he knew it was time to face up to the truth. He really shouldn't have disregarded Jungkook's words of caution during his heat.

As he comes back from the bathroom he sits himself down on the sofa, wondering how he should feel. Ultimately he knows he's happy this time. His life was a blessing to him and he'll never take it for granted again. So he waits for Jungkook to come back, excited to tell him the news.

Jungkook comes back just before the sun begins to set, quickly dressing himself and the twins before leaving them both in their room to play as he gets started on dinner. "Kookoo, I need to tell you something..." Taehyung says, stopping the younger in his tracks before he reaches the fridge.

"What's wrong?" Jungkook says uncertainly as he sits down beside him on the sofa.

"Close your eyes and hold out your hand."

Doing as he's told, Jungkook closes his eyes and hold his hand out to Taehyung. This should seem sketchy to him, but he has no reason not to trust his mate so he just goes with it. He feels something being placed in his palm, waiting in suspense for Taehyung to tell him to open his eyes.

"Okay, open them," Taehyung nervously speaks, hoping that Jungkook's reaction is a positive one.

In Jungkook's palm was a pregnancy test which he narrows his eyes at, flipping it over to take a better look. "Two lines is positive right?" He says. The very same words he used the first time he looked at one.


"So we're having another baby?"

"Well, hopefully only one," Taehyung laughs. "But yeah, we are."

"And you're happy this time? Not freaked out?" Jungkook asks, hoping the answer is yet another yes.

"Having the twins was one of the best things I've ever done, so you could say I'm completely thrilled to be having another baby with you."

Jungkook smiles brightly, quickly pulling Taehyung close to him for a kiss. He holds him tightly - but not too tightly being aware of the little life growing inside of him. It was another unexpected baby, but he couldn't be happier that this time it was a celebration rather than a fight.

"I cannot wait to have another little wolfie baby with you," Jungkook says with a smile as he uses Taehyung's name for the twins.

Taehyung cups Jungkook's cheeks fondly and kisses him, both of them smiling so wide their teeth knock together. "Being completely crazy and bringing you into my home was the best thing I ever did."

"I'm glad you found me. If I died out there I never would've met my soulmate."

"I'm your lifesaver," Taehyung smiles cockily.

Jungkook laughs, agreeing with the statement. Taehyung really was his lifesaver. He was his mate, his true love, his entire home. And as long as he lives he will never, ever regret his decision to change his path which led them to meet on that day in the woods.


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