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Everyday JK gets closer to recovering Taehyung grows more and more sad. He knows he’s being selfish by wanting to keep the wolf with him even when he’s healed but he can’t help but think about how lonely he was before he came into his life. But the reality was that JK was a wild animal and wild animals could not be kept as pets, something his mom used to tell him as a child when he always asked to take home one of the rabbits in the forest by his old house. No matter how much he tries to push the thoughts away he can’t deny that JK has made himself a home in his heart, and he hates that he has to part with him soon.

The emotions dawn on his one evening after dinner when he’s changing the dressing on JK’s wound and sees it almost healed, he could see it’s been getting better over the past couple of days as the wolf’s been able to put more weight on the leg, but seeing the wound almost healed makes it all seem real. “Wow buddy, a couple more days and I think you’ll be all set to get back to your outdoor life. Exciting, huh?” Taehyung fakes a laugh. JK noses at his arm as if he could sense his sadness behind his words, maybe he didn’t want to leave Taehyung either.

“Stop being so adorable, it’ll just make it harder for me to let you leave.” Taehyung sighs as he finishes cleaning the wound, not redressing it as he knows at this point it’ll be more beneficial to leave it uncovered. “You must be excited to get back to your pack, I bet they’ve missed you. I bet you’re the cuddler amongst all your wolf friends, you’re too soft to be a hunter.” JK makes an offended huff as he looks Taehyung in the eyes. “Ok, by first looking at you I can totally see you ripping apart an animal to feed the pack, but after living with you for weeks all I can see now is little wolf pups jumping on you before snuggling up into your fur.” Taehyung laughs as he explains himself, JK not making any further moves to argue with him.


The next few days pass faster than Taehyung would’ve liked them to, and each day he sees JK get his strength back more and more until he’s completely back to his normal wolf self. Taehyung understands he probably misses the forest and his pack, assuming he even has one, it’s not that Taehyung could really ask him about it.

Taehyung checks the wolf’s wound for the last time after they have their breakfast and he deems him ready enough to finally leave the house, and with a heavy heart, he prepares himself to let him go. “Ok, JK. It’s been great living with you these past weeks, I never even thought I’d be able to even pet a wolf so becoming such good friends with you has been a great experience for me. I hope you’re able to get back to your old wolf life without any issues, you know where I live if you ever want to visit.” Taehyung laughs at himself at the last sentence, a visit from a wolf was truly something out of a storybook. He places a gentle kiss onto the wolf’s forehead before opening the back door and letting him run out, his heart clenching when he sees how happy he was to be free again. JK turns around to look at him again and Taehyung offers a wave before heading back into the house. when he turns around to shut the backdoor the wolf is already gone.

Sighing loudly, Taehyung allows himself to be engulfed by the silence. Sure, it wasn’t particularly loud when JK was there but it definitely wasn’t eery silence like it was now, he wonders how he even managed to live with it before. He decides to clean the house a bit, everything seeming a little furrier since he had a wolf there. Cleaning seems to occupy him for longer than he expected, he didn’t even realise he had missed lunch and it was now approaching dinner time. He finally puts the mass of blankets into the wash before beginning to cook dinner. Subconsciously he prepares two portions of food, groaning when he realises he’s just wasted a whole other dinner’s worth of food, he might as well just be throwing his money away at this point.

Sitting down at the table for the first time in which feels like forever for Taehyung, he begins to eat in silence. He didn’t really have much of an appetite but he knew ideally he had to eat, he can’t starve himself just because he’s sad over a wild animal finally leaving to go back to his natural habitat. When he’s finished he decides to wrap up the other dish and store it in the fridge, reheating food was never something he enjoyed doing but it was better than wasting a whole meal.

He couldn’t even focus on writing that night, not even one sentence was able to form within his brain and it frustrated him to the point where he wanted to scream. He decides to head out so he could call Jimin, he’s hasn’t been as in contact with his best friend as he probably should’ve been given the circumstances so he makes a pact with himself to change that. Sitting on his regular tree stump he dials Jimin’s number, the elder answering almost immediately.

“Tae! You haven’t phoned me in five whole days, I was about to get in my car and drive to you to see if you were still living, you had me worried!”

Taehyung laughs at him, finding it funny how frantic he seemed. “I know, I’m sorry I haven’t been calling as much as I should. Early stages of getting a book written, you know? I lose track of days, forget I have people out there who need an update on how I am.”

“Well in the future don’t forget. You’re lucky I had Yoongi convincing me to not freak out, I would’ve been down there after day two.”

“Remind me to thank Yoongi the next time I see him then.”

“Hmm. So you’ve been writing then? You finally have an idea?”

“I do! Managed to get the story planned out last week and I’ve written a whole chapter so far, I’m feeling confident about it.” Taehyung happily announces, leaving out the part he probably wouldn’t have focused so much if it wasn’t for a wolf keeping him company.

“That’s so great! The move was definitely good for you then, I’m glad.”

“Yeah, me too. I’ll call you again tomorrow, Chim. It’s getting late and who knows if I’ll be able to find my way back if it gets too dark.”

“Don’t say that, you’ll make me worry! You’re definitely calling me tomorrow if you don’t then I’m driving over there.”

“Alright, alright. Love you, Chim. Say hi to Yoongi for me.”

“Love you too, Tae!”

Taehyung smiles as he hangs up, glad he was able to speak to his best friend despite the fact the call only lasted a couple of minutes. He heads back through the forest, carefully stepping over roots and branches, not wanting to break a bone without any way of someone finding him. He decides to head straight to bed when he gets home, it was still quite early in the night but without the inspiration to write or anyone to talk to he can’t seem to find a reason to stay up.

It’s not until he’s laying in bed that he hears strange noises, almost as if something was scratching at the door. He puts the noise down to a tree scraping against the window and tries to go back to sleep but the noise only gets louder. Taehyung finally gets out of bed, slightly scared of what it could be as he turns on almost every single light in his house and prays it’s not a murderer coming to kill him, he really hopes Jimin wasn’t right about the forest murderers.

He enters the hallway when he sees a familiar silhouette through the glass on the black door seemingly pawing at it for attention. His fear fades when he opens the door and sees a large, black wolf staring up at him, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

“JK? What are you doing back here?” Taehyung laughs fondly when the wolf stands up and rubs against his waist affectionately, almost as if he was asking for permission to come back in. Of course, Taehyung lets him. He smiles when JK pads in and sits in the hallway, cocking his head to the side as if he’s confused as to why Taehyung hadn’t shut the door yet.

Taehyung happily giggles as he finally closes the door, his heart bursting with happiness that JK actually chose to return back to him.

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