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Things went relatively back to normal after JK returned back to the cabin, the only differences being the wolf now goes for morning and evening runs in the forest and can follow Taehyung wherever he goes around the house without having to sit and watch from a distance. Taehyung adored the company, having the companionship of another presence was really what he needed to get his mind back into writing. His writing sessions have moved themselves onto the sofa now that JK was able to jump up onto it, which was a massive improvement from sitting on the hard floor. The wolf took up most of the length of the sofa so his upper half was always laid across Taehyung’s lap which is something they had both grown to love.

It was during a writing session one afternoon that JK all of a sudden jolted awake from his sleep, his ears perked straight up and his eyes darting around the room as if he was looking for something. “What’s wrong, buddy? Sense something?” Taehyung asked curiously, the wolf just continued looking around the room and sniffed the air trying to work out what he was sensing. JK shifted closer to Taehyung so he was more over his lap, almost as if he was trying to shield him from the oncoming danger which just confused the human more, what could’ve possibly gotten into him?

A few loud knocks at the door startled Taehyung, he wasn’t expecting company so he had no idea who could be there. JK started growling lowly, his body not moving from its position over Taehyung’s lap. “I’m going to have to see who’s there, it might be important.” The wolf stopped growling to look at Taehyung in confusion, clearly not knowing why the man would put himself in danger like that. JK seemed to understand that Taehyung was serious as he slowly makes his way off of him and goes running into the hallway first to growl at the door, trying to ward off the intruder.

“Tae? Are you in there? What the hell is that noise?” Jimin’s voice rang through the door followed by a few more frantic knocks.

“It’s just Chim, be nice.” Taehyung warns the wolf before unlocking the door, although JK refuses to stop growling by his side, placing himself in a position so he was ready to attack anyone who tried to harm Taehyung.

Jimin screams when he meets eyes with a vicious looking JK before quickly glancing up to see Taehyung’s sheepish smile. “Hey Chim, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? How about why have you got a wild animal in your house and why does he look like he’s ready to kill me?!” Jimin panics, readying himself to run away from his oncoming death.

“I can explain that.” Taehyung laughs before crouching down and softly cupping the wolfs face. “JK, I told you to be nice. It’s just my best friend, Jimin. He won’t harm us I promise you.” JK cocks his head looking unconvinced, but he lets up on the growling for now as if to not anger Taehyung. “Good boy.” Taehyung places a small kiss between the wolf’s eyes making him happily wag his tail before he stands back up and smiles at Jimin who was still in the doorway.

“What the hell just happened? Did you actually just kiss a wolf? Of course, you kissed a wolf.”

“Come on in, Chim. I’ll make us some tea.” Taehyung ignores the questions and steps aside for a still panicked Jimin to enter. He then makes his way over to the kitchen area with JK firmly glued to his side as he boils the kettle to prepare some tea, once it’s all finished he turns around to see a frozen Jimin glancing at him in disbelief. “Sit down, the tea’s ready.” Taehyung motions for him to sit in the armchair which the elder reluctantly does, still slightly scared of the wild animal that could kill him at any chosen moment.

Jimin watches as Taehyung places two cups of tea down on the coffee table before sitting himself on the sofa, the wolf quickly jumping up as well and protectively draping himself over the man’s lap and glaring warningly at Jimin. Jimin gulps before he speaks, “Only two cups? You’re not going to make the wolf some tea?” He jokes, trying to make light of the weird situation he’s found himself in.

“He doesn’t like tea, only coffee. But he’s only allowed one cup in the morning before his run, any more than that and he gets a bit hyper and twitchy.” Taehyung explains as he softly strokes the wolf’s ears to keep him calm.

“Of course he does,” Jimin mumbles, definitely thinking his best friend has completely lost his mind at this point. “Can you please explain the wild animal? Because right now I can’t make sense of this at all.”

“His name is JK, he picked the name himself so I’m positive he likes it. I found him injured in the forest when I was on the phone to you one time, it was a little hard to carry him back here but I managed it. I took care of his wound and made sure to keep an eye on it until it healed, during that time he lived with me and we bonded. He was actually all set to go a couple of days ago so I let him run free, but he ended up coming back to me and now he just lives here as well.” Taehyung shrugged as he struggled to retrieve his tea from the table in front of him, a seemingly hard task when a large wolf is in your lap.

“And why does he keep glaring at me?”

“He’s just being cautious, we’ve never had a visitor so he’s just being protective of me like the big softie he is.”

“Big softie, right...” Jimin unconvincingly agrees, trying to look anywhere else but at the angry wolf staring into his soul.

Taehyung laughs at his best friend, finding the whole situation more than amusing. “I’m going to go to the bathroom, don’t nose around my living room whilst I’m gone.”

“You’re going to leave me here alone... with the wolf?” Jimin swallows loudly, throat drying up at the thought of being alone with an animal that he thinks is clearly wondering what his insides taste like.

“Oh no, he comes with me. He likes to sit outside the door when I’m in the bathroom, I think he likes to guard me.” Taehyung giggles, pushing JK lightly to tell him to get up so he can move.

Jimin sighs in relief as he watches Taehyung leave the room with the wolf closely following behind him. He quickly pulls his phone in the hopes he can quickly call his boyfriend, cursing when he sees there’s no signal. He needs to try and think of a plan on his own, he can’t just leave Taehyung staying here when he thinks he’s not mentally healthy. Living with a wolf and acting as if he’s your friend is not sane, and there’s no way Jimin will sit there and allow it to carry on.

Taehyung walks back into the room, giggling as JK playfully tries to push him over by leaning into his hip. Jimin can only frown at the unusual sight, surely nobody should be that close with a wild animal. “Are you staying for dinner? I went to the market yesterday so we have more than enough food if you want to join us.”

“Er- Yeah, sure. It will be nice for us to properly catch up.” Jimin forces a smile, the more time he gets to stay means more time to convince Taehyung to come back home with him. “So, have you written much lately?”

“Oh yes, lots actually. JK’s like my little editor, I run ideas past him and he lets me know if they’re good or not, it really helps me filter out all the crap I’m writing.”

“How the hell does a wolf help you write?”

“JK is very intelligent! He’s more aware than most animals, I can have proper conversations with him and although he can’t talk back he has little actions that make me feel like he can.” Taehyung tries to explain, not missing the look of judgement he gets from the elder. “You won’t understand, but I really do have a special bond with him.” JK snuggles more into Taehyung from the words, a small action that tells Taehyung that he feels the same.

Jimin decides to move away from the topic, anything he would say further is bound to insult Taehyung so it’s safer to just say nothing at all. He instead talks about himself and what he’s been doing at home, things that Taehyung would say were ‘boring’ and ‘too normal’ for his likings. After a while Taehyung decides to make a start on dinner, refusing Jimin’s offers to help, knowing that he would just take over and do everything his own way. Once the food is all ready he places one plate on the table in front of Jimin before picking up the other two plates and sitting down on the floor with JK to eat.

“What are you doing?” Jimin asks.

“I sit on the floor to eat, JK doesn’t like to eat alone and he can’t exactly sit at the table.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Jimin sighs as he slowly chews his food, his eyes not moving from Taehyung on the floor. “Next you’re going to tell me he sleeps in your bed with you.” He jokes after a few minutes of silence.

“Well he didn’t before, but since he’s able to jump up he does. He keeps me warm at night and you know how much I can’t sleep without cuddling something.” Taehyung shrugs like it’s a completely normal thing to share a bed with a wolf.

“Tae, seriously?”

“What? It’s a big bed.”

“I don’t think space is really the issue here.” Jimin shakes his head. The rest of the dinner is spent in silence, neither of the men knowing what to say to each other.

It isn’t until Taehyung is washing the dishes that Jimin decides to chance it and begin to convince the younger how unhealthy his current situation is. “Tae... I think you should come back to the city with me.”

“What? Why?” Taehyung turns as he’s drying his hands, eyes narrowed in confusion as the wolf moves closer to his side.

“This whole situation is unhealthy, you just can’t see it because you’ve convinced yourself otherwise. That thing is a wild animal, having him live in your house, eat dinner with you, even share your bed is just not normal. I think I’ll be able to get you an appointment with my uncle, It’ll be good for you to talk to a professional about your mental state.”

“Chim, I’m not insane.”

“See, you think all this is normal! You need to be around real humans, socialise with people. I have a work friend called Hoseok and I’m pretty sure he’s your type, maybe you can try and date him.” Jimin suggests, a wide smile gracing his face to try and ease the situation.

“I don’t want to date your boring work friend, I’m fine where I am.” Taehyung almost hisses, not believing that his best friend was really trying to convince him that he’s lost his mind. JK looks up at him, rubbing his head across his waist in an attempt to show support.

Jimin stands up from the armchair, refusing to give up on the topic. “You’re not fine though, you need to get help.”

“What I need is for you to stop judging me. This is my life, there’s nothing wrong with my current living situation.”


“No, Jimin. I don’t want to hear you try to convince me that I’ve lost my mind, because I haven’t. JK protects me, he keeps me company, and if anything he’s the one keeping me sane.” Taehyung sighs, completely done with discussing this. “I think you should go.”

Jimin sighs in defeat and prepares to leave to avoid upsetting Taehyung any further. “I’m sorry. I’m just worried about you... can you at least consider coming to visit for a couple of days?”

“If I say yes will you go?”

Jimin nods in agreement so Taehyung agrees to think about it, even though he knows he’ll never agree to visit the city for even a day let alone more than that. He sees Jimin out, exchanging awkward goodbyes with him before shutting and locking the door. He groans loudly as he makes his way to his bedroom, just wanting to crawl under his sheets and forget about the amount of judgement he just received from who he thought was his best friend. JK follows in behind him and sheepishly makes his way onto the bed, nudging Taehyung’s arm with his nose as a request for him to cuddle up. Taehyung lifts his arm over the wolf and slowly strokes his fur, instantly feeling comforted.

“I’m not crazy, am I?” Taehyung asks the wolf, receiving a negative huff in return. “Sometimes I really wish you were human, It would make it so much easier for me to talk to you,” he laughs. The wolf only cocks his head as if he was thinking about something, causing Taehyung to fondly scratch behind his ears.

Taehyung really was happy the way his life was at that moment in time, and no amount of judgement from anyone would ever make him feel differently towards his loyal companion.

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