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Taehyung made no effort to contact anyone after his visit from Jimin, he had no desire to talk to people who thought he was crazy just from having a bond with a usually vicious animal. He only really needed the company of JK anyway, even though the wolf seemed more distant lately. JK didn’t seem like his usual self at all, he was seemingly thinking more as if he was constantly debating with himself. The behaviour worried Taehyung but it wasn’t like he could sit down and talk to the wolf about it.

Everything changed one evening after dinner, the pair had eaten together as always, tonight Taehyung ranting about his childhood talking about how he never had a friend who he felt he clicked with as much as he clicks with JK. He knew how crazy he must’ve sounded, how can you click with an animal who can’t even contribute to a conversation? But he didn’t care, being with the wolf made him truly feel safe and comforted and he had never known someone who made him feel that way. Taehyung decided to take a shower after his prolonged rant, leaving JK to snuggle up on the bed and wait for him.

When Taehyung returned to the bedroom, loose towel draped around his hips and towel drying his hair ready to greet his wolf again, it was not a wolf that he saw sitting on his bed. It was a boy around his age but perhaps a little younger, draped in a blanket off of the bed, his large doe eyes staring back at him with a certain wonder that seemed oddly familiar. Taehyung couldn’t help but yell out in fear at him, as beautiful as he was he was still a stranger and Taehyung had no idea how the hell he managed to get into his house.

“Who the hell are you?! Where’s JK? What have you done with my wolf?!” Taehyung’s eyes darted around the room in search of a weapon, the only thing remotely useful that he spots being a lamp. He reaches out to pick it up only to curse loudly when the base burns his hand, earning a chuckle from the boy on the bed. “Did you seriously just laugh at me? You break into my cabin, do God knows what to my wolf and you have the audacity to laugh at me trying to protect myself?”

“I didn’t break in, you let me in.” The boy states.

“I think I would remember letting a stranger into my home, do you think I’m senile?”

“I’m not a stranger, we’re friends. Well at least you tell me we’re friends, you call me ‘buddy’ all the time.”

Taehyung raises an eyebrow at the boy, not having the slightest clue what he was talking about. “Are you insane? Did you escape from the asylum and come to hide here? I didn’t even know I lived close to an asylum.”

The boy chuckles again, eyes lighting up with amusement. “I’m Jungkook, but you know me as JK. I chose that name seen as spelling out ‘Jungkook’ with my paws was a little hard to do, as you said back then, I was just being lazy.”

“JK? As in my wolf, JK?” Taehyung asks to which Jungkook nods with a bright smile. “But you’re not a wolf, you’re a person... are you trying to play me? Have you been watching my life from afar and now you’re trying to mess with me?”

“Technically I’m both, I’m a werewolf. You know, able to shapeshift between human and wolf forms. Although I do prefer being in my wolf form, that’s just a personal preference though.”

“You’re kidding me, right? There’s no such thing as werewolves, we’re not living in one of my storybooks.” Taehyung scoffs.

“Well, that’s what we want humans to think. If nobody knows we exist then we’re free from being tested on and being killed by hunters and all that. We’re safe if people think we’re fictional. Ask me anything that only JK would know, let me prove it to you.”

“Why can’t you just change back into a wolf? That would be all the proof I need.”

“Ok, fine. I thought questions would be a more fun experience but whatever you want, I guess.” Jungkook sighs, he’s never been a big fan of the shifting experience so having to do it again was a little annoying for him, but if it was the only way that Taehyung was going to believe him then so be it. “Can you turn around whilst I do it? I’m naked and that’s embarrassing.”

“No. What if you just trick me and get the wolf out of the wardrobe?”

“You really think that I could calmly get a large wolf to hide in the wardrobe? I don’t think I’d get out of that unharmed, especially with one as eager to protect you as I am.”

“Hmm, fine. I’ll turn around.” Taehyung says reluctantly and turns his back to Jungkook. He hears some strange noises that he can’t quite make out before his arm gets nudged by a familiar nose making him gasp and then smile as he turns back to face the wolf. “Wow.” Is all he can say as he sees the wolf he’s grown so fond of back in the room. “Shift back, I’ve got SO many questions!”

Jungkook seemingly rolls his eyes, pushing his head at Taehyung’s waist to get him to turn around again. As soon as he shifts back he wraps himself back in the blanket to cover himself, “Please don’t make me shift again for at least a couple of hours.”

“Don’t worry, I think I’ve got a couple of hours worth of questions.” Taehyung throws him a boxy smile and motions for him to sit on the bed so they could talk, excitement sparkling in his eyes as if he was a kid on Christmas morning. “Ok so firstly, you’ve been living here for so long, why are you only just showing me this now?”

“Well first I couldn’t even shift because I was hurt, I always heard horror stories about shifting when you have an injury so I wasn’t willing to try it. After I was healed you just seemed so content with me being here, I thought if I showed you then you’d throw me out without allowing me to explain... but then a couple of nights ago you made that comment about wishing I was a human so I thought maybe you’d be okay with it.” Jungkook attempts to explain.

“Makes sense.” Taehyung shrugs. “How did you even get that injury anyway? I’ve always wondered that.”

“Uh- that’s kind of a long story...”

“I have time.”

“Of course you do.” Jungkook laughs as he makes himself comfier on the bed, pulling the blanket tighter around him to make sure he was fully covered. “Ok so, obviously you know that wolves live in packs and that is the same for werewolves. My pack actually travel from place to place, we weren’t a stationed pack which means we owned no territory so it was safer for us to move around. A few weeks ago we were passing through this forest, I was feeling nervous because I knew it was coming up to my eighteenth birthday and that’s the day I would present and finally find out my ranking. I was so sure I was going to be a beta like my father and mother were, as did the rest of the pack so nobody was really waiting around for me to present, presenting as a beta isn’t a massive deal after all. But my birthday came and I ended up presenting as an alpha which shocked both me and the rest of the pack, I was confused seeing as my entire life I never even learnt about what it meant to be an alpha. I soon learnt that newly presented alphas had to challenge the current head alpha for the position of leader of the pack, so that’s what happened.” Jungkook sighs.

“I’m guessing he won then?”

“I could’ve won, the head alpha was getting old and he wasn’t as strong as me so everyone was expecting me to win. But as I was fighting him I realised I didn’t want to win, all the responsibility of keeping the pack safe and moving around to find food seemed so exhausting and it’s not what I wanted at all... so I gave up and let him win. I think he knew what I was doing and that’s why he left me with just the leg wound, so I’m thankful to him for that. But the fact I lost meant I was cast out of the pack immediately and they just left me there alone, even my parents didn’t spare me a second look.”

Taehyung frowns at the younger’s words, he couldn’t believe that things in Jungkook’s world were so savage. “I can’t believe they just left you out there to die, your wound was so bad you couldn’t even walk!”

Jungkook shrugs, “That’s what it’s like with the rankings, there are no exceptions for anyone. No alphas are allowed to follow along with the pack, they either take over their current pack or leave to form one of their own. Some even die at the hands of their current leader... well paws I should say.”

“That’s discrimination.”

Jungkook laughs at the elder’s frown, finding the facial expression way too cute to take it seriously. “It kind of is. But hey, it brought me to you so it wasn’t all bad.”

Taehyung’s frown morphs into a smile at the statement, it was true after all, they never would’ve met if Taehyung hadn’t of been so determined to help the injured wolf. “You being an alpha explains how protective you are, must be in your genes to protect the people close to you.”

“Uh- Yeah... wolf instincts and all that.” Jungkook mumbles, looking down in an attempt to conceal the blush creeping its way onto his face. Taehyung, however, still sees how nervous the younger had become from the topic. He knew there was something more to it but he couldn’t find it in him to ask about it just yet, he didn’t want to embarrass him further when he still had a lot more questions to ask.

“Does your headspace change when you’re in your different forms?”

“Not really? I guess my wolf instincts are slightly muted when I’m in my human form, but other than that I feel basically the same.”

Taehyung continued asking questions without ever running out of things to ask, every time he asked one it was as if a new question made its way into his mind. Jungkook probably should be feeling overwhelmed at this point, but he couldn’t find it in himself to stop Taehyung when he was so excited about the whole thing. It was way past midnight when Taehyung began feeling sleepy, he finally stopped asking questions and went to change into his pyjamas before entering back into the room and offering Jungkook something to sleep in.

“Would you rather I changed back into a wolf? I know how much my fur warms you at night...” Jungkook reluctantly asks, not knowing if it was weird to sleep in the same bed together after Taehyung knowing he wasn’t fully a wolf.

“That would be great, I kind of need my fluffy cuddle buddy.” Taehyung sleepily laughs as he crawls under the covers.

“I’ll say it while I still can then, goodnight Taehyung.” Jungkook smiles fondly before leaving the room, again feeling too self-conscious to shift in front of the elder.

Taehyung waits patiently for him to return, his eyes closing before Jungkook even came back. He startles when he feels the bed being jumped on, opening his eyes again only to be met with the familiar black wolf. He smiles and motions for him to lay down so he could snuggle up, the warmth instantly smothering him as he does so.

“Goodnight, Jungkook,” Taehyung mumbles out, the wolf snuggling closer as a reply. Really it should be different now that Taehyung knows what Jungkook really was, but he really couldn’t bring himself to want to change anything about their bond.

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