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Taehyung was woken up the next morning by Jungkook nudging him with his nose, he groaned tiredly and tried getting him to stop seen as he was still overly tired from staying up so late the night before. Jungkook didn’t stop though, the wolf was more than ready to go for his morning run and needed Taehyung to let him out of the cabin for it.

“Seriously? Why can’t you just turn into a human and let yourself out? I know you can do that now so don’t try and fool me.” Taehyung whines as the wolf continues trying to nudge him awake, shifting so frequently was just a pain for Jungkook so he was determined to avoid it. “Fine,” the elder huffs as he sleepily rolls out of bed with an excited Jungkook eagerly following him and wagging his tail.

“You’re letting yourself in though, I’m going back to bed. I’ll leave some clothes on the porch for you.” The wolf yips in acknowledgement before running out of the now open door and into the forest leaving a still half asleep Taehyung mumbling about having to now find clothes that will fit the younger.

Jungkook’s lived amongst the trees his entire life so for him exploring the forest was a needed activity which he liked to do at least two times a day. Sometimes he’s lucky and Taehyung feels like going for a walk which gives the wolf an extra time outside, but that occurrence really only happened a few times a week. Ideally, Jungkook wouldn’t want to be living within a domestic environment, he would much rather spend his days outside, but something about Taehyung just wouldn’t allow him to leave. He felt it the first time he was approached by the elder, he usually wouldn’t have been so quick to trust a human but when Taehyung spoke to him in his deep soothing voice it was like his body instantly calmed down and he allowed himself to be taken in by him. He’s drawn in by his scent, a sweet scent of strawberries and cream which he could smell even from the other side of the forest, it’s what pulled Jungkook back to the cabin the day he was free to leave, he couldn’t run away from the calming scent that he had linked to the feeling of being home. All the signs point towards Taehyung being his mate which Jungkook thought was completely impossible, he’s never heard of a werewolf having a human mate, but then again maybe the other werewolves just kept them stories hidden from him. He’s become protective over Taehyung, always sniffing out for signs of danger as he runs through the woods, listening out for strange noises as he sits on top of rocks and enjoys the breeze. Telling Taehyung about the possibility of them being mates is a topic Jungkook decides to hold off on hoping that if it’s meant to be then things would happen naturally, he’s hoping they’ll happen naturally.

The wolf huffs before running back towards the cabin, his need to be near Taehyung growing every second he spends away from him. He spots clothes on the doorstep as he returns, he didn’t really want to change into his human form but he knew Taehyung would probably still have more questions for him, he thinks for him it’s definitely worth it. Thankfully the clothes fit him, he’s definitely more muscular than Taehyung so he was a little worried nothing he owned would be big enough for him. Once he’s dressed he enters back into the cabin and checks on the elder, he has to stop himself from cooing when he sees him snuggled up into his blanket hugging a pillow close to his chest. Jungkook contemplates making breakfast, he’s never actually cooked before, being a wolf that eats all of his meat raw and straight from the source, but he’s watched Taehyung prepare meals every day for the last month so he thinks he can at least attempt it.

Jungkook decides to play it safe with just bacon and eggs, something not too hard to mess up on. He scrambles some eggs whilst frying the bacon, copying every movement he had seen Taehyung make when he prepares this exact meal. Thankfully he manages to prepare all the food without burning anything, and everything actually looked good as he plated it up and set the plates down on the table seen as he could now sit there. He then goes to wake Taehyung up, praying he’s less hostile than he was the first time.

“Tae?” Jungkook softly says as he shakes the sleepy male, earning only a grunt in return. “I made breakfast, It’s going to get cold if you don’t eat it soon.”

Taehyung’s eyes flutter open at the words, he tiredly rubs them with his fist as he stretches out and groans. “You made breakfast? You can cook?” He says in disbelief.

“Well, no I can’t... but I watched you make breakfast so often that I just copied your movements and I managed to make something!” Jungkook says, a proud toothy smile spreading across his face as he speaks.

“Cute,” Taehyung says as he sees the younger’s bright smile. “Well, I’m up so let’s eat, we can’t let all your efforts go to waste.” He walks out of the room to head to the kitchen leaving behind a flustered Jungkook.

Jungkook finally manages to compose himself and follows Taehyung out to the kitchen, he sees the elder already seated at the table tucking into his food. He hums in delight as he chews, “This is actually really good! I wish you would’ve told me you were a werewolf earlier, I could’ve had you making me breakfast all this time.”

“That’s actually why I used to stand by you in the kitchen, I felt bad that I wasn’t able to help,” Jungkook admits as he takes and seat and starts eating his own food, he was a little clumsy with using his fork but that was understandable seen as he wasn’t used to using any utensils to eat with.

“I always wondered about that, that’s a much sweeter reason than what I was thinking.”

“What were you thinking I was there for?”

“I just always thought you were being impatient for your food, I thought maybe you were waiting for me to drop bits for you to eat.” Taehyung chuckles.

Jungkook frowns at the words, “You thought I was some kind of begging dog?”

“Well, yeah? I didn’t know though, I thought you were just a wolf and they’re close in relation to dogs!” Taehyung tries to defend himself which makes Jungkook laugh at him.

“Okay, I’ll forgive you, as long as you know now that was not what I was attempting to do.”

“I do indeed! You were just being my cute little helpful werewolf.”

Jungkook’s face heats up once again at the words as he looks down at his plate in an effort to hide it. Damn Kim Taehyung and his ability to make him so flustered over the smallest of things, but he can’t say that he wasn’t enjoying the praise he was receiving from him. He’ll get him back one day, once he’s more confident he’ll make sure the tables turn.

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