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It’s a great thing for Taehyung to finally have someone to hold a proper conversation with. Jungkook being able to actually answer his questions and give him opinions on things vocally is something he didn’t really know he needed until it happened, sure talking to him when he was a wolf was something that Taehyung enjoyed but receiving actual vocal responses was much more enjoyable. Their bond only grew as the days passed, both of them still in the same routine as when Jungkook was a wolf. Taehyung spent the days writing, only now he laid his head in Jungkook’s lap as he typed away on his laptop instead of having the wolf over him, both of them thoroughly enjoyed the change.

“Do you think I should kill a character in this story? It might add to the intensity of the whole thing.” Taehyung stops writing to ask, tilting his head back slightly so he could look up at Jungkook’s face.

“Depends on what character you want to kill off.”

“Hmm, maybe a side character? I don’t really want to kill one of the main ones since I’m aiming for that happy ending that wolf you convinced me into doing.”

“How will they die though? There isn’t any threat in the book,” Jungkook voices out causing Taehyung to hum thoughtfully.

“Oh damn, you’re right. I’ll think of something. For now, I’ll just write a note about it.” Taehyung says quickly as he goes back to typing away on his laptop, Jungkook smiling down fondly at him. “I need to go to the market tomorrow. If you come with me we can buy you some clothes, I’m running out of things that will fit you. There’s a cute little clothing store in town that we can get them from.”

Jungkook tenses up from the words. “You want me to go to a human town?”

“Yeah, why? Nobody will know you’re not really human.”

“I know... I’ve just never been to one before, I’ve never even been so close to a lot of humans at once so the thought is kinda scary.”

Taehyung laughs at the younger before closing his laptop and looking back up at him, he brushes a lock of hair out of his eye before smiling reassuringly. “They won’t hurt you. Besides, you have me and I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”


“Promise.” Taehyung keeps the smile on his face as he holds out his pinky to Jungkook, the younger only cocking his head in confusion as he stares at the finger.

“Link your pinky with mine, it’s called a pinky promise. It’s a little childish but I still think it’s a good way of sealing a promise.”

Jungkook slowly links his finger with Taehyung’s, laughing cutely as the elder pulls on them to make sure the promise is secure. It was definitely a good way of making sure the promise will not be broken.


The following afternoon both Taehyung and Jungkook get themselves ready to go into the town, the younger was nervous for the new experience whereas the elder was excited about finally not having to go shopping alone, he always felt bad about leaving Jungkook behind anyway. Jungkook panics as they approach Taehyung’s car, he’d never been in one before so the yet another new experience was finally dawning on him.

“You’re scared of cars?” Taehyung asks as he notices how reluctant Jungkook was to get into the vehicle.

“I- uh- I’ve just never been in one, I know they’re loud though, I’m not a fan of loud noises.”

“Oh, I forgot you had insanely good hearing. You can hold your head out the window, that might help, my dog Soonshim loves to do that.”

Jungkook glares at Taehyung, “you’re comparing me to a dog, again.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I just- I’m sorry.” Taehyung nervously laughs.

Jungkook rolls his eyes and slips into the car, not wanting to waste any more time with the conversation. Taehyung pouts before getting into the driver’s side, he really hates how his brain to mouth filter hardly ever works. “I really am sorry, I shouldn’t keep comparing you to a dog. Wolves are way cooler anyway, and you’re a werewolf which is extra cool.”

“It’s fine, Taehyung.”

“Well, you just called me ‘Taehyung’ instead of ‘Tae’ which means it’s definitely not fine.”

“You always compare wolf me to Soonshim when I’m clearly much better. Could Soonshim rip apart a deer in a second? No, but I could.” Jungkook childishly huffs.

“Are you getting jealous of my family dog right now? Is that what’s actually happening?”

“No, I’m just stating the facts, and the facts are that I’m better.”

“Well okay then, I hear you loud and clear.” Taehyung has to suppress a laugh as he finally starts the car which frightens Jungkook from the sudden loud noise. “Soonshim wouldn’t have jumped at that noise, he loves the car,” the elder teases.

“I didn’t jump, I wasn’t scared at all,” Jungkook mumbles, staring out the window in an attempt to seem less frightened by the situation he was currently in.

Taehyung shakes his head with a smile at the childish behaviour, somehow it was endearing to see Jungkook act this way. They drive to the town in near enough silence, Taehyung makes attempts to see how Jungkook was doing but is only met with a quick and blunt ‘I’m fine’ every time so eventually he gives up. The younger lets himself finally relax once the car parks and Taehyung shuts off the ignition, leaving them in comfortable silence for a minute.

“Ok, we’ll get you some clothes first and then I’ll take you to the butcher so you can pick out what meat you want.” Taehyung states, his voice cutting through the peaceful silence. If Jungkook was in his wolf form then his tail would’ve definitely started wagging at the promise of picking his own meat, and Taehyung can see this just by the way his doe eyes sparkle and his mouth slightly parts in excitement. Taehyung smiles at the cuteness of the action and motions for Jungkook to get out of the car so they could get shopping.

Picking out clothes for Jungkook wasn’t the hardest task Taehyung had ever had to perform. The younger seemed to be very drawn to hoodies and baggy t-shirts which the shop seemed to stock a lot of. He picked a few hoodies and loads of t-shirts before picking out a couple styles of jeans for him to try on seen as Taehyung wasn’t sure if skinny jeans would be able to fit over his muscular thighs, which he couldn’t seem to stop staring at since he mentioned them. The jeans, fortunately, did fit him, clinging to his thighs in the most delicious way that had Taehyung practically drooling outside the dressing rooms, he had to send him away quickly in fear of getting hard in the middle of the store.

Once Taehyung had purchased all the items they made their way to the butcher within the market as promised. Jungkook’s eyes couldn’t stop darting around the selection of meat in front of him, he was getting so excited that the elder was scared he was going to start digging into some there and then. Jungkook ends up quickly pointing to the different cuts of meat that he wanted, his nose twitching as he tries to sniff out what the freshest pieces were. Taehyung was scared people were going to start questioning his behaviour so he just laughs and subtly tells him to calm down before that happened.

The younger is much less excited when Taehyung is picking out the fruit and veg, he hadn’t liked anything other than carrots but the elder still insisted that he needed a balanced diet so he had to have variety in his meals, and who was he to argue when Taehyung was the one paying for everything? It was a blessing once they returned back to the car to finally head home, both of them were absolutely exhausted from the day they had.

“So, was it as bad as you thought it was going to be?” Taehyung asks once they enter back into the cabin, Jungkook holding all the bags with ease as he makes his way into the kitchen to set them down.

“Not really. But there were too many smells, my nose hurts now.” Jungkook whined.

“Bad smells or good smells?”

“Well good smells whilst we were by the butcher, all that meat was so fresh so I focused myself on that. But away from that, I could just smell the mixture of everyone else’s scent, that wasn’t nice.”

Taehyung hums as he begins to pack all the food away in the fridge, Jungkook watching him do so as he leans against the countertop. “Do all humans smell bad then? Is it just other werewolves that smell good to you?”

“Not particularly, some werewolves smell bad as well.”

“So everyone smells bad?” Taehyung laughs at the way the younger’s nose scrunches up as he thinks about his answer.

“They don’t smell bad really, more like they just smell weird... It’s hard to explain. My mom told me that’s how you find your mate, it’s the one scent that will smell beautiful to you. She said if everyone smelt good then you’ll never be sure of who your true mate is.” Jungkook explains a little hesitantly.

“So the mate thing is real?”

“Yeah. Mating bonds are really special to us, it helps you feel more connected to your soulmate. There were a couple of mated wolves within the pack that used to try and explain to me how good it felt to find your other half, I always wanted to feel that way too.” Jungkook sighs which makes Taehyung look up at him in sympathy, he can only imagine how he must feel.

“So you never found your mate then? Not in all the time you spent moving from place to place with your pack?”

“I think I have found them actually, but it’s confusing.”

Taehyung looks at the younger in disbelief. “Why is it confusing? If you’ve found them then you should be with them! Is it because you were kicked out of the pack? They should’ve left to be with you, that’s a bad soulmate.”

“I- uh- I’m still working things out, I’m pretty sure that they’re my mate but the situation is different from usual. Don’t worry about it though, soulmates always find their way to be together so I have hope.”

“Well that wolf better not visit our cabin, I’ll punch them straight in the nose for leaving you when you were so wounded. They don’t deserve you.”

Jungkook smiles at the elder when he goes back to putting the groceries away. If only Taehyung knew that he was the one the younger was referring to and not some other wolf. Either way, Jungkook was glad to see the elder being so protective over him, maybe Jungkook wasn’t the only one who could feel their connection.

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