The three young wielders of the Keyblade were outside on the sunny garden, laying in the grass close to the large, brightly splashing fountains, doing nothing but bathing in the sun. They had stopped training earlier, simply because it was too difficult to train with the heat wave. It was really hard to imagine that in some other worlds people were fasting this month, almost punishing themselves with not eating anything until the sun had set. It was called Ramadan, or something that sounded like that. How they managed to do so without starving, or at least fainting, or go into a deep coma, was a mystery.

Fortunately, Master Eraqus fully understood that it was madness to continue any longer today. In fact, he had been the one who had suggested to stop the training.

He had said something remarkable with it, though. "We stop earlier today. Mind you, if you don't sleep in your own room for the rest of the time of being in this castle, I'll never do this anymore."

This had only been for Terra and Aqua and they both knew it very well. They had both become bright red, and they had bowed their heads, - they didn't dare to look their Master in the eye - mumbling, "Yes, Master."

He hadn't sound mad, or something, but they knew that he was being serious. It hadn't really been Aqua's fault, because Terra had been the one who had fallen asleep in her room. Although, it couldn't be called Terra's fault, either. It wasn't like something had happened, anyway. Still, she couldn't blame Master Eraqus for suspecting it, if that was what he was doing.

"Terra, what the hell are you doing?"

Ven's unexpected question let her return to reality. Aqua immediately saw what he was talking about. Terra had gotten up and entertained them now with a rather remarkable performance. He hopped around like some wild monkey, scratching himself faster and faster. Aqua smiled mischievously. Apparently, the itching powder had done its work quite nicely and she wasn't feeling sorry for him at all... well, maybe just a little bit, but he didn't have to know that, right?

"Unbelievable, first a weird snake dance in the kitchen, now a very poor imitation of a wild monkey... - if that's what he's trying to show us - Gee, I wonder what we'll get next time. A wild rhino? Honestly, I really don't want to, but I'm seriously starting to worry about his mental condition," a startled Ven muttered.

Aqua giggled. Yeah, it really had to look weird for someone who didn't understand what exactly was happening at the moment.

"It won't... stop!" Terra managed to utter.

"What is he talking about?" Ven wondered.

Meanwhile, Aqua had found a new way to make the situation even funnier. "Oh no! Terra, they must be those biting red ants! Quick, jump in the water to shake them off! They hate water."

At once, Terra did exactly what she had said and jumped headlong into the fountain. The birds that had been bathing in the cool water, flew up, startled by Terra, and twittered indignantly at him when they landed in a high tree, guessing that that was a safer place to stay. Terra, who had been submerged, came back above water again and spat a jet of cool water out of his mouth. Aqua's tip clearly had worked. He stepped out of the fountain, almost falling over in the process.

He saw that Ven had gotten up as well, possibly out of fear for the red, biting creatures which were mentioned by Aqua before, but Aqua herself was still sitting on the grass, looking at him with a calm expression on her face.

"Thanks," he said, really meaning it from the bottom of his heart. Extremely curious, he asked, "How did you know that water would help? Did you read it in a book?"

He brushed some of his chocolate-colored hair that stack on his face out of his eyes to look at her.

"No, and I didn't know that. I just wanted to see if you would do what I asked you to do, that's all. And on the box wasn't written if it was waterproof, so I went along with it," she said, shrugging nonchalantly.

"Oh, okay. So you've... What?" he cried out incredulously. "But you... And I... and then..."

He closed his mouth again, more confused than ever.

She fished something out of her pocket and cried, "Catch!" while throwing it at him.

He caught it with one hand. In a small, empty and white box was written in red and yellow block letters, "Itching Powder 3000." Suddenly he understood a lot more.

"And there were no ants, so you can sit back on the grass again, Ven." She turned her attention back to Terra and added, "That was for what you've done with my shoes, in case you were wondering."

Aqua could swear that steam came out of Terra's ears that even seemed to dry his soaking wet clothes, as soon as he heard that. Uh-oh, that was clearly not a good sign. When he slowly began to walk towards her, she quickly got up and started running for her life. He immediately started chasing her. Luckily for her, he wasn't as fast as Ven, because then she would have had no chance to escape from him at all. The fact that he had fallen into the water was also in her favor, because now she was much lighter than he was, so she could move faster.

Terra stopped running after some time and let himself fall on the grass with a sigh, slightly panting and out of breath. "Just wait," he muttered threateningly, but he knew that she couldn't hear him anymore.

"Whoa, giving up already?" Ven asked teasingly.

Terra gave him one of his famous looks. "She wished! I only stopped, because it would be an attempt to suicide, moving this much in this heat wave."

"Uh-huh. I totally believe you. Boy, you're even dumber than I thought."

"Say that again," Terra growled, sitting up again and propping up his elbow.

"Why on earth did you jump into the water in the first place?"

"Let's see if you can think clearly when your ass seems to be on fire, literally. And hearing that they were red ants didn't really help that much, either. Believe me, you have no idea how refreshing it was to jump into that water after what I've been through."

"Eeew, spare me the details. I don't think I want to know," Ven said.

A horrified expression set on his face.

Terra snorted, muttering, "Idiot."

"Look who's saying that," Ven retorted.

"Hmph," was all Terra wanted to say for now.

And with that, the subject was closed, for now. He leaned back again to dry in the warm sun. At least the itching had stopped.

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