Chocolate and Whipped Cream

Aqua was heading to her bedroom to get a new pen. The one she had been using before, didn't work anymore, so she had thrown it away, after many attempts to get it work again. She always found it really annoying, not to mention frustrating, when her pen didn't work, for strangely enough, she was always doing something very important and she didn't want to get disturbed when it happened, just like today. She had been making a summary of the most important things that she had learned this year from her wise Master. She did this every three months and always kept the epitomes to read it and make another epitome of her epitome. Call it lame, but she did memorize everything she wanted to know this way. At least she would know all the theory she had learned from her head so she wouldn't forget something important during the Master Qualification Exam. She knew that it would only help her even more to keep her head cool. That realization always eased her mind.

This made her wonder how far Terra was with studying things, since Ven was still too young and inexperienced to participate this time. But knowing the lazy brunet, she figured that he hadn't even started yet. That was so typical of him; always being laidback in such things. Despite the fact that that annoyed her immensely sometimes, she knew that that was still one of the main reasons why she liked him so much.

Aqua then noticed that her bedroom door was open. How strange. The blue-haired mage was sure that she had closed the door behind her when she had left her bedroom this morning. She frowned slightly. Had Terra put something in her bedroom in revenge for all the stuff she had gotten out of the attic and then stuffed in his closet? It still was a small mystery what those toys were actually doing in the attic, being stuffy and all, because Master Eraqus didn't seem to have a thing for such toys. But if it hadn't been his, then how did the get them and to whom did those toys belong?

But then again, old and smart people always were a bit eccentric. Just look at Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series, her favorite books. He was the living proof. Dumbledore liked to get woolen socks for Christmas and often said the strangest things, which were true, but that was beside the point, because it still made one question his mental health. Not that Master Eraqus was old. No, of course he wasn't. Not compared to Dumbledore, who probably was over the two hundred, even though that was impossible.

Yeah, as if spells like "Alohomora," "Flippendo," "Accio," "Amnesia Completa," "Wingardium Leviosa" and "Lumos" actually are possible in real life, she thought sarcastically. Man, I've been reading those books too much, but they're so good and addictive. Look at me, I'm even starting to talk to myself... and losing an argument with myself... okay, this is awkward.

Aqua had learned something very important in the past few years, though; if it was about Terra, then one should always be extra careful with everything. One should never give him the benefit of the doubt, because he could always surprise you with something... surprising. How typical.

She took a deep breath to steady herself, fearing that what she would encounter would be very bad, and pushed the door open to step inside. Just at that moment, she felt how something, that probably had been balancing on her bedroom door, fell on top of her head. Something wet and cool slowly trickled down and spread from her head down on the rest of her face. It made her shiver, because it felt like something really nasty. It moved much slower than water, but faster than syrup. It was exactly in between those two. At least, that was what she thought, because she honestly had never had any syrup on her head. Water was another story, however. Oh, she was diverging from the main subject. The substance was dark brown and it smelled a lot like...

"Chocolate?" Aqua said, surprised.

Her cerulean eyes widened. That was seriously the last thing she had expected to find on her head.

"It's something that women like a lot, right?" Terra's whispered in her ear.

She gasped softly, but still audibly, startled by his sudden appearance. Aqua turned around quickly to face him. The liquid chocolate splashed in all directions as she did so; on the floor, on her door, and on Terra's cheek and the tip of his nose, which actually looked quite... adorable.

She didn't have much time to enjoy this sight, though, because the next thing she saw - which was unfortunately far too late - was that a grinning Terra was aiming a can with whipped cream on her, ready to spray. "You are not going to do with that what I think you have in mind right now," Aqua said sharply, pointing at him with a finger.

She quickly stepped back and almost proceeded to fall over her own feet. Aqua always got clumsy as hell when he was around her.

"Oh no? Then think again."

His smile became a tiny bit wider. There was only one thought that ran through her mind at that moment, Uh-oh.

Before Aqua could step back some more, or put her arms in front of her face for protection, she had the entire contents of the can all over herself, thanks to Terra. When he was done with spraying it all over her, he slowly stroked the side of her face with his forefinger and middle finger, ever so softly wiping a bit of chocolate away. He started by her temple and went down her soft cheek, taking the time to do so and enjoying the sudden rush of his blood that ran through his veins. She got goosebumps from the touch. The bluenette started feeling warm and cold at the same time, and the butterflies in her stomach came back to life again.

He licked his fingers. "Mmm, this tastes really great! It has that little bit of extra that I usually miss," he said.

Fortunately, Aqua's face was hidden behind all the whipped cream and chocolate, otherwise he would've been able to see the deep blush that had appeared on her cheeks. The next thing she knew was that Terra already had turned around and walked away from her. She decided that the search for a new pen that could wait for a little while. First she had to take a shower. Or get a spoon, because it was a shame to wash off all the chocolate and cream with water. That was when she suddenly got a better idea.

Luckily, she had her voice back again. "Hey Terra?"


"Look what I've got for you, Mr. Think Again."

Surprised at her sudden change in attitude, he turned to look at her and did a double-take. All the chocolate and whipped cream had disappeared magically from Aqua's body. Instead, it was hovering in the air and came towards Terra's direction. He knew that running away from it was useless. Running away from magic - no, from Aqua's magic, which always kicked ass! - was one of the dumbest things you could do in your life, since you would only delay what was bound to happen, anyway. That, and he kinda sucked at magic himself, so fighting back wasn't an option, either. He closed his eyes and waited until he would get it all over him. Nothing happened, however. Utterly flabbergasted, he opened his eyes again. Aqua grinned evilly and this time, he did get all the whipped cream and chocolate over him. Just great. He glared daggers at her.

"What? I think it's fun when you actually see it coming. That's more fun, you see?" she explained, sounding oh so innocent, but Terra didn't buy that anymore.

"For who?" he muttered incoherently.

Aqua simply chose to ignore that comment and continued, "Well, that look on your face really was priceless. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me. Oh well, maybe next time, right?"

She walked over to where he was standing. This time, she was the one who slowly run her slender fingers across his jaw line and throat. Aqua did almost exactly what Terra had done earlier. Terra had much trouble with standing on his feet. To be honest, he had never thought that this prank would end like this. No matter what he did, she always was one step ahead of him and that fact made him crazy.

"Mmm, you're right, this actually is great and now I taste that little bit extra that you were talking about, too."

Smiling a bit, she walked away, looking considerably happier than first. Terra took another breath. This wasn't good, at all. Each time she came near him, he seemed to freeze instantly. It was as though his brains couldn't functionate properly anymore. He had no idea how he should act around her and she clearly used that against him. Aqua was just pure evil.

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