Wet Carpet and Invisible Wire

It was somewhere after dinnertime. Terra had done the dishes all by himself and was currently heading towards Ven's room, for he had promised the youngest Keyblade wielder that he would help him with some theory he apparently didn't quite understand. Why he had asked for Terra's help this time and not for that of Aqua's, was nothing but a mystery to Terra, since she was much better at explaining things than Terra himself. But then again, was there anything she wasn't good at? He had always thought that he would become a Keyblade Master first, because he had trained the longest under Master Eraqus's eye. Sometimes, however, he thought that Aqua would beat him to it. It just had to, with so much talent and stamina as she had. The Master Qualification Exam was still so far away, though, so he shouldn't worry about it yet, otherwise he was going crazy.

He stopped walking when he saw a bright yellow sign, standing on the floor in front of him. The sign said in big black letters "CAUTION - WET FLOOR!" Only, the word "WET" was crossed out with a red pen. Someone had written neatly in red block letters above that word, "FROZEN."

"Frozen?" Terra repeated, utterly dumbfounded, as he scratched the back of his head.

His dark brown eyebrows almost disappeared into his hairline as he rose them. 'In the summer? Indoors? In a carpeted area? Suuure. Seems like anything is possible these days. Especially with Aqua around.'

This was of course a stupid prank, coming from Aqua. By the looks of it, she had run out of ideas. Where was the sense of imagination? And now he was supposed to take the other, longer route to Ven's room, right? That was probably the whole idea after this prank. First up the stairs and then to the other side of the castle and then walk through a secret door back to the other side of this floor. Ha, he wouldn't buy this crap. Not this time, that is. Too bad for her, but this time she had been outwitted. He grinned at that thought and marched proudly over the carpet, ignoring the seemingly false warning. His grin disappeared soon enough from his face when he suddenly slipped and landed hard and painfully on his back on the hard, icy ground. It knocked the air out of his lungs in a way that it even hurt.

"Ooow," he groaned miserably.

He tried to sit up on his elbows, but he barely managed. Each time he moved too quick, which he unconciously did all the time, he fell back and he had to start all over again. And the fact that the floor was as cold as ice, didn't help one bit, either. He started shivering with cold. Fortunately, this hadn't happened before he had prepared the prank for Aqua. He wondered when she would find out about it. Something told him that it would be soon enough. After all, Aqua was a bookworm, so that meant that he didn't have to wait for too long.

Almost at the same time, Aqua went to the library, again. It seemed that she was doing that a lot lately. Well, she had a good excuse for it; the library was one of her favorite places here in the castle. The walk went almost automatically. Even though she was deep in thought, her feet took her to the place where she had to go, as often seemed to happen these times. Another thing that increasingly seemed to happen, was that she was thinking a lot of a certain brunet male: Terra. It was making her crazy. It seemed as if every thought automatically led to Terra after a few seconds, no matter what the subject was about. It was like some kind of a curse, but she had to remain close to see the results of her new prank. She had actually wanted to stop with all those pranks a couple of days ago, but then she thought that Terra would probably think she was too weak, or too much of a softie and he would just laugh at her for the rest of her life. She didn't want that to happen, of course, so they both went along with it, probably until the day that one of them died.

Her train of thoughts was suddenly rudely interrupted when she tripped over something invisible and fell right into the library. Fortunately, she didn't fall over some table, or chair, or something else that would contain lots of pain on her side.

How great was this, she was getting so clumsy that she'd become just like Terra, who also stumbled over his own feet all the time. Oh, very great, and now she involved Terra with this again. When would she finally stop doing that? Why wasn't there some kind of knob that would automatically turn all her thoughts (that involved Terra) off?

She ignored any further thoughts and concerns that had to do with a certain brown-haired teenager and got up gently. When she looked back, there was nobody she could see who could've pushed her. Well, that was weird...

Rather slowly, she crept to the door. When she had reached the threshold, she fell again on the ground, with a thud that went along with a loud, "Oomph!"

This time, she scraped her knees and elbows in the process. She inspected the entrance again, now thoroughly. When she looked closely at it, she saw that a thin, almost invisible thread was stretched in front of the entrance, exactly at the height of her ankles. So that had made her fall.

"Ugh, very funny, Terra," she growled moodily.

Honestly, who else could've done such a thing? For once, she was glad that she had decided to prank Terra today, with the help of some simple, but rather effective ice magic. She crawled to the door and pulled at the rope, so it loosened itself. Terra would pay for this and she knew exactly where she could find him.

So you think you're being smart, huh? Well, we'll see about that, Terra.

As if on cue, just when Terra finally had managed to get up from the floor, Aqua decided to show up. That was when they locked eyes with each other.

"You!" they both called at exact the same time, as soon as they spotted each other.

Right after that, a tiny smirk appeared on the faces of the two teenagers. Aqua finally stood still in front of the male teenager, not too far away from him, but also not close enough to be able to slap him (just in case she wouldn't be able to control herself). Apparently, they had been around each other that much, that they had started to look like each other. In terms of thinking, that is.

"You think you're very funny, huh, with your supposedly humorous and childish pranks?" Aqua cried heatedly.

This only caused Terra to quirk an eyebrow at her. It had become a new habit of his.

"Says who? You could easily avoid my prank by simply jumping over it. I was being nice today. Your pranks, however, aren't only incredibly mean, but also incredibly dangerous. I almost broke my neck here!" Terra countered.

He had raised his voice an itty bit, but Aqua could tell that he was extremely pissed off at the moment.

"Oh, and you think I didn't? I was litterally being catapulted into the air! You call that being nice? Are you nuts, or something?"

Aqua had made fists out of her hands and her glare had intensified immensly. Terra almost had wanted to take a step back. Keyword: almost.

"That's your own problem. If you had taken glasses, just like me and Ven had told you so many times before, then you could at least still have seen the wire," Terra said coolly.

That was probably enough for Aqua. "Why, you-"

Aqua had rushed forward, but in her anger, she had completely forgotten about the floor, that was still slippery as it had been moments ago. She realized it, though, albeit far too late. It made her slide further than she'd wanted and she collided hard into Terra's arms. Terra hadn't counted on that extra weight, so when she bumped into him, he fell onto his back on the floor again, with Aqua still in his arms. The tips of their noses touched in the process.

"Whoops," said Aqua and she laughed nervously at her clumsy self.

"Wow, I didn't know you liked me that much to jump me right away."

"Shut up," said a suddenly blushing Aqua.

She quickly scrambled to her feet and moved her hands around in a rather graceful manner. The ice had suddenly disappeared from the carpet. It immediately felt much warmer inside, but Terra noticed that the back of his shirt was wet from the ice that now was gone. She was so good with magic, it was almost getting scary. In the mean time, Aqua held out her hand. The tackled Terra was grateful that she offered him her help with getting up.

He grasped her hand and pulled himself up. "Thanks. You're really getting good at using magic, you know that?"

Aqua looked really happy for a short moment, but then she frowned again. Terra wondered why.

"Thanks, but I'm still mad at you for your stupid prank. I've got bruises everywhere."

She turned and walked away, without saying another word or looking over her shoulder at Terra.

"Sure and I'm a goat with two heads," he muttered under his breath, grinning.

He didn't know if Aqua had heard that remark or not, but she had started walking faster all of a sudden.

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