Aqua sighed, tiredly. Normally, Mondays were the worst day of the week. Today, however, was even worse than usual. Much worse. Not only had the beautiful and not to mention far too short weekend spontaneously come to an end so that they had to continue with their rigorous training scheme again while suffering from the lack of sleep, but she had also lost another sparring match with Terra. Losing twice within one week was probably a personal record. She didn't want to hear any comments about that, but it was on Mondays like these that she became so incredibly grumpy.

She was tired, - no, scratch that, exhausted! - she was hungry, she was sweating terribly and she didn't feel quite well either. Even stranger was the fact that nearly a week had passed since she had pulled her little prank on Terra. Terra hadn't done anything back to her in an attempt to avenge himself. Something told her that that would happen soon enough though.

Once Master Eraqus had (finally!) announced that they had finished their training for that day, Aqua went inside directly, following Ven to the comfortable and inviting sofa. She collapsed there in a pathetic heap, not bothering to look at least a little presentable. Ven sat down on a beanbag near her, holding his head in his hands. The blue-haired young woman decided that showering would come later, when she could finally stand on her legs longer than ten seconds without faltering. From where she was sitting, she had a good view on how the orange and reddish sunlight on the white floor slowly crept toward her. In a few hours, the sun would set. Tomorrow, everything would start all over. This was probably what people meant with "The Circle of Life." Well, it was stupid.

She glanced over at Ven to see if he was all right. The sunlight made the color of Ven's hair turn from blond into a light yellowish-orange. It kind of suited him. She closed her eyes to eliminate the bright sunlight, which was giving her a headache. Now all she saw was a bordeau-red. In her fatigue, she hadn't even noticed that Terra quietly tiptoed over to her, until she suddenly opened her eyes and saw a glass with some orange substance in it, dancing in front of her eyes. She looked up slowly, from the glass to the person who was holding it; a rather muscular arm, which was connected to an even more muscular torso. Terra. She waited until he would comment on how bad she actually was at fighting. That comment didn't come, though.

"Freshly squeezed orange juice, a pretty effective energyboost, especially made for you, by me," he explained proudly, pointing at himself with his free hand.

Aqua kept looking at him in pure astonishment, while she hesitantly took the glass from him. She looked at it, unable to decide what to do with it.

He smiled kindly at her, cocking his head slightly to the side. "Hey, don't give me that look. I'm not always a heartless bastard, if that's what you're thinking... Which I actually hope you don't."


"I care about your health, so don't look like this is the first time I'm doing something nice for you."

Aqua rolled her eyes and glanced up at him suspiciously, having the feeling that he was lying. His tone of voice was slightly different too, almost as if he had something to hide. She wouldn't be too surprised if he did. After all, this was Terra they were talking about.

"Did you put something in the drink? Poison, or maybe a mixure of painkillers and migraine pills?"

Now it was Terra's turn to roll his eyes. "Of course I didn't put poison in your cup! How could you possibly think that of me? Don't be so suspicious all the time, otherwise, this will really be the last time I'm doing something for you. Besides, that doesn't suit you, Aqua."

She sighed. It wasn't that strange that she was so suspicious. She shrugged. Apparently, this time it had been all for nothing. One couldn't be careful enough, though.

She smiled appologetically at him. "I'm sorry, Terra. Thanks for being such a gentleman then. I really appreciate it."

To say that the brunet was surprised at this sudden change of attitude, was the understatement of the year.

He scratched the back of his head, almost sheepishly. "Oh, it's okay and you're very welcome."

She took a huge gulp of the tasty cool drink and was about to swallow it, when she suddenly noticed on what words he had put the emphasis. When she saw that amused look on his face too, her suspicions were pretty much confirmed by Terra himself.

"Were you still planning to swallow that sometime today?" Terra asked with a chesire grin. "You look quite funny with those puffed cheeks."

This caught even Ven's attention, who thus far had acted like he a zombie.

The spiky-haired boy looked at their direction to see what the oldest apprentice was talking about. "Aqua, Terra's ri-"

With all the strength that she had the blue-haired mage sprayed all the liquid that was in her mouth back outside, just at the unfortunate time that Ven had decided to slightly bend over to her. The painful result was that he got it all straight in his face.

She gasped for breath, startled at what she had accidentally done to him. "Ven! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to..." Aqua started. "Ven?"

Ven didn't respond, though. He just sat there, his cerulean eyes widened in shock.

"Um, Ven? You have something yellowish on your face. Seriously. It looks a little like...vomit," Terra remarked with a deadly serious voice.

"In case you didn't know yet; I'm fully aware of that. Thanks for embracing it," Ven then replied dryly, seemingly waking up from his shell-shock.

"You're welcome, Vennie-boy. Well, you sure know how to handle things, Aqua. Just look what you've done to him, the poor guy. He didn't deserve that," the oldest of them noted, admonishing.

This was the limit for her. "How DARE you put something in my drink? Had I been allergic to it I would've dropped dead by now! Do you realize what kind of danger you could've put me in? I guess you don't even care what happens to me, huh? " she screamed, seething.

Terra then put his hands in the air defensively. "Hey, just wait a minute! Before you start to accuse me of the most stupid things I've ever heard in my whole life, I'd like to point out that it seems quite impossible that you are allergic to lemon syrup, because I've seen you put it in your drinks often enough."

"Yes, but you-" She stopped in mid-sentence and blinked dumbfoundedly when she realized what he had just said. "What?"

"Wait, you don't seriously believe that I'm such a jerk that I would put something in your drink, do you? That makes me wonder... Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps I might be allergic to make-up?" he calmly asked.

"Huh? But that's- I mean..." she stuttered, starting to blush madly. "But you said you hadn't put poison in my cup, emphasizing that word as if you could have put something else in it."

Terra raised a dark eyebrow. "Well, I didn't put any poison in your drink, only lemon syrup for an extra fresh taste. Geez, Aqua. Why do you have to make everything so damn difficult?"

At this point it took her the greatest effort not to throw the rest of the glass of juice in his face because of his stupid behavior.

She quickly put the glass down on the coffee table, before she would change her mind, and took a few deep breaths to calm herself. "Because... You know what? Never mind, actually! I'm not gonna argue with you about that. I won't waste my energy to you, I'm going to go take a shower."

With a jerk, she stood up from her seat, so quick that she almost lost her balance. Fortunately, she still managed to stay upright.

"Then I'm gonna go wash this stuff off of my face," Ven muttered irritably.

"Good luck, VenVen!" Terra said.

"Shut up!" the blond retorted. As he walked past Aqua, she could hear something that sounded suspiciously much like, "Man, what did I ever do to deserve this?"

She immediately started to feel bad for the boy. That was why she decided to make it up to poor Ven as soon as she had finished showering, even though it was obviously all Terra's fault. Speaking about the 'Mother of the Devil'...

"You'll pay for this, Terra, even if that's the last thing I'll ever do."

She had said it softly, but Terra had heard her loud and clear.

He quirked an eyebrow. "For what exactly, if I may ask? Because I behaved like a gentleman towards you and I brought you a drink when you looked too tired to stand on your feet? You really are hard to please, you know that?"

"You know what I mean," she retorted.

"Yeah, I think I do. It's because I was the one who decided to spill everything on poor Ven's face just to see what happens, right? You know, you really should trust people more often. It's probably hard to believe, but not everyone's as poisoned as you."

Aqua simply ignored him and walked out of the room with a huff. She knew that if she stayed, she wouldn't be able to stop herself from throwing random heavy things at Terra for being such an ass all the friggin' time.

Terra sighed deeply. "Women. Living with them is almost impossible, but without them, life is definitely no fun anymore. I mean, who should I tease then?" A small smirk appeared on his lips, while he lay back on the couch slowly. "My dear young lady, this is just the beginning of a great Prankwar."

Hey, a great battle was something she was waiting for anyway, he reasoned. So why disappointing her?

Once Aqua felt the warm water fall down on her bare shoulders in large jets, she calmed down a bit. She felt how all her tensed muscles relaxed ever so slowly. This was just what she'd needed. She always felt at peace after a long, hot shower. But then again, who didn't? Almost absent-mindedly, she picked up her shampoo bottle and opened the lid. Suddenly she got a brilliant idea. Terra would be so dead when she was finished with him tomorrow! Hah, he would probably just want to pull his own hair from his head. Maybe even literally. She spontaneously felt like singing in the shower.

Meanwhile, Terra had decided to go to his room too. When he walked past the locked bathroom, he heard Aqua's singing. Surprised, he stopped walking. This could only mean one thing: she was in a good mood again. He wondered why she was suddenly so happy. There was no reason to, as far as he knew. It sure had nothing to do with an act of revenge, right? He would most likely find out soon enough...unfortunately. He was sure of two things, though. One: Aqua had a great voice. She was the best singer he'd ever met. Two: girls were really too strange for words and he was pretty sure that he wasn't the only one who thought that. One moment they looked like they wanted to kill you, the next moment they were singing a song, seeming to be happier than ever for no apparent reason...

Maybe it was a good idea for him to watch out for her for the next few days.

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