A Colorful Day

The bright sunlight that seeped quite sneakily through the surreal light-blue colored curtains of Aqua's bedroom indicated that a new day was dawning. It was time to get out of bed and take a shower. She didn't even need her alarm clock to wake up today, which was quite a miracle. For the first time in weeks, she did not mind at all to get up this early in the morning. She had hardly been able to fall asleep from excitement the previous night. Yes, she did have a presumption that what she was about to do was rather childish, but what else could she do? She was talking about Terra here, for crying out loud! She couldn't let him win all this. She needed to teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget soon, to show him how strong she really was.

Aqua showered first every day, while Terra always used the bathroom after Aqua and Ven, who was the fastest of the group. The blond was always finished within ten minutes, taken a shower and already dressed. How he managed to do that was for both Terra and Aqua still one of life's little mysteries.

Aqua had done all her work last night, secretly of course, otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. After everyone had been gone to bed and after she had been certain that everyone had fallen asleep and wouldn't suddenly walk in on her, she had entered the main bathroom and had locked the door behind her. Then, she had put the hairdye she had bought that very same day in one of Terra's empty bottles of shampoo, so he would use it the next day in his obliviousness, thinking that it was his own shampoo. She fervently hoped that he would not notice the difference in the odors, because that was pretty much the only thing that could go wrong in her master plan.

But hey, he was a guy. He wouldn't notice nor care for a change of odor in his shampoo. Besides, he had proven last year how inattentive he could be at times. It had certainly lasted two whole days before he had noticed that the decorations of the Christmas tree were replaced by other decorations by Aqua herself. When he had finally found out about the difference, he had insisted that he would never pay attention to such trivial things (Something told her that he would do it from now on. Or maybe not, because the saying was that old habits died hard, right? With guys like Terra, one was never sure about anything.) It had been a lame excuse, but Aqua hadn't teased him about it...too much.

Aqua was in her own bedroom again. She had quickly towel-dried her hair and now, she was waiting until Terra was finally done with showering. That would take some time, though, seeing that the water just started flowing. So she had to wait at least ten more minutes. She couldn't wait to see that look on his face as soon as he would see his own hair. She had her camera in her hand and the anticipation was seriously almost killing her. At that moment, it struck her that maybe he hadn't seen that shampoo bottle at all and had opened a new shampoo bottle instead, because he was so weird and incooperative at times, be it consciously or not. She was hesitating on what to do next. Should she simply enter the bathroom and secretly put the bottle, her masterpiece of the week, on the bathtub, or should she just wait and see what would happen next?

Eventually, she decided to go for the first idea, only so she could be absolutely sure that the prank was going to work. Besides, one should always be on the safe side if that person really wanted to succeed at something.

No sooner said than done, she stood up from her bed once again and opened her bedroom's door. She fervently hoped that she wouldn't walk into Ven or Master Eraqus at this time. Aqua took several deep breaths to calm herself in front of the bathroom, before she opened the door and quietly slipped inside. Terra didn't seem to notice the sudden intruder. It was quite damp in the bathroom. She felt how the damp clung to herself and her clothes like an extra layer of skin. Fortunately for her, there was a blue curtain with white and yellow flowers on it between them, which made it impossible for Terra to see her.

She looked around but didn't have to look that long to find the wanted shampoo bottle. Exactly as she had thought, he had not even seen the thing. Being almost 24/7 with Terra for the past years had the outcome that she knew him so well that at times it seemed like she could read his mind. She picked it up and thought of what would be the most unobtrusive way to place this in his sight. Unfortunately, her mind was letting her down at the moment.

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when she heard the brunet male mutter in an annoyed voice, "Damn it, stupid shampoo," just loud enough for her to understand.

Before she knew what she was doing, she shoved the bottle of shampoo through the narrow opening of the curtain and felt how he took it from her. "Thanks," he said, almost wearily.

"You're welcome, Terra," she answered, cheerfully, while trying to hold in her giggles.

With great effort, she barely avoided bursting into laughter. He really was slow today. Perhaps it was because he had just woken up, or something.


She could practically hear the sheer surprise leaping in his deep voice. Suddenly, his head came out from behind the curtain and his eyes cobalt-colored eyes pierced almost immediately into her cerulean ones. For the first time ever, his hair was flat and stuck around his face, which made him almost unrecognizable. He looked very different, yet still very handsome. Aqua's gaze slid involuntarily (or perhaps unconsciously?) to his rather muscular, slightly tanned and bare shouders. She forced herself to look him in the eyes again and hoped that he hadn't noticed anything. At once, she felt how a rosy blush slowly started to creep up her face.

"Aqua? What are you doing here?" he asked, rather astonished to catch her in the bathroom.

She shrugged, not knowing what else to do. Telling the truth wasn't an option today.

She tried to come up with a good excuse instead. "I was know."

"No, I don't," he said, still just as surprised, as he kept watching her.

"Um... I lost my hairbrush and I thought it was here. Apparently, it's not. So I'm leaving again. Bye."

She saw how his eyebrows shot up in disbelief. It made her wonder, had she said something stupid? She gave it a quick afterthought and almost facepalmed at the result.

"And how did you know that my shampoo wasn't here with me, huh?" he continued with his interrogation.

"I didn't. I just heard you mumble something about your shampoo when I got in, so I thought you had forgotten it and gave it to you. That's all."

She tried to look as innocent as possible, but didn't know if she had succeeded or not. By the looks of it, she did, because Terra then muttered, "Sounds...fair enough."

"Well, if you don't mind, I'm really going now. I have to find my hairbrush."

"Go ahead. I'm not stopping you," came the simple reply, as the tiniest smirk made its way onto his face.

Aqua rolled her eyes, not bothering to give him a smart remark. Not that she had the chance, because at that moment, his head disappeared behind the curtain again. Aqua quickly walked out of the bathroom. When she had shut the door behind her, Terra uttered a cry. Aqua laughed at the high-pitched sound he had created.


She opened the door again, grinning a little bit. "Sorry. I just couldn't resist changing the water's temperature until it fit your personality. Besides, this was because of the juice from yesterday. You deserved it."

He showed his face once again from behind the curtain. His eyes were squeezed into narrow slits, making it only possible for her to see the dark cobalt color of his eyes and not the whites themselves. Her heart skipped a beat.

"What? That was not funny! Besides, I haven't done anything to you yet! You just wait till I'm done. I'll show you what you deserve," he threatened, heatedly.

"We'll see, Terra. We'll see," she replied with a sing-song voice. With a smile on her lips and a snap of her fingers, she changed the temperature of the water as it was before, almost steaming hot. "In fact, this was just the beginning, Terra. Playtime is now officially over," she said softly to herself as she walked down the stairs toward the kitchen.

When Aqua arrived in the kitchen, she saw that Ven was already awake. He was having breakfast at his usual topspeed.

"Good morning, Ven!" she cried, happier than ever.

Ven looked up and grinned at her, as if he had completely forgotten about the incident that had happened yesterday. His eyes twinkled more than they did yesterday too, which was a good sign. It showed that he was in a good mood.

Since his mouth was still full, he made only one sound, that sounded much like, "Hi."

"Where's Master Eraqus?" she asked, as she slid on the chair near the table for breakfast.

This time, Ven waited until his mouth was empty before he answered properly, "He's gone. He waits outside for us, until we're done with breakfast...and showering in Terra's case."

"Oh. Okay. Could you pass me the peanut butter, please?"

"Mhmm." Ven handed her what she wanted and swallowed his last bite, before asking, "Where's Terra? Isn't he done showering yet?"

Aqua shook her head, smiling a little. "Nope, I'm afraid he's not."

Ven sighed deeply. "Man! One would expect that you're the one who takes the longest time in the bathroom, but I guess Terra's surpassed us all."

Aqua nodded. "Yeah, tell me about it."

She wondered how long exactly it would take him before he found out that-


Never mind already, by the looks of it, the damage was done. She heard how someone pounded down the stairs, quite loudly. It was Terra, without a doubt. And judging by the stomping, he was flatout furious.

"Oh boy, what have you done now? Quick, hide the can of juice, 'cause I have a terrible feeling that today's not gonna end well for me. I'm going to be the victim of your childish behavior, again!" Ven hissed irritably.

Aqua didn't have much time to say something back, as he shot from the table and hid all the specifications. He put the can of juice quickly in the refrigerator, especially for his own safety, because he had obviously not forgotten the juice-incident. Then, the brown-haired teen appeared in the kitchen, but he had no longer brown hair. It was soft, baby pink. It looked weird on him, because his eyebrows were still dark brown. To put it rather mildly, Ven's eyes bulged from their sockets after seeing this sudden change on the oldest disciple of the Keyblade. Terra hadn't even bothered to get dressed, but only got a towel around his waist. This caused Aqua to look at his musclular chest again, blushing slightly.

Terra's murderous look in his eyes - which again were thin slits, so thin that his eyelashes almost seemed glued together - betrayed his dangerous mood. "You!" Terra said angrily.

His voice trembled with anger as he pointed to Aqua.

"Yes, me," she answered calmly. "The name's Aqua, remember?"

That was a bad move of hers, but she realized it a little too late.

"You'd better be very careful with everything you do from now on, 'cause you're going down soon and I swear I'll follow you around and harass you until you come to me on your knees, begging for forgiveness, which, by the way, you won't be getting this time."

After this, he turned around and strode out of the room, holding his towel in place, in case it would fall off and leave nothing of his dignity anymore.

"Skipping breakfast is very bad for you, you know!" she called after him, but he never came back and shut his bedroom door with a loud BANG!

She turned to Ven, who was still standing in the farthest corner of the kitchen, waiting.

"Oh, isn't he just a little ray of sunshine? You can come back to the table, Ven. The coast is clear." Ven was staring at her in a peculiar way. "What?" she asked.

"You just asked for your own death, aren't you aware of that?"

Aqua rolled her eyes as a response. "Oh please, Ven, don't be such a drama queen all the time. What can possibly happen? What's he gonna do? Paint me all blue as a revenge? Or maybe green?"

"Maybe it's the best for me if I keep myself away from you two, until you've stopped this nonsense. Better be safe than sorry, right? Well, I'm going to Master Eraqus. See ya."

He walked out of the kitchen and left Aqua to be all alone. Maybe Ven was right after all. Maybe she should worry some more about what Terra had planned for her in the near future. But man, those muscles. They were so distracting... She shook her head to clear her thoughts. What was wrong with her, honestly?

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