Poor Eyesight

After Terra marched into the kitchen for the second time yesterday, - thank god now fully dressed, otherwise she wouldn't be sure if she could keep her attention to what he would say - he demanded that Aqua changed his hair back to how it was before, immediately. Aqua, however, had smiled graciously and patiently explained him that he had to wait at least three days to dye it again, because it wasn't healthy for his hair; it could break and he would literally have no hair left on his head to dye.

"Unless that's what you want, of course," the blue-haired young woman had added quickly afterwards, to which he hadn't replied. "I'll take that as a 'no,' then."

She had commented that she had expected that he wouldn't know such important things and then she had asked him once again if that was what he wanted to do to his hair and he had looked at her very angrily, before marching out of the room again, without saying another word to her. Of course it had been inevitable that Master Eraqus had also seen his new hair color. He had given her detentions for her "immature action," but according to her, it had been all so worth it, even if that had meant that her reputation wasn't that spotless now. She would never forget that look he had on his face when he found out about his hair. The very same went for how muscular he actually was. Or course, she could've known that already, because his arms were muscular too, but still. She had never seen such a torso before... Wait, where had that last thought come from? She blushed and shook her head to get it clear again, slightly dazed.

She still wasn't able to ban that one picture of Terra from her mind, though, in which he was only clad in a white towel. "What's wrong with me?" she whispered, utterly confused.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by Ven, who entered the library quietly and walked toward her. Aqua looked up from the book she was reading, or rather, trying to, when she heard his soft footsteps, which sounded lighter than Terra's, so she was safe... at least, for now.

She smiled when she saw who it was. "Hey, Ven," she greeted him.


He took place in the chair opposite of hers and looked at her. If the blue-haired young woman looked more closely, she could her own reflection in the cerulean depths of his eyes. He seemed to have something on his mind, though, which worried her slightly.

She truly hated seeing him like this, almost lost. "Hey, is there something wrong? Are you alright? Do you feel ill? Is Terra being annoying to you agai-"

Ven gently took Aqua's hand, which she had laid on his forehead to check his temperature, just in case he really was sick, and placed it on the table that was in between them, before interrupting her. "No, Terra's never annoying to me. I only came here to ask you if you've finally learned your lesson. I'm telling you, Aqua, you really should stop with this...this nonsense before it's too late, before you can't stop yourself anymore and those pranks get worse and worse and people get hurt from it!"

Aqua looked at Ven as if he had just shamelessly slapped her in her face, twice.

She honestly couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Hey, whose side are you on?" she cried, obviously offended.

"I won't choose a side this time. I want to stay out of this," he replied, giving her a knowing look.

She huffed. "Fine, but if you think I'll let Terra win this easily, then I have to tell you that you're wrong. I've just started and I know very well how far I can go with this before things get bad."

Ven snorted incredulously. "Yeah, and that's why Master Eraqus punished you for dying Terra's hair pink, right?"

Aqua blushed a deep shade of scarlet at the direct attack. "Well, it was definitely worth it. I just so can't take it that he's always so... so..."

She was searching for the right words to finish her sentence, but didn't seem to find it. As far as she knew, that word didn't exist.

"So cocky?" Ven opted, trying to help.

"Um... yeah, that too. And so arrogant and annoying and stupid and careless and... well, you know."

Ven sighed wearily. "I know how he sometimes can be, especially in front of girls, but-"

Aqua interrupted him, knowing that he still would defend Terra. His voice gave him away.

"No ifs and buts, Ven. You can't change my mind, so don't even bother anymore. Someone has to show that guy-"

This time, Aqua was interrupted by a distant voice that called her name. "Hey Aqua! Come overhere! You have to see this!"

It was needless to say that this voice belonged to nobody else than Terra. Well, she didn't even think about listening to him. It wouldn't cause anything good, anyway.

"Aqua, are you deaf?"

Aqua growled under her breath. Somehow, Terra always managed to annoy the heck out of her. It must be a rare talent of him.

"Did you just hear that?" she cried, indignantly. "Now he thinks he can command me just like that! You think it's fair just to let him be? Well, I don't think so!"

"Aqua, I'm in the livingroom. Come quick, please, otherwise you'll miss all the fun!"

Please? Had he really just said that? Well, that changed everything. Maybe he had changed after all. Perhaps she should give him a chance only this time, because maybe she was a little too hard for him sometimes. Aqua got up from her seat and started to walk away.

"Aqua, where are you going?" Ven asked, curiously.

"To Terra. He seems to have found something pretty awesome. Let's go check it out."

He gave her a dumbfounded look. "Huh? But you just said-"

"I know what I said, but he said 'please.' That's good enough for me to listen to him for once in my life," she explained.

"Huh? Okay..."

She started to run out of the library to the direction from where Terra's rather urgent voice came. She could hear that Ven was following her, being closely behind, but he stayed behind her all the time, letting her lead him. The livingroom had no door, so she could already see Terra standing near her favorite sofa. When she was close enough, she made a final sprint, just when-


Almost immediately, something invisible stopped Aqua from entering the livingroom. The force in which she had bumped into that barrier was so strong that she flew back several meters and landed on the floor, right on top of poor Ven. Her face hurt kinda. It felt as though someone had slapped her cheek, because it had hit that invisible thing first. It was needless to say that Terra had almost started to laugh his brains out by now. She couldn't blame him the least, though. She would have laughed too if she had been on his place.

After the first shock was gone, she got up to inspect the invisible barrier. Was it some kind of magnetic field that had stopped her? Had Terra done that? Was he really capable of achieving such magic?

"I'm fine, guys. Thanks for asking," Ven muttered grumpily, while trying to get up.

Aqua didn't even hear it and lightly touched the invisible thing that blocked the doorway with her fingertips. The surface was smooth and it felt neither cold, nor warm. How strange. What kind of material was it?

"Man, talk about poor eyesight here," was the first thing Terra said. "That's what you get from reading too many books."


She gave him a confused look.

"You were just in time to see the fun. Or rather, not see it."

Aqua frowned, tilting her head to the side. "...I still don't get it."

"What do you think of this plastic? It took me quite a while to put it there and get it in that perfect, almost invisible shape," Terra explained patiently to her.

She eyed his smirk suspiciously. Then she finally got it. Of course, this was just another stupid, immature prank of him and she hadn't even seen that coming (no pun intended), literally this time. Oh, she was such an idiot!

She blushed slightly from embarrassment. "This is nothing compared to what I have in mind, for you," she whispered. Terra, though, was still able to hear it. She walked off with an incoherent, "hmph!"

Terra wondered what she meant with that, but something told him that he would find out very soon...

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