Glue 'em Together!

Aqua was now on the warpath. She wouldn't stay friendly anymore and throw away the rules book from now on. He didn't deserve to be threated with respect. Not after what he had done to her. Terra sure had guts! She found it so terrible that she had lied to him, telling him that his prank was nothing compared to the one she had in her mind. Right. In reality, she still had no idea of what she should do next. Her mind was in a fog, almost literally. All that thinking made her so tired, no, scratch that, exhausted! It just wasn't fair. That was what made it all so bad. Now, she had to come up with something brilliant, otherwise she would make a complete fool out of herself in front of him, and Ven. Maybe she should think things through first and never show her opponents the cards she had, before saying or doing something stupid. Not that she had any cards left to show them to people... Perhaps one of the many books in the library could help her, or inspire her and give her a good idea. She could at least try it, right? She didn't have anything to lose there.

Sighing wearily, she slowly rose from her bed. As she passed the big mirror that was on the door of her closet, her eye fell immediately on the two gigantic bruises on her cheek and forehead. The temperature in the room dropped a few degrees instantly. She didn't know how Terra had been able to make that plastic as hard as steel (although it had felt even harder than steel when she had collided into it), but it had certainly left its marks. Literally. She probably didn't want to know how he had managed to do that, anyway. Who knew what he was thinking. But honestly, of all places, it just had to be on her forehead, so everyone could see it, even with her hair in the way?

"Well, it does match your hair a bit," Terra had said, barely able to hide his huge grin.

She had almost attacked him right then and there. Fortunately for him, she had been able to control herself (but barely). The only thing she had done, was mutter a stream of four letter words under her breath. No doubt he had heard them all, though, but she didn't care about that. Ven, however, certainly didn't show any sympathy toward her, because he still believed firmly that she should be the one to stop, for she had started "all this nonsense," as he put it. Tch, as if! Terra had obviously asked for it himself, thanks to his haughty behavior. What a pity that he attacked her, too, in his own way. That made everything even more difficult... and annoying. Maybe luck would be on her side after today. She surely could use some.

After grabbing some paper and pen, she walked towards the door and closed it behind her.

"Let the brainstorming begin," the blue-haired beauty muttered under her breath.

Aqua really loved the peaceful quiet that the library offered her every day, and the smell of all those thick, old and dusty books that had existed for a share amount of decades in this great space. Every time she walked through the long, deserted aisles, in between the high bookshelves, it seemed as though she was in a totally different world, far away of the reality she had to live in. She didn't hate that reality, but this idea certainly didn't feel wrong. Being still deep in thought, she brushed with her index finger lightly on the many thick covers. Absent-mindedly, she began to hum a song from her childhood. One that her mother always sang for her when she was a little girl and when she would feel sad. That wouldn't happen too often, but still...

Suddenly, however, she was startled out of her own picture perfect world when her hand was stuck somewhere, on some sticky substance. Eeew, she'd rather not know what that stuff was. How gross, it seemed to be decades old chewing gum. Just great. Of course this would only happen to her...

This brought her to another great idea, though. However, it would cost her her precious sleep, again. She figured that she had no choice, so it had to be that way. She had to wake up before Terra would, otherwise her plan had no chance of success. The only thing she needed for this prank, had to be somewhere in her bedroom. She turned and started running back again. There was no time to lose.

The next day, her alarm clock went off exactly fifteen minutes earlier than usual; that was all the time she would need, anyways. It was all according to plan. Once the annoying beeping sound filled the room, her right hand shot out to her alarm clock quickly and automatically, to turn it off at once. A sleepy head with extremely fuzzy, blue hair that stood on all sides peaked out from under the soft, lilac-colored blankets. She groaned inwardly. She was still not ready to get up, but she had no choice. She'd rather turn on her side and continue sleeping. She knew she couldn't do that, though.

"Guh, I'm really getting too old for this."

Still, she got up, out of her bed, to get started with her new masterplan. It was time to make him pay for the bruise he had given her. She didn't even bother to change her clothes or comb her hair neatly first, so it would look more presentable, but she took the big tube of super glue that was standing on her tidy desk, ready to be used. He was fast asleep, anyway, so he wouldn't have the chance to comment about how she looked. Aqua really hoped this would work.

On her slippers, she slipped into the corridor and closed her bedroom door softly behind her. She barely made any noise. Then she put her ear onto Terra's door. There was only silence from the other side of the door. She couldn't even hear him snoring. That wasn't so strange, because as far as she knew, Terra never snored. Would that mean that he was awake? Very slowly and cautiously, Aqua opened the door, wincing by each light creeking that accompanied the movement, because that could wake him up. Her heart started beating faster and faster when she saw how Terra stirred slightly, but fortunately, he didn't wake up. She sighed, relieved and thanked all the gods that she knew or had heard of for that wonder. It would be real trouble if he would wake up so suddenly, because Terra was also known for sleeping through everything. Sometimes even through his own alarm clock, so that someone else still had to wake him up, which was quite a task, too.

Step by step, she came closer to the almost lifeless-looking and still sleeping form. This was almost too good to be true, as if Fate was telling her to take this chance and get him back. How would she start now?

Terra lay on his back. His left arm dangled almost lazily over the edge of the bed and his fingertips almost reached the floor. His other arm rested simply on his stomach. He wore a simple white T-shirt with the symbol of his favorite sports team on the left side of his chest. His chest slowly rose up and down, in a steady rhythm. For Aqua, that was the only proof that he wasn't dead (yet). She shivered involuntarily by the thought. It was something you wouldn't even wish for your enemies to happen... Well, of course there were always some exceptions, but she couldn't think of anyone at the moment.

Aqua decided to start with his dangling arm first, because that seemed to be a lot easier. With one hand, she turned it around, while her other hand gently put some glue in Terra's palm. Then she ran with the tip of her nail ever so lightly over his left cheek, trying to trigger some action from him. He knew this would tickle him slightly She continued doing this, until Terra himself lifted his left hand in his sleep to make it stop, probably thinking that it was an utterly annoying fly that bothered him in his sweet sleep. However, as soon as his hand came into contact with his cheek, he kept his hand planted firmly against it, making it difficult for Aqua to restrain her giggles so he wouldn't wake up.

She wasn't finished with him yet, though. Quickly and agily, Aqua took his other hand that was resting on his stomach as well and put some fast-drying glue on it, knowing very well that it wouldn't be long before he opened his eyes. She had to hurry if she didn't want him to see her here and ask what the hell she was doing in his room... again. Therefore, she just put his hand against his cheek this time. That saved some time.

Now just try to take that shirt of yours off, Terra. You get all my money if you succeed by yourself, she thought, smirking.

Tiptoeing out of Terra's bedroom, she thought of something else; it probably would have been funnier if she had glued the side of his head against his pillow. It was too late for that, though. Well, maybe she could save that for another time. Fortunately, she didn't bump into Ven before she had reached her room, or even worse: Master Eraqus. That would've been even more awkward.

After she had finished her daily routine and was dressed completely, she went downstairs to have breakfast. Ven already sat, as expected, on his place at the table when she went into the kitchen. As always, he looked up when he heard her coming, his cerulean eyes meeting her darker blue ones.

"Good morning, Ven," Aqua greeted the spiky-haired boy, as she walked over to him to ruffle his hair affectionately.

Today, she happened to be the one who greeted the other first, smiling. Normally, it was vice versa, but Ven was behaving differently toward her lately. She noticed it when she ruffled his hair. It was almost as if he turned his head slightly away from her near the end.

"Hi, Aqua."

That was exactly what she meant. Even with that sweet little smile on his face, he looked cautiously. Aqua quirked an eyebrow, but said nothing about the matter. She wasn't in the right mood for this yet. Breakfast came first. She grabbed a clean bowl and spoon from the cupboard and a carton of milk from the refrigerator. Putting them on the table, she went back for the XL-pack with her favorite cereal.

"So I take it that Terra isn't done showering yet?" Ven tried to start a conversation, as always.

At least one thing had stayed the same about him.

She turned around to face him, smiling a little. "Are you kidding me? Terra hasn't even woken up yet!" Ven snickered briefly at that, but the sound was drowned out by loud shouts from upstairs. That could only mean one thing. "Okay, scratch that last one," she said softly to herself, but Ven had also heard it and now looked at her in a strange way.

She knew exactly what he was thinking, that she had done something to make him this mad, again. That was quite offending, honestly... even if his suspicions were true.

"What?" she asked.

He just shook his head and said nothing. Not that he had time for it, because at that moment, there was a lot of tumbling when someone pounded down the stairs. It could be only one person: Terra. Master Eraqus walked almost without making any sound, almost like he was floating instead of walking. Perhaps it was a thing that only a Master could do.

Suddenly a systematic, hard pounding could be heard. It made the floor shudder and was accompanied by loud cries of pain. Then it was all quiet again, except for a soft groaning. Both Ven and Aqua looked at the entrance of the kitchen, but there was nothing to see there. Terra didn't appear in the kitchen, as they were half-expecting. That couldn't promise anything good...

Ven was the first who broke the silence. "We'd better go check it out."

Aqua nodded briefly and quickly led the way. The first thing they found in the corridor, was Terra who was lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs, his face contorted with pain and his hands firmly planted against his cheek. Aqua paled instantly.

"Terra!" they both cried out, startled.

She let the XL-pack of cereal that she still had in her hands drop. It fell on the neat floor and the pieces of cereal scattered on the black and white tiles, while she ran to him and knelt down beside him.

For a moment, she forgot the world around her when she looked deep into his cobalt-colored eyes. "Where does it hurt?" Aqua whispered as she gently brushed some of his chocolate brown hair out of his eyes.

That certainly didn't go unnoticed by Terra.

He shuddered a bit at the touch of her cool fingers against his warm skin, but he shook the newly formed thoughts out of his head. "My leg. The left one," he groaned through clenched teeth.

"Terra, you have broken a few teeth?" Ven asked, also taking a part of the conversation.

"No," he growled with a low voice, grimacing from the pain.

"Then why are you holding your cheeks for dear li-"

"What happened here?"

The three Keyblade wielders almost jumped when they heard the stern voice of their Master. He had just emerged out of nowhere, like he often did, and then he knelt down to Terra, on the opposite of Aqua. He inspected his leg thoroughly.

A frown appeared on his forehead, making Aqua bite her lip (in guilt, because this was obviously her fault). "This has clearly only one solution." The wise man looked at his students one by one before he continued, "Terra's leg needs to rest for a week and Aqua is the one who will take care of him."

Aqua's eyes widened and her jaw almost reached the floor.

From the look on her face, everyone could tell quite easily that she clearly hadn't seen that one coming. "What? Why?" she cried in dismay. In her madness, she forgot her politeness, so she quickly added "Master," to make it sound less respectless.

Master Eraqus had a neutral expression on his face, so she couldn't tell whether he was angry at her or not. That could be a very bad thing for her, though.

"Because, Aqua, if I'm not mistaken, you must be the one who glued his hands against his cheeks this morning."

Aqua's own cheeks turned a bright red from embarrassment. She couldn't know that this prank wouldn't end that well. It had never been her intention to deliberately hurt him in any way. Maybe she really deserved this punishment, because she had brought him in danger...

She bowed her head. "Yes, Master. I will accept my punishment and it won't happen again."

"Good. And the reason I won't heal your leg, Terra, is because you delivered Aqua a bruise yesterday. It wouldn't be fair of me to let you get away with that, now would it?"

Terra's mouth dropped in almost the same way as Aqua's did. "What?" he cried out, incredulously. His Master gave him a look that clearly said he wasn't pleased at all. "I mean, that wouldn't be fair for me, because I only did that because she dyed my hair pink! Pink, for crying out loud! Plus this hurts so much. It's unbearable! I can't hold on until it finally gets better."

He groaned again to emphasis what he had said, but Master Eraqus didn't buy it. "I'm afraid you don't have a choice. Terra, you knew I had given her detentions because of her actions, but you still didn't stop with these pranks when you had to. I think this punishment is fair enough for the both of you. If it really hurts that much, then you can take painkillers. It will ease the pain," the man replied.

Terra gave up, looking down.

He knew it was of no use when his Master had set his mind on one thing. "Yes, Master," he said, sighing.

Master Eraqus helped him get up now, with Aqua's help, who seemed to take her new task very serious. That was only a good thing.

"Let's have breakfast. You will need all your energy for today, the three of you," The Master spoke, solemnly.

"Yes, Master," all three of them said, simultaneously.

They all set sail for the kitchen that was big enough to serve as the dining room. Aqua had the idea that this might be a long week for her. Terra would surely use his bruised bone in his advantage, because he really was that sneaky.

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