Terra surely wasn't in a good mood for the following days. She really had never seen him in such a bad temper before, not even when he'd gone through puberty. It was almost scary in a way, because she wasn't sure what to expect of him anymore. Maybe he couldn't take it that he had lost from her. That wasn't of her concern, though. Right now, she was busy with putting up another prank in revenge for the hot peppers he had put in her food. She had to be careful this time, though, because he seemed to be pissed off enough, already.

It just couldn't have been anyone else, but Terra himself. Master Eraqus was far too serious to pull a prank on her and Ven was too sweet and innocent to do that to her. Terra had kept hidden from everyone that he actually could walk, probably for more reasons than for Aqua to take care of him for the whole friggin' week (and she still couldn't believe the fact that Master Eraqus hadn't noticed something earlier. He usually was quick in these things, since he had a lot of experience with little liars). Then there was automatically only one person left who had done it. Exactly: Terra.

It was kinda strange that nobody else had noticed Terra doing that, though. Perhaps he had done it when Master Eraqus hadn't entered the kitchen yet. And Ven... he probably just hadn't seen it, because he had been too busy with setting the table... or something like that. Well, either way, it didn't matter anymore.

It sure was a great blessing from heaven that she was already so advanced in magic, because all those balloons that she needed for the prank didn't blow themselves. She had lost count at the 133rd balloon... or was it 331? Aqua didn't remember. She had purchased fifteen packets of 200 balloons. It had cost her only fifteen Munny, so it was very cheap.

When she was finally finished with her new masterpiece, she blew the balloons a bit away, so she could close the door of Terra's bedroom (that was the destination of her new prank) without them getting in the way. Whoa, there were so many of them! The whole room was filled with it until her waist. She didn't want to think about how long it would've taken her if she couldn't have used magic. Far too long, that's what.

At the time that she just wanted to walk away, Terra came walking toward her. He stopped in front of her, remaining still and crossing his arms against his chest. They looked at each other in silence. Since Terra was slightly taller than her, if felt more like he was looking down upon her, his deep azure eyes considerably colder than they had been for the past days.

The brunet male was the first one to break the somewhat awkward silence that was as palpable as smoke from a sigaret. "Did you need something from my room?" he asked, interrupting the short silence.

Aqua was more than grateful that he had taken the first step. She nodded briefly.

With some great difficulty, she suppressed the mischievous smile that threatened to appear on her face. "Yes. I think I left there something when I had to take care of your hurt leg last week."

She tried not to emphasis on the word hurt. It would only make him more grumpy.

Even now, his face fell when he was reminded of that again. "Okay." He put his hand on the doorknob, but didn't open the door yet, eyeing her suspiciously.

"What, is there something wrong?" she asked, looking up at him, almost too innocently to be believable.

"Tell me, will I get anything in my face when I open the door?" he asked her, frowning slightly.

So he had a hunch that she had done something? The blue-haired teen couldn't blame him for it. It seemed that he knew her far better than she had expected.

Aqua hastily shook her head, looking thoroughly perplexed at the insinuation. "Of course not! What have I ever done to you that you think that bad of me?"

He raised a thin eyebrow and looked meaningfully at her, which said more than enough already. Aqua knew that right now, he was thinking of the hairdye, make-up, glue and ice, and all the pranks she had pulled with him. She sighed.

Maybe that had been a stupid question of her. "Okay, nevermind. But the point is that I'm not that bad. I wouldn't do this to you and scoop that low. Not when you've been through such a... hard week," she explained, solemnly, but he still didn't seem to believe her.

"Then what's with the smile you're trying to hide from me?"

Damn, he had seen that, too.

"Oh that? That's just because of uh..." she thought of a good excuse. "I'm in a good mood. That's all."

He looked at her for a moment, as if he was trying to search for the truth in her cerulean eyes. When he couldn't find any answer, the brunet opened his bedroom door, deciding to believe her this time and give her the benefit of the doubt. What he didn't expect to see, though, was a fountain of different colors that greeted him and flew almost like water towards him. After he had recovered from the initial shock of seeing hundreds of balloons in his bedroom, he turned his sullen look at her.

"So? Do you like it?" Aqua asked.

She looked at him expectingly.

His expression didn't change a bit, though. "Let me guess, you've been working on this all day long?"

"Uh-huh!" she said, nodding enthusiastically. "Cool, huh?"

"And you don't have the slightest notion that you could've spent your time better on something more, let's say... useful?" he deadpanned.

"Nope," she replied, shaking her head.

Her smile widened when she saw that he frowned. He stepped into his room, kicking the balloons that dared to come near his feet. They just kept coming back to his feet, as stubborn as they were. Wait, balloons couldn't be stubborn... or could they?

Terra turned around to face her again. "Very mature of you. Really, you've surpassed yourself this time... Why did you do this in the first place?"

"Isn't that obvious? I did it to lighten up the mood, 'cause let's face it, you've been so grumpy this whole week, that it's not funny anymore."

He grunted at that, running a hand through his spiky mane.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well, what?"

"Did it work?"

He chose to ignore her last question, because this had only made him more grumpy. Instead, he asked her, "And this is all you've got?"

"...Not really. There's still one more thing I've got to do."

He looked at her, questioningly. Truth was, that that answer surprised him, but did he even want to know what would come next? Knowing her, he probably didn't. However, before he had the chance to dodge her, she pushed him hard in his stomach and he staggered, knowing that he wouldn't regain his balance again. He grabbed Aqua's wrist and dragged her with him when he fell, so she came to lie on top of him. Fortunately, the many colored balloons broke their sudden fall, so it didn't hurt at all.

This way, he was able to smell Aqua's new shampoo and it truly was intoxicating.

Whoa, deja vu! Aqua thought, surprised.

She looked straight into his cobalt-colored eyes and blushed when she felt his arm being wrapped around her waist.

"I can tell from that look on your face that you didn't expect this to happen. Am I right?"

Aqua said nothing. She could only look at him. Her vocal cords didn't seem to work anymore. Yes, he was right, this had come as a complete surprise for her.

"Strange huh, how things sometimes can take such a surprising turn?"

She had frankly no idea what he was talking about, but something told her that she had to get away from him, and quick.

Aqua tried to move away, but he wouldn't let her do that. "Terra, let me go!"

"Why should I? So I'll be buried under these dangerous balloons all on my own? I'm sorry, but I can't give you that pleasure. We have to end this together."

She tried to get up once again, away from him, but it was of no use. After all, Terra wasn't called the strongest out of the three of them by Master Eraqus for nothing.

With his free hand, he swiftly grabbed a blue balloon that lay near him and started to grin. "It's time to give someone a bad hair day," he said.

It took her a while to get it, but when she did, her cerulean eyes widened in shock. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh no? Wanna bet?"

He didn't give her time to reply, or even protest and started rubbing the balloon against Aqua's overly blue hair, so it became static and soon enough stood in all directions.

"Terra, stop it!"

Aqua tried to wriggle herself loose from his steel grip, but she knew it was a lost cause, so she gave up eventually. Strangely enough, Terra seemed to stiffen all of a sudden. Aqua looked at him, surprised at this sudden change. His eyes had become as wide as saucers and his mouth had dropped open a little.

Aqua was about to ask what was wrong and if she had hurt him somehow during their struggle, but he already started to talk. "Oh! M-Master? Th-this is not what it looks like. We can explain everything, I-I swear," Terra said suddenly, startled and scared at the same time.

His grip around her waist loosened somewhat. All color drained from Aqua's face when she realized that Master Eraqus had to be standing in the doorway. She got up with a jerk, fearing for the worst. When she saw that nobody was standing in the doorway, she quickly ran out of the room before Terra could get a hold of her again. She almost tripped over her own feet and some balloons that seemed to block her way.

Terra snickered, smirking evilly. Talk about payback. It seemed like Aqua didn't know how to get out of the room quick enough. It was almost... cute, what with the way she blushed when she fell on top of him and all. Thank heavens she wasn't that heavy. Instead she was... well, soft.

He looked around. Now the big question was how he could get rid of all those balloons and what to do with them next. Glueing them on all doors of the castle didn't seem to be a bad idea at all. His grin became wider instantly as he quickly scrambled to his feet to look for some tape or glue. And of course, Aqua's room would get the most balloons.

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