Fake a Smile!

Terra was fortunate enough to find a bottle with bright red dye in it. It was edible and perfect for his next prank he was going to set up. If he didn't know any better, he would think that Lady Fortune was on his side today. Terra would definitely thank the gods later for that. He only had to wait until everyone had left the kitchen so he could pour it all in Aqua's favorite juice. Thank heavens the dye had exactly the same color as the juice, so she wouldn't suspect anything. He was really being bad here, wasn't he? But she had started it, and she always went too far. At least this wasn't bad for your health, he'd been sure to check that twice.

After he had done that, he quickly slipped out of the kitchen, without being seen by anyone. He had ensured that there was only one pack of cherry juice in the refrigerator, so she wouldn't take another pack instead of this one. Terra knew that Ven loved apple juice much more, so the guy was safe for now.

Aqua walked into the kitchen to get a glass of cold juice for Master Eraqus, Ven and herself. The first two had been training all day on quite difficult techniques, so they deserved a break. Terra would be too suspicious to accept what she would give him, so why would she even try? Plus she was still mad at him because of all those balloons that he had stuck on all the doors and the bad hair day he had given her. Terra had used her own prank against her. Now that was an unforgivable thing.

The worst thing of all was the fact that Master Eraqus didn't seem to mind those stupid balloons one bit, because he had given him permission to do as he pleased with all the balloons. She knew that Terra only had done that to tease her. Aqua didn't even dare to look him straight in the eyes eversince that incident with the balloons, which had happened a few days ago, let alone being with him in the same room for too long. It made her nervous like heck, and she didn't even know why.

She frowned as she saw that there was no apple juice left anymore. She knew that Ven didn't like water, because according to him it had no taste at all and he only liked orange juice in the morning. Yes, he was quite picky about such things, but then again, weren't all guys like that? The guys who lived with her were the living proof of it.

Eventually, she decided to pour some ice cold cherry juice for all of them, which happened to be her favorite drink. She set the three glasses on a white tray, along with a few energy bars (she was sure that they needed that now) and walked outside with it, stepping into the sunny gardens, where Ven and Master Eraqus were training. She had no idea where Terra was at the moment.

She sighed deeply. Things had changed between Terra and her, but she wasn't sure if he thought the same about it. Sometimes she really wondered when it all had begun. Perhaps after the incident with the painkillers? Could he even remember what exactly had happened? Probably not, because he never talked about it. Or perhaps he was just too embarrassed about it and he ignored it? Gosh, this was so confusing...

"Hey Aqua, you still there?"

She blinked a couple of times, seeing that Ven was waving his hand frantically in front of her eyes. "Huh, wha-?" she muttered, rather dazed.

She slowly returned to reality. Ven's cerulean eyes pierced right into hers. He tilted his head slightly, while he kept looking at her.

A nervous laugh escaped her lips before she could do anything about it. "Sorry. I guess I kinda spaced out."

"Kinda? May I ask who you were daydreaming about?" Ven asked her teasingly.

She began to blush. If Ven only knew. Thank heavens he didn't!

"N-nobody," she answered quickly.

Too quickly, she realized, because Ven's grin widened instantly. "Relax, Aqua. I was only teasing you. You don't have to tell us, if you do not want to. At least that explains why you forgot all about me."

It took a while for her to realize what exactly he was talking about.

She was glad that she could tell him that this hadn't been a mistake on her part. "There wasn't any apple juice left, so I poured cherry juice for you," she explained.

"Yeah, I would've said that too to make myself less conspicuous."

After that comment, her skin matched the color of a tomato when she heard that.

"Ven, leave that poor girl alone," said their Master when he thought that Ven went a bit too far with his teasing.

Ven bowed his head slightly. "Yes, Master."

Aqua let out a relieved breath, glad that she wouldn't have to answer awkward questions. Things were complicated enough between Terra and her already. However, she wondered if anyone else had noticed that, too. Or was she the only one?

They went to sit on the white stairs. Ven immediately began to talk about his new training and how he had broken his personal record in sprinting, again.

She smiled and just wanted to tell them that this was really good when he let out a startled cry. "Ven, what is it?" she asked, startled.

"Your teeth... no, your whole mouth. It's bleeding!" he said, aghast.

She frowned. "What?"

Aqua swiftly pulled a small mirror that she always brought with her out of one of her pockets. A shiver ran down her spine when she saw the reflection of her bloody mouth. She didn't like blood at all. It didn't matter if it was her own blood, or not. What in the world had she been doing to get this result?

"How can this be? It doesn't even hurt," she said softly.

"Have you-" Ven started, but Aqua interrupted him with a shriek of her own when she saw something in his mouth that looked unnaturally red.

"Ven, let me see your teeth," she demanded.

He did what she asked him to do, clueless as to why she was panicking like that.

She audibly gasped for breath. "It's exactly the same with yours!" she cried, aghast. "Did you get hurt during the training?"

They both checked whether Master Eraqus's mouth was red, too. Yes, it was. Then that could only mean one thing.

Aqua looked from the drink in her hand to the other two glasses. This just couldn't be a coincidence.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she then asked.

"Terra," they growled all three in unison.

So they actually did think the same.

"Man oh man, we're looking like vampires that just came back from hunting," Ven remarked. "But I'm not sure if I still find that so cool as I thought at first."

"Say cheese!"

Suddenly, a small device appeared in front of her. The flashing light that the device had made after she had heard a light click, almost blinded her. Aqua realized too late that it was a camera. Terra ran back to the castle again, but she didn't bother to follow him. Aqua promised herself one thing. She would make Terra pay for this, even if that was the last thing she would do.

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