Pimp My Room

Terra was still grinning at the fact that thanks to him, Aqua's teeth had been red for days on end. Oh, and Ven was an unlucky bastard, as always. There was no point in denying that. Somehow, he always seemed to become a victim of other people's jokes and pranks. He probably was born for it, the poor thing. The only thing that didn't really go according to plan, was that Master Eraqus' teeth had also changed from color. Unfortunately, that had given Terra an extra month of doing the dishes all by himself, as a punishment. But it had been all worth it... eventually... maybe.

Speaking of which, there she came walking toward him, with that sweet smile on her lips, as always. The smile that always made him smile back automatically, from the outside and the inside (if that was possible), whether he wanted to or not. One smile that made his heart beat faster and faster lately. Sometimes he wondered if she knew what she did with him, or if she felt the same for him. Probably not, but he didn't dare to ask her about it. Heck, he didn't even know himself how he felt about her.

She stood still in front of him, looking up at him. "Hey Terra, can I borrow a DVD from you?"

He had certainly not expected that question. It was beyond his knowledge how she never ceased to amaze him.

Terra nodded. "Sure. You can get it yourself, but please put it all back to where it belongs when you're done with it. All my CDs and DVDs are listed alphabetically, which is easier and saves much time searching for the one you need," he replied solemnly.

Aqua glanced at him and started to laugh. "Why? You don't have hundreds of shelves with different DVDs, do you?"

She made an exaggerated wide gesture with her arms, making Terra suddenly burst out laughing. "Just quiet, you. I told you it makes things easier? It actually does help."

"Uh-huh, sure," she said, sarcastically rolling her eyes. "Your room's a mess, but your CDs and DVDs are listen in alphabetical order? Do you think I can believe it that easily?"

He shrugged at that. "Then don't believe it. Go see it for yourself and when you finally got the proof, I don't think I'll forgive you for not believing me."

She just laughed sweetly. "We'll see, Terra."

Terra's stomach did a back flip as a response thereto. He watched her open his bedroom door. When she was in his room, he walked away, toward the library. He still had some homework to do and unfortunately, that couldn't wait.

Moments later, Aqua came to the library as well, where Terra was sitting in one of the chairs, doing his homework. He looked up from his reading when he heard her light footsteps. The first thing he noticed, was that she was holding one of his DVDs in her right hand.

He tried to keep his eyes on her face only and not to wander off to the rest of her body. That proved to be easier said than done. Guh, what was wrong with him today? He pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and indexfinger. She sat down on the chair opposite of him.

The smile was still on her face, though it seemed to be more mischievous than before. "You know, at first I thought that you actually made a joke about these DVDs in alphabetic order, but I think it's still remarkable," she said, laughing.

"Surprise... So what have you chosen?" he asked, stretching his arm to indicate that he wanted to see the front of the DVD.

She handed him the DVD and replied, "Rush Hour 7. It's the latest of the series, right?"

He nodded. "Mhmm. Do you want to watch this movie tonight?" he guessed.

She nodded, looking quite excited. "Yeah, it was Ven's idea, actually. He likes action movies as much as I do, although he's not that keen on chickflicks, which is too bad. Not that you have any romantic movies. It would be kinda scary if you had them, anyway, so that solves the case," she explained.

Terra frowned at that, trying not to sound disappointed at all. "Oh. Okay."

An unknown, but strong feeling started to overpower him. A white haze of anger appeared in front of his eyes. His hand had turned into fists under the table when she'd mentioned Ven's name, for he didn't want Aqua to see it. Eversince Ven had come to live here with them, Aqua spent more and more time with him and much less with Terra. It was almost as though she had replaced him completely by a spiky-haired spunk. Terra couldn't take it anymore. Whenever he suggested to do something together, as in just the two of them, she thought it was necessary to involve Ven too, because he would feel excluded otherwise. Seriously, so what if he did? That wasn't his problem, now was it?

"Oh, but you can come, too. We start at a quarter to eight, in my room."

Oh, so now the roles were reversed? Aqua and Ven had planned to do something fun together and he had been invited at the last minute, because they probably felt oh so sorry for him. And they both laughed at Terra behind his back. He just knew that. He would get Ven for all this later. And yes, he knew it was very childish and unreasonable of him to feel that way and think that way. He also knew that it was low to only blame Ven for this, but he couldn't ignore this incident, or just forgive him and forget about it. Terra just wasn't like that, nor would he ever be.

He grimaced when he had made his decision. "No, thanks. I think I'll pass," he replied, gruffly.


At this point, he was far too angry to see how Aqua's face fell at his blunt response. "By the way, your room has a beautiful color. I never knew you liked pink," she said.

He nearly twisted his neck when he quickly turned his head to gawk at her.

He stroked his neck and squeezed his eyes into narrow splits. "What are you talking about?"

Last time he had checked, his bedroom wasn't pink, but white and yellow.

"Go see it for yourself if you don't believe me."

Terra hesitated slightly, before he got up from his comfortable seat and walked out of the library. To be honest, he had a really bad feeling about this. He didn't want to admit it, but secretly he was terrified of what disaster he would encounter in his bedroom. After all, pink wasn't exactly his kind of color. He began to run faster automatically.

The door was ajar. He flung it open and immediately wished fervently that he hadn't done that. His room was turned into a hell, a pink one at that. A flurry of different shades of pink, shades of which he didn't even know existed, greeted him. He became dizzy and had to cling on to the doorknob in order not to collapse.

It just didn't feel safe anymore. Yet he stepped inside and slammed the door shut with a loud bang!, angry at everything and everyone. Someone up there really had to hate his guts. It seemed that the pink paint had dried already. It smelled like bubblegum in his room. He sighed. Great. Just friggin' great. How was supposed to fall asleep now in the midst of this horror?

It was somewhere near seven o'clock, pm. There were only two people in the kitchen, doing the dishes in pure silence. Aqua washed and Ven dried. They had dined not too long ago, but Terra hadn't showed up for dinner, even though Aqua knew that he had to be hungry. After all, he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. She had a suspicion of why he hadn't done that and that gave her a tremendous sense of guilt. That feeling hadn't diminished when Master Eraqus had looked at her in a strange way when they had happened to make eye contact with each other. She almost felt like he knew that she had something to do with Terra's sudden moodswing.

Almost as if Ven could read her thoughts, he asked, "Hey Aqua?"


Aqua kept her gaze on the plate she was holding in her hands, but not because she didn't dare to look Ven in the eyes.

Ven clearly doubted a bit, before he asked, "I was wondering if you know why Terra didn't show up for dinner, because Master Eraqus didn't seem to know it, either. Is he mad or something?"

Yes, and how...

She had truly never seen him like this. That look in the blonde's eyes made it impossible for the blue-haired female to lie about it, though. Aqua thought that she should keep this short and concise. It was the best for all of them to only tell Ven about the big lines and omit all the details. This way, Terra wouldn't get mad at her, too, for telling everyone what had happened.

"Probably," she replied, trying to put on a neutral look on her face.

"But why?" he inquired further, tilting his head to the side while locking eyes with her.

She sighed wearily.

So much for the big lines. "I'm not sure, but it could be because he didn't like it that I threw several paint bombs in the color pink in his room."

Which, on second thought, hadn't been such a great idea at all. She had realized that just a little too late. What a bummer.

Ven confirmed that once again by sighing loudly. "Aqua, I may be the youngest of the three of us, but sometimes I seem to stand far above you two with my behavior. And I think that that really says something. When will you guys finally realize that it can cost more than only your friendship and a few teeth with this kind of behavior? And I'm not even talking about how dangerous some of your pranks are. Just think about what happened with Terra almost two weeks ago."

And look, there was the wise lesson of the day again, coming from a walking fortune cookie. Aqua said nothing, not even that it was bad luck that Terra had fallen off the stairs. She had heard this already so often from the same person that she knew everything he said (or would say) from heart by now. Aqua started to wonder how often Terra had to hear this.

"By the way, did you ask Terra to come and watch the movie with us?" he asked, changing the subject all of a sudden.

"Yes, but he said he didn't want to. His exact words were, and I quote: "No, thanks. I think I'll pass." And that was even before he found out about his bedroom and the paint bombs."

"How strange. One would think that someone who had this many movies would actually like a movie night with his two best friends," Ven remarked. "Especially when it's a movie of his own that we're watching."

Aqua nodded slowly. "Yeah, tell me. Sometimes I really have no idea what's going on in his mind," she admitted, sighing.

Then they continued doing the dishes in silence.

It was a quarter to eight, sharp. Terra paced restlessly back and forth in his bedroom with his hands neatly folded behind his back. He had been doing this for fifteen minutes now. He was getting nervous of himself and his ridiculous thoughts. He really wanted to know what Aqua and Ven were doing at the moment. Would they gossip about him? Neither of them seemed to be the gossip type, but it was quite possible now that he wasn't there with them. That thought made him white hot with anger, again. But they would look very strangely up at him, not to mention see right through him, if he just came barging in into Aqua's room. His pokerface sucked pretty much and he'd never been good at making up excuses. Even thinking about it was stupid. Unless... unless he came up with some credible excuse. But what would be credible enough?

After some deliberation, he came to a final decision. He walked through the door of his bedroom and stood still in front of Aqua's bedroom door. Should he really do this? He lifted up his hand. If he knocked on the door, then it would be too late to back out.

Just when he actually wanted to knock, Aqua opened the door from the other side so that they stood face to face with each other, none of them moving. She blinked her eyes a couple of times with astonishment. He knew that she was very surprised by his sudden appearance and frankly, he couldn't blame her for it.

This time she was the first one to break the awkward silence that had set between them. "Terra? Is there something wrong?"

Terra instantly let his hand fall next to him. "Uh, I just wanted to ask if um..." he began, but his mind went blank. He couldn't think of any good excuse. That was until he noticed the DVD that she held in her hands. "Never mind, actually. Where's Ven?"

"Oh, Ven came to me a few minutes ago telling me that he was really tired from the heavy training today and he asked if I wouldn't mind it if he would sleep a bit earlier instead of watching the movie with me. I said it was no problem at all. That was why I wanted to bring your DVD back. Watching a movie on my own is rather boring, anyway, so here you are."

She extended her hand toward him, but he didn't bother to take the DVD from her. He simply couldn't believe his ears. This opportunity was almost too good to be true. It almost looked like the gods wanted him to go for this new option. Then why would he disappoint them?

"Well, then I'm afraid we just have one choice," he started, sighing melodramatically.

This caught the mage's interest. "Really? And what is that choice?" she asked curiously.

"Well, there is no other choice than that I play the gentleman again and sacrifice my precious free night for you, so you don't have to watch that movie all alone. I hope you're happy now."

Aqua looked at him, stunned at first, and then began to laugh. "Oh, really now? Gosh, that would be very noble of you," she said, sarcastically.

"Oh you know how I am, right? One and all kindness."

Aqua snorted, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, right," she muttered. "In that case, I'm wondering who you are and what you've done to the real Terra."

Terra wasn't deaf, though and said, "Hey, I heard that one!"

"I know. That's why I said it in the first place," she explained, laughing.

She stepped aside to let him go through and then closed the door behind him when he came into her room. Terra looked around, while Aqua walked over to her laptop, which she had connected to her television. He saw that there was already an extra large pack of popcorn, laying on her desk, along with drinks, empty cups, candy and a big bag of crisps. On her bed were bright red heart-shaped pillows. The room itself was about as big as that of Terra's, but so much neater than his. Perhaps that was why it seemed to be much bigger. The wallpaper matched the color of her eyes perfectly and had flowers of a lighter shade of blue imprinted on them. Her quilt was of the same color.

On her desk and bookshelves stood all kinds of girly things, like make-up, gossip magazines and soft-looking, fluffy things. On a small, black square coffee table there were three scented candles; a blue, a pink and a white one, standing on a light blue plate with red and pink rose petals lying around it. When Terra was done with his quick inspection of her room, he saw that Aqua looked at him and smiled sweetly. He immediately tensed involuntarily.

"You have permission to sit down, you know, if that's what you were waiting for," she said teasingly.

Terra began to grin, asking quasi-surprised, "How did you know that?"

"Call it intuition."

He walked to the bed and plopped down on it, leaving enough space for Aqua, who sat down beside him.

"Crisps or popcorn? Or both?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Uh, popcorn," he replied, shrugging.

She handed him a huge bowl of popcorn and leaned back against the soft cushions next to him. Their arms brushed lightly against each other. Both felt like they got electricity through their body and blushed from that action. They said nothing, however. The movie started and on the screen appeared in huge, bright red letters, "Rush Hour 7." One of Aqua's favorite actors played in it; Jackie Man and Chris Ducker.

"Terra?" she asked softly, interrupting his reverie.


He couldn't help but notice how close they sat next to each other right now. It made him wonder if she'd noticed that, too. If she did, she didn't seem to be fazed by it at all. Was he really the only one who was affected by it?

"I'm... sorry about your room. The paint disappears automatically after a month."

He surely hadn't expected this, but he was glad to hear it, anyway. "It's... okay. But I want to ask you to use a less painful way for the next time, when you try to make me blind."

Aqua laughed. "That's a promise... So, I take it that you're not angry at me anymore?"

He shook his head. "No."

"Good," she said cheerfully.

That was when they turned their attention to the movie again. It had just started, but pieces of buildings were flying everywhere already and the first chasing between the good guys and the baddies had started.

Sometime after twelve o'clock at night Ven suddenly woke up, immediately realizing why that had happened. "Wow, gotta go to the toilet," he muttered, incoherently.

He slowly got up and hobbled out of his bedroom, dazed and half asleep. It was a good thing that he knew his way even with his eyes closed, because that spared him a lot of trouble.

After he had done what he had to do, he walked back again, now much more at ease. It was true what they said; when you needed to go to the toilet, there wasn't anything else that you could think of at that moment.

Right at that moment, however, he saw a dim light from the corner of his eyes. He stopped walking at once. It came from Aqua's room. Wasn't she done watching that movie yet? Ven softly knocked on the door, in order not to wake anyone else at the castle, but there was no response. Well, that was weird. Maybe she had fainted! Or something... He should check up on her, just to be sure. Slowly and cautiously, he opened the door and stuck his head around the corner.

What he saw then, surprised him so much that he almost uttered a cry, but he managed to control himself. Aqua was sitting on her bed, but was fast asleep. Her head lay on Terra's shoulder, who also slept like a baby.

Ven started to grin at that sight. It wasn't like you saw that every day, or in this case, every night. He should actually take a picture of this moment with the title, "Their First Step." He shook that thought away as quickly as it had come into his head and went to Aqua's cupboard to pick up the extra blanket that she kept at the bottom of the shelf, because they could feel cold at night, now that they both slept on the covers and couldn't use that.

He draped it over his two best friends, gently, so they wouldn't wake up. Aqua stirred slightly, but fortunately, she didn't open her eyes. Quietly, he slipped out of Aqua's bedroom again. He was sure of one thing; Terra would be stiff as hell tomorrow. Oh well, at least Terra had the girl... eventually... probably. If he did his best for her. It had to be. If you looked at it this way, then he was the only big loser here. Too bad he wouldn't be able to see their faces when they would wake up tomorrow. Apparently, you couldn't always be lucky.

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