Hemmings Fake Girlfriend


The unlikely hood of when an ordinary girl bumps into an Aussie celebrity...and gets stuck in a fake relationship with him.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter One

Authors Note: ***These characters are my own personalities I created, it does not reflect how the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction or their families act. All other characters are of my own.

Details about Australia are more than likely wrong. I’m from America and tried to do my best research, but even then, I failed at it, so please try to over look it! Thank you!

All copyrights go to @amber_no3l.

Please do not steal my story ideas.

Thank you for reading, much love x


The cool wind blows my long brown hair lightly behind me, pleasingly keeping my hair from irritatingly tickling my face. My blue eyes focus solely on my phone as I try to get the lighting just right for a picture to add to my traveling collection. I smile as the sun now beams brightly when a cloud moves at the right second, making my screen brighter just like I want. I snap a picture of the Sydney Opera House here in Australia, the main place I wanted to bless with my presence while visiting here.

Of course every child dreams of it every now and then, but it’s been a dream of mine to travel around the world for as long as I can remember, a constant goal of mine. It didn’t come and go for me like it done most, I always knew that traveling was something I wanted to do, while for my best friend, the desire just came for her at the beginning of high school. I owe her parents a huge thanks for making this dream come true. They’ve helped pay for what Hannah, her boyfriend Jake and I couldn’t pay for...which is almost everything.

As I stand here, staring at the beauty before me, I can’t help but feel blessed. Hannah’s parents wanted Hannah and I to live our dreams, seeing as many people don’t get to. Both of them being real estate agents, they can afford to help let us travel. I think I kissed them both on the cheek a million times before we left...maybe not that many times, but their cheeks were red when I was done. It became awkward when I almost kissed her Dad on the lips. I was just too thankful and excited to notice his head turned.

Jake is just a tag along to make sure Hannah doesn’t do anything she shouldn’t...like fall in love with some guy with an accent since she has a weakness for them.

We’ve only been in Australia for a couple of weeks and I’m already in love with this place, but Australia was Hannah’s choice. I want us to explore England after we leave here in a few months. Jake wants to see Germany or Peru after that.

“Carter, hurry up!” Hannah calls out with her southern United States accent, turning a few Australian heads. I quickly glance back at her over my shoulder as she holds Jake’s hand, both of them seeming to be in a rush. I sigh and look back to the Opera House to admire it one more time, fixing my black New York hat better on my head to block the sun.

I slip my black leather, what I call an artist backpack, off my shoulders and open it up. I turn around to start walking and begin to put my phone in it, but before it lands safely inside, I bump into someone and drop my phone onto the concrete along with the person’s I bumped into. I let out a small squeal as everything spills out of my backpack, “I’m so sorry!” I loudly throw out my apology, bending down and beginning to pick up my belongings. I shove them into my backpack as quick as I can. “This place is just so crowded! You can’t breathe without feeling like you’re breathing down someone’s neck,” I huff a laugh at myself...so stupid. “I’m extremely sorry.”

“That’s quite all right, but I hope you didn’t need that...” His Australian accent leads off and I look up at the wild blonde haired guy, his blue eyes bright. I hold my breath at being so close to someone this good looking, I’m a mess! Ignoring the fact I look like someone who’s climbed out of a kangaroo pouch, my gaze follows his outstretched arm to look at where he’s pointing towards the water, seeing my map is floating and beginning to sink.

I pout at it and slump my shoulders, “Uh...oh...no, that was just my...”

“Map?” He chuckles deeply. I give a brief, embarrassed smile back and nod, finishing picking up my stuff. “If the accent wasn’t enough to give away that you’re not from here, the sinking map would’ve.”

“Uh yeah,” I awkwardly reply, get a grip, Winters! He grabs his silver iPhone 7 and I grab mine, successfully slipping it into my backpack. Thank God neither cracked. I put the fold back over my bag as I stand up and put it back on, pulling my brown hair to the side so it doesn’t get caught in the straps. “My friends and I are traveling for awhile,” I inform, though I know he doesn’t care.

“Ah, nice, nice,” he nods, scratching the scraggly light brown hair on his face. I slowly nod with him, staring at him a little more. He looks kind of familiar, but I can’t place where I would have seen him? I’m in Australia for crying out loud, not the streets of my small town in Tennessee! “Traveling is always fun, especially when with friends.”

“You travel a lot?” I nosily ask, causing him to snort a laugh again as he lightly scratches the side of his face, peeking over at me. What was funny about that? But damn, he’s handsome. My nagging curiosity finally gets the best of me, I cock my head sideways and furrow my eyebrows, “You look kind of fa—”

“Carter, you better hurry up! We’re going to a zoo!” Jake hollers excitedly, interrupting me from continuing to sound creepy. Hey baby, I’ve never seen you before, but you look hella familiar, you from my dreams? I sigh and look over at my impatient friends, shaking my head at as they give me pleading looks to hurry and Jake bouncing in his shoes.

I look back to the guy who was looking at them, but is now staring right back at me, “I really am sorry I bumped into you. Next time I’ll pay more attention to where I’m going, but I’ve gotta go,” I smile before giving a small wave while I’m backing up. I then laugh awkwardly when I remember I may back into someone and have a repeat of this incident, so I turn around once I see him give me a small amused smile and a wave back. I’m so awkward. I quickly walk to Hannah and Jake.

“Who was that?” Hannah wiggles her eyebrows at me, making sure Jake doesn’t notice. I roll my eyes at her inappropriateness.

“I was close to figuring out but you two imbeciles kept me from it," I want to say to her, but only say inside my head. “I’m not really sure, but he kind of looked familiar,” I say softly with confusion, walking with them as we head towards...I have no idea where since I lost the map. “We need a new map.”

“Ah, of course you’d lose the map,” Jake groans, leaning his head back which causes his brown shaggy hair to fall back lightly. “I told you we shouldn’t have let her be in charge of the map,” he says to Hannah.

“Hey, I was doing good, until I bumped into that guy!” I defend, crossing my arms grumpily before hatching an idea. “I’ll just use the GPS on my phone and see where the zoo is. It’s more practical anyways.”

“Sure,” Jake drags out the disbelieving word and rolls his eyes as I stop to pull my bag off my shoulders. I open it and begin to search for my phone. “Do you not remember when we were in Washington D.C. and the GPS kept causing us to get lost? We just went around and round for two hours.”

“Yes I remember,” I grumble at him as I search my bag. How far did my phone fall? I wasn’t planning on ever going to hell, but looks like I’m going to have to go to the pits of it to find my phone.

“You know, he kind of looked like that Luke guy from the band 5 Seconds of Summer,” Hannah randomly muses, still seeming to be caught up on the cute guy. I glance up at her, cocking an eyebrow up in amusement. That was not the guy she is thinking of, this guy was cuter. “Luke Hemmings.”

That instantly causes Hannah and Jake to start arguing about how in the world she knows about a band that has four guys in it. I roll my eyes at the two. I swear they love each other, but sometimes they can both be toxic for each other...too toxic.

I finally find my phone and pull it out, but once I press the lock button, an unfamiliar picture shows up. I furrow my eyebrows. It’s a picture of the guy I bumped into with an older blonde haired woman, he’s smiling really hard while she stares at him in confusion. I frown and look behind me, trying to see if maybe he’s somewhere within sight, but we’ve walked further from the Opera House than I thought.

“You told me Katy Perry had a sexy voice, so excuse me for knowing of a band that just so happens to have four guys in it!” Hannah snaps.

“Uh, guys,” I attempt to interrupt, trying to get their attention, but they keep arguing. “Guys!” I shriek and they immediately hush, blinking at me as they stare in bewilderment. “Me and that guy must’ve accidentally switched phones.”

“Oh crap,” Hannah grins big with a small chuckle, clearly finding it amusing. “Does it have a passcode?”

“Of course it has a passcode!” I assure her, slightly panicking. What person doesn’t have a passcode on their phone? “Okay, okay, think, how can we contact him?” I ponder on the question for a second, tapping on my chin like an investigator, until I see Hannah pull out her phone because her Mom is calling to check up on us like she usually does. “That’s it!”

“What is?” Jake creases his forehead and purses his lips when he looks to me in annoyance just as Hannah steps to the side to talk to her Mom.

“Give me your phone,” I instruct Jake and he hands it to me without a second thought, but it’s locked. “Unlocked, doofus,” I roll my eyes and hand it to him for him to unlock it and he passes it back. I gently use my fingertips to pull up my contact name and begin calling my phone. I bite on my lip as it takes a minute for him to answer.

Pick up, pick up, pick up!

“Hello?” His thick accent speaks through my phone. I can kind of see why Hannah has a weakness for them, that almost made me weak at the knees.

“Umm, hey, this is Carter. We just bumped into each other and I guess we switched phones?” I laugh, but then shake my head. I’m so stupid, of course we switched phones, no guessing required.

“I wouldn’t have even noticed if you hadn’t called,” he laughs, pronouncing a few words funny, but it’s cute. Hannah joins Jake and I, no longer on the phone. “Uh, we can meet at the restaurant I’m heading to if you’d like because I’m kind of almost there and I’m meeting someone.”

“Yeah, that’ll be fine. What’s the name of the restaurant?” I ask and snap my fingers at Hannah to hand me her phone. I unlock it, knowing her password, and pull up the maps. I type in Cafe Sydney as he tells me the name and it pulls up, being fifteen minutes away. “Okay, well, we’ll meet you there,” I hang up Jake’s phone without giving him the chance to answer me and give it to Jake. “We’ll go to the zoo after,” I say and they nod as we begin to walk.

“Wait!” Hannah stops me by pulling on my arm. She adjusts my hat and pulls my shirt out of my blue jean pants. “Why did you wear that shirt?” I offendedly glance down at my plain white short sleeve shirt. “You look poor.”

"I am poor. You’re the rich one,” I remind her, she huffs while lowly mocking me. “I look fine to be meeting someone I will never see again after today.”

“You never know, he might fancy you,” Hannah winks at me as we continue to follow the GPSs directions to the restaurant.

“He said he was meeting with someone,” I thin my lips together and roll my eyes at her as she rolls her eyes at me. It starts a small competitive contest before we both get dizzy. I blink a few times in hopes to normalize my vision, “I’m sure he’s meeting with a girlfriend, he’s too hot to be single.”

“Or a guy friend,” she smirks and I huff out a breath of annoyance. I’m in the midst of another eye roll when Hannah snatches the guys phone out of my hand and begins to try to unlock it.

“Hannah, no!” I growl as I swat for the phone, but she smugly moves it out of my reach and puts Jake between us. I try to get around him, but he stops me while screaming a reminder that we are on public streets, trying to keep us from fighting.

“I just want to see if it’s him!” She continues trying to unlock it like an obnoxious nosy person, until she grunts disappointedly. “Here,” she hands it back over and I see it’s locked for ten minutes. I narrow my eyes at her as she crosses her arms, but shove it into my back pocket. “If it’s him, you owe me ten dollars.”

“Him or not him, you owe him an apology for trying to snoop.”

We drop the conversation and talk about where we plan on going after the zoo. We would still have plenty of day time left after it, but they’re already tired and want to retreat to the hotel after the zoo, not even to go somewhere to eat! Why are they even wanting to travel? They suck and would rather stay in the hotel.

“There he is!” She squeals and giggles. I look in front of me, seeing him standing with a guy who has bleached blonde hair. “Standing with a guy! Carter, I swear they’re the guys from that band!” She excitedly exclaims as she roughly smacks my upper arm, causing me to grab her hands without looking away from the two guys.

“Maybe it’s a boyfriend?” Jake jokes and we both glare at him, silencing him.

“It’s not them,” I argue with her assumption as I drop her hands, although it looks a lot like them. I haven’t kept up with them much, but I can faintly remember the Michael guys pale face and it looks like him standing with the guy I bumped into.

“Go meet with him, we’ll stand back here,” Hannah pushes me to walk. I’m surprised she doesn’t want to come with me and read our vows. “Destiny calls...or swaps your phone.”

I turn and glare at her after regaining my balance from stumbling forward. I deeply exhale and fix my hat again before trying to casually walk up to the guy, giving him my best smile as he looks over at me with a smile of his own. I pull out his phone from my back pocket and reach it outwards as he hands me mine. “I’m really sorry about all of this,” I apologize again, my southern accent sounding hick as hell instead of alluring. “I should’ve paid attention when I grabbed my phone...I mean your phone.”

“It’s really all right. I promise,” he smiles reassuringly and looks down to his phone. I can tell he’s noticed it’s locked up for five more minutes because his eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. He glances back up at me and gives me a questioning arch of an eyebrow. Embarrassing.

“I’m also sorry about that...” I say sheepishly, rocking on my feet awkwardly. I jab my thumb in Hannah’s direction, “My friend was trying to get into your phone to see who you are because she is convinced you’re Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer and as I stand here and stare at you longer, I am beginning to think the same.”

“Uh yeah,” he laughs awkwardly and looks back to his friend who smiles at me, offering a wave, “this is Michael.”

“Ah, fudge monkey,” I mumble what I thought was to myself, but they give me questionable glares. It is them. I mean, it has to be, what are the odds the pale guys name is Michael just like in 5 Seconds of Summer? So this is Luke... “I owe Hannah ten bucks,” I explain.

I always promised myself I’d never freak out meeting celebrities because they’re just like everyone else, just more well known and more wealthy...except if I met Jimmy Fallon or Jack O’Connell, then I might would fan girl.

“You made a bet?” Michael asks and I nod, but kind of cringe when I realize how awful that is.

“She knew it was you, all while I wasn’t so sure,” I admit guiltily.

“I guess that explains why you asked me if I traveled a lot, but why did you doubt it?” Luke asks, crossing his muscular arms over his gray Nanaimo shirt. I’m sure he’s not used to girls not recognizing him, but this guy doesn’t look like the Luke I can recall. I remember a scrawny blonde whose hair was spiked high and a lip ring; this guy is built with hair that’s similar to the other guy in their band, I think Ashton, and no longer a lip ring...which is kind of a bummer.

“I didn’t think you looked like Luke,” I shrug with my arms crossed, but feel bad when he looks offended. “I just think you’re more hot than what I’ve seen on the internet!” I try to defend, but he looks even more offended, and dang flab it I called him hot to his face. Michael just laughs, enjoying me screwing up. “I’m honestly not trying to offend you...” I’m an idiot. “You know what? I’m going to go,” I point behind me with my thumb again where Hannah and Jake are waiting. I start backing up, offering a wave before turning. I mentally shake my head at myself.

I’m sure they’re thinking “American Idiot”. [PS I know this isn’t their song lol]

“Wait,” he calls out and I turn around to face him again, seeing a small amused smile on his pink lips, “would you all like to join us for brunch?”

Wants us...to join...him? He’s asking three weirdos who tried to get into his phone if we want to have lunch with him? Aww hell naw, this ain’t real.

“Umm,” I look back at Hannah who smirks at me and Jake looks impatient, “they were wanting to go to the zoo...”

“Oh, all right,” he nods understandingly.

“But I’m so freakin’ hungry!” Hannah suddenly wails out dramatically and I groan, clenching my eyes shut in embarrassment. “Aren’t you, Jake?”

“No, not really,” he says casually. I’m not even looking at them and I already know he’s glaring at her.

“Brunch it is!” Hannah cheers.

* * * *

As we are sitting at the table in the restaurant, I really have no idea what to say to anyone out loud. I mean, I’ve had plenty of conversations with Luke and Michael both...but inside my head with made up conversations where I’m as cool as ice, but it’s too awkward to speak out loud, I’m too awkward. It’s not awkward as in an awkward where you’re sitting with someone in a higher class than you, but an awkward as in we have absolutely nothing in common.

I wish Hannah wouldn’t have agreed she was hungry when I know she isn’t, because she ordered the smallest item on the menu. I know she just done this so I’d eat with freakin’ Luke Hemmings because in her eyes, he’s incredible. I cross my arms and glare at her when she picks at her meal like she finds it gross. I then glance down at my meal, being the same small thing she ordered. I’m not hungry either, which I’m not much of an eater anyway. Jake didn’t even get food, just a drink.

“Can I try yours?” Hannah whispers over to me.

I give her a ′really′ look, “It’s the same exact thing as yours.”

“But yours might taste better,” she tries again, but I shake my head at her, so she narrows her eyes at me and looks to Jake.

We just ate right before we went to look at the Opera House, so of course none of us are hungry. Hannah’s just trying to play matchmaker with a famous singer and an ordinary girl. I have to admit though that even if he wasn’t famous, she’d still be trying to be cupid.

“You sure were hungry,” Michael comments sarcastically to Hannah, eyeing her barely picked at meal.

Please Jake do not snap at Michael for talking to Hannah sarcastically. Please do not snap at Michael for talking to Hannah. Please do not snap at him. I’m relieved and pleasantly surprised when Jake actually even grumbles something to him about her being stupid, insulting her and not snapping at Michael.

“None of you were hungry, were you?” Luke asks out loud to the three of us, seeming to be growing annoyed. His glare lands on me more than anyone. What’s he looking annoyed about? Especially at me? He asked us if we wanted to eat with them. We all look to each other, Hannah being sheepish since it’s her fault. “So did you guys just say yes so you could eat with two celebrities?” He growls.

“Hey, whoa there pal, slow your boat,” I finally speak up, straightening up in my seat and finding my voice that hasn’t vanished completely like I had imagined. “You asked us to eat with y’all. I couldn’t care less about being here, same goes for Jake, and being a “celebrity” doesn’t mean anything to me,” I cross my arms and stare him down, waiting for him test my patience with a snarky reply.

“Then why did you all agree to eat with us if it wasn’t because we’re celebrities?” He suspiciously asks, also crossing his arms and staring me down.

The test came back negative.

“Because we’re polite people,” I fake smile with a tilt of my head and he rolls his eyes like he sees right through my fake smile. “Plus, Hannah here thinks she’s slick,” I nod in Hannah’s direction and she glares at me for telling on her.

“Well, this went downhill faster than what I thought it would,” Jake huffs a laugh with a clap of his hands, seeming overall pleased. I do believe we all roll our eyes at him.

“Since we’re bothering you by not being hungry and by being polite, we’ll go,” I sneer, grabbing Hannah’s wrist and pulling her out of the booth. I drag her away from the table, not giving Luke a chance to say anything else rude. I don’t even have to look back to see if Jake is following because I see him out of the corner of my eye, happily speed walking further from the restaurant.

“Carter, why did you do that?” Hannah snaps, twisting her hand in mine to pull me to a halt as we round the corner.

“Do what?” I sigh tiredly, turning and crossing my arms as I wait for her to explain. I roll my eyes at her pissed off glare.

“Storm off like that,” she snaps at me like she’s my Mother and I was being rude to her house guests. “That could’ve been your future right there!”

“My future?” I snort at her high expectations and she nods. “Get real, Hannah. That wasn’t my future. I legitimately just met him. He’s like way, way, way, out of my league. It was never a possibility, it was just a plot you came up with within five seconds.”

“If you wouldn’t have been rude, things could’ve turned out great,” she huffs and struts away from me.

“No, things wouldn’t have. It would’ve ended with me leaving after he made peace with a “fan”,” I scoff as I catch up to her and Jake. “Hannah, I think you’re a lunatic. You have these ideas in your mind that will never be real and you somehow convince yourself to think it will be.”

“Luke dodged a bullet with you. You’re a grumpy, negative, sarcastic, killjoy of a human bein’,” she fumes, crossing her arms over her chest.

“He would’ve been in misery,” I agree, smiling at her when she nods in agreement.

“He really would’ve. I don’t even know why I bothered,” she shrugs and drops her attitude, returning to her normal self.

“Me either. So, don’t bother again,” I grin slyly at her and we continue walking to the zoo. I listen to her and Jake get into a discussion as I look to the concrete. I sigh as I think about what “if” because I am a daydreamer.

What if I did stay and something did come of it?

I shake my head at myself and how I sounded like Hannah. I know nothing would’ve came of it, we are two complete opposite people. I never stood a chance and that’s okay.

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