Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki


It was Monday morning at Saotome Academy.

After the “unexpected” date, Cici felt happier than ever. That was until school started.

Cici saw Syo walking up towards her.

She ran over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and a big bear hug good morning.

The rest of the guys started to chuckle, while Syo was blushing hard.

“Let’s go you guys, some students have questions…” seera explained.

They soon continue walking, while Cici stopped walking and yelled out to Syo saying, “ Do your best~”.

He then looked back at Cici.

He caught up with her.

“Sorry, but I have to get going, and after school we can walk together and hangout with everybody.” syo explained, giving his new girlfriend a kiss in the cheek and then catching up with the others.

Cici stretched to welcome the new day, and was about to head on up to class, when three girls came up to her, and pushed her on the ground.

Then one of the girls gave the leader a bucket of water, and she poured it on Cici.

They started to chuckle.

“Aww look you guys, she’s crying, maybe we should help her, or maybe not!” replied the other. “Lets go girls!” replied the leader, and they headed off to class.

- - -

The bell rang to signal the beginning of class.

Ringo-sensai was doing roll call, when she came and called Fuyu’s name. “ Fuyu-chan..”

There was no answer, then she asked the class if anyone has seen her.

All of a sudden, STARISH came into the classroom, and the room started fangirling. “IT’S STARISH!” the class yelled.

Tokiya walked over to Ringo-sensai, and asked what’s wrong.

“We can’t seem to find Fuyu-chan…” ringo whispered to tokiya. Syo overheard and walked up and asked the class.

Seera thought to herself.

"It seemed weird to her, that Cici wasn’t in class. She always came in early to read a little bit before class started."

Seera looked over at three girls on sitting at the right side of the classroom giggling.

- - -

Next thing you know, the door opens, and there she was soaking wet from head to toe, catching her breath, having tears in her eyes, trying not to cry.

“Sorry..sensei…” she bowed, and walked over and took her seat.

The guys were surprised.

Cici then started sneezing, and started shivering.

Syo walked up and grabbed Cici’s hand.

“I’m gonna take her to the nurses office…” syo leading cici.

He then glared at the girls. “ I know you girls did this to her, and I'm warning you don’t pick on her, or you’ll hear from me!” syo yelled.

“Syo-chan…” natsuki called his name feeling not knowing what to do.

Tokiya tapped Natsuki’s shoulder.

“ It’s okay, let him do this. He’s realizing that he has to protect what he loves…”

- - -

Syo was looking around trying to find some dry clothes.

When he found some he gave them to Cici.

He closes the door.

“ I’ll sit on the bed over here, and don’t worry I won’t look…”

Cici starts to blush, and nods, walking over and gets changed into a track uniform.

- - -

After school ended, and Cici went to Ringo-sensai for the notes and homework, while Syo was looking for the girls earlier.

“That was so funny!” giggled the leader.

“Yeah.. I mean like did you see her soaking wet, and she still came to class!” the girl chuckled on the left.

“Pathetic!” the girl on the right explained.

The friend on the left was tapping the leader’s shoulder. “Um Syo-senpai…”

As Syo was walked up to the girls, he was getting madder every second, trying to hold it in.

“Hey Syo-senpai!~” the girls smiled.

Knock off that crap! I know you three are the ones that dumped water on my girlfriend!...” syo yelled.

The girls looked away, not knowing what to say.

“T-There’s nothing great about her… she sucks! She can’t even compose well, she’s short, and the way she dresses is boring…” the boss explained yelling, having tears in her eyes, making it look like they are the victims.

- - -

In the classroom, the guys looked outside to see Syo’s hand up, about to slap someone.

They ran as fast as they could.

Natsuki grabbed Syo’s wrist.

“Syo-chan.. it isn’t worth it.. just stop…” natsuki said getting worried.

All of a sudden, Cici came outside, and walked past the guys, and over to the girls.

She looks up at them.

“ I know why you guys did this to me…” cici was explaining. “You just wanted Syo-kun to notice you…”

The girls were surprised.

“ I once was like that to, but this isn’t the way to do it. Just be kind and just stop doing this to others… so what if other girls like him…” cici chuckled, hands on her hips.

Syo walked up and held Cici’s hand.

“If you guys want me to forgive you, apologize to Cici, and don’t do this anymore…”

The girls nod, and apologize.

They then ran away from everyone and headed home.

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