Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

The Distant Future

One fine day, Seera and Ittoki thought it was darn right near time to go to the next level, and move in together.

On the way, they bump into Cici and Syo.

“Hey you two~” winks seera teasing them. “ I see that you guys are on a date…”

W-We’re not on a date!” yelled syo blushing hard. “We aren’t on a date exactly..” cici chimed in.

“What are you doing then?” ittoki asked curiously.

“Nothing really, just walking around…” smiled cici holding syo’s hand. “Have you seen the guys?” asked syo curiously.

Seera thought back.

“Shinomiya-san saw a stand of Piyo-chan items and ran on over, Cecil-san went inside a planetarium cause Haruka told him about that people go there to look at the stars…”

All of a sudden Seera cell rings.

“Hey sweetie who is it?” ittoki asked.

“ I dunno…” Seera takes her phone out of her pocket. “ Oh its from Nanami-chan!~” she smiled.

“ It says…” Headed to the music store with Tomo-chan! “They are at a music store…” Then puts it back in the pocket.

“ Anyways Syo-kun I think we saw Jinguji, but lost him along the way… and Masato headed to a lil shop that had calligraphy things...”

Cici then cut in.

Ichinose-sama felt like he needed some more practice, so he went into Akihabara and went to go sing karaoke…”

“Well we gotta get going… see you guys later” waved cici, and they headed off.

A young lady that looked to be in her thirties, came on out and grabbed her broom and started sweeping.

“Hello is there anything I can help you with?” the manager asked.

Ittoki held Seera’s hand and nodded.

“ Yes we were looking for a nice apartment, and was wondering if you have any?”

The manager went back, and came out with a key. “This is the only one we have left…” Ittoki nodded, took the key and thanked the lady.

Seera went upstairs and opened the door to take a look inside.

A truck came and pulled up in front of the apartment.

Ittoki and the two men came up.

The men set the boxes in the hallway.

- - -

The afternoon went by, and the sky was turning a pretty gold orange color.

“ Syo~ we’ve looked everywhere, and he didn’t find any apartments. They were either really expensive, or somebody lives there…” cici complained getting annoyed and about to give up hope.

Syo took her hand and walked to the manager.

“This is the only one I have…” she handed syo the key. “301…”

- - -

Morning came, and the birds were chirping signaling a beautiful day.

Ittoki and Seera was walking out the door, as was Cici was Syo closing the door.

All of a sudden, they turned their heads and gasped. “YOU GUYS LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO US?!” syo and seera yelled at the same time.

“We’re about to head out and get groceries.. do you guys wanna join us?” smiled Ittoki.

- - -

As they got to the store, Ittoki hugged Seera from behind and put his head on her shoulder.

“What’s for dinner?” ittoki asked curiously.

“I’m not telling you, you’ll just have to wait till we get home!~” seera explained teasing him and putting food in the cart.

As they paid, they walked back home and made dinner.

- - -

That night, Cici couldn’t sleep, neither could Syo.

“Syo are you awake sweetie?” cici blushed.

“Yeah…” syo replied. “Is something wrong?” Cici shook her head.

She turned on her right side, so she faced Syo.

As Syo looked at Cici, he thought she was so pretty, and how did he get a girl like her to like him.

“Wow~” he thought. “Even in the moonlight…”

Syo’s face turned red up to his ears.

“Syo…I..I…” cici said looking straight into his deep blue eyes, deep as the ocean.

I LOVE YOU!” she said blurting out a confession.
Cici blushed a deep red. Syo was shocked.

- - -

That morning, Seera and Ittoki was cuddling on the couch watching the weather, when Seera gets a text from Cici.

So what did you do last night?! ^.~

“What are you doing you goof!” chuckled ittoki.

Seera was texting away, looking up at Ittoki, then her phone. “ Teasing Cici… its’s so cute!” seera giggled.

In room 301, Cici’s cell rings. You got mail.. NYA!~

She pushes a button and reads the message. “ AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!~

Cici drops the phone, and runs behind the couch. “What are you doing behind the couch?!” asked syo.
“R-read it.. on my phone…”

Syo sees her phone on the floor and picks it up and reads the message. His face turned beat red, and didn’t know how to respond.

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