Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

The Pondering Question

It was early Saturday morning, and Seera was dressed, and putting her shoes on, when Tomo-chan and Haruka walked in.

“Morning Seera-chan!~” they both smiled.

Seera was so happy since arriving at the Masters Course, and getting married to her one true love, she didn’t’ have any time to spend with her girlies.

“So what do you have in mind?” asked Tomochika.

“What about Fuyu-san?” haruka asked curiously, wondering if she was coming along for the ride.

“Haruka she’s been busy spending time with Syo-chan, and I thought we’d just look around and window shop…” she smiled.

The members was walking down the hall, past Seera’s room, when they heard her talking to someone.

“Who do you think Seera-chan is talking too?!” natsuki thought to himself.

They all lean against the door.

Ittoki twists the door handle, and they tumble and fall down on the floor.

The girls turn their heads.

“Ittoki?” seera said tilting her head cutely in confusion as to why they were here. Everyone quickly stood up and was freaking out.

“Seera-chan, Fairy-chan, and Tomo-san…” natsuki pointed, each calling out their names.

“Ittoki I can see that your busy, so-“ ren said, and started to slowly walk away.

Everyone..RUN!” yelled syo.

Natsuki whispered good luck, closed the door and ran with the others.

“Hey you guys I’ll be out there in a minute, go ahead without me…” They nodded and walked out, closing the door.

Seera walked over to him and gave him a kiss.

“What’s up sweetie?” Ittoki’s face started to turn a little red.

“I’m having a girls day, and we are just gonna look around and window shop, so don’t worry!” seera smiled.

She gave one last kiss, and headed out with the girls.

- - -

All three of them hoped into the train car, and rode to Kinshicho Station.

As they got off, and walked up the steps into the city, they were in awe. All of the buildings were tall, and a lot of food stands, and restaurants, and clothing/accessory shops.

Tomochika looks over a ways, and sees an accessory stand.

Come on you guys.. let’s go!” tomochika yelled excitedly grabbing both of their hands, and running towards the store called Kokoro.

Seera turns her head, and walks across the street and sees a cute lil baby store.

“Oh my gosh, that is such a cute little dress, and look at how the baby boy outfit goes together…” seera thought happily.

“Hey Nakamura-san, I-“

Haruka and Tomochika turned around to see Seera lost in thought staring at the clothes in the windows out front.

“Hey would you ladies like the things in the basket?” asked the young girl.

They both nodded, and the worker put the items in a lil and cute bag, and handed them their bags.

Tomo and Haruka walked across the street.

Oi! Otoya-chan!” yelled Tomochika, shaking seera like crazy.

Seera shakes her head. “I-I’ll be right back!~” and Seera walks inside the store to browse around.
“Thank you for shopping with us! Hope you’ll come back again!~” the young man bowed.

- - -

As soon as they all got done shopping, they ride back home.

Seera sets her bags down on the ground, and sits down for a cup of hot green tea.

“Man I wasn’t gonna buy anything, but I ended up buying stuff I didn’t need…” she sighed.

Natsuki was walking down with everyone except Ittoki to see if Seera and Haruka were back.

“Seera fairy-chan!~” called out natsuki.

Natsuki walked in and sat down and she gave him a cup.

“So did you get anything cute?” natsuki asked curiously.

“N-Not really… I just saw something, and had to buy it…”

Natsuki was surprised.

He walked on over and saw the bag. He looked inside and picked up the clothes.

“Oh my gosh fairy-san! These are so cute!~” smiled natsuki.

He set the clothes down on the bed, and ran out to everyone!

“Guys you have to come on and check out what she bought.. they are so cute!”

The rest of them came walking in, and Natsuki showed them to everyone.

“Hey you sure picked out some really cute clothes Nakamura-chan!~” smiled Cecil-san.

Everyone agreed with them.

“Though.. aren’t the clothes a bit to um…big…” explained syo.

Seera started to blush, as Ren started to chuckle.

“This is a big moment in her life…” “Did you really-“ ichinose-san blushed.

She starts to shake her head really fast.

“No really guys it isn’t what u think..”

All of a sudden, Ittoki walks in, and asks what’s going on. “What is going on here?”

- - -

Seera ran out of her room, taking her guitar, and sat down by lake and thought things there.

She sighed, and started playing Eyes, Nose, Lips.

Ittoki came running up, and stopped behind the bench.

Seera starts chuckling.

“ I must look pathetic to you right now…” tears in her eyes.

“ I don’t know what to do…” Ittoki walked around and looked at Seera in the face, wiping her tears away.

Ittoki smiled to reassure her.

“I’m not going to laugh at you, or tell you how stupid you are…” he explained.

“You are my dear wife, and I love you with all my heart…”

He sat right down next to her.

“ So would you like to tell me, why there are baby clothes in the room…?”

Seera started to blush.

“I-It’s not what you think it is..really.

I was out shopping with Tomo and Haruka at Kokoro, and I turned my head, and saw the baby clothes and thought how cute they were, then next thing you know.. I bought them…”

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