Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

Mei-Lynn and Satoshi

One day at the Master’s course dorm, Seera was working on her music, the one she wrote that wasn’t for STARISH.

Somehow she couldn’t seem to focus.

She set her pencil down, and looked over at the bags she got the other day, when she went shopping with Tomo-chan and Haruka-san.

- - -

The sun rose, and Seera got up and got ready for the day.

Seera left her room and went out to the Cafeteria to go and eat with everyone. “ Good morning Nakamura-chan!” everyone said except for ittoki. In return Ittoki sat down by his lovely wife, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She started to blush, and looked down at her food and ate.

After Seera got done eating, she got up and went back to her room. “ Ittoki-kun is something wrong with Seera-chan?” natsuki asked curiously. “ Usually she sits and talks up a storm…” cecil pointed out.

- - -

Seera went and grabbed her shoulder bag, and walked out and into town.

She started walking around thinking to herself.

“What’s wrong with me?” she thought. “ I’m never like this, why didn’t I talk to everyone…”

All of a sudden she fell down.

As she opened her eyes and looked up, she heard a familiar voice. “ Hey Seera-chi!” replied Reji. He helped her up and asked what she was doing in town.

She started to show a sad face.

“ I dunno I feel really off.. like at breakfast I ate quickly and left without talking to anyone at the table… I.. can’t seem to think straight.

Reji started to chuckle. “ I heard about your lil incident the other day.. does it have to do anything with that perhaps?” he asked curiously.

Seera looked away.

“Hey I got an idea, let me take you out for lunch, maybe that will get your mind off some things…” reji kindly offered. “ It’s a cute little café in town, and I love it there!”

Reji held out his hand, and Seera put her hand in his.

As they got to the café, they sat down in a booth, and ren ordered a fruit drink for her.

“Seera-chan…” he said putting his head on his hands, smiling at her. “You just became a wife, so its natural that you’d feel this way…” he chuckled.

Seera was totally confused.

“ And you turned into such a cute woman to.. man if you didn’t marry Otoyan, I’d prob make you mine myself…”

Seera started to blush, and started to get mad.

“ But don’t worry I won’t do anything to you, so would you like to tell me what’s wrong?” Seera was in awe. Never have she had an older brother before, and Reji felt like one to her.

“Well last night I was in my room composing a song, and then I stopped, and all of a sudden my head turns towards the bags from the other day with the baby clothes in them…” seera explained blushing hard, about to cry.

“ Oh I see what’s going on here…”

Reji pulls out a slip of paper and starts to draw a lil picture.

Seera gasps and looks away, blushing. “ Is this what’s bothering you?” reji asked. Seera stayed silent. “I’m taking that as a yes…”

-2 Years Later-

“Good morning sweetie!” ittoki smiled kissing his beautiful wife with lots of love.

He goes on over and sits down and practices on his acoustic guitar.

Seera gathered up the courage. “ Hey sweetie I have something to talk to you about…” seera explained blushing.

Ittoki stops playing and sits right by his wife and holds her hands looking up at her.

“What’s up sweetie?” he smiled.

“It’s been two years, and have you ever thought about extending our family?”

Ittoki chuckled. “ Sweetie we have a big family! We have Na-chan, Syo-kun, Tokki-“ Seera shakes her head.

“ I know, but I mean our family…”

Once Ittoki understood what his wife meant, his face started to turn red. “W-well I’ve always have been good with kids…” Seera nods.

Ittoki puts his hands on her cheeks and looks deeply into her eyes.

“And I know they’ll be cute. We’ll teach them to walk and talk…”

Seera nods once more, and starts crying.

They hold each other and start kissing, showing how much they love each other.

- - -

The rest of the guys was playing soccer, when they stopped to take a break.

“So where do you think they went?” asked syo.

Cecil-san closes his eyes and feels the breeze against his face. “ Bet they are loving and caring for each other in their own way…” smiles cecil.

-Night time-

“Hey dear are you sleepy?” ittoki asks laying down next to Seera.

Seera shakes her head.

“ So what do you wanna do?” ittoki then replies. They both started thinking.

Seera turns over to face Ittoki. He then looks over at her, and see’s her radiating in the moonlight.

“How can I be calm at a time like this…? I mean look at her…” he thought to himself. “ I WANT THIS CHILD AS MUCH AS YOU!” yells ittoki accidentally.

Seera tilts her head. “ Huh?”

“ I- I mean I’m not dreaming..right? We want kids right?”

Seera nods and they kiss and make out into the night.

- 12 Weeks Later -

The drive on over to the doctors, to find out the news.

They were so excited and couldn’t take it anymore. “ So doctor what is it gonna be?” seera asked smiling happily.

“ Mr. and Mrs. Otoya I am proud to say that you guys have twins! A boy and a girl!” the doctor explained congratulating them.

Ittoki and Seera gasped.

“The picture!” they both yelled.

- 25 Weeks-

The Master Course heard the news and threw a baby shower for them.

“ So what’s the news?” asked Ringo.

“We are having a boy-“ seera explained. “ And a girl!” ittoki smiled excitedly.

Everyone gasped.

Natsuki was reaching over to Seera’s belly, when Hyuga-sensai explained to Natsuki. “ Before you going touching a mother’s belly, you have to ask her first, otherwise they can get mad and offended.

Natsuki apologized and asked.

“Sure everyone can.. go ahead!” seera smiled.

All of a sudden, there was two kicks coming from the stomach.

“Hey everyone.. did you guys feel that… they kicked!” syo said surprised and excited at the same time.

They all nodded.

- 37 weeks-

Seera woke up one night to go to the bathroom, and all of a sudden, she knew it was time.

Seera walked over, and shook him. “Sweetie.. its time!”

Ittoki hurried and got his shoes on, and got slippers on Seera’s feet. He then hurried as fast as they could and yelled to everyone in the course it was time.

Everyone hopped in the taxi, and they drove off to the hospital.

Ittoki hurried over to the receptionist, and told her, she was going into labor.

The lady called for the doc, and nurses and doctors came on out. “Everyone must stay here, and wait patiently…”

- - -

All of a sudden the Doctor came on out.

Everyone was waiting anxiously, wondering how Seera was doing.

“ Hello who is the father?” the doctor asked. “ Ittoki stepped up. “How is Otoya-chan?” asked syo worried.

“And the rest of you are…?” the doctor asked suspicious.

A little girl came and ran up to her mom. “Mommy.. Mommy! Look Look! It’s STARISH!”

The doctor was surprised, and nodded.

“Everyone may go on in, but don’t stress out Mrs. Nakamura…” they all nodded and walked to where the doctor told them too.

- - -

Ittoki quietly knocked on the door. “Hey sweetie can we come in?”

Seera woke up and nodded. “Yes everyone come on in…” she smiled.

Everyone came on in and shut the door quietly to make sure to not make a lot of noise.

“So where are the lil cuties~” ringo asked curiously.

Seera looks over and points to her two new kids laying down, sound asleep in their little beds.

Ittoki walked on over and picked his little boy all wrapped up in a blue blanket with duckies on them.

Then Cecil say Mei-lynn, and picked her up.

Mey-lynn started to cry, and wouldn’t stop. Cecil jumped and tried to get her to quiet down, but nothing worked.

All of a sudden, Cecil opened his mouth and began to sing. “The song of Agna is a song of love, please conjvey this love… this song of Agna is a song of muse, the notes it plays will show the way~”

Haruka gasped and started to chuckle, at the sudden memory.

The warmth of this day remains on my heart, the magic spell on me is lifting… as the flames of the sun kisses the earth, the endless cycle of eternity, under the name of love.. will bind us together. Even though I travel hundreds to billon times to meet you, I’ll always find you through this love’s reincarnation~ I swear to the stars we’ll never part!

Cecil then opens his eyes, to see that Mei stopped crying.

“As I kiss your cheek!~

Wow Cecil-san you made Mei stop crying with your singing! smiled seera.

He kisses her cheek and sets her back down in her bed.

- 3 Years Later -

“Mei-lynn gets out of bed, and gets dressed, and runs over to mom and dad.

“Mommy, Mommy! When will that man come by?” mei asked blushing. “Mei you idiot, stop liking him.. its gross!” yelled satoshi back to his sister.

“Hey you two knock it off!” yelled ittoki.

“Sorry daddy~” apologized the kids.

Seera bent down and looked at her son. “Hey how about I take Mei to see Cecil-san, and you can stay here with daddy and be a good lil boy!” she winked.

Satoshi eyes lit up.

- - -

Seera walked outside and held Mei-Lynn’s hand.

“Mommy where is he?” she asked looking around, about to cry.

All of a sudden, everyone came walking up, and Cecil said hi to Mei. “Hey Mei-chan!” smiled cecil.

Mei ran up and Cecil picked her up in his arms.

“Hey Mei-chan! “everyone else said.

Next thing you know, the senpai’s come walking up. “OI.. what are you guys doing here, just stand around for…” ai asked.

“Oh sorry ai-kun, Mei-Lynn was begging me to see Cecil…”

“Ceshi.. who are those weirdos? Well… expect for the brown hair one…”

“Those are our senpai’s…”

Mei-Lynn nodded.

“The gray haired one is Kurosaki-senpai…” explained Masato and Ren. “The cyan colored hair one is Ai-chan!” smiled Natsuki.

All of a sudden Ittoki came out with Satoshi holding him on his shoulders. “Nothing will stop me from kicking his butt! Cause I’m the Prince of Fighting!” satoshi yelled as loud as he could.

“Oh hey Sempai! ~” smiled ittoki to reji.

“So I see you grew up!” reji teased. “So you got a beautiful wife, and two healthy kids!”

“Daddy who is he?” pointing to reji.

“Mei sweetie that’s daddy’s sempai…” ittoki explained.

Syo looked over and saw Satoshi. “Hey little man, so you like the show too?” Satoshi nodded. “One day I was at home, and was watching TV, when the movie came on!”

“So who do you like better me or Ryuuga-senpai?” asked syo.

“Well you of course…!” Satoshi looks up at him. “Oni-chan you’re my hero!”

“O-Oni-C-chan….?!” syo thought to himself.

Everyone laughed and had fun with Ai, Reji, Kurosaki, and the others, wasting the day away.

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