Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki

5 to 18

It was like every other day, from waking up, to getting ready for the day.

Mei-Lynn got up and got ready. She put on a cute little frilly dress with bows and ribbons.

Syo came and got Satoshi for a “Prince of Fightning!” TV marathon in his room, that he shared with Ai and his best friend Natsuki Shinomiya.

“See you daddy! Gonna go hangout with Syo-senpai!” he yells running behind Syo.

- - -

Mei-Lynn puts on her shoes that matched, and heads out the door, and down the hall on the left.

She’s sees a bright light coming from Cecil-san and Camus room.

She opens the door and walks in, looking around curious as to what the room looks like.

One side of the room was elegant set up with a table with a tea set, and the other side had a little taste of home as she could best describe it.

Mei looks around and tries to see where the bright light came from.

On Cecil’s desk that had an open notebook, a little flower which looked a lot like the one Nanami Haruka had, a pencil, and a bracelet that was glowing green.

“What is your wish?” the bracelet asked.

Mei-Lynn started thinking.

“ I wish that I could grow up and be the same age as Cecil-san, and be with him!” she smiled blushing.

- - -

All of a sudden a bright light surrounded the room.

“Ceshi!” mei-lynn yelled.

He comes running down the hall, and sees his door was opened a bit. So he pushed the door open the rest of the way, and sees a girl that was the most beautiful girl he had ever met(well besides Haruka). Cecil-san was mesmerized, at how all around her glowed like the sun, and then the bright light vanished.

All of a sudden, there was a girl in front of him, whose clothes were way to small, and his face blushed a deep red.

Tomochika was walking by with her newest fashion sketches in her hands, when she looked over and saw Cecil in his room with a girl, who clearly needed some new clothes.

“Ceshi.. what happened to me?!” mei asked looking at herself, having tears in her eyes.

She grew taller, her chest grew big, and her clothes didn’t fit her anymore.

“What’s going on in here?” asked Tomo-chan.

Cecil-san looked over and saw Tomochika was standing right next to him. “U-um Tomo-chan c-could you please do something about her… like get her some new clothes or something. Otherwise, this will end up really bad for me…”

She walks over to him, and hugs him. “Ceshi I love you!” she smiled happily.

Tomo-chan walked up to her and looked around and nodded.

Ten minutes later she came back with an extra uniform the students at Saotome Academy used.

They walked out, and Tomochika closed the door.

After she got done getting dressed Mei-Lynn opened the door and asked, “How do I look?” twirling around, holding her skirt like a princess would.

Cecil started to blush a little.

“Oh guess what Tomo-chan!” mei smiled. “Now I’m the same age as Ceshi!” she giggled.

- - -

Days went by, and no one knew who she was except for Tomo-chan as she knew right away.

Mei-Lynn decided it was time to ask someone for help.

She heads off to find the smartest person she knew, besides her parents: Ai!

She walked outside to the patio to see it was a nice sunny day, and Ai-senpai was sitting there drinking some juice.

“Ai-senpai I don’t know what to do!” mei yelled trying not to cry.

“I’m the same age as Ceshi, but he doesn’t even know who I am… what should I do?”

Ai took a sip of his juice, and set the cup down.

”In these types of impossible situations, my data bank says the best thing to do if someone doesn’t remember you, is to spark there memory…”

Mei-Lynn tilted her head in confusion.

“Hello here I may have turned eighteen, but I’m still five here!” mei yelled annoyed.

“Meaning in simple terms, do something that would make him show that it is you…”

“Oh~” mei said understanding what he meant.

She started thinking to herself.

“Lets see… we’ve watched TV together, he has helped he learn how to spell words for homework, and played pretend….”

“You need something stronger then that… a better memory…”

Mei-lynn then remembered.

“ Ahh I remember one time I asked Ceshi to play dress up with me, and he made me a princess outfit, and said this is what the princess would look like from where he lived!”

“That may work… my data is saying it will work…”

She bowed and thanked him, and ran off to her bedroom, and put on her dress up outfit on.

- - -

That after noon, she ran up to her mom and dad asking for piggyback rides.

They were confused, but recognized who she was.

Sorry sweetie your um.. to old now…” they explained. “You’re not a little kid anymore.. you’re an adult.”

“Who cares what I look like, I’m Mei-Lynn Otoya, a five year old kid who loves mommy and Piyo-chan, and Ceshi!” she barked back.

“You guys sure that’s your daughter?” syo asked them curiously.

“It does sound like her….” natsuki replied.

“We can’t trust her, anybody could say that…” tokiya explained.

Hijirikawa nodded.

Mei- Lynn was shaking and tried not to cry.

I hate all of you!” She then ran out of the dormitory and into the forest.

“It’s just not fair I didn’t ask for this!” she thought to herself crying.

She ran and ran as fast as her legs could take her, and she finally found a place and sat there for a while. “I thought that if I was the same age as everybody else, I could all hangout with them, and do the same things…”

She pulls out a picture of Cecil-san.

“But what does it even matter… the one person I wanted to be with the most, doesn’t even recognize me…”

Mei lays down on the warm grass, with her head of the picture, and cries herself to sleep into the night.

- - -

Everyone sat down in the living room, and was thinking. Something to them seemed off, but they didn’t know what.

Cecil-san comes walking down the hall and met up with everyone.

“Have you guys seen Mei-Lynn chan?”

Everyone yelled her name, as if that’s what they forgot about.

“I’ve haven’t seen the little cutie at all…” ren explained.

“I’ve talked to her earlier today…” a voice called out heading in their direction. He turns his head towards Tomo-chan and Cecil-san.

“Remember a girl from this morning?”

“Yeah I handed her a uniform…” tomo explained. “ Yeah she called me… “

Cecil was remembering a flashback from earlier today. “ Ceshi I love you!”

Mei-Lynn-chan!” he yelled.

“So that really was her…” natsuki said with a worried face feeling bad.

Syo slammed the table with his fist. “Dang it and after she said she was, and none of us believed her…”

Seera and Ittoki was worried. “ What do we do?”

Cecil-san stood up, and declared he himself was gonna look for her.

- - -

He runs outside and looks around on where to start.

Mei-chan!” he yells.

-Dream World-

“He’s calling for you…” a warm and wonderful mother like voice said.

“Who cares…” mei said saddened.

“He didn’t even recognize me, and everybody else called me a liar…”

“It was all because they were confused…” the voice said. “You need to wake up and go back!”

“ I never wanna go back! My big bro has his best friend, mommy has daddy, everyone else is always busy.. why would they want me around…” mei explained crying.

The voice giggled, and a lady appeared.

She walked over to Mei-Lynn and gave her a hug, and squatted to her eye-level.

“Mei-Lynn sweetie, your parents love you very much. You and your brother were born cause of your parents love for each other… “

She showed Mei a window of Cecil desperately looking for her, calling out her name.

Mei-Chan!” cecil san yelled.

“Please give it another try…please for me?”

Mei-lynn thinks about it and nods. “O-okay… but who are you?”

The lady giggles, and smiles. “I am someone dear to you, and I to.. also love you… now go on sweetie it’s time for you to wake up…”

- - -

Cecil ran into the forest ,and looked through a bush and found a girl lying there.

“Mei…chan?” he called out.

She sat up and rubbed her eyes, and looked over.

“I have found you my princess!” He walks over and sits down right beside her.

“Ceshi?” mei asks tilting her head to confirm something.

He nods.

She cries and hugs him tightly. “Ceshi!~” He hugged her back, and patted her head telling her that’s its alright, and everything is fine.

Mei-Lynn puts the picture back in her pants pocket, and hands Cecil san something.

“I’m sorry I took it and didn’t give it back…” mei apologized feeling bad for what she had done. “ I-I just wanted you to love me, and I wanted to be with you forever.. and that could only happen if I was the same age as you…”

Cecil san chuckled.

“Mei-chan I don’t care what age you are! I love you for who you are, the sweet and kind girl that I know!” he smiled.

Mei gasped and blushed.

“Well I guess you know about this, so what was your wish?” he asked.

Mei-Lynn started to fidget.

“T-to…um… to do the thing that girls do when they like someone…” blushing hard.

“ So are you ready to go back to your cute lil self?” he asked.

The stars in the night sky twinkled and glistened.

“Yes she told me it was okay, that wanting the future now was okay, but it was best to wait…”

“That’s my girl!” he smiled.

“But how?” she asked curiously.

Cecil smiled and looked at mei-lynn deep into her eyes. Her heart was racing, and her face was beat red.

Was this what girls felt in this situation she wondered.

He put his right hand on her right cheek, and closed his eyes leaning in.

The more he came closer to her, the more she wanted to get it over with, and at the same time she didn't.

Mei-Lynn closed her eyes and waited for what was gonna be the best moment of her life.

He finally kissed her, and showed how much he truly cared about her, not as a little kid, but as the eighteen year old self that she currently was.

At this point if she didn’t turn back, she wouldn’t care, cause she now knew she had everyone by her side, including him.

- - -

When she opened her eyes, she looked at her hands, and realized she was a kid again.

“Aww man…” mei-lynn complained.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“N-now that I am a kid again, I can’t be with you or have that wonderful stuff happen to me again…”

Cecil san giggled.

I take it back I want to be older again!~” she yelled.

“Even though you’re a kid again, I still love you Mei-chan…” cecil san smiled. “That won’t change!”

“Ceshi will you pick me up and carry me in your arms like a princess?”

Cecil san chuckled.

“Of course princess!”

He picked her up and carried her.

All of a sudden, Mei-chan kissed him again, like she did minutes ago.

“I wuv you Ceshi!” mei smiled big.

“I know silly and I do to….”
“Together forever? Will you wait for me to grow up so I can marry you?” making a little pout into some puppy eyes.

“Of course princess…”


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