Uta No Prince-Sama Doki Doki


One morning, Haruka got up and got ready for her new class. " I wonder what the master course is like...?"

Yesterday she got a letter from STARISH which explained that since they go to this "school" now, that they won't see each other as much. Down the hall, she bumped into Kurosaki.

"Watch where you're going idiot!" Kurosaki yelled. " I'm sure she didn't mean to Ran-Ran..." Kotobuki explained.

I-I'm so sorry! Please I have to get to STAR-" Kurosaki, Kotobukim and Ai was hocked. "You're the one... the one that writes their music?" asked Ai. "What a joke!" laughed Kurosaki.

STARISH walked up. Haruka started to cry, and ran away leaving beind her composed music.

Syo picked up the music sheets. " It's Haruka's... why did she drop this?" Kurosaki glared at STARISH.

"Get to work!" Ai followed behind. " I'm sorry Ran-Ran said something to your friend.. something about you guys and writing music..." Kotobuki explained. Haruka wished Tomochika was there with her, but she was busy.

There was someone singing, and so she followed. She found Cecil sitting on the bench in the gazebo.

" My princess..." " Cecil-san." said Haruka. Cecil walked on over to Haruka. " Now I'm at this new school, and it's only day two, and I already hate it. I thought after we graduated Saotome Academy, things might get a little easier. Everyone tells me to try hard and I put a smile on my face, but how can I do that, if no one wants me there... I just feel so lo-"

Cecil pulled Haruka in for a hug.

" Didn't you go to the academy to follow your dream?" asked Cecil. Haruka cried in his arms. " How can I follow my dreams and compose music for them, if they're never around anymore..."

Cecil started to smile. When he got done singing, she was out of his arms and started to blush.

"Cecil-san..." " Hmm?" " Can you stay with me tonight so I'm not lonely..." Cecil smiled. " Sure."

The day flew by and Haruka hopped into bed, and shut off the light. " Night princess..."

Cecil kissed her on the forehead, and transformed into a cat and slept on the end of the bed and went to sleep.The next day during lunch, STARISH walked up to Haruka. " You dropped this yesterday!" explained Syo.

He handed it to her. " Myself?" " Yesterday Kotobuki-senpai told us that you ran away crying.

We guessed that you were trying to find us, so we could do the lyrics for the song. Haruka didn't say a word. " My fairy!" Natsuki took Haruka and ran with her.

Syo got mad and chased after them, then the rest of the gang did the same thing.

When Syo finally caught up with them, Syo took Haruka's hand and took her to her room. Haruka was confused.

" What are we doing in my room?" Ittoki laughed. " To play your song, what else?" Haruka sat down at her piano and started to play her new song.

The guys ere singing.

While she was playing, she looked at the lyrics. Haruka gasped and smiled right after. When the song was finished, Haruka cried tears of joy. " It's wonderful!" Kotobuki, Ai, and Kurosaki walked by the room.

" So don't you think they're good Ran-Ran, Ai-Ai?" Kurosaki laughed.

"As if!" All of a sudden, he hesitated. '' Maybe."

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